C132 — The End[Final]

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Because Duan Hengye had once piloted a mecha with Meng Jinhuai, he was familiar with the other party’s energy fluctuations. So almost at the same time when he felt the response, Duan Hengye immediately confirmed that this spiritual energy belonged to Meng Jinhuai. After reconnecting the communication, Wen Xunyin on the other side was obviously very agitated, but unlike his agitation, Duan Hengye suddenly became calm.


Under Wen Xunyin’s command, Duan Hengye gradually relaxed, then took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes.


With the gradual calming of his mood, the current Duan Hengye could already control his spiritual energy very freely. According to what Wen Xunyin said, Duan Hengye tried to capture another familiar spiritual energy fluctuation in the surroundings and then “communicated” with it. Time passed unnoticeably, and Duan Hengye felt that the sound of the rain that hadn’t stopped since a while ago had gradually decreased, and his ears became quiet again.


For Duan Hengye, this was really a very new experience. In the interstellar era where he had lived for two years before, people’s research on the use of spiritual energy was relatively deep, but at that time, everyone could basically only use spiritual energy in conjunction with mechas rather than utilizing it alone. But now, he didn’t use the mecha as a medium; he used his spiritual energy alone to block out the surrounding noises.


Although Wen Xunyin over there didn’t know Duan Hengye’s specific situation here, the data on the light screen in front of him clearly told him that Duan Hengye’s spiritual energy was gradually increasing, and it wasn’t a vertical increase in level but a horizontal expansion that had never been seen before.


The sound of the rain was getting smaller and smaller. Duan Hengye felt that he, who was originally sitting on the ground, suddenly lost his reliance on gravity and floated in the air. This feeling was very strange, somewhat like the weightlessness simulation test that was once conducted on a mecha, but not exactly the same. Of course, the current situation was rather special, and Duan Hengye didn’t have much time to study this strange feeling. He only felt that since he had fallen into this state, it seemed as if his eyelids had gradually become heavy and he could no longer open them at will.


In the midst of such chaos, Duan Hengye felt that his spiritual energy and Meng Jinhuai’s spiritual energy were firmly entangled together. This converging force not only pulled his spiritual energy towards another place; it even tightly wrapped Duan Hengye’s body in it.


After feeling this warm pull, Duan Hengye slowly persuaded himself to relax and then completely and utterly handed over his entire body to the two strands of spiritual energy that had been completely entwined together and gave up control of that force.


Duan Hengye was very glad that he had learned how to pilot a mecha. Although his spiritual energy value was very strong, having a high spiritual energy value didn’t mean that he was born with extremely high control over it.


Currently, people’s control of spiritual energy in the interstellar world was mainly reflected in the aspect of piloting a mecha, and it could even be said that the only reflection is here.


Therefore, since Duan Hengye learned to pilot a mecha some time ago, he was able to exercise his control over his spiritual energy very well.


What Duan Hengye didn’t know was that giving up control of one’s own spiritual energy and completely telling it to be guided by another person’s spiritual energy was actually a very difficult thing for normal people. Only those who were very experienced in the control of spiritual energy could do it and ensure that their brains would not be damaged after their spiritual energy was controlled.

His spiritual energy as well as his entire body were wrapped up in another force moving forward, and with that, Duan Hengye completely emptied out. At this moment, he completely and utterly gave up thinking and fell into an extremely empty state.


But this was still just the beginning.


The process of returning to the other world was much longer than Duan Hengye had imagined. In the midst of darkness, Duan Hengye felt as if he were walking down a long, dark, muddy path in the forest, where there was no end in sight and no light in all directions.

In such a world where gravity, light, and sound were lost, time was also infinitely stretched out, and he became even more easily lost. He didn’t know how much time had passed, but an irresistible feeling of exhaustion suddenly arose within Duan Hengye.


Although he hadn’t moved at all during such a long period of time, this feeling of exhaustion was born from within his soul and was uncontrollable.

As a scientific researcher, Duan Hengye possessed excellent perseverance as well as persistence. But at this moment, under the prompting of the surroundings and the feeling of exhaustion, a voice suddenly emerged from the bottom of Duan Hengye’s heart, and that voice said to him, Why don’t we just leave it like this and stop here?”. It’s already very tiring.


Duan Hengye had been empty for a long time now, but when such a voice sounded in his heart, he still felt a strong sense of crisis—it was a signal that there was danger.

At this moment, Duan Hengye was caught in a struggle in the darkness. On the one hand, there was a voice in his heart that was telling him over and over again that right now, he was extremely tired and needed to rest. But on the other hand, Duan Hengye was continuing to struggle, wanting to leave this place along with that spiritual energy.

Right at this time, Duan Hengye suddenly realized that the spiritual force that had been dragging him forward before had stopped. It seemed to have sensed its abnormality and proceeded to slowly pacify him.


Gradually, that voice that had been trying to tell Duan Hengye to stop seemed to suddenly diminish. After a little more time, that spiritual energy finally resumed, dragging Duan Hengye forward.

The path still seemed to be long, but it was no longer so dark.


Meanwhile, on the Southern Star, Wen Xunyin was still staring nervously at the light screen in front of him. If someone were to see the current scene, they would definitely scream out in shock. Because right beside Wen Xunyin, Meng Jinhuai, dressed in a black lab coat, was sitting quietly with his eyes closed beside a huge black metal instrument.

The outside of that metal instrument had uncountable long bare wires; one side of it connected to the massive instrument behind it, while the other side was tightly attached to the forehead of the man sitting there.


Because this instrument was still in an experimental stage, although its performance was stable, its appearance wasn’t as simple and beautiful as most interstellar instruments. Instead, it exposed all the circuits and various connecting components, which looked very scary.


However, in reality, if people knew its function and purpose, no matter what this instrument looked like, everyone would find it terrifying and dangerous.


At this moment, Wen Xunyin saw that, for some unknown reason, the originally smooth-running spiritual energy suddenly stopped. As it stagnated, a dark red warning light also flashed on the screen. This unstable light hit the face of the man with his eyes tightly closed on one side, making him look even more terrifying.


Although he was inwardly very sure of the performance of this instrument he had researched, as his spiritual energy continued to stagnate, Wen Xunyin’s hands that were originally resting on the virtual keyboard clenched tightly together. As the designer, he knew that the stagnation of spiritual energy was definitely not a good thing.


In fact, experiments like this had to be declared to the empire in advance, but because the apparatus hadn’t been formally put into use yet, Wen Xunyin actually hadn’t obtained the qualifications to declare it. In other words, this was an illegal experiment that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.


Unlike Meng Jinhuai, who agreed to conduct the experiment in the first place, all the other people in the military department were against it.


Even Wen Xunyin himself was more inclined to go through the fast-track process first and then carry out the experiment. But the always rational Meng Jinhuai directly rejected this proposal.

Previously, when Duan Hengye listened to Wen Xunyin’s introduction, he knew that this was a very dangerous experiment, but he could never have imagined that the only people who were actually in the know about this experiment were him, Meng Jinhuai, and Wen Xunyin. In the huge laboratory, one-half of the space was occupied by this instrument, and before the instrument, Meng Jinhuai was still sitting there quietly with his eyes closed.


The red light continued to flash, and the rhythm of Wen Xunyin’s heartbeat was disrupted by that light.


Could it be that the experiment would really fail just like this? As a citizen of the Ye Tian Empire, Wen Xunyin’s first thought wasn’t about his own future but about how much damage the Empire would suffer if it really lost both Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai. Wen Xunyin fell to the ground; he had never been so desperate in his life.


At this moment, Wen Xunyin, who was sitting with his back to the instrument, didn’t notice that at the same time he sat down, a long line of text suddenly appeared on the instrument behind him. Although the light screen was still flickering, the characters on that prompt showed plainly that, at this time, the flickering of the instrument was no longer due to the stagnation of spiritual energy.


The dark world that belonged to Duan Hengye suddenly gave birth to light, and because he had already gotten used to the darkness, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but furrow his brows when the light gradually appeared.


However, because that light appeared at the bottom of his heart and not in front of his eyes, no matter what Duan Hengye did, he couldn’t avoid it.

He couldn’t help getting a little anxious. Right at this time, within the room located in another part of Southern Star, the originally quiet instrument suddenly made a loud beep, and at the same time, the eyes of the man who had been lying on the bed for an unknown length of time finally moved slowly.

And in that one huge laboratory, sitting on the metal floor, Wen Xunyin suddenly heard a strange ringing in his ears. When he raised his head dully, he saw the man dressed in black stand up. He didn’t know when he had removed the restraints of the instruments.


Meng Jinhuai also woke up!


After noticing Wen Xunyin’s line of sight, Meng Jinhuai gently nodded towards the other party and then quickly walked towards the outside of the house without pausing for a moment, while a shallow smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.


For this reunion, Meng Jinhuai had really been waiting for too long…



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