C97 – Deadly Potion

When Zheng Juncheng and Qiao An left the flat together, He Yishu sat alone on the sofa and thought about it. As far as the current situation was concerned, Zheng Juncheng clearly had certain thoughts about Qiao An, but Qiao An reacted as if he hadn’t realized it.

Although generally, Qiao An would never refuse Zheng Juncheng’s invitation, most of the time he assumed that the other party did want to talk to him about business, and that was why he didn’t refuse, so it seemed that the more passive person amongst these two was Zheng Juncheng.

There was often a subtle transition period when falling in love, and the old married couple faction like him and Adrian wasn’t the majority after all, so thinking about it, He Yishu didn’t intend to give Qiao An a heads-up.

However, there was also a very important reason why He Yishu decided not to; it lay in the fact that, after all, Qiao An had just experienced the emotional shock of his own family. If love appeared at this time, with Qiao An’s character, it would be very easy for him to get lost in it, which would be unfair to both of them.


Of course, another point was that He Yishu’s perspective was different from Qiao An’s. If the two spent more time together before dating, He Yishu could further investigate the character of Zheng Juncheng, saving Qiao An from losses in the future.

After thinking clearly about this point, He Yishu put this matter down for the time being. As it was getting late, he didn’t go to see Adrian anymore. After a simple meal, he went back to his bedroom to rest.

He had nothing to do, so he went to the virtual network to see how far his blacklist had grown, but just after lying down, Adrian contacted him.


He Yishu directly opened the video communication and joked, “You missed me after not seeing me for a while?”


“I did miss you, but I have something very important to tell you.” Adrian admitted it before taking another turn.


Seeing Adrian’s serious expression, He Yishu also became serious. “Is something wrong?”


“The Star Empire set up a special organisation for researching the structure and enhancement of human mental energy, although for the time being, the latter-day enhancement of mental energy still cannot be realized through science and technology, this research will never stop, after all, the enhancement of mental energy is of great significance to the entire human race,” Adrian began to step into the main topic after a brief introduction, “A few years ago, the Spiritual Energy Research Institute had developed a drinking potion, during the experimental research, it was shown that this potion had an extremely strong effect of stimulating spiritual energy, and there was even the possibility of it enhancing spiritual energy, but after using it on volunteers, it was found that this potion would directly destroy a person’s spiritual domain, and the effect was completely the opposite of the experimental research data. ”

He, Yishu, just listened quietly without commenting.

“Due to the effects of the potion, the spiritual domains of the first batch of volunteers were all destroyed; no one was spared,” Adrian continued to narrate in a serious tone. “After that, this batch of potion was directly destroyed, and at the same time, this kind of potion was classified as a special class of prohibited goods, and no organization was allowed to continue researching or producing this kind of potion for any purpose or reason. Once discovered, they would be directly subjected to the highest punishment of the Star Empire: being imprisoned for life. And just now, I received a notification from my father that He Chengkun’s wife, Lu Na, had obtained this potion from her elder brother.”


It was only when he heard this that He Yishu’s brows furrowed fiercely. “Through what channels did Lu Na’s elder brother obtain this kind of potion?”

Since it was a prohibited item of special grade, the investigation and punishment was very strong, and it was impossible for ordinary people to obtain it.

Adrian gave an answer: “Lu Na’s elder brother worked at the Institute of Spiritual Energy and had participated in this research, and after this research was terminated, he was transferred to another research team.”

After a moment of silence, the corners of He Yishu’s mouth slowly hooked as he laughed sarcastically. “So she should be planning to use this potion on me, right?”

“I’m also worried about the same thing; that’s why I told you immediately after I received my father’s notification.” Adrian’s thoughts were the same as He Yishu’s. “My idea is that right now, Lu Na and her elder brother don’t know that this matter has been exposed, so we can use this opportunity to arrest them in order to prevent them from posing any threat to you.”

This was of course the safest thing to do; after all, as long as this potion existed, it could potentially bring harm to He Yishu, and Adrian would never allow that to happen.

However, after a moment of silence, He Yishu asked in return, “You just said that this is a drinking potion, meaning that the potion will only take effect through oral consumption?”

“This is indeed the case according to the regular situation, but it isn’t completely certain that the potion will not bring any harm to the body if it enters the body through other means.” Hearing He Yishu ask this, Adrian already had some guesses; he couldn’t help but persuade him, “I know that you have your own ideas, and I will also respect your thoughts, but the premise is that you won’t be hurt in any way by this; otherwise, I might not be able to agree with your decision.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not the kind of person who would disregard my own safety; I just think that them getting arrested directly is too weak as a punishment.” He Yishu cast a reassuring look at Adrian. “Of course, if I really want to change the plan, it will definitely be based on my personal safety; if that can’t be achieved, I will definitely use my personal safety as the basis, and if I can’t meet that requirement, I won’t do anything.”

A potion capable of directly destroying a person’s spiritual domain—one could imagine how vicious such a tactic could be. For Lu Na to try to deal with him like this, she obviously wanted to directly destroy his life, so how could He Yishu let her off the hook so easily?

There was also Lu Na’s elder brother. He Yishu could vaguely find fragments about this person in the original owner’s memories. From the original owner’s memories, he should be a man who looked very gentle and hadn’t done anything that would obviously make things difficult for the original owner.

But now that he had provided this potion to Lu Na, He Yishu didn’t believe that this person was unaware of who Lu Na intended to use this potion on, so this person was equally unforgivable.

Thinking of He Tingting, who hadn’t been looking for trouble lately and seemed to be extraordinarily non-existent, He Yishu couldn’t guarantee that she was aware of this matter either.

“So do you have any plans now?” Adrian sighed lightly and asked.

“This may have to trouble Uncle, because in order to ensure my safety, we do have to closely monitor where this potion is located; there can’t be any negligence.” He Yishu knew what Adrian was most worried about; thus, he first solved the issue of his safety before continuing. “Since Lu Na wants to apply this potion to me, then let’s use it on He Tingting or He Xiaochen as well. In this way, Lu Na should feel very ‘surprised’, right?”


What was the point of running off to prison alone? It was better for her heart to be filled with endless guilt, and then she could go squat for the rest of her life in prison; that was the biggest torment to Lu Na.

For people like Lu Na and He Tingting, He Yishu didn’t feel at all that there was anything wrong with thinking this way. For this kind of person who wanted to torture him in every way possible and even wanted to ruin his life, He Yishu felt that it would be truly horrible if he really felt sympathy and benevolence towards them.

Adrian’s views on this matter were similar to He Yishu’s; his only concern was He Yishu’s safety; as for the others, he really didn’t care in the slightest.

On such a basis, after considering it for a while, Adrian eventually softened his attitude: “I’ll discuss it with my father first, and if it’s feasible, I’ll let you know.”

“Thank you, but you don’t have to make things difficult for yourself; this is just my personal capricious thoughts; if it’s really not right, you don’t have to appease me just because it’s me.” Yishu rolled on the bed and laughed.

Adrian glanced towards He Yishu’s slightly exposed waist and shifted his gaze to his face again. “Why didn’t you go to dinner with Qiao An?”


Although a while had passed, it was obvious that He Yishu couldn’t have finished dinner so quickly and laid down on the bed.

He Yishu then smoothly told Adrian what had just happened: “Zheng Juncheng should like Qiao An a little bit; that’s why he’s deliberately approaching him like this, but Qiao An shouldn’t have noticed it yet. I think Zheng Juncheng’s character is quite similar to yours; I don’t know when there will be any substantial progress in their relationship.”

“Zheng Juncheng’s character isn’t like mine.” Adrian didn’t care about these two, but he didn’t forget to defend himself. “I acted obviously after I found out that I liked you, and you saw that too, couldn’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re a lot more frank than him; even this kind of jealousy is frankly exposed; what should I say about you?” He Yishu was amused by Adrian’s reaction: “But I suddenly thought of a problem, although up until now, none of us have met up with Qiao An in the tournament, but as the number of remaining contestants in the tournament gets smaller and smaller, we will definitely meet up with them.”

Adrian’s response was straightforward: “We won’t lose.”

“When the time comes, I definitely won’t use the Han rune card; that’s up to you.” He Yishu didn’t know much about Zheng Juncheng’s strength, but it was obvious that he couldn’t possibly use a Han rune card when he was fighting against Qiao An, so the main competition at that time would be between Adrian and Zheng Juncheng’s strength.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” Adrian lifted his chin slightly in a very confident manner, and after thinking about it, he thoughtfully added, “Winning or losing on the field won’t affect the camaraderie of friends, so don’t you worry.”


He Yishu smiled and chatted with Adrian for a few more moments before hanging up.



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