C47- [Kill That Gentleman 10]


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Yu Ci was stunned by Shen Jue’s action, but he quickly laughed contemptuously.

Did the dwarf think he could be seduced by this?

Shen Jue glanced at the small knife stuck in his pillow. With his current martial arts skills, it would be too difficult to kill him with that knife.

But even if he could kill him now, he might not be able to leave the Ten Extremities Island alive.

Many things flashed through his mind, but his face did not show any sign of distraction, and he even moved a hand to touch Yu Ci’s collar.

He wanted Sang Xinghe to fall in love with him, and it looked like he had to leave the Ten Extremities Island first, or else Yu Ci would definitely force Sang Xinghe to kill him first. In his previous lives, Sang Xinghe had been tortured by martial artists to find out the whereabouts of Xuan Yingong, and he fell in love with the man who rescued him. Shen Jue thought, maybe he could take advantage of this.

He might be able to take Sang Xinghe and leave the Island early, preferably before Sang Xinghe’s master died.

While Shen Jue was thinking seriously, Yu Ci became impatient. He frowned and moved his eyes, looking at the hand that had touched his collar for a short while, with an odd look in his eyes.

Was this how the dwarf seduced people?

What did it mean to touch the collar, even if he didn’t touch the sensitive parts?

The pattern of his clothes was getting bald!

He raised his eyelids and looked at Shen Jue in confusion, “Where are you touching?”

When Shen Jue was interrupted by the words of Yu Ci, he looked down at him and realized that his hand had been resting on the other man’s collar.

Hmm ……

Was this position too long? However, he didn’t want to touch his skin.

After thinking about it, Shen Jue moved his hand to his head and began to give him a scalp massage.

Yu Ci: “……”

Was this dwarf sick?

Who needed his massage anyway?

His head didn’t need a massage!

Well, he seemed to be moving well.

He Quying, who had been with him since he was a child, knew that he had insomnia. The worst insomnia was when he could not sleep for a whole night, so he went out to kill people and came back covered in blood.

It was at that time that he got his name.

He hadn’t slept in a proper bed for a long time, but he was used to it.

He didn’t think he would fall asleep because of a simple massage, and he wanted to reprimand him, but the feeling of sleepiness was so good that he couldn’t help but fall into it.

After a while, his breathing had become long and steady.

As he touched the knife next to his pillow, he suddenly opened his eyes. He firmly clasped Shen Jue’s wrist, and his voice was low and hoarse, “Continue.”


It was so good that he didn’t want to wake up, but he had to because it was too noisy and there was always a small, faint sound. He opened his eyes unhappily and stared at the person next to him.

He stared at the other person who hid himself under the blanket, but he was too lazy to bother with the dwarf when he was asleep.

He rolled over and sat up, stroking the folds of his clothes. Before he stayed overnight, he took off his jade crown so that Shen Jue could massage him better, but he didn’t know how to tie his hair, because he always had a maid to serve him.

Yu Ci sat in front of the bronze mirror, his scalp tired and hurt, and he couldn’t help but slap the dressing table, “Do you know how to tie hair or not?”

Shen Jue quietly glanced at the long hair and shook his head.

Of course, he would bind his hair, after all, he had helped Murong Xiu when he was a young eunuch, but why would he bind his hair for Yu Ci?

Yu Ci rubbed his own hair where it hurt, “Forget it. He turned around, snatched the comb from Shen Jue’s hand, and began to comb his hair clumsily. Yu Ci’s hair was long and thick, and after a night’s sleep, some parts of his hair were tangled, so he couldn’t comb it out, so he forced the comb through the tangles with his eyebrows squeezed, which naturally resulted in a pile of hair falling out.

By the time Yu Ci had smoothed out his hair, it was already three o’clock in the morning.

He threw away the comb, looked down at the jade crown on the table, and gave up resolutely.

Shen Jue looked at him and shook his head again.

Yu Ci narrowed his eyes, and a look of displeasure appeared on his gloomy face, “You must have one, bring me a hair ribbon.”

Shen Jue reluctantly pulled out the small cupboard under the dressing table, where a blue hair ribbon was placed.

Yu Ci looked at Shen Jue, who also had long hair, and quickly took the hair ribbon.

When Shen Jue saw this, he raised his hand, as if to take the hairband back.

He stared straight at the ribbon in Yu Ci’s hand.

When Shen Jue lived here, there were still many hairbands in the small cabinet, but gradually there were fewer and fewer, and he could never find the one he had taken the day before.

When he realized that Shen Jue’s eyes had stopped on the hairband in his hand, he gripped it tighter, “This one belongs to me. I’ll have someone send you a hairband …… later.”

Just one hair ribbon, was he so stingy?

It took him some effort, but he managed to tie his hair up with a hair tie, which was still a bit messy, but at least he could see people now.

When he looked in the mirror, he noticed that Shen Jue’s eyes were still on the hairband on his head.

In the meantime, he felt that Shen Jue was really insensitive. He said he would return a hundred hairbands to him, but he still wouldn’t let go of the hairband on his head. He thought about it and pulled off the jade pendant at his waist.

He put the jade pendant and the jade crown on the dressing table, “I’ll exchange them with you, and I’ll ask someone to send you a hairband later, okay? Don’t look.”

As soon as he opened the door, he bumped into He Quying, who was entering the courtyard.

He Quying, who was still wearing yesterday’s clothes and had untidy hair, turned pale and the next moment, he saw that Yu Ci, who was wearing a cape and only a lining, hurriedly ran over and tried to give the jade pendant and crown to him.

He Quying: “……”

Why did this scene seem familiar?

He once passed the brothel Chu Pavilion in the early morning, and when the guest went out, the girls in the pavilion would chase him.

He Quying’s eyes moved to the jade pendant and jade crown in Shen Jue’s hands.

Wasn’t that the legendary pr*stitution money?

Yu Ci didn’t notice He Quying’s odd expression, he only felt that Shen Jue was really ungrateful, “If I tell you to keep it, you can keep it. If you don’t want it, you can just throw it away.”

Shen Jue’s hand with the jade pendant and crown shrank slightly, and then he really smashed the things in his hand.

Yu Ci: “……”

He Quying: “……”

Was this not a done deal? So, the man threw the money he received from his client?

But this was not the time to make up stories, but the time to save a life.

He Quying even went forward and blocked Shen Jue, “Don’t be angry, island master, Shen Jue is young and doesn’t know any better, besides ……” he looked at the broken jade pendant and jade crown on the ground and coughed, “Besides, didn’t you let him smash it? ”

When Yu Ci saw the broken jade pendant, his hand under his sleeve trembled.

That was the blood jade he had kept for many years, this dwarf!

Forget it, he’d given it away, he won’t get mad! Not angry! He, Yu Ci, was a man of guts, and could not let He Quying see him as a joke.

Yu Ci squeezed out a grim smile, “It’s fine, it’s smashed.” He looked at the way He Quying was protecting Shen Jue, and his eyes suddenly became gloomy, “Why are you here early in the morning?”

He Quying was embarrassed because he was sending a new mask to Shen Jue, but he didn’t expect the timing to be so unfortunate.

The fact that the mask was broken before must not be revealed to Yu Ci.

So, He Quying decided to lie.

“I …… asked Shen Jue to come to my place for breakfast, Jiangnan snacks, he is from Jiangnan, he should like to eat.”

Shen Jue’s former sect belonged to Jiangnan, and He Quying remembered that when he read Shen Jue’s profile, he had an unforgettable memory.

But when the words fell on the ears of Yu Ci, they changed their meaning.

Was He Quying so interested in this dwarf? Could he even remember where he was from? And he ran over to ask him to join him for breakfast?

Was it possible that He Quying had fallen in love with this dwarf?

In any case, the dwarf was Sang Xinghe’s Celestial Luo body, wasn’t He Quying’s behavior making a cuckold of Sang Xinghe?

And Sang Xinghe was his person, so wasn’t cuckolding Sang Xinghe the same as cuckolding him?

That wouldn’t do!

He was the master of the Ten Extremities Island, the devil who had terrorized the rivers and lakes, how could he be a cuckold?

Yu Ci tilted his head, put a smile on his face, and said, “I like to eat too.”

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