Meng Jinhuai’s eyes were beautiful, especially after being reflected by the starry river at this moment. And now being gazed at by the other with such serious and clear eyes, Duan Hengye even forgot about the danger.

Duan Hengye couldn’t tell if this gaze was real or fake, he thought probably… Meng Jinhuai was looking at the young Duan Hengye through him, right?

In fact, Duan Hengye didn’t consider himself to be a sentimental person, but he had a wealth of experience in reading dog blood fiction after all. That was why after seeing Meng Jinhuai’s eyes, Duan Hengye actually felt a little faint regret – if there hadn’t been that experimental accident back then, the original owner wouldn’t have been taken away by the royal family, and his temperament would have changed drastically since then, he and Meng Jinhuai probably would have become a truly loving couple. Unfortunately, there were no ifs in life.

After saying that part just now, Meng Jinhuai turned his body back once again. He slowly put his palm on the huge floor-to-ceiling window in front of him and said as he looked at the scenery outside, “The scenery on this course is great, it’s just that if you want to see a truly spectacular view, the starship has to deviate slightly from the course while having to withstand the heat.”

As he spoke, Duan Hengye saw through the window that the starship he was on was slowly heading towards a huge burning red planet. The starship’s special material “glass” could completely shield the window from harmful and blinding light, although Duan Hengye did not have any phobia of giants, but as the starship slowly approached, he couldn’t help but clench his fist. Sensing the discomfort of the man around him, Meng Jinhuai gently patted his shoulder.

Just like the marshal lord said, when the starship approached and then circled the huge red planet, the vision suddenly opened up.

What kind of sea of stars was this? Duan Hengye didn’t know how to describe it, he only knew that with his shallow knowledge of the universe to the stars alone, he wouldn’t be able to find any more spectacular scene than this one.

Meng Jinhuai was not wrong, this might truly be the most beautiful slice of scenery in the known universe.


The starship descended to the lowest safe speed to travel in the universe, and it wasn’t clear how long it had been silent before Meng Jinhuai finally spoke up to continue the topic he had been talking about for a long time and said, “This distance can only be achieved by large starships.”

As a person who had recently studied the armor and had gone a bit off the deep end, Duan Hengye immediately extracted a different point of knowledge from it after hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words.

This distance could only be approached by large starships, so what about the armor?

Although at the battle level starships were far less powerful than armor, but due to their huge size and the principle of not having to consider self-weight and mental strength, the mass of the outer walls of starships was currently definitely higher than armor.

Once he thought about his own field of expertise, Duan Hengye suddenly developed some very rare desire to confide in him. He pondered for a moment and said, “The current starship’s highest grade armor can only barely maintain three to four times its current distance, and if it continues to get closer, the control system will fail completely.”

Hearing Duan Hengye’s answer, Meng Jinhuai also turned around to look at him seriously and said, “No one will be able to escape if they’re forced here in the middle of a war.”

Sometimes inspiration was born in a flash, and after hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye suddenly recalled a simulation experiment he had done some time ago. “Right…” the words hadn’t completely fallen off his tongue when he suddenly frowned, then suddenly changed his tone to speed up his speech and said, “No, not necessarily. The armor material upgrade will also increase the weight, which will reduce the sensitivity of mental control. However, if the armor’s internal mental link system is upgraded, there is hope for a more advanced external material.”
  Meng Jinhuai had almost never heard Duan Hengye speak for so long, and seeing the other party’s serious expression and the way he was focused after talking about his field of expertise, he almost immediately realized – what Duan Hengye was saying was not a fantasy, but a reality that would appear in the near future.


The voyage of a few hours was neither too long nor too short. It seemed that not long after the starship had left the magnificent starry sea, a beep came from inside the ship that it was about to enter the star system where Tize Star was located.

Although it was an “anniversary trip”, anyone who wasn’t stupid could tell that this trip was very official in nature. When the starship was about to arrive at its destination, Duan Hengye went back to the lounge to change into another set of clothes.

Although it wasn’t as large as the royal family, the marshal’s residence also had staff members who were dedicated to external affairs as well. After returning to the lounge, Duan Hengye immediately saw the clothes hanging neatly in front of him. According to the schedule, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai would go to a scenic spot on Tize Star first, so the clothes prepared for the event looked a bit more casual than usual, and the color was a rare beige white.

Looking at the arrival timer on the front light screen, Duan Hengye walked over and changed. His body was already thin, and now after putting on a more casual set of white clothes, he looked even more fairy-like. What he didn’t notice was that after he put on the white clothes, the dark red ring on his left ring finger looked so dazzling under the white clothes and the white fingers…

The starship arrived at Tize Star as scheduled, in order to prevent any commotion due to the large number of people, only the chief of Tize Star and a few other VIPs were waiting on the docking tarmac this time. After the starship landed and saw such a scene, Duan Hengye finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the number of people who came to greet them was small, this event was very important to Tize Star. Duan Hengye, who had excellent eyesight, took a quick look and noticed that several micro hovering cameras were spinning around several people. Of course, Duan Hengye noticed the cameras, and of course, the cameras also captured him.

At the same time, hundreds of millions of people in the interstellar saw the white-clothed Duan Hongyu and the black-uniformed Meng Jinhuai appearing together outside the starship’s hatch. Although the two people’s dressing styles were completely different, they had an inexplicable harmony, just like the boundless deep stars and the billions of years of immortal stars in the interstellar world.

From the moment the starship landed on Tize Star, the media’s follow up shots did not stop.

As the marshal of the Ye Tian Empire, Meng Jinhuai’s strength and influence was naturally much higher than a planet’s chief. So from the moment he received Meng Jinhuai on the docking tarmac, the Chief Commander started chatting with him endlessly. As for Duan Hengye… Although there were people who tried to chat with the famous armor expert of the empire, the aura of rejection was too obvious on the other side. After some hesitation, a “vacuum circle” was still formed around Duan Hengye.

Even though he felt that his topic was very meaningful, but in the eyes of the general audience, the things that the Chief of Tize Star was tugging on were indeed boring enough… The most intolerable thing was that the other party was also snubbing their male god, Professor Duan! But the “ignored” Duan Hengye took the opportunity and looked around the scenery.
  At this time, the two had already boarded the hovercar sent by Tize Xing, the car’s driving speed was not fast, and the beautiful scenery outside the window was passing by at an even speed. After all, this was serious media, although the live camera wanted to capture Duan Hengye’s leisurely appearance, they still put the main camera on Meng Jinhuai and the chief commander of Tize star, who were chatting. Duan Hengye was happy to be out of the limelight because he was in a relaxed mood and the scenery outside the window was a little more beautiful.

As far as vacation destinations went, Tize Star really qualified very well. The planet was similar in size to the Southern star, where the marshal’s residence was located, but its population was only a third of the Southern star. Many years ago, when the Empire was at peace, Tize was a very famous tourist planet. Now, despite the years of war, the scenery of Tize had not changed at all.

Although the speed was reduced, the hovercar still reached its destination in a short time. It was now the early autumn season in Tize, and Duan Hengye could see an endless golden forest underneath his feet, as well as a clear river flowing in it. This forest was somewhat like the poplar forest of the last Earth, but the trees were much taller and looked spectacular to the naked eye.

After the hovercar landed, the chief commander of Tize star seemed to want to continue to chat with Meng Jinhuai, but the good thing was that Meng Jinhuai finally smiled and interrupted him this time. Under the gaze of the billions of people outside the live camera, Meng Jinhuai slightly walked two steps forward and spoke alongside Duan Hengye.

With the conversation on the starship just now as a base, the two were now getting along quite naturally.

Seeing this scene, the viewers who were watching the news live just wanted to say – this is the right attitude to treat spouses! The way the Marshal lowered his head and spoke was sooooo handsome!

In all fairness, the scenery of Tize, a place that originally existed in the novels, was far better than Earth. From the moment Duan Hengye got off the hovercar, his mood was unexpectedly broadened. After living on Earth for more than 20 years, Duan Hengye became accustomed to the idea that “camera” was equal to a big, black and heavy metal cube.

In the eyes of the viewers who were watching the live broadcast, Duan Hengye, who was quietly enjoying the beautiful scenery, and Meng Jinhuai, who was quietly enjoying Duan Hengye next to him, together formed a beautiful painting. Probably because the chattering chief finally stopped coming, the audience who were chatting non-stop in the comment section actually quieted down quite a bit and started to enjoy the beautiful picture on the light screen in front of them silently.

But calmness was always temporary, a major event destined to be remembered by the entire interstellar was now brewing…….


What a vibe, I low-key need a vacation rn.

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