After Meng Jinhuai left, Duan Hengye redirected his attention to the light screen in front of him. Now the original light screen with only a little text had been filled with dense data, ordinary people would feel a headache just by looking at it. But Duan Hengye was different, such complex data was the object of his daily work, even a small symbol that appeared abnormal would be found by him.


Although the soundproofing of the test flight hall was very good, after a while, Duan Hengye still faintly heard a metal scraping sound coming from behind him. This was a normal phenomenon when the mecha started up for the first time, and as the designer, Duan Hengye couldn’t be clearer.


Duan Hengye’s assistant Ye Pu was perhaps the most leisurely person present, and now his work hadn’t yet begun, so he stood by Duan Hengye’s side to observe his reaction. Ye Pu saw that at the same time as the metallic scraping sound came out, Duan Hengye’s hand that was hanging over the virtual keyboard suddenly trembled gently.



Although this subconscious reaction only lasted for a few seconds, but Ye Pu was still sensitive enough to find it.


Now the test flight project had officially started, but the aircraft A hadn’t yet officially flown out of the test flight hall, so the staff on the scene who were patiently waiting for data changes were also quiet. Finally, Duan Hengye heard the faint sound of air friction. By the time he lifted and removed his eyes from the light screen, the mecha had already appeared at the huge French window in front of him.



The mecha named “Nanwei” by Duan Hengye, was painted black. Now that it was night time in the hemisphere at the test flight hall, the huge figure of the mecha was perfectly hidden in the darkness of the night. But instantly, the black mecha was lit up by a light that came out of nowhere. This was specially for the test flight work to open the mecha lighting device, so it’d be easy to track with the nak-ed eye.



Before, when they were in the manufacturing room, they probably didn’t feel much, but now after seeing the robot armor in front of them through the huge window, they had a new understanding of its huge size. In the setting of the book , the size of the mecha was also a symbol of the strength of the driver. The larger the size of the mecha, the higher the mental strength of the driver.



For today’s test flight, a lot of people in the military department had also come. Now after seeing the mecha in front of them, these people’s hearts couldn’t help but surge. Although Southern Star and the research institute were interested in the presence of the new mecha, they, as members of the military department, were already very familiar with the new top-level mecha after all this time.



Different from the staff of the research institute who first thought about industrial innovation, the people in Southern Star’s side first thought about the impact on the interstellar pattern after the machine armor Nan Wei was officially put into use. For a moment, although no one spoke In the whole hall, the atmosphere was tense.



Meng Jinhuai piloted the mecha in front of the window for a short period of time, the test flight hall preparation room was different, now the mecha was located in a complete interstellar space. The environment here was very harsh, whether it was temperature, humidity or named and unnamed rays, each one was a huge test for the mecha.



So before officially flying out of here, the mecha stopped outside the hall where there was a special light for secondary scanning confirmation.


At the same time as the thin light red beam fell on the mecha, the scanned data appeared on top of the light computers of the entire test flight hall staff.



Duan Hengye also did the same. He quickly looked at the virtual model of the mecha that had just been scanned, and then received confirmation messages one after another from the staff responsible for monitoring different parts.


At this time, everything was normal.


After seeing this, not only Duan Hengye, but all of them couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Although the test flight of the new mecha was full of crises, there was nothing more dangerous than when it was first tested. Now that all the data of the mecha was normal, everyone’s heart that was hanging high, fell back.


However, in a minute, Duan Hengye’s light computer received confirmation messages from all the monitors. After confirming them one last time, Duan Hengye’s hand, which had been hanging on the virtual keyboard, finally fell down.


“Confirm test flight start.”


This command was instantly transmitted to Meng Jinhuai’s mecha, but in an instant, that huge mecha in front of him restarted all over again and then flew off towards the deep space in the distance ……



Meng Jinhuai’s work made him too busy, and the new top class mecha was also quite special. The number of scheduled test flights was much less than before, but the single time was extremely long. Although today was only the first test flight, all important projects had been scheduled for a full nine hours.


Although it was said that the physical quality of human beings in the interstellar era had become much better, but nine hours of intense brain work was still a very testing thing. For this mission, the Institute had brought a lot of people. Like ordinary monitoring positions, after four hours, the workers would be rotated. But as the main person in charge of this work, Duan Hengye couldn’t leave, so in the nine hours of work, Duan Hengye’s gaze never moved away from the light computer in front of him for a second.



As the experimental projects listed in advance on the light computer ended in turn, the pace of people’s work was no longer as intense as it was at the beginning.


When the whole test flight work immediately ended, someone in the hall finally began to communicate in a lowered voice. But Ye Pu saw that at this time, Duan Hengye wasn’t affected by others at all. It was as if he had blocked out everything around him.



Finally, it was time to return from the test flight, and only the last item was left on the screen in front of everyone. With this notice, the environment that had just relaxed became tense again.



At one time, the test flight hall once again sounded the broadcast of various values, and Duan Hengye also adjusted the page to the external video of the mecha. It could be seen that the mecha had now passed through the atmosphere of the test star and was now flying towards the location of the hall. Now the outer lighting of the mecha had been turned off, the black body almost blended in with the black night. However, the cockpit wasn’t set to opaque mode, through the video, they could see the glowing light inside the cabin – this was the only light at this time.





The mecha flew very fast, and after not much time, it reappeared outside the test flight hall.



“The first test flight of the mecha ‘Nanwei’ is over.”



The moment the mecha landed, this mechanical synthesized voice sounded inside the test flight hall. At the same time, the contents displayed by the light computers of all the institute staff also reverted to the hall’s general control interface. After hearing this sound prompt, the entire hall stood up, and then began to excitedly applause.



For the staff of the Institute, this time’s work was definitely more than nine hours of high and low level monitoring. Before that, they had conducted dozens of hours of training and meetings in the Institute. Now, after hearing the end of the first experiment, the burden that had been on their minds fell.

Listening to the applause, Duan Hengye was in a trance for a while. Ye Pu saw that there was only Duan Hengye sitting in the whole test flight hall. The light screen in front of him had slowly faded with the program, but Duan Hengye’s eyes were still in the position of the former.


Duan Hengye was actually dazed? It was rare to see him like that.


Because now Duan Hengye was sitting at the front of the whole hall, not much time passed before everyone noticed this. After seeing Duan Hengye’s back, the hall gradually began to quiet down. But at this time, Duan Hengye also finally slowed down.



Finding that the data monitoring light screen in front of him fell, Duan Hengye gently propped his hands on the table, and then used his strength to stand up. Although the poison in his body had now been dispelled, his body was damaged by years of accumulated toxins and hadn’t yet fully recovered.



After nine hours of intense work, Duan Hengye’s body felt sore. So when he stood up, he first slowed down a little before turning around again to look at the crowd behind him.



At this time, the applause in the hall hadn’t completely fell. After turning around, Duan Hengye bowed gently to everyone, Then he clapped his hands together, “Thank you for your hard work. The first test flight is now over. Although it is still some time before the aircraft A Nanwei is officially put into service, the nine hour test flight still represents the initial success of the work.”


Duan Hengye spoke with a very sincere tone, and after hearing his words, the staff couldn’t help but increase their applause. Everyone present knew that the birth of the new mecha this time was almost all due to Duan Hengye alone. And to the na-ked eye, Duan Hengye was also the busiest one here.



Although Duan Hengye’s personality wasn’t as cold as it used to be, but he was still not as accessible as Su Mingge, the other master of the Institute. But after such a period of time together, everyone was like the An Luo students, they had a sense of class teacher-style admiration for Duan Hengye. After hearing his words, along with the applause, there were actually people who began to make cheering sounds.


In addition to the staff of the Research Institute, there were also many people from the Southern Star in the test flight hall. Although these members of the military headquarters were already very familiar with Duan Hengye, they were no better than the staff who had been together almost day and night for a long time. Now it was suddenly discovered that people in the research institute had such adoration for Duan Hengye, the staff in the Southern Star couldn’t help feeling a little surprised.

Just at this time, the door at the back of the test hall opened once again. Although the hatch opened without sound, but after noticing the light that lit up at the same time in front of them, everyone present couldn’t help but turn back.


Nine hours later, Meng Jinhuai, dressed in black, reappeared inside the test flight hall. At this time, there was still a dark blue light on his clothes with a dark pattern, from the angle that Duan Hengye was now, it looked like there was a thin lightning hovering on his body, it looked so mysterious.



After entering the room, Meng Jinhuai first stopped there briefly, and then walked directly towards where Duan Hengye was. By the way, while walking this way, Meng Jinhuai also stretched out his hand to press the small detection screen at the collar. The second the shutdown process started, Meng Jinhuai’s body was constantly swimming in tiny lightning bolts moving more and more conspicuously, and some even hovered above his shoulders.



Whether it was Southern Star or the Institute, there were many people who had always had a fear of Meng Jinhuai at the bottom of their hearts. In normal times, the mere sight of Meng Jinhuai’s expressionless look was enough to scare everyone. Now, although the marshal wasn’t like that, the lightning on his body added a lot of momentum to his whole person.



Meng Jinhuai was clearly walking through the corridor towards Duan Hengye’s location, but all the staff he passed by, unexpectedly had the urge to dodge to the side.


But of course the marshal didn’t care about this, although the test flight hall was very large, Meng Jinhuai’s walking speed wasn’t slow. It didn’t take long for him to appear beside Duan Hengye.



“I’m back.” Meng Jinhuai said as he stood and settled beside Duan Hengye.



After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, the staff members who were just dumbfounded finally remembered their duties. Although the work this time had changed a lot compared to the previous mass-production mecha test flight, the main process – such as the summary and review after the test flight – was something that could not be missing.



After realizing that they were automatically blocked by Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, the staff members finally sat back in their positions and proceeded to communicate with the others around them. But in just a few seconds, the whole hall was lively again. But at this time, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai both seem to have not heard the noises in their ears, the two of them standing face to face, didn’t speak for a long time.


Although they hadn’t seen each other for only a few hours, Duan Hengye had an illusion called “as if we were separated from each other” when he saw Meng Jinhua. The special experimental suit on Meng Jinhui completely closed. After the dark blue light disappeared, it became an ordinary black suit.



Finally, Meng Jinhuai smiled, and then opened his arms.



This hug wasn’t the same as before. He didn’t know whether it was because Meng Jinhui’s clothes were made of special materials, or because he just got off the machine armor. His temperature seemed to be extremely low. As a marshal of the military headquarters, Meng Jinhuai, in addition to his extremely high spiritual strength, also had muscles that was absolutely not ostentatious. While hugging him, Duan Hengye had the illusion that he was holding a large piece of ice.



Unexpectedly, Duan Hengye’s body shook slightly, and Meng Jinhuai finally ended the embrace. Duan Hengye’s hair was a little long, there were bangs gently lapping on his eyebrows, which made him look very soft. When the embrace ended, Duan Hengye had intended to withdraw, but he didn’t expect Meng Jinhuai to gently pull him back. Unlike the brief embrace just now, Meng Jinhuai directly kissed Duan Hengye.


Just like the other’s body, Meng Jinhuai’s lips were equally soft and cold. Perhaps because of the long hours of work, Duan Hengye was already a little tired, but when the kiss fell, his brain regained its clarity in a flash.



They were kissing in the test flight hall. Of course Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, who were already “old married”, had kissed in many places. And the interstellar era was also much more open than the Earth, Duan Hengye had seen young couples kissing more than once. But …… this didn’t mean that the geek Duan Hengye wouldn’t be uncomfortable because of this.


As soon as a staff came here with his head lowered, he looked up and saw that Duan Hengye, who was facing him, was covered with a layer of pink, like he had a fever.



Seeing this, the worker quickly lowered his head, and then directly made a 180 degree turn in the same place, and walked quickly in the direction when he came.



It was obviously not a good time to appear in front of the Marshal.



The Interstellar had been very concerned about the test flight matter, nine or ten hours ago, the Internet had already guessed the approximate time of the mecha test flight through this schedule vacated by Meng Jinhuai. And within these nine hours, someone finally suggested that besides Meng Jinhuai, the public schedules of the other two admirals of the military ministry were also vacated today. So naturally, people had a guess in mind.



But who made Southern Star not officially inform the interstellar, and they didn’t call journalists to come over to interview. So the more the Star network discussed, since they didn’t know the real situation, they were even more curious.



[Now the test flight has begun, right? I wonder how the new mecha is performing? And did Meng Jinhuai’s test flight go well?]



The staff of the Ministry of Military Affairs also caught the relevant information. The test flight had officially begun, so they didn’t press the news downward as much as before, but only monitored the discussion in real time to see if it had spread adversely.



Now after the test flight, the staff also passed on the things on the star network. After seeing it, Meng Jinhuai finally took his light computer out and proceeded to announce through official channels that the first test flight of the top mecha had gone smoothly.



The citizens of the Ye Tian Empire had always had great trust in Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, and they had already rehearsed 10,000 ways to celebrate in their heads. Now after seeing the news sent out by Meng Jinhuai, the entire Ye Tian Empire instantly went crazy over this matter – every citizen here knew that the birth of a new suppressive mecha was not just an advancement in the mecha world, but also a preview for them that the Empire was about to come out of the gloom of consecutive years of w-ar.


In the days that followed, several important test flight experiments were conducted one after another on the test flight star. The work in these days was intense, and the most important experiments were all carried out within this time period. Although it was slightly busy, both Southern Star and the Ye Tian Empire Mecha Research Institute were very well prepared, so the experiments were successfully completed.


Now that the main event before the mecha’s official service was over, only until Meng Jinhuai had time to complete a few simple but time-consuming experiments, could the mecha “Nanwei” be officially put into service.



During this time, Meng Jinhuai also took the time to go to other places to complete a few important jobs that were difficult to put off. But Duan Hengye had never left the test star, except for real-time data monitoring, he was here to review with the staff. And now, the experiment had completely finished, Duan Hengye also finally left the test star.



Because of this work, Duan Hengye put off his lecture at An Luo University for a while. Now that the monitoring period of the test flight was over, Duan Hengye went straight back to the An Luo University’s planet, where the Duguang star was located.



In recent times, Duan Hengye’s work was rather special and needed to be conducted confidentially. Therefore, on the day he left, the school didn’t update the course schedule in advance like before, but instead gave a contingency notice twelve hours before the original class date. Although at the end of the first test flight, Meng Jinhuai had already talked about this on the star network. But the follow-up wasn’t announced directly as everyone expected, but reverted back to the beginning. Therefore, Duan Hengye’s students, like everyone else, didn’t know how long his test flight would take.



On this day, everyone thought they would still be waiting for the course delay notice, but they didn’t expect that An Luo’s intranet would finally update the next day’s class schedule like before.



Duan Hengye was finally back!



As students of mecha design, everyone understood what this news meant! The test flight of the Ye Tian Empire’s new generation of top-notch mecha had finally ended, and a new era of mechas had officially begun.



Although Duan Hengye’s schedule was still blank, with the update of An Luo University intranet system. In just a few minutes, this piece of news spread throughout the stars.



At this time, the starship that Duan Hengye was on finally flew out of the test flight star, and seeing the long-lost interstellar scene outside the viewport, Duan Hengye’s mood couldn’t help but open up a lot. The environment above the test star was too harsh, after staying there for such a long time, Duan Hengye had neither seen a blue sky, nor a bright star river at night.



So, not long after the news of Duan Hengye’s imminent return to An Luo, people found that a photo taken above the starry sky suddenly appeared on his social account which hadn’t been updated for a long time.



Perhaps the long night before the dawn of the Ye Tian Empire was finally coming to an end.




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