C12— You’re Speculating!


The various parent-teacher conferences were coming to an end, and sure enough, the seventh day’s gold pens were not sold out, and in the end, there were about a dozen Hero 100s and two 50 gold eagles left, leaving about two hundred yuan on the goods in hand.


Qiu Mingquan looked at the backlogged inventory in his school bag with a bit of fretfulness, and for a moment forgot about the money he had earned these days.


Feng Rui faintly said, “Take the rest of the funds and re-stock them all.”



When he finished speaking, CEO Feng Rui couldn’t help but feel a little sad – since when had he gotten used to calling a few hundred yuan “funds”?



“What, still buying goods?!” Qiu Mingquan was taken aback, “Haven’t you already kept enough goods?”


“Are you the president, or am I the president?”



Next, Feng Rui instructed Qiu Mingquan to go into the city, this time, the target was no longer just the boutique shopping malls, but the famous big malls such as Zhenxing Shopping Mall and Guanhai Shopping Mall, and bought Hero fountain pens all over.



Sure enough, just in the past few days, a shopping mall had run out of stock of Hero gold pens!



As soon as Feng Rui saw this sign, he made a decisive move and told Qiu Mingquan to rush to a few other malls, dumping the thousand yuan in his hand and exchanging all of them for gold pens.


Three days later, the major shopping malls fully ushered in the era of hero gold pen being out of stock.



In fact, not only Dongshen City, the country’s counter was also so the same, in the face of the national spread of domestic high-quality gold pen advertisement, and the fact that it was just in the winter vacation, many parents were considering to buy their children a good fountain pen to start school.


This time, even the hero gold pen factory was given a big surprise, the production couldn’t keep up.


At this time, there was no “starvation marketing”, but every day they heard the radio and television advertisements, but it just couldn’t be bought, this was a hard to find situation.


All this, Qiu Mingquan didn’t know, but Feng Rui could keenly guess.



Just in the days when the full-scale stock-out began, he told Qiu Mingquan to bring some of the gold pens with him every day, wandering around the stationery counters of major shopping malls, once he heard that someone had a clear desire to buy but was disappointed, Qiu Mingquan rushed over and pulled out a wide range of varieties for people to choose from.



The date red pen body, all silver pen body, silver cap black body …… When purchasing, there was a reasonable destination configuration, and when sold, you could choose from any one.



…… several salespersons in the boutique commercial building stationery counter were convinced.


Although they originally knew that the child came to buy so many pens every day to sell, it had always been a mystery where they went.



Now, he was selling them right under the noses of their state-run stores!


Occasionally customers doubted the authenticity, the child also pointed to this side with the face of innocence: “It was from here ah.”


Well, they provided on-site counter inspection, right?


The hero gold pen was completely out of stock, but there was a steady stream of customers, they urged the manufacturer a few times, who said that the capacity was insufficient, the leaders of the commercial building couldn’t help.


After two or three days, they already knew how much the child had added to a pen. It had to be said that at this difficult time, the price set by Feng Rui happened to be stuck at a node that deeply understood the customer’s psychology, making you feel a pain in the flesh, but not so angry as to draw a line.


The child’s earnings in a few days were enough to cover the salaries of these state-owned enterprise salespeople for a few months!


Especially Zhao Decheng, the cautious counter leader, was extremely unhappy in his heart. He looked at this little ghost and didn’t like him.


On this day, Qiu Mingquan was bargaining with a customer: “Really not, uncle, I’ll make two yuan on this one ……”


“Two yuan is still not enough!? You sell dozens of pens a day, and you dare to speculate at a young age!”


A hand suddenly reached out from behind and grabbed Qiu Mingquan’s small hand fiercely, snatching the gold pen out of his hand.


Qiu Mingquan raised his head in shock and looked at Zhao Decheng, who was dressed in a straight Chinese suit, “Uncle …… why did you snatch my things?”


Zhao Decheng choked.


This little kid was really cunning and bad, he didn’t defend himself, but put the hat of robbing things to him!


He brutally snatched Qiu Mingquan’s handbag, which was full of gold pen box to the ground: “Rob? I’m going to smash it!”


A bunch of pencil cases fell to the ground.


On the stairs of the second floor, two middle-aged men were walking side by side.


The boutique commercial building’s general manager Qu looked at his old classmate Wei Qingyuan with a smile, “Congratulations, I didn’t expect you to mobilize from Yanjing to Dongshen City, our term of university classmates, in Yanjing, a dozen years, it’s only you, right?”


Wei Qingyuan shook his head and smiled bitterly, “I am fond of doing research, you aren’t unaware of that. This time, if it wasn’t for the fact that Principal Gong came to take up his post in Dongshen City and had to bring me along, I would rather work in the Audit Office.”



Qu Yifei sighed with emotion, “It’s not up to you, today’s situation, the country is short of people, especially those who understand market economy. Our senior brothers and sisters in these sessions, almost every one of them were urgently enlightened.”


Wei Qingyuan smiled, “You’re not the same. You’ve been promoted to the position of general manager at this age.”



Qu Yifei shook his head and lowered his voice: “I’m also crossing the river by touching the stones, right, you are in contact with a high level person, do you think, shareholding system transformation is really feasible?”


Wei Qingyuan pushed his glasses and looked solemn: “You should know more than me, right? Just last year, Yuyuan Shopping Center became one of the first enterprises in Dongshen City to be converted into a shareholding system. Dozens of state-run and collective stores were united to form a large, unified joint-stock limited company in order to centralize their strengths and expand their scale of operation. You should know that they issued shares and the response was very good, so why can’t you guys?”



The light in Qu Yifei’s eyes flickered, “Right! I also feel that this direction is very worth trying – you don’t know, these days, I’ve mulled over quite a few ways to mobilize motivation. In the end, the attempt of a shareholding system, linking the immediate interests of the employees to the unit, is the most powerful move!”



Wei Qingyuan quietly pointed to the north, “You guys are in the business, give it a try, the policy will definitely be so bold that it will surprise you!”


Qu Yifei’s heart jumped, a little excited, this fellow student was most respected by his mentor, this time, Teacher Gong was appointed to serve as vice president of the People’s Bank of Dongshen City Branch, but he insisted that his favorite disciple Wei Qingyuan from the Department of Humanities and Education to bring to the city of Dongshen, which was the meaning of the word, self-evident.


He nodded solemnly, “I understand, I will hasten to suggest with the above, let go and try!”


Wei Qingyuan smiled and said, “Right, I want to come to your place to buy two gold pens to give away, take me to the stationery counter?”



Qu Yifei slapped his thigh: “You didn’t say that earlier! The Hero Gold Pen has been out of stock for a long time, even for me, it’s hard to cook without rice! Don’t worry, I’ll keep it for you when it arrives in a while.”




Wei Qingyuan smiled, “I didn’t know that you are now performing your duties here ah, otherwise, the other day it wouldn’t have been possible to increase the price to buy one in the hands of someone.”


Qu Yifei was taken aback and found it amusing, “It could all be sold, is your mind so lively?”



Wei Qingyuan laughed out loud, “And the one who did this is a little kid. I’m not going to lie, after I bought the pen that day, I was very emotional.”



“Sentimental about what?”



Wei Qingyuan’s eyes were firm: “The market economy is inevitable. The public’s sense of smell and wisdom has already gone ahead, even a small child can still be aware of this step, what hesitation do we have?”


Qu Yifei was astonished, “What you said is like a strange story. Is it really a child who peddled a gold pen to sell to you? How come I don’t believe it a bit!”


Wei Qingyuan stepped onto the third floor, his eyes subconsciously glancing forward, he was looking at a tiny face and immediately froze.


After a long time, a hint of a smile floated up at the corner of his mouth, “Don’t believe me? Then I’ll prove it to you today.”




“No business allowed here! Or else believe it or not, I’ll call the police to arrest you! Black hearted price increase, buying and selling backwards, this is punishable by jail!” Zhao Decheng sneered.


This was still the era where the market economy hadn’t been liberalized, and later generations would go in that direction. But this time, there was also an improper name called “speculator”, which in the minds of the vast majority of people was shameful and needed to be concealed.



Qiu Mingquan: “Mr. Feng, what should we do?”


Feng Rui said angrily: “You have not stolen or robbed, why are you afraid of him!”


Qiu Mingquan wasn’t afraid, but in his previous life, he rarely argued with people and didn’t have much eloquence, he fixed his mind: “Uncle, I didn’t do anything illegal. I used my own money to buy it, and the people who bought my gold pen did so willingly. You can’t be like this.”


He was young and not strong enough, speaking peacefully like this, Zhao Decheng became more and more unreasonable.


He turned his head and rushed downstairs shouting at the top of his lungs, “Defense Section, come quickly! There’s a speculative peddler on the third floor, you guys come and deal with it!”


Not a moment’s time, two people from the commercial building’s defense section came, an old man and a young man, the older one was the head of the defense section.


Zhao Dexheng condescendingly told the matter once again, the head of the defense section froze.



This had never happened before. What Leader Zhao said seemed quite reasonable. A few years ago, it was broadcasted on the radio, a serious crime of speculation could lead to shooting someone?


In this era, most people’s minds, indeed, were still stuck in a rigid stage.


“You kid, how can you do this?” The younger Defense Section member looked at Qiu Mingquan and spoke nonchalantly, “Hurry up and leave, or I’ll have you taken to the Public Security Bureau!”


The chief of the security department waved his hand, but was very kind, “Little friend, who taught you to do this?”


“It must have been abetted by the adults at home!” Zhao Decheng viciously threatened, “If you ask me, you have to arrest the adults in his family together!”



“Can you handle it? Why don’t I give you a demonstration?” Big President Feng jumped into action again.


“You’re not going to hit someone again, are you?” Qiu Mingquan asked suspiciously.


“That must not be.” Feng Rui faintly said, “At times like this, we preach a virtue to convince people.”



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