C59– Kill That Gentleman 22

Shen Jue gave a glance at Yu Ci, and went over and picked up the men’s clothes on the bed.


When he saw Shen Jue’s actions, the corners of his lips curled slightly, “You want to wear men’s clothes, fine, then I’ll play a woman.”


Shen Jue thought he would have to argue with Yu Ci, but he was surprised when he agreed, and the next thing he knew, he saw Yu Ci start to undress.


He didn’t seem to care that Shen Jue was there, and he quickly removed his clothes and walked to the bed naked. He first picked up an aqua-colored duduo on the bed and waved it around. He had long, slender fingers that glowed white under the candlelight, and the duduo looked ambiguous and lustrous in his hands.


He first took the duduo and gestured at his body, and then Shen Jue heard a few “clicks”, the sound of the bones. Shen Jue had heard that mortals could shrink their bones, but had never seen it with his own eyes, and now that he saw him, he was amazed and even curious, wanting to touch his bones.


After using the Bone Shrinking Technique, his figure instantly became much smaller, and at a cursory glance, he was a little shorter than Shen Jue. He was satisfied with his movements, he began to put on the duduo, but when tying the belt around the waist, he tried for a while but couldn’t tie it properly, so he looked at Shen Jue, “Come help me.”


Shen Jue thought for a moment, but walked over.


He stood behind him, and helped him tie the belt around his waist, and when he wasn’t paying attention, his fingertips touched the skin on his back. Shen Jue had just retracted his hand, when Yu Ci turned his head to look at him, with a teasing look in his eyes, “Touch it if you want, I’m being generous.”


Shen Jue lowered his eyes and ignored Yu Ci as he finished tying the straps and stepped back.


Yu Ci gave a light hum before continuing to put on the clothes below.


It was clear that he was going to a wedding, but he had bought a vivid red dress, as if he was going to steal the show.


The woman’s dress was a woman’s dress, so he became a woman, but he couldn’t pull up his hair, he could only simply tie up all his hair with a hair band, making his female form look a bit heroic.


He looked at his costume in the bronze mirror and wasn’t satisfied, “Not beautiful enough.”


The next day, Yu Ci went to a shop specially for his hair, and he bought several pearl hairpins, in exchange, the old lady helped him roll his hair. The proprietress only thought that Yu Ci was a big lady who slipped out of her family house. She didn’t see that Yu Ci was a man at all. She also specifically said, “Little lady, you are so beautiful, you should be careful, or go home early.”


Standing at the door of the store, when he heard the words, he turned back and smiled. He pinched his throat and hummed slightly. He couldn’t hear anything strange, so he said softly. “I know.”



He turned his head, the pocket knife in his sleeve slashed the waistband of the man who deliberately bumped into him.


“Ah!” A scream of embarrassment reached his ears.


With a sneer, Yu Ci gathered his long hair behind his back, put the drapery cap in his hand, and quickly walked forward.


He went to the pharmacy before returning to the inn, and when he returned, he set about disguising Shen Jue. Shen Jue’s eye color couldn’t be changed, so Yu Ci could only change the rest of him, and Yu Ci’s face had to change as well. After a while, Shen Jue turned into a thin man with a Celestial Luo body in his twenties, while Yu Ci turned into a bright young girl with wheat-colored skin.


When they went down the stairs, they ran into a man who was fascinated by him and stared straight at Yu Ci. Nowadays, the world was full of fair-skinned girls, and it was not unusual to see more of them, but it was still a novelty to some people.


When Yu Ci saw this, he immediately shrank delicately into Shen Jue’s arms, “Husband.”


The man on the other side of the table couldn’t help but shiver.


The man glanced at Shen Jue, found that Shen Jue was a Celestial Luo body, and then looked at Shen Jue’s ears, he understood a lot, and couldn’t help but snicker.


There were very few Celestial Luo bodies with women in the jianghu because both of them would be in danger. Women walking in the jianghu was already more dangerous than men in general, let alone with a Celestial Luo body.


If there were ill-intentioned people, he  was sure that they would directly tie up the pair, the used Celestial Luo body would be thrown into the Qingluo Chu Pavilion, and the little lady next to them would naturally be used to enjoy themselves.


Shen Jue didn’t notice the sight of the man across the room, he just frowned and reached out to hold his hand against the back of the man, not allowing him to get completely close to his arms.


When he saw the man staring at Shen Jue, a trace of darkness flashed across his eyes, but he didn’t show it on his face, and continued to shrink into Shen Jue’s arms, and said to the man across him as he did so, “Can you get out of the way? My husband and I are going out.”


The man squeezed out a smile, “Of course.” He stepped aside.


The smile immediately charmed the other man, causing him to look at Shen Jue more and more angrily.


Yu Ci and Shen Jue went down the stairs and walked out the door of the inn, when he suddenly turned around.


The man was still standing on the staircase, his eyes were already fixed on Yu Ci, when he saw Yu Ci turn around, his heart was overjoyed, and the next second, his face turned white, he reached out to touch his neck, but in a short moment, he fell to the ground.


When Yu Ci saw this, he hooked his lips and pulled Shen Jue to continue walking.


He killed so fast that even Shen Jue didn’t notice how he did it.


After he changed into his female clothes, he became more and more unscrupulous and insisted on walking close to Shen Jue, attracting a lot of people’s attention.


The pedestrians next to him suddenly changed their gazes, all looking at Shen Jue with an unkind gaze, as if he was an unbelievable scum.


There were women who were willing to be with him, this Celestial Luo body, and he still didn’t know how to be grateful, but was also proud! That was outrageous!


Yu Ci fell to the ground and wiped the non-existent tears from the corners of her eyes before she reached out to Shen Jue, “Husband, help me up, or I won’t be able to stand up.”


In full view of everyone, Shen Jue was not as thick-skinned as Yu Ci, he pursed his lips and could only extend his hand to Yu Ci.


He grabbed Shen Jue’s hand and stood up with a little strength, but after he stood up, he still didn’t let go of Shen Jue. He cupped his mouth, very pretentiously, “Husband, if my clothes get dirty and unattractive, how can we go to the wedding of warrior Sang”


Shen Jue was silent for a moment, then reached out to pat the ash on his body, but the ash on his hip wasn’t easy to pat, and he fixed his eyes on it, but moved away. Yu Ci smiled, reached out and patted it himself, and took Shen Jue’s hand, “Husband is so good to me, let’s go.”




The wedding was a lively affair, early in the morning Tian Luoan opened its doors to welcome guests from all over the world. By the time Yu Ci and Shen Jue arrived, it was already afternoon, not far from the auspicious time of dusk.


The guards didn’t notice anything wrong with the invitations, but just looked at their strange pair. Yu Ci and Shen Jue were led to the banquet table and the wedding hall was directly in front of them. Everywhere they looked was red, even the snacks on the table were red, and the tea was brewed in red.


Yu Ci’s eyes were filled with sarcasim, he whispered in Shen Jue’s ear, “Look at this couple, they’re so in love, all in red.”


Unfortunately, he didn’t see a sad look on Shen Jue’s face, which caused him to wrinkle his brow. He turned his head to look around, there were many familiar faces at the banquet, many of the old guys were there, then who brought their disciples to attack their Ten Extremities Island?


The more dangerous it was, the more he wanted to find out what the other side was up to, but he still kept his eyes open, and he didn’t touch the tea and snacks on the table.


When Shen Jue wanted to drink some tea, he reached out to stop him, “Don’t drink it, there might be something there.”


Shen Jue smiled and put down his cup of tea.


The time passed little by little, seeing that the sky was getting dark, but the couple hadn’t appeared in the wedding hall yet.


Yu Ci glanced left and right, his expression gradually became gloomy, after a while, with a firecracker sound and a variety of music, the crowd finally saw Sang Xinghe.


Sang Xinghe, wearing a large red groom’s official uniform, walked slowly to the lobby. Shen Jue and the others were sitting far away, so they couldn’t see Sang Xinghe’s face, only that he was talking to the others. After a while, the bride was carried out by a matchmaker in her forties. When she walked out, the maid in front held a smoky incense burner, while the maid in the middle held a flower basket and kept sprinkling flowers on the bride. The bride, with her head covered, was carried by the matchmaker to Sang Xinghe’s side.


The bridesmaid in the hall immediately laughed and chanted some auspicious words, and then began to say, “The auspicious time has come, bride and groom, once again, worship heaven and earth.”


Shen Jue had expected someone to come out to stop him, such as the owner of the painting of the Little Sister, but no one had come out even after the couple’s wedding ceremony was over. He turned his head away when he heard the bridesmaid say the words “Send to the bride to the bridal chamber”.


Seeing that the ceremony had been completed, Yu Ci was overjoyed and turned his face arrogantly toward Shen Jue, and whispered, “Now that the ceremony has been completed, they are now a couple, recognized by heaven and earth, let’s leave.”


Shen Jue’s gaze fell on the reddish-brown tea on the table, and after a moment, he nodded his head.


And just as he nodded, Sang Xinghe came out again, he came to entertain the guests, holding his wine cup from the front table, Yu Ci saw Sang Xinghe come out and suddenly he wasn’t in a hurry to go, he pursed his lips and smiled, “Let’s drink Sang Xinghe’s wedding wine before we go, we’re all here anyway.”


He thought that the deeper the stimulation, the sooner Shen Jue could cut out his feelings.


When Sang Xinghe walked to their table, Yu Ci gave Shen Jue a look before lifting the wine cup on the table. When Sang Xinghe saw Yu Ci, his expression didn’t change, and he didn’t seem to recognize Yu Ci. He finished his toast before turning his eyes to look at Shen Jue.


When he saw Shen Jue, he seemed surprised, probably because he had rarely seen a Celestial Luo body with a woman. But then his expression returned to normal and he said gently to Shen Jue, “Thank you for coming to my wedding, I’ll drink this cup first.”


Shen Jue touched the knife in his hand, mentally calculating the possibility of killing Sang Xinghe at this moment, but he gave up after a moment’s thought, it was better to wait, the possibility of success in killing Sang Xinghe now was too low.


Shen Jue didn’t look at Sang Xinghe, he just finished his drink and sat down. After Sang Xinghe finished toasting their table, he went to the next table. Ever since Sang Xinghe had come over to toast him, Yu Ci’s gaze had been on Sang Xinghe’s body, and he had been looking at him for so long that even Shen Jue had noticed.


Shen Jue didn’t interrupt him, he wanted him to come to Sang Xinghe’s wedding because Yu Ci also wanted to see Sang Xinghe get married with his own eyes, after all, he was the one he used to like. If there was no him, Yu Ci and Dang Xinghe would be like the previous lives, love and grow old together, but this life was different.


The fact that he called Sang Xinghe’s little sister an ugly girl, didn’t he have any personal feelings?


Shen Jue felt that there was, including the fact that he had deliberately dressed up as a woman today and wore a vivid red dress, all of which were selfish.


Human nature was complex.


When Sang Xinghe had finished toasting the last table, he withdrew his gaze.


He withdrew his eyes and grabbed Shen Jue’s hand right under the table, “Come on, let’s go home.”


And just as he stood up, several of the men at the table with them also stood up and drew their swords from under the table.


The guests at the banquet all stood up, weapons in hand, and all aimed at him.


Standing in the middle of the courtyard, Sang Xinghe pulled off the red flower on his chest and took an iron fan from the person next to him, his eyes were still gentle and he even had a smile on his lips, “Lord Yu, I haven’t seen you in a long time, I wonder if you are satisfied with today’s gift?”


Yu Ci saw the people holding swords against him, but was not afraid at all, but smiled and said to Sang Xinghe, “Of course I’m satisfied, Warrior Sang is now a married man.”


“Family? Is Lord Yu talking about my junior brother who just acted with me? He is not yet fourteen, so I am afraid he cannot marry me yet.” Sang Xinghe’s face didn’t change color.


Although they were Jianghu people, there were still some things that they did according to the law.


For example, this dynasty stipulated that a man could only get married when he was sixteen years old and a woman when she was fourteen years old, and a marriage was invalid if the age wasn’t yet reached.


Yu Ci’s facial expression became cold, he didn’t expect that he had spent so much effort yet actually just watched a fake wedding, but how did Sang Xinghe recognize him?


“Warrior Sang is really interesting, making such a big scene, I am afraid you must be after my life.” He was recognized, so he didn’t bother pretending to be a woman anymore, and spoke directly in his own voice. He took off the long whip from his waist as he spoke, and continued without delay, “But it depends on the ability of warrior Sang if you can do what you want.”


Sang Xinghe didn’t change his expression, “I dare not say that, but there is a friend, Lord Yu has not yet met, I think that friend may be a little impatient.”


Yu Ci thought of something and his expression changed, the next instant, he already saw an extremely familiar figure appear above the roof.


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