C69 —- He’s asleep


Cheng Xuan was lying quietly on the bed, his face was tired and he was sleeping heavily.



Cheng Xuan’s sister was sitting on the edge of the bed, tucking in the corner of the quilt for Cheng Xuan before closing the door and walking out.


“How is he?”


As Cheng Xuan’s sister exited, Lu Wenxing went up to ask.




“That’s good.” Lu Wenxing breathed a sigh of relief, “How did he ……”


Cheng Xuan’s sister lowered her eyebrows, a trace of self-blame flashed across her face.



“This matter is my fault, when I was a child, I felt that my mother favored Xiao Xuan that day after school and my mom lost her temper, my mom was so upset that she came to the school to pick me up first. As a result, we went to pick up Little Xuan only to find that he was gone.”




Ji Yuan and Wen Huaizhe looked at each other and reported an exact date. Cheng Xuan’s sister looked surprised, “How did you guys know?”


Wen Huaizhe smiled bitterly, “My youngest son also disappeared on that day and was just retrieved.”


Cheng Xuan’s sister’s eyes widened, “Youngest son Lu Wenxing?”


“Yes, he used to be called Wen Chi.”


Wen Huaizhe knew about the Cheng family, but he didn’t know that Cheng Xuan was a child of the Cheng family, and only realized it when Cheng Xuan’s sister came. The center of gravity of the Cheng family’s business in the early years was not in C City, Wen Huaizhe knew about the Cheng family, but he didn’t know them personally.



“Mr. Cheng, why would Cheng Xuan call the name ‘Wen Chi’, did the two of them know each other when they were young?” Ji Yuan desperately wanted to know the answer.



“I don’t know. After coming home that day, he was in a bad state, probably because he was shocked, he talked less after having a serious illness.”


Cheng Xuan was two years younger than Lu Wenxing, when Lu Wenxing was five years old, Cheng Xuan was only three years old, but Lu Wenxing had no memories related to Cheng Xuan. After talking to Cheng Xuan’s sister, the two families realized that the other and their child went to the same kindergarten.



“When he first returned home, it lasted for a few days. He had nightmares and would call this name, and we didn’t dare to ask who ‘Wen Chi’ was, afraid it would stimulate him. “Cheng Xuan’s sister recalled,” Later, my father’s business developed in W city, so we moved there. After graduation, I opened a subsidiary in C city. Xuanxuan was very sticky to me, so he followed me over.”



Mentioning ‘Wen Chi’, Cheng Xuan’s sister wanted to know what happened back then and why Cheng Xuan was so scared.


Unfortunately, Lu Wenxing didn’t remember.


“Right.” Lu Wenxing suddenly spoke, “I realized that he seems to be sensitive to the sound of cars.”



“After that incident, as soon as he heard the sound of a car starting, he would find a corner to hide in, and then it got better, he didn’t have nightmares, and he wasn’t afraid of cars. But he wasn’t as lively as before and started to be afraid of living people.”


Cheng Xuan’s sister sighed.


“It’s also because we were negligent, thinking that he was just frightened and would slowly get better given some time, but I didn’t expect it to stay like this.”


Since Cheng Xuan was still sleeping, everyone didn’t disturb him and let him rest. Cheng Xuan’s sister had to stay at the Wen family’s house, Cheng Xuan hadn’t been like this for a long time, and she was worried that the Wen family wouldn’t be able to cope with it if anything happened during the night.


At night, Wen Zheng got new evidence.


He finally realized why someone made the Xia family donate money to the orphanage every month, because it wasn’t a donation at all, it was money from selling the kids and splitting the loot.



And those human tra.ffickers and the staff of the Benefit and Welfare Institution colluded with each other.


Instead of abducting and selling children, they took the children from the orphanage and sold them elsewhere. The orphanage was filled with abandoned orphans every day, and back then, when they said Si Si was adopted, it was actually because someone wanted to buy Si Si.


Adopting a child wasn’t costly, the Wen family donated money to the orphanage, that was voluntary and public, but the money they made from selling the child could be hidden in their pockets, after weighing it, the staff chose to sell the child to the tra.ffickers, who in turn sold it to the adoptive parents.


Wen Zheng’s brows knit tighter and tighter, and he didn’t hesitate to forward the evidence directly to the police.


Wen Zheng was reading an email when his cell phone rang.


“Wen Zheng, I have news, how are you going to thank me?”


“Say.” Wen Zheng responded indifferently, he only wanted to hear the results.


“Wen Yu is actually not an orphan.”


Wen Zheng froze, “What do you mean?”


“To be precise, he is not a child who cannot find his parents. Rather, he is ……”


Wen Zheng’s hand sliding the mouse paused as the caller continued.


“He is the child born from the dean’s husband and the staff of the orphanage.”


Of course the dean’s husband didn’t dare to keep Wen Yu, Wen Yu’s existence was like a bomb, likely to expose the fact that he cheated on his wife. The female staff member, on the other hand, couldn’t keep him so she didn’t want to raise the child alone.


Thus, Wen Yu became an orphan who was ‘picked up’.


After Wen Yu was kid.napped, the dean even begged the Wen family to give him a home, wanting to provide Wen Yu with a better living environment.



So, did the dean at the time know that Wen Yu was her husband’s child with someone else?




Lu Wenxing laid on his bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.



He originally thought that Cheng Xuan was anti-social, but today he realized that Cheng Xuan was not purely anti-social, but should have been left with a shadow in his early childhood, which caused him to be nervous and scared when facing strangers.



Cheng Xuan and him were two years apart, Lu Wenxing was in the older class, Cheng Xuan should have been in the younger class. People who were familiar with Lu Wenxing know that his nickname was Xingxing. Did his kindergarten classmates or teachers call him ‘Xingxing’ or ‘Wen Chi’?


Perhaps he was still struggling with this question before he went to bed, at night he had a dream.


There were two cars surrounding him in a small, isolated street with no people, and the people in the cars, whose faces could not be seen, whistled towards Lu Wenxing.


“Hi, little baby, are you crying with fear?”



“Is it very tempting to go home to mommy? Tsk, cry for uncle.”



“You’re so bad, don’t cry, how about uncle accompany you in a game? Run faster, so uncle won’t be able to bump into you.”






The dream was all about the sound of the engine starting, and the sharp sound of the tires rubbing against the ground.




“Fuck, you’re fucking crazy, it was just to scare him. Who let you really hit him.”


“I didn’t hit him, I already hit the brakes, he fell on his own.”


“He’s not dead, is he?”



“No way, I didn’t fucking hit him.”


“Don’t you know how delicate children’s bodies are? A magnificent young master, surely he was raised carefully, he might lose too much blood and die. Hurry down and take a look.”


“I don’t want to go, I said I didn’t hit him, besides, there’s no surveillance here.”


“Hurry up and go, or we won’t get the money when the time comes, but also have to subsidize the medical expenses.”


Lu Wenxing felt his head hurt, his eyelids were fighting, trying to open his eyes, he felt the sky spinning. Even breathing hurt, his chest was stuffy, and his eyelashes were wet with blood.


The sticky liquid fell into his eyes and hurt a little, but he didn’t even have the strength to lift his hand to rub his eyes.



Usually when he just hurt a little, the family would be heartbroken and gather around him, coaxing him. But now he was in pain, but no one came to comfort him or hug him.



His chest felt like it was being pressed down by something, Lu Wenxing felt like he couldn’t breathe, his head was dizzy, and his eyelids were so heavy, it was so hard.




Lu Wenshing rubbed his arm as he somehow managed to fall from under the bed. The dream just now ……


He dreamed about it when he was recording the variety show, as if he had a fever that gave him confusion, and at the time, he didn’t pay attention to it, only thinking that he had come across another novel plot.


Later, after learning that those dreams were all novel plots written by Cheng Xuan, Lu Wenxing didn’t take that matter to heart even more.



Now that he was dreaming once again, as if it had actually happened, he remembered clearly that he was a child in the dream.


Lu Wenxing instantly came to his senses, he and Cheng Xuan must have known each other when they were children, and Cheng Xuan’s sudden collapse was also related to the sound of the car.


That was most likely not a dream, but something that really happened. Cheng Xuan was there to witness the whole process. This was the real reason for Cheng Xuan’s ‘social panic’.


“Fuck, you’re fucking crazy, just scare him. Who let you really hit him.”


Thinking about this sentence, Lu Wenshing was a bit puzzled, not to kill him? Then why scare him?


Lu Wenxing was still sitting on the ground, he couldn’t think anymore. After being awakened, he was completely drowsy, and his thoughts were fruitless.


After quieting down, he suddenly felt thirsty, he opened the door to his room and went downstairs, the voice-activated night light installed on the stairs automatically lit up.


He walked into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of fresh milk from the refrigerator.


Lu Wenxing walked to the living room, he didn’t turn on the light, the light from the window spilled in vaguely, not bright, but just enough to be able to see ……






He kicked the leg of the table in his slippers, he couldn’t care about the pain in his feet, and nervously looked at Cheng Xian sitting on the sofa. The sound also caused Cheng Xuan to turn around and meet his eyes.


Lu Wenshing wasn’t sure if Cheng Xian had woken up from his sleep or was sleepwalking.


He took a step back, not daring to make a sound, and a few seconds passed.




There was still a bit of aggravation in his tone, and he looked at Lu Wenxing blearily.


Lu Wenxing sighed in relief, it was good that he wasn’t sleepwalking.


“Why are you awake?”


Cheng Xuan lowered his eyelashes, “Did I give you guys trouble this afternoon.”


“You remember?”


Cheng Xian shook his head, “I don’t know.”


Lu Wenxing walked up and handed Cheng Xian the milk, “It’s nothing, drink some milk.”


“Oh.” Cheng Xuan obediently took the milk and gulped it down.


“Slow down.” Lu Wenshing drew a napkin, “Wipe it yourself.”


“Don’t look at me like that.”


Against Cheng Xuan’s pitiful look, Lu Wenxing was a bit overwhelmed. “Nothing happened this afternoon, don’t think too much.”


“Did you get any sleep?”


Cheng Xuan honestly shook his head.


That was normal, it’d been a long afternoon of sleeping.



“I’ll go get a glass of milk, sit here and wait for me.”




Lu Wenxing went back into the kitchen and poured another glass of milk, “Do you want to sit here, or go to my room?”


“Go to your room.” Cheng Xuan whispered, “I’m a little scared to be here alone.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


“You still came down even though you were scared.”


Cheng Xuan replied slowly, “I wasn’t scared just now.”

Lu Wenxing understood.


He wasn’t scared just now because he didn’t react, and now his sluggish brain reacted, so he was scared.


Cheng Xuan followed him upstairs.


“Xingxing, can I go to bed?”


Cheng Xuan’s eyes were clear, making it hard to say no.


With Lu Wenshing’s consent, Cheng Xuan happily climbed into bed and rolled around, it was obvious that he was particularly excited, “Do good friends often sleep together, I haven’t slept with a good friend yet.”



Although he only had two friends.



Lu Wenxing: “…… Lie down.”


Lu Wenxing’s bed was large, three people could share, but Cheng Xuan was a little excited, and he got next to Lu Wenxing, getting closer and closer.


“Xingxing, why did you enter the entertainment industry?”



Cheng Xuan still didn’t know that Lu Wenxing was a child that the Wen family had just retrieved, and unlike his appearance just now, it was a novel experience to have someone sleep with him for the first time, do the two of them could still chat together.


“Xingxing, can I still come to your house to sleep in the future?”


“Xingxing, did you dare to sleep alone when you were little?”


“Xingxing, are you afraid of ghosts?”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


It seemed like there was no need to worry a lot, Cheng Xuan was like a little kid, he was very easy to coax, accompanying him for a while could make him forget the unhappy things. If he had forgotten about his childhood a little more thoroughly, maybe Cheng Xuan could be so cheerful in front of strangers.



The two of them didn’t know what time they talked before falling asleep, and when Cheng Xuan woke up, Lu Wenxing was still sleeping.




Lu Wenxing’s cell phone rang, he yawned and rolled over to continue sleeping. Cheng Xuan knew that he had disturbed Lu Wenxing last night and wanted him to sleep a little longer, so he took his cell phone and tried to mute it for him.


Then, the phone that had just stopped rang again, and Cheng Xuan was in a hurry, and mistakenly hit Wenxing.


Cheng Xuan: “……”


Lu Wenxing was annoyed, “Stop it.”


Cheng Xuan was careful.


“Your phone is ringing.”


Lu Wenxing squinted and picked it up without looking at who it was.


Cheng Xuan heard Lu Wenxing ‘hello’, and then ……


came the sound of even breathing.



Cheng Xuan stared at Lu Wenxing with wide eyes in disbelief, how could he fall asleep?


The call hadn’t been hung up yet, Cheng Xuan didn’t pick the phone up, instead he put his head over and pressed it against the phone, he heard a low male voice.




Cheng Xuan hesitated for a few seconds, afraid of disturbing him, his voice was pressed very low.


“Xingxing is asleep.”


Gu Yanshen on the other end of the phone: ?????



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