C96 — The First Double Match

The commentator’s staccato voice resounded throughout the arena, and the emotions of the onlookers were completely mobilized as they watched the intense duel on the arena without blinking, their entire hearts lifting.


If He Yishu’s previous performance in the arena was a dazzle beyond their knowledge, then Adrian’s performance at this moment was so amazing that it made them passionate.


The former created a miracle that couldn’t possibly exist, while the latter represented absolute, formidable strength!

“Now we can see that these two mechas are once again entangled together; both sides’ mechas’ damage degrees have increased, but it is obvious that number 4860515’s mecha’s damage degree has increased faster, so in the course of the melee battle, we can clearly see that he has tried to get rid of Adrian’s mecha many times, but every time, he has ended up in failure!” The commentator’s impassioned commentary continued, “Under Adrian’s heavy pressure, his opponent’s attack has been a bit sluggish; most of his energy has been put on defense; let’s take a look at the data; right now, Adrian’s mecha destruction degree is only less than 1%, but his opponent’s mecha destruction degree has already been raised to 9.2%, and Adrian’s advantage is becoming more and more obvious!”

“Then what will mecha number 4860515 do now that he is at a clear disadvantage? He once again retreated backwards, but it still didn’t do any good. Adrian’s mecha is clinging to his body, and because his move exposed his weakness, Adrian seized the opportunity to inflict a very heavy blow on him, instantly raising his mecha’s damage level to 23.4%.” The fierce battle on the field was still going on, and the commentator’s wonderful commentary also continued, “Now that the use of rune cards on both sides is very close, He Yishu really isn’t using the Han rune card with special attributes, but even in this situation, Adrian still relies on his superb mecha control ability and has an absolute advantage. If this situation continues, there’ll be no doubt about the outcome of this battle.”

“Wait a minute! Mecha No. 4860515’s rune card defense suddenly dropped to zero; he’s completely stopped using rune card defense, and in place of the defense function rune cards, there’re two A+-grade rune cards that increase attacks! Is he trying to fight to the death through this? At the same time, he launched his fiercest attack, and it’s headed for Adrian’s mecha’s vitals!”

“Giving up all his defenses and at the same time raising his attack power to the highest, if this attack really succeeds, it might be able to directly end this match! Then Adrian… my god! Adrian didn’t choose to defend; he once again met his opponent’s attack. Both sides have clearly put their best foot forward; victory or defeat is only a split second away.”

In just a split second’s time, the two mechas almost completely overlapped as both sides launched their fiercest attacks.

“It’s over! Mecha number 4860515’s mecha damage has increased to one hundred percent; the match is over! Adrian has won this match!” The commentator’s voice suddenly calmed down while saying suspiciously, “Judging from the results shown now, Adrian’s mecha destruction level is only 86.7%, but in that situation just now, Adrian’s attack should have been significantly lower than his opponent’s, so how on earth did he manage to achieve victory? Let’s look at the replay of the key moments of the match.”

The processed video playback speed was one tenth of the previous one. In such slow motion, everyone could clearly see that a second before the two mechas were about to collide with each other, Adrian’s mecha laser sword suddenly sped up and stabbed into the enemy’s mecha’s vitals first, and in the next instant, the two mechas collided hard together.

The two cannon fodder opponents who hadn’t been teleported out of the tournament field for the time being also saw this scene. Both of their eyes flashed with deep shock. The cannon fodder group’s mecha warrior couldn’t help but say to Adrian through the tournament channel, “Your strength is indeed much stronger than mine; I’m convinced of my loss, and at the same time, thanks you for not using the Han rune card, or else we probably wouldn’t be able to hold up for even a minute.”

Adrian turned his head to look at He Yishu with a soft gaze and honestly said, “The reason why we didn’t use the Han rune card is just because I want to prove to Xiao Shu that I have the absolute strength to be worthy of him, that’s all.”

The cannon fodder group’s mecha warrior, who was blocked by a bowl of dog food, could only mumble a sentence: “I wish you guys happiness.”


[TN: bowl of dog food — PDA aka public display of affection]

“Thanks, we will.” The one who answered him this time was He Yishu.

The cannon fodder group’s mecha warrior and his rune card master glanced at each other; the admiration in both of their eyes had been replaced by deep helplessness; it seemed that they couldn’t finish this bowl of dog food.

Even the onlookers in the virtual arena were affected.

[There is too much dog food; aren’t they tired?]

[And Adrian’s performance on the field just now was really amazing; see how handsome his wife is! I envy how the rune card boss is spoiled by Adrian!]

Of course, they were also very envious of Adrian’s ability to have a partner and lover like the rune card boss. The two perfect men started dating, and they kept giving out dog food every day, which made the single ones embarrassed.


But no matter how pitiful they felt, no matter how envious and jealous they were, at this moment, they were all heartily happy for the two big men. Winning this match also meant that the two were one step closer to being the champions of the Mecha Athletic Competition.

After the match, He Yishu and Adrian didn’t stay on the virtual network but directly returned to reality. As soon as he left the virtual cabin, Adrian couldn’t help but pull He Yishu into his arms and kiss his forehead. “Baby, how do you think I performed just now?”

He Yishu blinked and deliberately said, “Barely qualified.”

Adrian’s eyes immediately held a hint of sadness, making He Yishu laugh: “I lied; your performance just now was very handsome, and I’m deeply attracted to you.”

Adrian’s eyes immediately lit up, and then he hinted: “So now, shouldn’t you take the initiative to do something to express your excitement?”

Their current relationship was close enough that a single glance was enough to let He Yishu understand what Adrian wanted to do, but he deliberately rolled his eyes and said suspiciously, “Do you want me to buy you a gift? Then what kind of gift do you want?”

Adrian came to He Yishu’s ear and rubbed his body against his back. “Baby, what kind of gift do you think I would like?”

He Yishu pretended to think very seriously and asked while counting on his fingers, “A mecha model? E-books? Or… well… ”

Before the third option could be finished, He Yishu was already kissed by Adrian, and he punished him by biting and grinding his teeth on his lower lip.

However, a few seconds later, He Yishu firmly pushed Adrian away, frowning slightly. “This won’t work; you can’t do this.”

Adrian’s heart jumped. “Why? You don’t like it?”

He Yishu was silent for a while. Seeing the apprehension in Adrian’s eyes growing stronger, he finally smiled again: “Idiot, I’m deliberately teasing you. Seeing as you performed so well today and cared so much about me, how about you let me take the initiative once tonight?”

This sentence immediately filled Adrian’s eyes with a thick luster; he couldn’t help but rub against He Yishu’s body again: “Xiao Shu, I love you.”

“I love you too.” He Yishu cupped Adrian’s face and took the initiative to meet his lips.

When He Yishu reluctantly climbed up from the bed, the sky had long been dark. He supported his waist and slowly put on his clothes, secretly hating his previous sui-cidal behavior in his heart.

According to He Yishu’s original intention, this should be a bed movement in which he was extremely provocative and Adrian was extremely patient, and he had even thought about how to deliberately tease Adrian.

However, as soon as he took the initiative, Adrian directly transformed into a hungry wolf and ate him over and over and over again, completely thwarting his plan and making him sore and weak. It was particularly difficult to get up.

He Yishu was gritting his teeth when Adrian pushed the door open and walked in from outside, looking unusually refreshed and satisfied. Seeing that He Yishu was already awake, Adrian immediately leaned over and stole a kiss. “Xiao Shu, you’re awake.”

He hatefully turned his head away, not wanting to pay attention to this beast.

Adrian, however, didn’t even realize it, wrapping his arm around He Yishu’s waist and smiling as he whispered in his ear, “Thank you, Xiao Shu; I liked it very much.”

The body that had just been continuously stimulated subconsciously tensed under Adrian’s movements. He Yishu indignantly glared at Adrian and gritted his teeth. “Starting today, I’m going to move back to my own flat for a while.”

Adrian hurriedly wrapped his arm around He Yishu’s waist, he naturally didn’t think that He Yishu was messing with him, so he asked inquisitively, “Is it because of Qiao An?”

He Yishu nodded: “Qiao An and I have different personalities, I can directly blacklist those who are annoying and completely ignore them, but Qiao An might not be able to do that.”

A period of time had passed since Qiao An and his adoptive parents severed their relationship, and originally this matter had almost slowly settled down; however, earlier, Qiao An’s adoptive mother suddenly contacted him again and even played the affection card, causing his emotions to become a little unstable.

Although Adrian was easily jealous and was indeed starting to feel a bit off now, he wasn’t someone who disregarded reason, and thus he could only sigh lightly: “So are you going to make it up to me in advance?”

He Yishu directly raised his hand and ruffled Adrian’s short hair: “Good boy, when Qiao An’s mood stabilizes, I will remember to come and accompany you.”

Adrian didn’t say anything and directly brought the left side of his face over. He Yishu let out a light laugh and shoved his face back. Adrian brought the right side of his face over again. He Yishu blocked it again, and then Adrian pointed to his lips.

He Yishu looked into Adrian’s eyes and slowly approached him; however, just when their lips were about to touch each other, He Yishu suddenly stepped back and directly stood up: “This kiss should be saved for later; I’m leaving first, bye~”

Before leaving the door, He Yishu threw a flying kiss at Adrian.

Leaving Adrian’s flat, He Yishu went straight back to his own flat. He originally wanted to have dinner with Qiao An and talk, but as soon as he walked into the flat, he saw Qiao An sitting face-to-face with someone in the living room.

Hearing the commotion, the person with his back to He Yishu turned from the sofa and nodded towards him, “Hello.”

He Yishu raised an eyebrow; the person sitting in the living room was none other than Zheng Juncheng. He nodded towards Zheng Juncheng as well, and then said to Qiao An, “Qiao An, have you had dinner yet?”

Qiao An honestly replied, “Not yet; I was just discussing the competition with Zheng Juncheng.”

Before He Yishu could say anything, he heard Zheng Juncheng answer, “I haven’t eaten dinner either, so we can continue our conversation over dinner later.”

Hearing Zheng Juncheng say this, Qiao An immediately looked over to He Yishu: “Have you eaten dinner, Xiao Shu?”


Qiao An’s mind had always been delicate; if he knew that He Yishu hadn’t eaten, he wouldn’t be able to leave He Yishu alone and go to dinner with Zheng Juncheng. He Yishu glanced over to Zheng Juncheng’s side and nodded with a smile. “I’ve already eaten dinner, so you guys can go together.”



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