C133 – Extra – Wedding (I)

Bonus Chap

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In the morning at Southern Star, the sunlight came in through the window, painting the new beige carpet on the corridor with a soft and incomparable golden edge. After returning from Earth, Duan Hengye had changed; he no longer scrambled to work every day like he used to but rearranged his schedule to give himself time to relax.


For example, during Ye Tian Empire’s public vacation period recently, Duan Hengye no longer chose to work overtime and instead returned to Southern Star for a vacation. However, unlike him, the director who could freely arrange his time, although the wa*r had ended, Meng Jinhuai, as the marshal, seemed to still be a bit busy with his work, and he wasn’t able to rest according to the standard vacation schedule, he was still working on other stars today.

Duan Hengye received the coffee from the robot beside him and then walked in the direction of the hall with it in his hand. Just at this time, Duan Hengue suddenly saw Yu Xinran, who was on a break, appear in the Marshal’s Mansion. When she wasn’t working, Yu Xinran always dressed more casually. Therefore, in Duan Hengye’s opinion, the clothes Yu Xinran wore today seemed extraordinarily formal.
She wore an ink-blue silk dress, which outlined the woman’s perfect figure to the fullest. However, even though this dress was nice to look at, it was really not conducive to movement. Although Yu Xinran was considered a person who cared about her appearance, the clothes she wore in her private life were mainly based on comfort. By virtue of Duan Hengye’s understanding of Yu Xinran, if there was no big event happening, she wouldn’t wear such grandiose clothes.


So after seeing Yu Xinran in a blue dress, Duan Hengye’s footsteps paused, and then he somewhat hesitantly glanced at her and asked, “Good morning. What’s going on today?”



Apparently, Duan Hengye thought that Yu Xinran’s appearance inside the building of the Ministry was to participate in an activity related to this recent official vacation. He couldn’t help but stand there for a moment and recall. He had looked at the schedule for this period of time, but he hadn’t found any special notices on it. Did he miss it? Or was there some added activity? Duan Hengye couldn’t help but wonder.


After being asked by Duan Hengye, Yu Xinran suddenly smiled at him and then walked over quickly. “It’s nothing big.” The woman walked over and patted him, then glanced at the very simple and casual gray t-shirt that Duan Hengye was wearing, and then said, “Professor Duan, when you’re at home, you’re really a little bit careless about your image. You should pay more attention to your image.”


He didn’t pay attention to his image? Duan Hengye was even more confused after hearing this sentence. He somewhat inexplicably lowered his head and took a look at his clothes today. When he left his room, he was wearing a loose gray knit t-shirt with a pair of black pants, and although it couldn’t be called fashionable, he definitely couldn’t be said to be not paying attention to his image.


“What’s wrong?” Duan Hengye felt that Yu Xinran definitely had something she wanted to say to him today.

“Nothing, nothing.” Smiling, Yu Xinran waved her hand and continued, “Hmm, there may be an event at the military headquarters in a while. Do you want to change clothes first?”


“What activity?” Duan Hengye felt that he shouldn’t chat with Yu Xinran like this anymore. So after hearing her words, he directly took out his light device. Duan Hengye had only checked the schedule yesterday, but from his impression, there weren’t any special events this morning. Sure enough, just as Duan Hengye remembered, the light device clearly showed that there was nothing special today.


Yu Xinran clearly wasn’t good at making things up on the spot. After realizing that Duan Hengye had really opened his light device and started to verify, she was first anxious for a moment, then she quickly said, “I was just informed about this activity. Anyway, no matter what, you’d better change your clothes.”


Duan Hengye was a person who was very curious about everything, but he also understood Yu Xinran and knew that she wasn’t easy to interrogate.


From the very first sentence, Yu Xinran made it clear that she wanted him to change his clothes, and Duan Hengye didn’t want to bother or continue asking questions. So Duan Hengye nodded before turning around and walking in the direction of his bedroom.


However, what Duan Hengye didn’t expect was that after hearing that he wanted to change his clothes, Yu Xinran didn’t just leave; instead, she quickly followed Duan Hengye and continued, “Prof. Duan, have you thought about what clothes you’re going to wear?”


Hearing this odd question, Duan Hengye first froze for a moment, then shook his head and said, “No, but it’s all there.”


Although Duan Hengye was a person who didn’t know much about fashion, his closet was regularly replaced with the latest high fashion of the season.


Therefore, what Duan Hengye did every day was to just casually find one to wear without having to think about matching or other issues.



“Alright, if you don’t know, then I’ll give suggestions, haha.” Yu Xinran revealed an expression of relief after hearing Duan Hengye’s words. She continued to follow Duan Hengye forward: “I remember that Southern Star received a batch of clothes some time ago, so you can try them on.”

Before this, Yu Xinran’s image had little to do with the word ‘fashion’. Although she did care about her appearance, because of her job, the clothes that women wore all day long were basically the formal uniform of the military department. Whenever she was on vacation or didn’t have to go to work, Yu Xinran’s clothes were mostly comfortable. She did look good, but it wasn’t to the point of giving advice to others.

However, Duan Hengye was also too lazy to think of what to wear, and after hearing Yu Xinran’s words, he remembered a set of clothes he had seen in the corner of the closet this morning. Although he didn’t take the clothes out to look at them specifically, in his impression, that one should be good.


Seeing Duan Hengye nod, Yu Xinran finally let out a sigh of relief. Then she stood by the door to Duan Hengye’s room before speaking, “Alright, go change your clothes; I won’t go in with you.”

“Okay…” Duan Hengye still felt that Yu Xinran was really weird today.


After closing the door, Duan Hengye gently placed the coffee he was holding in his hand on the table and then walked towards the closet. Speaking of which, it was also a bit strange; generally speaking, the staff of the military department would regularly change the clothing inside the closet, and each type of clothing would be prepared in a number of pieces. But this time, the outfit type seemed to be the only one. However, Duan Hengye didn’t think much about it as he pulled open the closet and directly took out that set of clothes.


It was a beige and white suit; the cut was very simple, and there were no unnecessary decorations. After seeing this outfit, a strange thought suddenly flashed in Duan Hengye’s mind, but it was only for a moment.


Facing the dressing mirror inside the bedroom, Duan Hengye changed into the clothes. When this white outfit was hung up, he didn’t feel anything, but after putting it on, he realized that although its cut was simple, it wasn’t actually simple. Duan Hengye didn’t feel any tightness after putting it on, but from the mirror in front of him, one could see that it outlined Duan Hengye’s perfect waistline clearly.


As a person who saw himself in the mirror every day, Duan Hengye certainly wouldn’t feel that there was anything wrong with this. But what he didn’t realize was that such a body shape, in the eyes of the onlookers, was simply as perfect as if it were made from inside a comic strip.


Duan Hengye would often participate in public events, but he rarely wore all white. Facing himself in the mirror, he hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he didn’t change back into his black pants.




A few minutes later, Duan Hengye pushed the door back and walked out, he didn’t expect to see Yu Xinran still standing at the door. After the door opened, Duan Hengye saw an inky blue shadow typing something on a light screen with her back to him. Duan Hengye thought that Yu Xinran was currently working, so he lowered his voice and didn’t disturb her.


Finally, when Duan Hengye stopped opposite Yu Xinran, she realized that he was already standing here. Duan Hengye didn’t know what was going on, but Admiral Yu, who had always been very calm, was actually startled by him to the point that she let out a small gasp of surprise and then reached out her hand to pat her chest. “Geez, how come you don’t make noise when you walk?”


Yu Xinran was very strange today.


“What exactly are you hiding from me?” Duan Hengye couldn’t help but frown at her. Just now, Duan Hengye didn’t ask Yu Xinran because he thought it was troublesome, and secondly, he thought that it was just a casual visit. But now, after seeing this weird reaction, he decided that he had to ask for clarification.


Hearing Duan Hengye’s words, the expression on Yu Xinran’s face suddenly became unusually tangled. No matter what, Duan Henge wasn’t a person who was easy to fool, so Yu Xinran suddenly went “Eh…” for a moment and then quickly raised her head and said to Duan Hengye, “Let’s do it this way, Prof. Duan, come with me to a place. When you arrive, you’ll know everything.”

After saying this, before Duan Hengye could agree, Yu Xinran turned around and walked quickly towards the other side of the corridor. Duan Hengye hesitated for a moment but finally followed her; after all, he had already changed.


Passing through the thickly carpeted corridor, Yu Xinran brought Duan Hengye to a side door of the military building. As the two arrived, the dark brown door slowly opened.


In recent months, the courtyard of the Southern Star Mansion has been filled with crimson roses. It was clearly a view that had been seen for quite some time, but today, Duan Hengye felt that there was something different about it.


“This is…” Duan Hengye hesitated for a moment, preparing to continue asking Yu Xinran. However, before he could finish his words, Duan Hengye suddenly saw that there was a large beige and white starship slowly coming down from the sky.


At some point, Yu Xinran unexpectedly disappeared. That starship, on the other hand, steadily stopped opposite Duan Hengye and then opened its hatch.


Warm colored light leaked out from inside, and that light was somewhat special; it wasn’t blinding, but it blocked Duan Hengye’s gaze as he peered into the interior of the starship.


After seeing this scene, Duan Hengye first hesitated for a moment, then finally slowly walked inside.


Just as Duan Hengye walked in, the starship’s hatch closed at the same time, and the lights inside the cabin dimmed at the same time. Before Duan Hengye could get used to the darkness, his hand was gently held by someone.



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