The strength or weakness of the zombie was also related to the strength or weakness of the human before the mutation, which was a basic physical quality.

For example, a young and strong young adult mutated into a zombie would be stronger than an old and weak old man mutated into a zombie and was more likely to evolve.

But it was not entirely true, for example, although children were not as strong as young adults before they mutated, and they were not as strong as young adult zombies after they mutate into zombies, they were much more likely to evolve than young adult zombies. Because the child hadn’t grown up yet, it was much more malleable and easy to evolve.

That was why Ye Tianyi had seen so many zombies along the way, and the only second-tier zombie was actually a zombie that had mutated from an underage little girl. Because little children were more malleable, it was easier to evolve.

Ye Tianyi banished all the young and strong zombies, leaving only old and weak women and children mutated zombies, not even an evolutionary zombie, the team of ability users could easily sweep the entire small village.

Zhang Hu decided that the crowd would stay in a few houses close to the village entrance tonight, they checked the houses to make sure that not a single zombie was left before they went out to call in those who were staying in the car at the entrance of the village.

After pulling the car up to the gate and parking it, the people packed up some of their supplies and moved them into the house, and they prepared dinner.

Probably due to the fact that they were about to arrive at the base, the crowd was happy and wanted to celebrate, and the dinner was very sumptuous.

As usual, Ye Tianyi only took his share back to his room.

Although he was a zombie, he wouldn’t have any problem eating human food, but his current taste bud had been changed, and eating human food was just as disgusting as humans eating rotten food. So he wasn’t going to eat it if he could.

After dinner, after making sure the night watch was done, the others went to rest.

There wasn’t much of a pastime at the end of the world, so it was better to go to bed early at night to nourish oneself.

Ye Tianyi sat on his bed to cultivate his abilities, his mental abilities now under the daily silent mantra cultivation, coupled with absorbing many people’s strong emotions and swallowing a crystal nucleus of a second-tier mental ability zombie, he had entered a breakthrough to the fourth-tier bottleneck.

Faced with an imminent breakthrough, he was in no hurry and continued to silently recite the chant to cultivate the other two abilities. It would be good if he could break through all three types of abilities together.

But just after nightfall, Ye Tianyi opened his eyes with a frown not long after practice, the person next door was noisy.

He subconsciously used his mental energy to sweep, then his brows frowned even tighter and he withdrew his mental energy.
Even that child was placed next to them for crying out loud, and those two were even doing quite well with that accompaniment…

No wonder Zhang Hu, who was a bit selfish by nature, was willing to protect the wife and child on behalf of his brother, not to mention that his brother had saved his life for him, how could someone like him be someone who cared about saving lives? So it was for the sake of his sister-in-law that he was willing to keep a baby that always cried endlessly.

Ye Tianyi analyzed the situation with a few spins of his thoughts. Then he shook his head and didn’t release his mental energy anymore.

It was obvious that Zhang Hu’s brother was trying to save Zhang Hu from dying under the mouth of a zombie and finally entrusted Zhang Hu to take care of his wife and child.

And from Zhang Hu’s attitude of turning a blind eye to the baby who crashed the car at the beginning, one could see his selfish nature, he must have disliked his nephew’s bad deeds, and his sister-in-law probably also followed Zhang Hu in order to find a source of support for herself and her child…….


Ye Tianyi ignored the pity for Sister-in-law Zhang as it passed from his mind, he didn’t want to help or anything like that.

Everyone had their own way of living, it was better to rely on the sky and the earth than on him. He never helped people and never asked for help, especially now that he himself was wrapped up in a bunch of things.

It was not uncommon for a well-intentioned person to help out an enemy instead. If you lend a helping hand, others may be grateful, but if you don’t continue to help, they may hate you for not helping them, even more than they hate their enemies.

Ye Tianyi had experienced this kind of thing once, and since then he never helped anyone again, even if he was called cold-blooded and heartless, so what? This way he was more likely to be appreciated when he reached out to help someone once in a while.

Just like a good man, every day he helped others, over time others would feel justified, as long as there was no help once, he would be accused of being a hypocrite, the previous good deeds were false. And a bad guy had been doing bad things, but occasionally helped others, others will be flattered, and even think that the bad guy was the prodigal son.

Therefore, people are miserable wretches, so they should be well-tuned and taught. It was the way of employing people to combine kindness with power   – always using favor to treat people, will only raise a greedy inadequate white wolf.

Ye Tianyi was ready to continue to close his eyes to practice, and his eyes swept to little leaf lying at his feet.

At this time, little leaf had woken up from its sleep, it shook its little ears and looking at him curiously, seeing his attention fall on it, then sent over a mental message: [Master, is there someone fighting next door? As if someone was crying in pain.]

How should he answer the simple question of the innocent little leaf?

Do you want him to say – Oh, the people next door are indeed fighting! Goblin fight!

He couldn’t say it when he saw his clear and innocent little eyes, okay!

Ye Tianyi’s heart couldn’t help but be angry at the two people who were still active next door. Can’t you go to a far room? Can’t you keep your voice down? What if you spoil his little leaf?

Fortunately, Little leaf didn’t have a mental ability like him, and couldn’t detect the specifics of what was going on next door, so he could just listen to the sound and fool around.
  Ye Tianyi reached out to cover its two floppy ears and whispered, “Their fighting has nothing to do with us, go back to sleep.”

Little leaf was good enough to lie there and let him cover his ears, and the voice that the mental energy passed into his mind was timid: [Master I can’t sleep.]

Ye Tianyi laughed dumbly, he picked up Little Leaf and placed it on his legs: “Did you sleep too much during the day? Then you can cultivate with me.”

Being up close and personal with its master made Little Leaf happy, it plucked at Ye Tianyi’s shirt, stirred its hind legs and ran to his shoulder, licked his cheek intimately, and then squatted nicely on Ye Tianyi’s right shoulder: [Master let’s practice together].

Ye Tianyi smiled and reached out to touch Little Leaf’s tail that wrapped around from the back of his neck to his left shoulder: “Good, Little Leaf is so good.”

He coaxed Little Leaf before immersing himself in his cultivation.

As soon as Ye Tianyi closed its eyes, the little leaf that was originally lying on his shoulder with its eyes closed immediately opened its eyes and carefully looked at Ye Tianyi to make sure that its master had really immersed itself in cultivation before it relaxed its body.

It couldn’t just casually go into cultivation, its master was in cultivation now, it had to keep a lookout for its master, what if some bad guys came in and tried to take advantage of the situation to harm its master?

Little Leaf’s intelligence wasn’t low, it had also cultivated just like Ye Tianyi and knew that once it was immersed in cultivation, it was easy to ignore the dangers of the outside world, and even if Ye Tianyi was always releasing the mental barrier, it was likely to be attacked by someone taking advantage of the situation.

So it insisted on helping to oversee the surrounding winds when its master was cultivating.

If the master didn’t agree, it would help by itself without telling the master.

What was cultivation, could it be more important than its master?

Little leaf sat on Ye Tianyi’s shoulder, a pair of sapphire blue eyes sweeping around in the darkness, and the tail behind him drooped down in a natural manner as he was so engrossed that he no longer flicked it.

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