Although he had practiced, compared with Duan Hengye who accumulated two strong skills to an abnormal degree, Duan Hengxing, who was only a sinecure in the royal family at present, had not only a bad foundation but also not a lot of practical experience.

As he shot, Duan Hengxing couldn’t help but close his eyes. Then with hands clutching the silver mini ray gun, he staggered backward several times, then he fell to the sofa, he looked so wretched.

The kind of gun that Duan Hengxing was holding now had no recoil at the moment of firing, and also no sound. So after pulling the trigger, he only heard the sound of the glass bursting in the villa not far away.

Although Duan Hengxing in the original novel wasn’t known, he wasn’t the kind of person who didn’t do anything evil. But, Duan Hengxing had never fired a gun at anyone, let alone killed anyone. So after pulling the trigger during his emotional outburst, his ears involuntarily “buzzed” up.

He just shot a person? That person was …… Duan Hengye.

Although the emotions he showed had been resistant, his only brother, he actually didn’t hate him to death. So after finding out that he really pulled the trigger, Duan Hengxing was completely stunned.

At this time, Duan Hengxing seemed to have been cut off from the world, he had no sense of what was happening in the outside world, and didn’t dare look. And at this time, he suddenly felt the light gun he was holding being jerked out of his hand.

The person’s action was fast, but it wasn’t gentle. The moment the metal handle of the gun went out of Duan Hengxing’s hand, a sharp pain came from his hand – the skin where he was holding the gun was hurt.

Such pain finally called Duan Hengxing’s attention back a little, he slowly opened his eyes. Then he saw Duan Hengye standing beside him, and …… Meng Jinhuai behind the other side.

The person who pulled the gun out of Duan Hengxing’s hand was Meng Jinhuai.

After looking up and seeing him, Duan Hengxing couldn’t help but stare, and then he felt his hands and feet freeze. Meng Jinhuai …… how did he get here? Why was he here? The Marshal had war experience, his aura was enough to make Duan Hengxing scared.

Then he saw the Marshal casually rotate the small weapon with the tip of his finger. It was obviously a dangerous weapon, but in Meng Jinhuai’s hand, it was like a well-behaved toy.

Meng Jinhuai seemed more dangerous than ever, even to Duan Hengye who was familiar with him.

Duan Hengye pursed his lips, he intended to say something. However, before Duan Hengye could speak, he saw Meng Jinhuai’s other hand that had been hanging at his side also reach up. The Lord Marshal held the light gun with both hands, then slowly aimed the muzzle at the middle of Duan Hengxing’s forehead.

In accordance with Meng Jinhuai’s hand, he definitely didn’t need the “sight”. Although his movements weren’t clearly seen, at this time Duan Hengye clearly saw that the red beam from the muzzle of the gun shone over.

In the interstellar, this was a kind of arrogant threat.

Would Meng Jinhuai dare to shoot?

Duan Hengye felt that the answer to this question didn’t need to be doubted at all.

The Meng Jinhuai that wasn’t on the battlefield was always so calm and gentle. This side of him was often forgotten, as a marshal who piloted the highest level of interstellar mecha, Meng Jinhuai’s hands were definitely not less stained with blood than any other person.

After suddenly thinking about this, Duan Hengye’s palms suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

At this time, Duan Hengxing, who was facing the gun, was even more nervous. He shivered and moved to the other side of the sofa, looking very lousy without grace. But no matter where Duan Hengxing moved to, Meng Jinhuai only needed to slightly adjust the angle of the muzzle to continue to keep him in the range of the laser weapon.

The pale red beam kept moving, and Duan Hengxing’s expression slowly crumbled.

“…… Ok …… Ok.” Duan Hengye, who had been standing next to him speechlessly, suddenly opened his mouth, then stretched out his hand to push the muzzle of that weapon to the side.

Perhaps Duan Hengye was the first person in this world who dared to use his hand to push the muzzle of the Lord Marshal’s gun away. This image was indeed somewhat amazing, but after Duan Hengye did so, Meng Jinhuai extraordinarily didn’t exhibit a little bit of displeasure. On the contrary …… the Lord Marshal actually slowly put that gun back, then turned towards Duan Hengye and smiled a little.

This smile was completely different from the cold smile when he faced Duan Hengxing just now.

“Nothing happened just now, right?” It was clear to the naked eye that Duan Hengye wasn’t injured by his brother just now, and was located far away from the cracked pieces of glass. Meng Jinhuai still seemed to be worried and glanced at the broken glass on the ground, and then asked with great concern.

The contrast from before and after was great … Even Duan Hengye couldn’t catch up.

After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s gentle voice, Duan Hengye’s first thought was that – this and the current atmosphere didn’t match.

So standing beside him, Meng Jinhuai only saw that the tips of Duan Hengye’s ears suddenly reddened. Then he forcibly shifted his eyes to the side, and after a short while of silence, Duan Hengye finally sat down again on the sofa. And immediately after him, Meng Jinhuai also sat.

If it was in the past, perhaps Duan Hengye wouldn’t have reached out and pushed the gun away, but who asked him to remember a childhood incident just a few minutes ago. So after sitting down, Duan Hengye was silent for a while, then finally said to Duan Hengxing, who was sitting directly across from him: “If you have lived for more than 20 years, yet you have only learned to complain, or blame your own mediocrity on the heads of others. Then even if you die under the gun at the last moment, I don’t think there is a single loss for the whole interstellar or anyone.”

Duan Hengxing slowly raised his head, he listened as the other continued to speak carelessly: “You enjoy the luxury of the present, an easy life, but on the other hand …… you feel inferior for your own mediocrity, and you think that you were let down by others. But have you ever thought about what you have actually done? If you really want to learn mecha – or anything else, is there really anyone in this world who can stop you?”

Duan Hengxing froze in place.

Along with the sounds of ocean waves, Duan Hengye started talking faster. While listening to him, Duan Hengxing couldn’t help but slowly open his mouth, followed by a surprised expression.

Although there was a long gap of more than ten years between them, Duan Hengxing, who had known him since birth, had never heard his brother speak such a long paragraph in one breath.

Duan Hengye suddenly stopped here, and then he surprisingly smiled towards the other. After seeing Duan Hengxing’s expression, he continued: “You haven’t yet realized how protected you have been by the people around you since you were a child, and how much they have sacrificed for this. You don’t see behind the ‘mediocre rich life’, how much was paid for it ……”

After Duan Hengye’s words fell, Meng Jinhuai, who hadn’t spoken, slowly rested his arm on the sofa backrest behind Duan Hengye, and then he asked, seemingly carelessly, “Do you know how your parents died?”

Duan Hengxing slowly sized up Meng Jinhuai with a suspicious gaze, then said, “Because of a mecha test accident.”

After hearing Duan Hengxing’s answer, Meng Jinhuai immediately showed an expression of “it’s really true”. After a while, Meng Jinhuai shook his head and said, “It just so happens that the military department has been investigating the events of that year, some of which are not yet convenient to disclose. But no matter what, as their youngest son, you also have the right to know.”

After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, not only Duan Hengxing, but also Duan Hengye couldn’t help but reveal a look of incredulity. Since Meng Jinhuai said this, did it mean that the …… investigation had come up with some more significant results. Meng Jinhuai naturally felt the eyes of the people around him, he rested his hand on the backrest of the sofa behind Duan Hengye and gently lowered it, patting Duan Hengye’s shoulder.

“What happened to your parents, to be precise, was because of the ‘mecha’, not some so-called ‘mecha accident’.” Meng Jinhuai said.

“…… What do you mean by that?” Duan Hengxing gritted his teeth and asked.

Meng Jinhuai continued unhurriedly, “I don’t know whether you know what mechas represent in the interstellar. If it’s really not clear, I can tell you – in addition to being a symbol of the highest interstellar technological productivity, it, along with the various latest technologies behind it, also represents war and profit. And your parents ……” Meng Jinhuai suddenly stopped, he glanced at Duan Hengye, seeing that the other’s expression was still calm, and then he continued: “were involved in the mecha. Then there was that so-called ‘accident’ back then.”

Although Duan Hengxing hated Duan Hengye, he wasn’t a person who had no feelings for his parents. After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, although his mouth still said “how is it possible”, his eyes were already dodging.

Some things, if you didn’t want to, it seemed easy to be ignored. But as long as someone pointed it out, their minds would instantly begin to work. Duan Hengxing was an uneducated person, there was nothing wrong with that. But from his hatred for Duan Hengye that had been brewing for so many years and was constantly fermenting, it could also be seen that Duan Hengxing was also a person who was very good at dispersing his thoughts.

“Oh, right.” After seeing Duan Hengxing’s gradually changing eyes, Meng Jinhuai continued, “In fact, the only person who really escaped from the danger was just you. Since the beginning, because of the mecha and certain new technologies on top of the mecha, your family’s life – including your brother Duan Hengye, they have never had a moment of peace.”

As Meng Jinhuai spoke, a sea breeze from outside the window suddenly blew in through the shattered glass. This wind was a bit cool, and Duan Hengye couldn’t help but move towards where Meng Jinhuai was sitting.

“The life you are living now is not only the life of your parents in exchange for your life, but also the hellish life of Duan Hengye for more than ten years that ordinary people cannot imagine.” Meng Jinhuai laughed for a moment, then he looked straight into Duan Hengxing’s eyes and said almost word for word: “After eating with the suffering of theres, you still continue to be complacent or complain that they didn’t do the ultimate …… Duan Hengxing, don’t you think you’re very ridiculous?” Meng Jinhuai’s words were extremely mocking, and after he finished he finally stood up, then slowly turned around to look at the broken glass behind him.

He said in a stern voice: ” I will remind you again, the things you have done, Southern Star knows. Before we didn’t bother with you because of your relationship with Ah Heng. But after today …… I think there is no need to care about anything.”

After saying these words, Meng Jinhuai reached out his hand to gently pull up Duan Hengye who had been sitting on the sofa and was in a semi-dazed state.

Suddenly leaving the warm sofa, Duan Hengye suddenly felt that the clothes on his body were a bit thin. The cool sea breeze came from all directions and wrapped his entire body in it.

“Ah Heng, let’s go home.” Meng Jinhuai took Duan Hengye’s hand and said in a soft voice.


After Meng Jinhuai came, he directly arranged for the Southern Star staff to take Shang Mengzhen out first. So now, after Ye Pu consciously left, there were only two people left in the starship lounge, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai.

Seeing that Duan Hengye was a bit cold from the sea breeze, Meng Jinhuai asked the robot to bring a hot drink as soon as he entered the lounge. Duan Hengye gently took a sip, the hot drink tasted sweet overall, but had a slightly sour aftertaste, very much like the orange juice he once drank on Earth.
Although Duan Hengxing, who only had a dissipated official position, wasn’t in touch with the core content of the royal family, he had seen many dark transactions. So once Meng Jinhuai said this, Duan Hengxing’s mind had a rough outline of what was going on.

But right now, Duan Hengye’s attention was clearly not on the drink. After his body temperature gradually recovered, Duan Hengye once again remembered what Meng Jinhuai had just said to Duan Hengxing.

But before Duan Hengye could ask, Meng Jinhuai said as if he could see what he was thinking: “A few hours ago, the military ministry retrieved a special document from the information base from more than ten years ago.” After saying that, Meng Jinhuai stopped to look at Duan Hengye, and then suddenly without warning, he said to Duan Hengye, “I’m sorry.”

These words was really sudden, and very solemn, Meng Jinhuai’s tone and look made Duan Hengye feel panicked. Upon seeing it, Duan Hengye, who always had a blank expression, suddenly smiled unnaturally. Then he asked Meng Jinhuai: “Why did you suddenly tell me this?”

Meng Jinhuai shook his head and said, “The accident back then, perhaps the military department has now found the answer. Although the documentary information left in the military department more than ten years ago hasn’t yet been fully deciphered, but the approximate cause of the incident, because of that document, has almost become clear.”

“Hmm.” Duan Hengye slowly withdrew his smile, then forcibly held back his excitement and nodded to Meng Jinhuai.

While the two of them were talking, the starship had already flown into the vast universe. They were surrounded by brilliant stars, but because of the distance from those planets, the light didn’t shine in. For a while, the only light source left in the room was the cold illumination, which looked extraordinarily cold and clear.

Meng Jinhuai glanced at the distant starry sky outside the window, then finally began to speak in detail about that newly discovered document.

“Remember the fuel we encountered in that ruin of the Institute planet?” Meng Jinhuai asked.

“I remember, LC No. Liquid Fuel – Scale Burning Fire.” Duan Hengye read out its name. At that, Meng Jinhuai nodded and continued, “That’s right it is the internal fuel scale combustion fire that is applied to the light energy cannon. When we saw it that day, we already had a rough guess in our minds – your parents, back then, had already researched a way to shrink the internal combustion device of the light energy cannon. And now, this document found in the military ministry tells us plainly that this guess is true.”

Duan Hengye didn’t speak for a long time, as a mecha designer, he knew very well what the light energy cannon on the mecha really meant. This research was also Duan Hengye’s goal all along, he knew better than anyone else the difficulty of it. But before that day when he discovered the scaly fire, Duan Hengye never dared to think that his parents had actually found a way to make the mechas carry it more than ten years ago.

Because of memory loss and ignorance of interstellar history, he only had a shallow impression of his “parents” in this world. With the comments of others about them and the mechas they developed, Duan Hengye generally knew that these were two researchers who were 100% passionate about mechas and had great talent.

But after listening to Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye realized once again that he still didn’t know them well enough in their field of expertise alone.

For the empire that was in chaos back then, the significance that the light energy cannon represented was really a bit heavy. After listening to Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye raised his head towards him and asked: “…… The state of the empire was somewhat chaotic back then, was there …… a power that knew that the light energy cannon could be loaded by mechas. In order to prevent them from affecting their own interests, that’s why they did it?”

Hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Meng Jinhuai first nodded then gently shook his head.

“Back then my father suddenly died too, the Marshal’s House power declined greatly for a time, and even vaguely showed some signs of splitting. The admiral’s mother had a heart, along with the frequent expeditions, she also vaguely felt that she was in danger.” Meng Jinhuai began to recall the most grayest time of his youth.

Although he had intentionally gone to read about the interstellar history, what Meng Jinhuai was saying now was still something that Duan Hengye hadn’t learned about.

Meng Jinhuai slightly lowered his head, he continued slowly to Duan Hengye said: “Our parents were friends since they were teenagers, although because of identity reasons, they gradually became distant on the surface, but their private interactions and contacts hadn’t been interrupted. In order to leave something for the future generations to rely on, but also for the empire to be able to win in the future. The military department had been privately assisting the research institute, they researched the method of assembling the light energy cannon, an anti-personnel weapon.”

Duan Hengye had almost guessed what Meng Jinhuai had said. But hearing the other party say this, Duan Hengye still didn’t understand the reason for Meng Jinhuai’s “sorry” just now.

“The last emperor of the empire, unlike Zhuo Yan, was a suspicious and ruthless person. That time also happened to be the weakest period of the Southern Stars’ power …… when the marshal was killed and there were signs of civil unrest in the military. After receiving the tip-off, the emperor knew that the Institute already had a method of assembling the light energy cannon.”

The latter words Meng Jinhuai didn’t say, but Duan Hengye could already imagine it.

But the truth was indeed exactly as he thought – the suspicious old emperor thought that Southern Star and the Institute were privately colluding together to research the light energy cannon assembly method, it was definitely to replace him. Therefore, after receiving the news of the informant, he immediately sent someone to reach the Institute.

The royal family wanted to destroy the finished product of the light energy cannon and steal the technology by the way. And of course …… to take care of their disobedient subordinates.

The plan finally could be said to be partly successful – the newly developed light energy cannon that could ride on the mechas of the finished product was indeed destroyed, and the disobedient subordinates also disappeared from the stars.

Perhaps the only regret was that Duan Hengye’s father cleared the light energy cannon assembly method directly on the light computer after discovering that the surrounding situation was abnormal. In addition, the emergency system automatically sent and encrypted then hid it in the military department, there was no trace of it on the stars.

But perhaps for the suspicious and narrow-minded royal family, it didn’t matter whether such a crossover weapon could be preserved or not, what matters was whether the person who threatened their position had disappeared.

The back story was the ones that Duan Hengye knew. After successfully clearing the threat, the royal family still refused to let go of the Institute. They sent the famous genius eldest son of the director and his wife to the family of the current queen, who was still the crown princess at the time, to be “raised” on their behalf.

This was only a decade ago. But for Duan Hengye …… it was a nightmare of a life.

Although there was some psychological preparation, Duan Hengye still felt that the amount of information he just obtained was no less than the memories and knowledge he received instantly after being reborn. These things, coupled with the memory of his childhood that Duan Hengye had just recovered, suddenly stalled his brain’s operation.

Duan Hengye’s entire body froze in place.

His eyes were staring at the sea of stars outside the window, but they weren’t in focus. At this moment Duan Hengye’s mind seemed to have many things hovering and spinning, yet it seemed to be blank. Time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

Duan Hengye didn’t look back for a long time, until he suddenly felt himself being firmly embraced by the person beside him. This was when Duan Hengye woke up from his trance and turned his eyes to the man beside him, he didn’t know how vulnerable and confused his eyes were to Meng Jinhuai.

As an imperial soldier, a marshal, Meng Jinhuai rarely had such a moment. This unintentional flow of panic and helplessness wasn’t because he remembered his past, but because of Duan Hengye. Meng Jinhuai buried his face on Duan Hengye’s shoulder, then kept murmuring at him in a small voice, “I’m sorry, Ah Heng …… I’m sorry.”

“My mother was afraid that the Institute and her best friend would be affected by the civil unrest in the military, so she asked her minister to go get them to leave temporarily …… but in the end, she didn’t make it.” The ” minister” Meng Jinhuai said was the third person who appeared in the accident.

Because he was also present, he was also written into the royal investigation report of the accident. But because of his special status, this person wasn’t released in the end. Later, the Ministry of Military Affairs really messed up for a while, and after finding him missing, the status of this person’s information column became “missing”.
After saying this, Meng Jinhuai whispered again in Duan Hengye’s ear, “I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about.” Duan Hengye gave Meng Jinhuai a deep look and then said, “Southern Star and the Institute did nothing wrong.”

Duan Hengye had never seen Meng Jinhuai like this, and never even dared to imagine him like this. So after hearing the other party’s “I’m sorry”, for a while Duan Hengye couldn’t help but be a little flustered, he wasn’t a person who was good at dealing with such scenes.

Duan Hengye couldn’t help but turn sideways, then he thought for half a day and finally said, “It’s okay, I’ve forgotten.”

These words were indeed spoken from the bottom of Duan Hengye’s heart, but Meng Jinhuai also knew – Duan Hengye’s memory was actually lost because of what happened.

When that accident happened back then, Duan Hengye was at the scene. Although Meng Jinhuai hadn’t yet investigated the whole process of the incident back then, he could guess how difficult it was just by imagining it. The forgetfulness that Duan Hengye subconsciously uttered was actually more upsetting to him than anything else.

Although Duan Hengye wasn’t a person with high emotional intelligence, he certainly felt Meng Jinhuai’s low mood at this time. So Duan Hengye then sat up straight again and then said to Meng Jinhuai: “By the way, I just remembered a little bit more about my childhood, about …… Duan Hengxing, and my mother.”

After all, he didn’t have much experience, so the way he tried to change the topic was still slightly raw. However, Meng Jinhuai was a person who was very good at controlling his emotions, after hearing Duan Hengye’s words, he felt a warm current rushing through his heart, then he sat back, smiled and nodded towards Duan Hengye to indicate him to continue.

From Duan Hengye’s tone of voice, he could hear that this story may be a good memory for him.

As expected, the mother in Duan Hengye’s description was an elegant and gentle person. Although there was only a short memory fragment, but from it, Meng Jinhuai also felt the warmth.
And after speaking about this matter, Duan Hengye then glanced at Meng Jinhuai, then gently sighed to show Meng Jinhuai the weapon he had been hiding in his sleeve. Duan Hengye went on to say: “In fact, if I hadn’t remembered this incident, I might have really made a move with Duan Hengxing. But later after recalling, I found that in fact, not only did Duan Hengxing not live a good life as our parents wished, away from interstellar strife. I likewise didn’t fulfill their wishes.”

Duan Hengye’s tone was very plain, but there were a few hints of loneliness in it that couldn’t be ignored.

Meng Jinhuai had been in battlefields since he was a child, he understood the sacrifices of his father and their generation. It was only now when the facts told him that Duan Hengye was also one of the sacrificial victims that Meng Jinhuai’s mood became so complicated. Meng Jinhuai wasn’t a person who liked to take the bull by the horns, he understood what Duan Hengye meant.

The teenage mecha genius and his readiness to make sacrifices for the cause of mechas were the choices that Duan Hengye’s parents made for him back then. But if he was asked to choose for himself, Duan Hengye would definitely take this path as well.

All of this was both a necessity and fate.

When he thought of this, Meng Jinhuai suddenly and without warning, gently kissed Duan Hengye’s forehead.

Southern Star didn’t protect the Institute as promised, but fortunately fate had left Duan Hengye. Meng Jinhuai was a person who never believed in the so-called “fate” before, but he was incredibly happy about it all at this time.

“In the future, we will fulfill our wishes together.” He said.

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