C33 – Sister-in-law

Xiao Yu looked at Cang Hai warningly, but the other party had no intention of moving his hands away due to his inability to see.

He simply jumped off Cang Hai’s body and excused himself, “I’m going to wander around.”

Cang Hai only thought that Xiao Yu had left the Desolate Star for the first time and was curious about everything, so he didn’t stop him. “Don’t go too far; although this neighborhood looks safe, it’s hard to guarantee that there’re no unknown dangers hidden in it.”

“With you here, what am I afraid of?” Xiao Yu hadn’t walked for a long time, and he couldn’t wait to use his lost legs.

He walked barefoot on the soft grass; the soles of his feet were in close contact with the ground, and the feeling of being on solid ground slowly calmed his restless heart.

Looking back to Cang Hai, the other was talking with the communication device, but he was too far away to hear what he was saying.

When he caught a glimpse of the flowers by his feet, Xiao Yu squatted down, picked the most colorful one, and turned back to Cang Hai, giving it to him.

“Good fragrance.” Cang Hai sniffed the flower in his hand, looking intoxicated.

Xiao Yu smiled and watched him act. “Don’t be ridiculous; this flower doesn’t have any scent at all; I just smelled it.”

Cang Hai took Xiao Yu’s hand and planted a kiss on the back of his hand. “The flower may have a faint fragrance, but when I say fragrance, I’m not referring to the flower, but you.”

“Me?” Xiao Yu froze, then thought of something: “My pheromones? But didn’t you give me an inhibitor to ensure that I’m safe for three months?”

Cang Hai helplessly squeezed his hand and said, “My little boyfriend is really not understanding.”

Xiao Yu then realized that Cang Hai was speaking affectionately to him.

In truth, in his opinion, Cang Hai was mature and stable—a man who was ruthless and didn’t talk much; he really didn’t seem like a man who could hang on to love.

“Yeah, sorry, it’s a shame I didn’t understand it.” Xiao Yu half-joked, “So, Teacher Cang, may I ask if you’re flirting with me?”

Cang Hai laughed out loud; he rarely laughed so relaxedly, and anyone who wasn’t blind could see the pleasure in his heart. “You can interpret it that way as well.”

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but start to wonder what happened.


Obviously, before falling in love, Cang Hai was quite selective with his words.

Cang Hai didn’t get a response for a long time, so he asked him, “What are you thinking about?”

Xiao Yu honestly said, “I’m thinking that my boyfriend is not quite what I expected; can I return him?”

Cang Hai gently grabbed his chin and slowly moved it towards himself. “Once sold, there are no returns. Also, what did you expect me to be like? And how is it different from the real me?”

This question was slightly difficult to answer.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have an answer in his heart; it was just that it was more or less a bit shameful to say it, but he didn’t want to lie, so he felt a bit torn.

Cang Hai didn’t want to make things difficult for him, but his tone couldn’t hide his loss. “It seems that I mostly gave you a not-so-good impression; otherwise, you wouldn’t be this speechless.”

Xiao Yu, of course, couldn’t afford to have his boyfriend worry too much and was easily tricked: “How could it be a bad impression? You are the best-looking person I have ever seen. At first, I thought you would be hard to get along with, but I didn’t expect that although you were cold on the surface, you treated me extremely well and never let me go hungry.”

As soon as the box was opened, the words that followed quickly rushed out: “You can hunt, you can tell which way the wind is blowing, and you can cook. Any difficulty doesn’t seem to be a difficulty in front of you; you seem to be good at everything, and when I stay by your side, even the most dangerous situations can be turned into good fortune, and even the toughest paths can be cut through. Anyway, as long as I have you around, I won’t feel afraid.”

Cang Hai smiled and said, “So I’m that powerful in your heart.”

“Of course, you’re my meal ticket, big brother; I’ve always been afraid that I’m not good enough for you.” Xiao Yu finally voiced his concern.

From the moment Cang Hai took out his communicator to contact his subordinates, he began to realize that there was a gap between Cang Hai’s background and his.

He was just a homeless mermaid, and while Cang Hai was able to possess a Class 10 mecha, he could imagine how deep his family background was.

Xiao Yu had already brainstormed a whole series of family dramas and abuse, and his emotions were low to the extreme.

“I’m glad that I have such a position in your heart.” Cang Hai didn’t hide his pleasure, “but I want you to understand that status, position, and wealth are not enough to be the standard for love.”

Saying that, he knelt down on one knee under Xiao Yu’s surprised gaze and reverently kissed Xiao Yu’s fingertips. “Now, do you still feel unworthy of me? I can always look up to you.”

Xiao Yu’s pupils immediately dilated, and he was somewhat overwhelmed by Cang Hai’s sudden attack.

The flower that he had given to Cang Hai had also been wrapped into a flower ring with grass stems by Cang Hai at an unknown time and was silently placed on his index finger.

His boyfriend’s warm words were like a breeze, caressing his ears.

Looking up?

He couldn’t help but laugh a little. “Nonsense, you can’t even see; how can you look up to me?”

Cang Hai, however, pressed his palm to his heart and said, “There are some things that you don’t have to use your eyes to see, yet you can see them more clearly with your heart than with your eyes.”

His palm met the hot temperature of the man’s chest.

Xiao Yu felt the other party’s strong heartbeat, and a smile lingered in his eyes.

He asked curiously, “Haven’t you ever worried that I’m ugly? In case I’m not what you imagined, would you regret agreeing to be with me?”

Cang Hai retorted, “Then between us, who is better looking?”

It was completely unnecessary to think about it. “Of course it’s you.” Xiao Yu said.

“You can’t even compare to me anyway; what does it matter if you’re a little bit more or a little less different?” Cang Hai had never been someone who valued skin, but that didn’t stop him from teasing Xiao Yu. “But if you really don’t look to my liking…”

Xiao Yu strained his ears. “Then what are you going to do?”

Cang Hai pondered for a long time, whetting Xiao Yu’s appetite, before slowly saying, “What else can I do? I chose my boyfriend, so I can only admit it with my eyes closed.”

Xiao Yu was initially a bit happy, but on second thought, didn’t that mean that Cang Hai didn’t think he looked good enough?

Although it was true that he couldn’t compare to Cang Hai, his looks weren’t bad either!

“Judging people by their looks is not a good habit.” Xiao Yu was criticized.

Cang Hai, however, retorted with a straight expression, “Didn’t you like me because I’m good-looking?”

Ah this…

Xiao Yu had to admit that he was really attracted to Cang Hai due to his extraordinary face value at first.

But the reason he fell so quickly was because, in the process of getting along with Cang Hai, he felt the man’s charm, which was enough to make his heart flutter.

This was called starting with the face value, falling in love with the talent, and staying loyal to the character, right?

Xiao Yu was about to say something when a roaring sound suddenly came from the distance.

He followed the sound, and his brows immediately furrowed. “Cang Hai, be careful; it seems like some big guy is approaching.”

Cang Hai took his hand and softly soothed him. “Don’t worry, that’s the airship that came to pick us up.”

Came to pick us up? An airship?

Xiao Yu looked at Cang Hai in shock. Cang Hai actually had an airship; he was worthy of being a man who could afford to use a Class 10 mecha!

He couldn’t help but think of the black card that he had casually placed in his belt pocket—it was originally a g-un pocket where the energy gu*n was stored, but ever since Cang Hai had depleted its remaining energy, the energy g*un had been put away by Cang Hai in his spatial ring.

Naturally, it became the best place to store the black card.

Now that he thought about it, Cang Hai’s sentence, “You’ll know when you check the balance,” was him giving a hint.

“You’re quite rich, huh?” He asked dryly.

The corners of Cang Hai’s mouth rose slightly, “Fortunately, it’s enough to support you.”


On the other side, the airship gradually approached, and Xiao Yu was finally able to get a full view of the airship.

The metal shell that was full of a sense of technology was inlaid with large and small power systems. Xiao Yu had at least read the basic books on mecha manufacturing and could more or less recognize some things.

More than that, there were constructions that he hadn’t yet learned and couldn’t understand at the moment.

The airship as a whole was streamlined, with a jet thruster at the bottom and one at the tail.

As the blue and purple flames ejected from the bottom thruster slowly diminished, the airship landed peacefully in the gusting wind.

Xiao Yu’s eyes were blown open by the wind, so he could only raise his hand to cover them and continue observing through the cracks in his fingers.

Then the airship’s door opened and a ladder extended downward from the doorway, but before the ladder reached the bottom, someone couldn’t wait to rush out.


The one who waved at them was a young man in his early twenties with a head of blonde hair.

Unable to wait for the steps to fall, he jumped down, calling out as he ran.

Obviously, Cang Hai was this youth’s boss.

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment before stepping aside. Cang Hai had been missing for so long that those who cared about him must have gone crazy looking for him.

At a time like this, it was better to leave time for Cang Hai to catch up with his friends.

Hearing the familiar voice, Cang Hai couldn’t help but let out a long sigh.

He had never let go of Xiao Yu’s hand, and although he had notified them in advance to keep them from revealing his identity, he couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.

“Boss, where have you been? Why didn’t you contact us for so long?” The teenager couldn’t stop talking as soon as he got close. “We were all anxious; if you didn’t come back, the house would be in chaos!”

He at least remembered Sister Yi Lian’s instructions for him not to reveal the identity of his boss.

When Cang Hai dealt with his subordinates, he wasn’t as gentle as he was with Xiao Yu.

“Yongning, what does the seventh rule of the airship navigation code say? There is no getting out of the airship before the steps have completely landed. It seems like you relaxed in the days of my absence. Go back and copy the code ten times; you can collect your punishment by yourself next time.” He warned in a deep voice.

Yang Yongning quickly begged for mercy: “Boss, I was wrong; don’t make me copy it, okay? You chastised me as soon as you came back; when I go back, I’m going to be mocked by Da Hei and the others again!”

Cang Hai didn’t pay him any mind: “Any more nonsense, and you’ll copy it ten more times.”

Yang Yongning had no choice but to obediently lower his head and accept his punishment, making a silent note to talk to Sister Yi Lian, who was responsible for supervising him during his punishment, so that he could copy a few times less.

Xiao Yu listened to Cang Hai reprimanding his subordinates in an orderly manner and finally understood what Cang Hai had said to him before, “he was indifferent when the person was unnecessary.”.

Recalling how Cang Hai had tolerated him along the way, he glanced sympathetically at the golden-haired youth.

The golden-haired youth sensed Xiao Yu’s gaze and followed suit.

This glance caused his eyes to glaze over as he pointed at Xiao Yu and Cang Hai’s intertwined hands. “You guys, you guys…”

At this time, Cang Hai glanced faintly at him.

Cang Hai’s eyes weren’t glowing, and his pupils were a silent gray, seemingly without the slightest bit of lethality.

Yang Yongning, however, winced and shut his mouth in fear.

The shadow of being trained by Cang Hai in the past surfaced, but the more he forced himself not to look, the more he wanted to look.

His eyes kept darting towards them.


“That ……” Xiao Yu was also a little embarrassed; this was considered to be meeting Cang Hai’s family, right?

Would holding hands seem too flashy?

“Sister-in-law! You don’t have to be nervous; the boss disciplines people like this; he’s actually quite nice!”

Yang Yongning wanted to cry without tears. Boss, even if you don’t care about your image in the eyes of others, it’s better to disguise yourself in front of your crush!


What if you scare him away?



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