C21-Day 21

Voting ended in two days.

Catnip, a well-deserved first place!


That was the most popular offering.


The official Perth Palace account posted a live teaser the day the results came in.

In the meantime, the whole world was celebrating.


Even Zhang Ganggang, updated with a message to this effect.

Zhang Ganggang V: Is it interesting to do that whole anti-fan thing? Should catnip be #1 or #1:)


By the way, it also pulled a handful of hate.


Anti-fans were angry.

News from the Zhang Ganggang Victims Alliance 9999+

They decided to do another round of business.


Even they had the beauty Shen Hua, but they couldn’t compete with someone who cut ugly pictures frame by frame and sent ugly photos. Catnip was cute again, so long as they didn’t smell it, they could always find black spots!


This time the live broadcast was highly anticipated, to say the least!




The day of the live broadcast was a day off.


As soon as the live broadcast room opened, many people poured in at pinch points.


[Raising Lots of Green: here it comes!]

[silly yellow sweet: where’s my little darling?]

[But TEM-8 doesn’t change its name: pup, pup, pup, mommy came to suck, no, look at you!]



This time, the location of the live broadcast was in Caesar’s study.

Thanks to the interstellar high technology, all the viewers who entered the live broadcast room were equivalent to entering a virtual study, as their monarch was hardly ever interviewed, and the inner structure of Perth’s palace was almost unknown, except for a few pictures released by the authorities occasionally.


At the moment, as they had the privilege of seeing, it was so lavish that they couldn’t help but weep.

For their own poverty.


[Spring Sweet Berry: Is this the inside of the palace?]

[Peach crumbs: I, I think I saw a work by Master Saren, “Summer Cherry”?]

[Dolores: You’re right, it’s the Summer Cherry, the real one, worth billions of star coins.]

[Seaweed Meatloaf Bev: Hey, what’s the fuss. Follow little mint, what can’t you see? Maybe we’ll see His Majesty next time.]


The members of the Zhang Ganggang Victim’s Alliance, who came with the idea of finding fault, saw this and finally had the opportunity to speak.


[Walk the Flower Road with my brother: His Majesty is notoriously camera-unfriendly, okay?]

[Mildew can’t: except for celebrations and such that have to be on camera, His Majesty won’t even give an interview and still appear here? Wake up.]

[birch big cute: Even if His Majesty reacted in public, he wouldn’t degrade himself like this, stop being silly, right you guys?]


The fact that Caesar rarely accepted interviews, and did not like to be on camera, and would not appear in the live studio, in fact, they all knew this. The “seaweed meat muffin scallop” said that it was just a harmless joke, but the several pop-ups that came up were not very friendly in tone, not to mention that the ID of the star-struck girl was easily recognisable.

Combined with the moths from the previous two days’ voting, the audience quickly realized what was going on.


[seaweed meatloaf scallops:?].


[orange soda: hello? Please don’t smoke grass in the upper right corner.]

[Silly yellow sweet: If you have time to provoke a fight here, why don’t you go and give your brother Shen Huai a review?]


In this way, less than five minutes after the start of the broadcast, the atmosphere in the live room was not quite right.


Shen Tong was finally placed in front of the camera.


This time, Shen Tong knew he was on air, he thought about it, shook a few times, and tried to say hello.


The audience seemed to understand what he meant and followed suit.


[Fixu: Good afternoon little mint.]

[Deep Sea Cod Shell: Good afternoon. And the pup has grown a little taller!]

[Sakura: Speaking of which, why does the pup just grow taller and not have leaves?]


Sakura’s question was too innocent, and the pop-up jumped directly from greeting to why catnip didn’t grow leaves, so Shen Tong couldn’t see what they were saying and didn’t need to worry about his baldness, but Caesar could see the pop-up, and he smiled shallowly.


Caesar was on camera with catnip, but the main character was catnip, and he wasn’t showing his face right now, so no one had noticed that His Majesty, who they decided didn’t like being on camera and wouldn’t show up here, was there.


Those few fans who were picking a fight simultaneously popped up.


[Birch Big Cute: Did you just laugh at that? Brother sounds good!]

[Mildew can’t: a little provocative?]

[Walking the Flower Road with my brother: Hey, there’s someone else?]


Caesar ignored it and asked lazily, “What do you want to see?”


The audience was very cooperative in giving their answers.


[Miss Puff: Can you lift the glass cover? Want to take a puff of my little baby QAQ]

[Seaweed and meat scallops: It’s actually fun to watch the cub just like this!]

[orange soda: yes!]


But there were others who gave other answers.


[Shen Huai my boyfriend: WOC, nice voice, want to see brother!]

[Ye Ye Big Cute: Watch Brother +1]

[Shen Ye His Sister: See Brother +2]



[Bambi: You guys are going a little too far.]

[Don’t want to be a cat anymore: there’s no brother here for you guys, just the tool man (?) who gives live feeds to Peppermint! For your information.]



Caesar saw the bulletin and raised his eyebrows.

He didn’t take it to heart, but lowered his eyes and said to Shen Tong, “The smell is mild and smoky.”

His tone was discouraging.


Shen Tong: “……”

Although his roommate wasn’t very talkative, Shen Tong knew that his smell would make the felines lose control, and really couldn’t be too strong, lest there be confusion on the audience’s side.

Shen Tong thought a lot.

Caesar finally uncovered the glass cover.

The plant was already growing fast, not to mention Shen Tong had specially formulated nutrients. After a few days, the small plant grew more and more upright, it had crisp white stems, young round leaves, and then it shook a few times.

All in all, cute and delightful.

The audience in the live room sent a number of comments for this reason.

[Rabbit riding a dinosaur: oooooh really, little mint even if nothing, I can watch all day.]

[creamy cherry: nsdd]

[Don’t want to be a cat anymore: sisters let let, I want to go deep and suck!]

[creamy plum: toolman little brother (sorry?) [don’t be fierce to little mint ah _(:з)∠]_]

[Bambu: God d*mn toolman little brother hahahahahaha.]

[Fixu: tool person should have the appearance of a tool person (right?) Please have a proper attitude hahahahaha!]


The people actually had no malice, even Caesar himself, also didn’t take it seriously, he just faintly glanced at it, but those group of fans took the opportunity to jump out again.

[Accompanying brother walking flower road: directly call others tool people? You guys are the ones going too far, right?]

[Moldy No: Fortunately, His Majesty did not come live, otherwise His Majesty would also become a tool person?]

[Shen Hua my boyfriend: you guys better be glad that his majesty did not come, otherwise it wouldn’t be a small matter in the future.]


The comment caused such a pandemonium again.

Caesar frowned.

He suddenly felt like going live wasn’t a good idea.


Caesar tsked lightly, his smoky gray eyes looked at the culprit.

The seedling, standing unconsciously, with two round leaves wobbling, looked soft, and it seemed to be in a good mood.

And that was what stirred up the badness in Caesar’s bones.

He reached out a hand.

This slender, beautifully shaped, fingertips touched Catnip’s leaves, it was really soft.

Caesar fiddled carelessly, he didn’t use force, but the tip of the catnip leaves began to flutter and shake, or rather, slightly shiver.


Very itchy.

Shen Tong was really afraid of itching and couldn’t help but curl up a little.

Caesar saw this, and did not let him go.

Today’s live broadcast, not only could one enter the virtual place, they could also turn on the empathy function, at this moment, almost everyone did not hesitate to use this function.

Including the group of fans with bad motives.

— After all, they were also felines, and the opportunity to touch catnip was really not much.

So soft.

That was everyone’s first thought.

The young leaves swayed slightly, although the magnitude was not large, but everyone could clearly perceive its every movement.

And the touch, also delicate and soft.

Their hearts couldn’t help but follow along with the softening.

That wasn’t all.

The owner of the hand was oblivious to the resistance of catnip, although the round little leaves had curled up, but he still slowly fiddled, the tip of the leaf followed by it trembling for a long time, finally, slowly open up.

The next second, this soft leaf, gently curled around Caesar’s fingers.

Caesar had no reaction, but the audience almost fainted!

Catnip’s astringent smell was very light, but still sweet, even if the smell was not enough to make them lose their minds, it still could provoke nerves, making them feel immense pleasure.

And the realistic touch of the synesthesia function, as if they were actually standing in front of the catnip, being rolled against by its leaves.


Catnip’s movements were light and gentle.

As if curiously approaching, but also as if pampering.

It rubbed against the end of the finger.

Tender and soft.

Catnip was pampering them.

A great sense of satisfaction came over them.

Not to mention the stars and the moon, even the precious gem on the tyrant’s scepter, they were willing to pick it off!

In fact, there were indeed people who said so.

[Rabbit Riding Dinosaur: Little Mint if you keep pouting, I’d even like to pick off the obsidian diamond on His Majesty’s scepter for you!]

[Milk cherry: If you keep pampering yourself, I want to pick off the obsidian diamond on His Majesty’s scepter!]

[Wah Wah Big Cute: If you keep pampering yourself, I want to pick off the obsidian diamond on His Majesty’s scepter!]

[Birch Big Cutie: ……]

[Birch Big Cutie: Wrong comment.]

Whether it was the fans who came to find fault, or the audience, at this moment, they couldn’t help but extend their hands, even if they knew that the catnip curled up was not on their fingers, people simply couldn’t afford to move a little.

They were afraid to disturb it, but also afraid it would move back.

They could not let go of this softness.

Caesar was obviously willing, he said indifferently: “No, let go.”

Shen Tong hesitated for a short while, and finally rolled tighter, refusing to let go.

Audience: !!!

Being tightly rolled by little mint’s leaves, no regrets in this life.

Caesar, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes and slowly lowered his head.

And this action, made his face appear on the camera.

–The platinum coloured hair was no longer neatly combed back, his hair was scattered around his forehead hair, his smoky gray eyes lightly drooped, he looked dangerous.

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