C134 – Extra – Wedding (2)

He didn’t know what was going on, but today, the inside of this starship seemed to be exceptionally dark. Duan Hengye’s eyes were well adapted to changes in light, but despite this, after entering the starship, he still couldn’t see anything. The person next to him appeared noiselessly, and it was only after his hand was gently held up that Duan Hengye realized that someone was by his side.


However, despite not being able to see anything clearly, the scent of the person next to him was familiar to Duan Hengye. So after sensing the other party’s arrival, he didn’t cry out in alarm. On the contrary, in the darkness, being gently pulled up by his hand, Duan Hengye’s heart magically quieted down.


The person didn’t say anything, and the lights above the starship’s corridor didn’t light up again. Just like this, the two of them continued to walk forward without making a sound. From the appearance of the starship, this wasn’t a style that was commonly seen in the military department. Although Duan Hengye didn’t have a deep understanding of starships, based on his impression, this starship seemed to be used for sightseeing. Maybe it wasn’t accurate to say so, but in any case, its owner was a well-known wealthy businessman in the interstellar world.


Although it wasn’t difficult for the military department to own such a starship, this felt a bit strange.


“What are you thinking about?”


Seemingly sensing that Duan Hengye was staring blankly, the person holding his hand finally spoke. After hearing the other party’s familiar voice, Duan Hengye was even flabbergasted for a moment. Although Meng Jinhuai’s business trip wasn’t long ago, it was exactly like the proverb on Earth, “One day’s absence is like three autumns.”



Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s familiar voice once again, Duan Hengye really had the illusion that he and the other hadn’t seen each other for a long time, but in reality, it was only half a week.


Of course, Duan Hengye himself also felt that the atmosphere would be dulled if he were to say what he was just thinking about, so Duan Hengye thought for a while and then asked in return, “Where are we going?”


Upon hearing this, Meng Jinhuai laughed lightly and said, “You’ll know soon enough.”


He didn’t know what was going on, but from the looks of it, this starship was clearly not very large, or at least it wasn’t comparable to the starships in the previous quarters. But this trip seemed extraordinarily long, and Duan Hengye didn’t know exactly how long he had actually walked in this darkness. Finally, Meng Jinhuai brought Duan Hengye along to a stop.


“Here we are.” Meng Jinhuai gently whispered in Duan Hengye’s ear. As the other party’s words fell, a little bit of light finally appeared in front of Duan Hengye’s eyes. He saw that the speed at which this light appeared was very slow, so Duan Hengye, who had already adapted to the darkness, wouldn’t feel blind. After more than ten seconds, he finally saw that what appeared directly in front of him was an incomparably bright river of stars. In theory, after living on the stars for such a long period of time, Duan Hengye had already seen the star river and the universe many times. But now, after seeing the river composed of countless stars slowly flowing in front of him, Duan Hengye still felt shocked.



Now he was in a cabin at the end of the starship, which was made up of single-sided transparent material. Duan Hengye slowly lowered his head and saw that, besides the front, even what his feet were stepping on was also the Star River. Seeing this, Duan Hengye didn’t have any fear of heights and unknown star fields but was filled with excitement.


When the person around him gently pulled his hand again, Duan Hengye remembered to look to the other side.


Only to see that today’s Meng Jinhuai was wearing a black formal suit, the same cut as his and simple without extra decoration, but intuition told Duan Hengye that this suit on Meng Jinhuai and the one he wore were probably from the same series… Finally, after seeing Duan Hengye looking back, Meng Jinhuai shook his head in a feigned jealous-like manner and then said, “Why did you forget about me after only a few days of not seeing me?”


Meng Jinhuai’s camouflage of emotions was naturally first-class, but it was obvious that he was now deliberately making it obvious that he was performing. As he spoke, Meng Jinhuai bent slightly, then looked down towards Duan Hengye. His gaze was incomparably gentle, like a clear wine that had been warmed by the winter afternoon sun. Although he had long been familiar with the person in front of him to the point where he couldn’t be any more familiar, after seeing Meng Jinhuai at this moment, Duan Hengye still couldn’t help but indulge in such a gaze.


“What’s wrong? Don’t be in a daze.” Saying this, Meng Jinhuai reached out his hand to rub the back of Duan Hengye’s head. Just like at the beginning, when he was only wearing a casual outfit, today’s Duan Hengye didn’t do anything special with his hair.


Right now, his black hair was softly scattered at the back of his head and was glowing with a satin-like dark light.


Although Meng Jinhuai reached out his hand in an attempt to mess up Duan Hengye’s hair, he obviously didn’t succeed.


Somehow, Meng Jinhuai was a little disappointed.

At this time, the starship was hovering here, and because the two of them were still some distance away from the huge star river in front of them, the flow of the star river could still be seen very clearly. The material used to make up this starship was very advanced; if one didn’t look carefully, Duan Hengye wouldn’t even realize the transparent material he was stepping on and would mistakenly think that he was standing directly in the middle of the universe at this time.


There was dark blue light sprinkling from all directions to the inside of the starship. These years in the interstellar, Duan Hengye’s life rhythm was too fast; he rarely had the chance to calm down to appreciate such a romantic star river. Right at this time, Duan Hengye suddenly heard the music of a piano coming from his ears at some point, followed by the sound of scattered footsteps.


When he turned around, he saw that a dozen white wooden chairs had appeared in the originally empty cabin, and all of those chairs were facing the direction that he was standing in at the moment, and they were placed extremely neatly. “This is…” In reality, Duan Hengye almost had an answer, but he still couldn’t help but ask Meng Jinhuai.


“Wedding.” Finally, Meng Jinhuai responded.


… After Duan Hengye came back from the Earth, he told Meng Jinhuai about the relationship between the two worlds he was in, as well as his experiences over the years, in a detailed and complete manner. It was a very long story, but fortunately, Meng Jinhuai was patient enough. This time, Duan Hengye spoke for a long, long time, and in the end, almost all of his stories about the world he had lived in for more than twenty years before were revealed.

What had to be admitted was that Duan Hengye’s stories were really a bit bizarre. If it weren’t for the fact that the main character was none other than him, Duan Hengye probably wouldn’t have just believed it. But what was surprising was that Meng Jinhuai didn’t seem to think that Duan Hengye was playing a joke on him with this one and instead immediately believed Duan Hengye and gave him a hug, followed by a promise to send a belated gift.


Although Duan Hengye was someone who wasn’t very interested in gifts or holidays, he always couldn’t help but think about the “late gift” Meng Jinhuai was going to give him recently. In short, Duan Hengye did have many speculations in his heart, but they didn’t include the term “wedding.”.


After listening to the story told by Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai already knew that his spouse lacked more than ten years of memory, and they temporarily didn’t know how to get it back.


Therefore, that interstellar wedding of the century that caught the world’s attention a few years ago—in fact, Duan Hengye didn’t remember it at all!


Therefore, Meng Jinhuai had prepared such a special and incomparable gift for Duan Hengye. Unlike the interstellar wedding of the century a few years ago, which was perhaps to be forgotten forever by Duan Hengye, this time the wedding was only held on a starboard plane. This time, the wedding was only held on a starship, and there weren’t even any fancy clothes or makeup, and the guests were only a dozen or so friends that the two of them were familiar with. However, this wedding was one that completely belonged to Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, and they wouldn’t, much less care to, share it with the entire interstellar world.


As a person who wasn’t highly emotional, somehow, after hearing Meng Jinhuai say the word “wedding,”  Duan Hengye’s vision suddenly blurred. When his world became clear again, Duan Hengye saw that the white seats facing him were already full of people.


Meng Jinhuai was also looking across the room at this time, and when he saw that the people were full, he suddenly brought out a small silver-colored box from somewhere. Duan Hengye hadn’t participated in a wedding in the Interstellar Era, so he didn’t know what the process should be. Based on my experience, there seemed to be a witness missing from the scene today.


But after seeing Meng Jinhuai, Duan Hengye immediately felt that having him was enough.


If anything had to be called to witness this scene, then the dazzling Milky Way in front of them was the best witness.


“Although we’ve been together for a long time, the wedding that belongs to us came a little late.” Meng Jinhuai smiled and glanced at Duan Hengye. He continued, “This time, it only belongs to us and has nothing to do with Ye Tian and the entire interstellar world.”


Meng Jinhuai’s words seemed simple, but they had an incomparable significance to him. As a marshal born during w*artime, Meng Jinhuai’s entire life had been tightly bound to the Empire. But now, he finally had something that only belonged to him—a beautiful memory that would be hidden in his heart and his lover’s.


After saying that, Meng Jinhuai opened the small silver-colored box and then took out a simple, plain ring from it.


Only Duan Hengye, who was about to put it on, could see that the inner line of this plain ring was engraved with a simple word, “earth,”  which was a word that didn’t exist in the intergalactic era, a star that had never appeared in this world, and a secret memory shared by Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai.


Duan Hengye reached out his finger to gently touch the ring on his ring finger.


For the time being, it hadn’t been warmed by his body. But after repeating that short word in his heart, Duan Hengye understood that, at this time, Meng Jinhuai hid the whole world in his fingertip.


They’re so sweet, I teared up 😭😭😭

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