That night, time seemed to have passed extremely fast. During this recent period, the work on the new generation of armor designed by Duan Hengye that could be mass-produced had reached its final stage. Every time he met Meng Jinhuai, the two of them would have a good discussion about this issue.

Although Meng Jinhuai had never piloted a mass-produced armor, as a marshal of the empire, his knowledge and understanding of armor compatibility was much better than Duan Hengye’s. So every time after listening to these words, Duan Hengye would gain new inspiration.

Duan Hengye couldn’t help but cook some extra dishes tonight, so in the rhythm of eating and talking about work, time slipped by unnoticed. Although it was a busy time on the Star Network, the episode just now had already been forgotten by these two.

Even though he had never been to Duan Hengye’s place on Duguang Star before, Meng Jinhuai went straight to the wine cabinet and took out a bottle of red wine halfway through dinner.

Duan Hengye had noticed that when he had a relaxing time at work, Meng Jinhuai would always have a bottle of red wine with dinner. Duan Hengye stopped the robots at home, but what he could see was that although Meng Jinhuai’s cooking skills were mediocre, his wine pouring was very smooth and elegant.

Meng Jinhuai very smoothly poured the wine into the cup in front of him, and also Duan Hengye’s.

In the last life, Duan Hengye was addicted to carbonated beverages like cola and so on, and had little interest in alcohol. But after coming to this world, Duan Hengye was even more desperate to find …… there was no drink that he liked.

But although not very interested in wine, to be honest, Duan Hengye was really curious about the taste of wine hidden at home.

So when Meng Jinhuai poured the wine for Duan Hengye, he didn’t stop him. After a while, Duan Hengye could not help but lift the wine cup in front of him, and then gently took a sip.

This wine was brewed by the An Luo Food Academy, and its strength was not very high, and it had a little bit of a fruity flavor. After tasting it, Duan Hengye felt some surprise. In the following dinner, Professor Duan sipped the whole glass of red wine.

But Duan Hengye, who was used to his body in his last life, forgot that his current drinking capacity …… was not high at all.

After finishing dinner, the only robot left in the house that was responsible for cleaning came over. Duan Hengye took a look at the time, and it was already past 10:00 pm in the evening on the Duguang Star. He gently put his hand on the table and tried to stand up. However, Duan Hengye soon discovered that although the alcohol level was not high, he was still a little too drunk.

Fortunately, Duan Hengye was a good drinker, and when he got drunk, he didn’t talk nonsense, he just got very sleepy.

Duan Hengye, who was rubbing his eyes in a daze, didn’t know what he looked like right now.

Duan Hengye was wearing loose and comfortable casual clothes, and because he was a little drunk, his normally pale skin had a light redness, which was very rare. Seeing Duan Hengye immediately walk to the stairs, Meng Jinhuai, who had been following him, silently reached out his hand to give Duan Hengye a hand.

“Be careful of the stairs.” Meng Jinhuai said.

After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, he flinched for a moment before slowly saying “Oh”, then held the handrail and walked up to the second floor.

After coming up, facing the rows of doors, Duan Hengye’s slowing brain finally remembered one thing, one very important thing – the fact that he had to go up to the second floor.

The villa that An Luo gave him was not very large and was initially intended for his single temporary living. For the convenience of work, the largest room on the second floor had already been turned into an office by Duan Hengye. Except for the bedroom, there was only one empty room left on this entire floor. It was very unfortunate that …… that room had just become a warehouse for idle robots.

“What’s going on?” Seeing that Duan Hengye had been standing there without moving, Meng Jinhuai couldn’t help but ask him a question.

After hearing the other party’s question, the already sleepy Professor Duan slowly turned around and then had to tell Meng Jinhuai the truth: “…… There is only one bedroom here.”

Unlike the imposing large bedroom in the marshal’s residence, the bedroom on Duguang Star was slightly shabby. In addition to the overall area, the bed was only one and a half meters wide …… Although this size of the bed was indeed considered a “double bed”, he couldn’t imagine the feeling of two people squeezed together.

…… Although the person was Meng Jinhuai, although they had been in the same bed before. But that wasn’t the same after all! Duan Hengye was not accustomed to such a distance.

Not long after Duan Hengye’s words, Meng Jinhuai looked very calmly at the three doors that were closed in front of him. Immediately afterward, the Lord Marshal turned his head towards Duan Hengye and asked, “Okay, which one is it?”


There seemed to be nothing wrong with this question.

It was 11:30 at night in Duguang Star, and because he had drunk some wine, Duan Hengye slept extraordinarily deep at night. He turned his back to Meng Jinhuai, and hung his whole body on the edge of the not so big double bed. From Meng Jinhua’s point of view, he looked both funny and pitiful.

Seeing that the night was already dark, Meng Jinhuai slowly leaned over and pulled Duan Hengye over from the bed, then covered him with the blanket.

Meng Jinhuai’s night vision was good, and because there was a small night light in the corner of the room, Meng Jinhuai could see Duan Hengye’s face very clearly.

The small nightlight cast its light obliquely from a short distance away, and Duan Hengye’s features appeared unexpectedly soft in the light. Also …… from Meng Jinhuai’s point of view, Duan Hengye’s face had a light layer of lovely fluff.

In most people’s eyes, Duan Hengye, no matter what he looked like or his temperament, he was one of the cool ones. In normal times, almost no one would use the word “cute” to describe him.

But tonight, after seeing Duan Hengye’s cheeks light up by the night light, Meng Jinhuai finally ……

He couldn’t help but reach out his hand and carefully poked Duan Hengye on the side of his cheek.

Although Duan Hengye was very thin, his face was not as thin as a skeleton like those patients who had serious illnesses. On the contrary, there was still some flesh on his face that protected the bones.

After gently touching his skin, Meng Jinhuai, who was sitting halfway on the bed, suddenly laughed softly as if he was seeing something funny.

He didn’t know how long, but the marshal finally laid down again, and then gently said “good night” to Duan Hengye, who was already asleep.


After that night, Duan Hengye once again returned to his busy work.

Because the design work of the new armor was coming to an end, Duan Hengye’s thoughts were at their smoothest. He summed up all the first-hand information he had collected from the military department some time ago onto the military department’s super-light brain and began to study it without sleep or food.

Before Duan Hengye, although the Military Ministry and the Research Institute had close cooperation, no designer had ever had so much confidential information as a design reference. And after analysing these contents, Duan Hengye’s thoughts became more open.

Just when the armor model was about to be officially released, Duan Hengye even temporarily stopped his work at Duguang and was stationed in the research institute instead.

Although the work of the research institute had begun to be carried out systematically, the whole generation upgrade work of this kind of armor was still beyond the scope of other people’s ability to touch temporarily. Therefore, except for the times when Duan Hengye would deliberately go to Su Mingge, or the team leaders of various groups to ask questions about the related fields, the door of the director’s office was always closed.

Now, although the members of Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute were vaguely aware that Duan Hengye was busy doing work related to armor upgrade, no one knew how his progress was.

In most cases, upgrading armor was not a simple job, and the main person in charge of it often took several years to complete. So, in most people’s imagination, this project was only in the middle of design.

In any case, no one thought that this project, which was supposed to be “in the middle”, would be ready.

It was late one night when Duan Hengye, sitting alone in his office, gently placed his hand on the model generation button of the halo.

Duan Hengye took a glance at the time on the corner of the light screen, after such a long time of intense research, he finally realized how long he had been working frantically. Duan Hengye took a deep breath and took his hand back from the build.

The next thing Duan Hengye was about to do was to generate the virtual model of the armor, which was an irreversible step. After the model was officially generated, there would be a detailed mockup of the armor in his light computer – just like the one that often appeared in An Luo’s classroom. This model had all the data of a full-fledged armor, and could even be sent directly to the armor manufacturer to be made solid.

However, although the model could be used to build the armor, it was an interstellar practice for the virtual model to be flown in the super computer for experiments and combat simulations under a variety of conditions before being built.

If the model calculations or data were wrong, the simulations would not be completed successfully. The data that had been generated was no longer reversible, and if one wanted to change it, they had to start all over again. This was a test for the new armor, but also a test for the researchers.
Even with the first-class ability of Duan Hengye, when the test was about to proceed, he couldn’t not help but pause for a moment.

If …… there was a mistake in the design of the mecha, then it was a few months of heart and soul down the drain.

In addition to a bunch of wrong data, they wouldn’t get anything.
Recently he had been busy with research, so Duan Hengye once again lived in the laboratory and he didn’t go out all the time, so his hair had grown a lot. Duan Hengye didn’t notice that now his hair could even be gathered up and tied into a small grip.

Just as he waited, a slightly longer strand of black hair fell from his forehead and swept into Duan Hengye’s eyes, drawing his attention back to the data itself.

Because of the long period of time without movement, the super computer entered a temporary dormant mode. The screen that was pulsating suddenly quieted down, and Duan Hengye’s eyes were once again cast towards the dense data therein.

Finally, Duan Hengye faced the light computer and took a deep breath, then finally closed his eyes and pressed the generation button in front of him.

Although the mech data was huge, but the super light computer computing speed was also unimaginably fast. But a moment after pressing that key, a shrunken black mecha model appeared in front of Duan Hengye.

The light screen went dark, and Duan Hengye, who felt the change in light, slowly opened his eyes. If the model data was wrong, it should barely be a red light. After opening his eyes and seeing the mecha model successfully generated, Duan Hengye slowly sighed in relief.

Although the subsequent running tests had not yet begun, but to be able to successfully assemble the model, that proves that his calculations in general did not go wrong.

After a short period of disorientation, Duan Hengye finally became excited like every successful researcher. Although it was already late at night at the institute’s location, Duan Hengye was not sleepy at all. He looked at the mecha model, and after just a moment of hesitation, he sent out the model primary sequel data.

There were tens of thousands of simulation experiments, so if he started early, he would be able to finish early.

From this evening, the mecha, which had no name yet, but was destined to rewrite interstellar history, officially entered the state of simulation experiments. As a rule, after the mecha data started experimenting, the researcher could no longer modify the data – until the experiment was over.

Duan Hengye could have used this time to rest, but a notice he received yesterday told him that the long-awaited vacation would not start as he had hoped.

Because just when Duan Hengye was working hard, another event that was once described in detail by Dumping Interstellar happened. This should have been an event where the heroine of the book shone and met famous people from all walks of life. But when it came to Duan Hengye …… it became a matter of a great calamity to be smoothened over.

The emperor of the Ye Tian Empire celebrated his birthday, and as a “scientist orphan adopted by the empress family”, Duan Hengye, who was deeply involved with the royal family, was of course invited to go.

About to return to this first place that he arrived at when he transmigrated into the book, Duan Hengye’s heart was not happy at all. Although on the bright side, this birthday banquet had nothing to do with Duan Hemgye at all. But recently he had barely done any work, and had received threat several times, this banquet wasn’t going to be easy.


From the Tize Star incident, it could be seen that the current royal family was no longer satisfied with the once low-key state. This royal banquet began to warm up on top of the star network long in advance, and they really invited the entire empire’s socialites over at a later stage.

Although the discord between the royal family and the southern star had almost been laid out in the open, after all, the camouflage had not been completely torn open, as the marshal, Meng Jinhuai, was still one of the invited guests.

Now there was still one hour before the official start of the banquet, although it had already reached the jurisdiction of the capital star, according to the royal regulations, this starship from the Southern Star could not land at will before the official opening of the banquet.

Therefore, the black starship continued to fly around the capital star even though it had been in the vicinity for a long time.

The starship looked very leisurely as it circled around the capital star, but the people inside the starship had nothing to do with the word “leisure”.

This event was clearly a big event for the royal family, and even before the banquet was about to begin, the royal officials sent a very traditional dress code manual to each guest.

The staff of the military department was very efficient, they had already prepared the clothes for Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai. But after suddenly receiving this manual, they could only re-contact the designer and work overtime again to make the design.

In this day and age, making a cloth was as simple as it got, but designing it, especially in accordance with the royal dress code, was difficult.

The poor designer worked overtime these days to rush out several drafts, and after layers of confirmation, the finished product was finally sent over today while Duan Hengye was aboard the starship.

In general, as a marshal Meng Jinhuai was okay, after all, he only needed to wear the uniform of the military department. Duan Hengye ……, on the other hand, had to rush this time to change clothes one by one.

At this time, the man in the mirror was wearing a white slim-fitting robe – this was the traditional style of the Ye Tian Empire, and in Duan Hengye’s opinion, somewhat like the long shirts that were popular in China a hundred years ago, only a little more slim. As for the details of this robe, one needed to look a little closer to be able to see. The satin white robe had golden silk thread embroidered with many star patterns, which in the light of the light looked extremely gorgeous.

The robe was narrow-sleeved and embellished with a few jade cufflinks, echoing the same texture of the decoration on Duan Hengye’s chest.

Before this robe, Duan Hengye had already tried on several clothes that seemed incomparably flashy to him. So when he changed to this, Duan Hengye was finally relieved.

The royal family of the Ye Tian Empire admired splendor, which Duan Hengye had long known, but it didn’t mean he could accept wearing that extremely ostentatious traditional clothes on his own body.

After taking a glance at the jeweled blue robe that had not been tried on in the robot’s hand, Duan Hengye said directly to the assistant, “No need to try it on again, just this one.”

At that, Mr. Assistant took a look at the clothing that was left out in the cold. He originally wanted to dutifully advise him to try again, but after seeing the other party’s expression, the assistant who was already familiar with Duan Hengye finally swallowed the words that followed.

“Okay, Professor Duan.” The robot walked down with the clothes, and at this time Meng Jinhuai, who had also changed his clothes, also walked over.

The style of the military uniform was so much more than what Duan Hengye had imagined. Usually Meng Jinhuai always liked to wear a black military uniform, but today he changed into a uniform that was white, or could also be said to be silver.

In addition to the almost identical color of dark gold patterns, the only decoration on this clothing was Meng Jinhuai’s medals, those representedhis achievements.

The double-breasted silver uniform shoulders weee gently laced with an extremely long, even close to dragging to the ground, cloak. Meng Jinhuai’s height was already a little taller than Duan Hengye, and now with this cloak, the Lord Marshal stood there alone and gave Duan Hengye an unspeakable sense of oppression.

After seeing Meng Jinhuai come, the assistant backed out after a simple greeting with him. Meng Jinhuai looked at Duan Hengye for a moment, and then suddenly extended his hand over.

Meng Jinhuai’s sudden approach startled Duan Hengye, but then he realized that the other party was fixing his cuffs. Meng Jinhuai’s movements were very gentle, and his expression was also very serious.

The fingers gently folded down the sleeve that was accidentally turned up, and after finishing the clothes for Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai finally raised his head. The Lord Marshal smiled at Duan Hengye and said, “Okay, the starship will be landing soon.”

As Meng Jinhuai spoke, the giant starship belonging to the military department slowly passed through the clouds of the capital star and flew towards a huge mecha docking pad. From the time the docking pad was visible to the naked eye to the time it steadily landed, it took less than a minute.

As soon as the starship came to a stop, a hovercraft was connected to the exit of the starship. Duan Hengye walked with Meng Jinhuai and two admirals from the military department went to the exit of the starship, and at the moment when he was about to board the hovercraft, Meng Jinhuai suddenly reached out his hand to hold Duan Hengye firmly in place.

…… This wasn’t the first time that Duan Hengye held hands with him in public, but his heart couldn’t help but shake.

This time the grand scale of the banquet and “low-key” were two things completely unrelated to the hovercraft that flew to the banquet hall outside, Duan Hengye saw a row of reporters waiting there. Now the entrance ceremony had reached the last few minutes, in addition to the host of this banquet, only a few of them were left from the Southern Star guests.

There were still people standing at the entrance waiting to be filmed, but after seeing a hovercraft flying towards this location, all the cameras of the star network media adjusted their angles at the same time and then focused on the place where the hovercraft landed.

Every reporter who knew the process well knew who was on this hovercraft.

Under the watchful eyes of hundreds of reporters, the silver hovercraft slowly stopped on the ground. Then the doors opened and Yu Xinlan, wearing a gorgeous black dress, was the first to walk down, followed closely by Dongfang Hewen.

In addition to Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, these two admirals, who almost never attended royal banquets, also received a lot of attention from the media. But unfortunately, both of them did not stay much in front of the camera. After a simple greeting, the two walked straight into the banquet hall.

But without waiting for the media to see Meng Jinhuai and Duan Hengye appear in the camera, something unexpected happened at this time. The hovering machine had not yet appeared in front of the figure, but immediately after, another similar silver-white hovering machine also landed there.

After seeing the familiar pattern on that hovercraft, the media, who had been standing by according to the entry order table, were collectively dumbfounded. What was this? Why did the emperor and empress of the Ye Tian Empire come early?

Looking at this situation …… They were afraid today’s event was going to be more exciting than imagined.


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