C82 – Can You Do It?

To be eliminated by He Yishu in a cruel way, and to be revealed by him in an even more cruel way, all of this was something Du Fangping dared not imagine.



However, they still met in this way, just when Du Fangping was in despair, Brooke, who was sitting beside him, opened his mouth first: “Xiao Yishu, I’m sorry.”



Du Fangping immediately turned his head to look at Brooke, at this moment, he looked particularly sorrowful, with regret and apology written all over his face, such an expression made Du Fangping’s heart ache, and his expression became even more unsightly.



He Yishu couldn’t help but laugh: “Sorry? Is this your new way of begging for forgiveness?”


“Xiao Yishu, I’m not asking you for forgiveness, I really know that I’m wrong,” Brooke sighed heavily, full of apologies and repentance, “I was hoodwinked at first, and did something very excessive, making you very sad, and I don’t have the luxury of asking you to forgive me, but now I really already know that I was wrong, and I’ve already separated from Du Fangping. I don’t dare to ask for your forgiveness now, I only hope that you can live happily with Adrian and not be hurt any more.”



Listening to Brook’s words, Du Fangping’s body was trembling, he clenched his fists tightly, pursed his lips, and felt that his entire body was like falling into an ice cellar.



Being hoodwinked? Was Brooke trying to say that it was he who seduced him in the first place and caused him to wrong He Yishu?



He Yishu obviously didn’t take Brooke’s admission of wrongdoing seriously, this kind of man who did something wrong and still didn’t take responsibility for it, He Yishu was completely unable to understand how the original owner got together with him in the first place.



He Yishu lightly yawned, and then said calmly: “I will, so what way do you want to be eliminated? Is it for us to have a fight, or will you guys obediently admit defeat, or will you choose to eliminate yourselves?”



Brooke’s eyes dimmed, but he still put on an attitude of admitting his faults, “As long as I can make you feel better, I will unconditionally cooperate with your decision, even if it is to choose self-elimination, I can still accept it.”



“What about Du Fangping? Is he also of the same mind as you?” He Yishu asked again, after all, it was about abusing two scum, both of them were to be taken into consideration.



Du Fangping, who hadn’t opened his mouth to speak, had to open his mouth with trembling lips at He Yishu’s naming: “He Yishu, I know that I did something wrong to you in the beginning, but you’ve also taken away everything from me now, isn’t that enough? Now Brooke has broken up with me, every time my classmates in the program see me, they all look at me with disdain, even people who used to be good friends with me have also stayed away from me one by one, is it not enough for you to come to this point?”



Towards the end, Du Fangping’s voice had already taken on an obvious tremor, and even a hidden crying tone, as if he had suffered some great grievance.



However, He Yishu couldn’t feel the slightest bit of sympathy for this person, his gaze turned cold, and he snorted, “Of course it’s not enough, and it’s far from enough, are you satisfied with this answer? Du Fangping, there is a fact that you must recognize clearly, no matter what you have become and what kind of situation you have ended up in, it is all your own fault, and no one else has anything to do with it, because you have never been a victim. But what about you? Even now, you still want to blame me for everything that has happened to you, don’t you think that your thoughts are extremely ridiculous?”



Du Fangping’s voice trembled as he growled lowly, “But I’ve already been punished, everyone knows about the things I did back then, Brooke has already abandoned me, and haven’t you already gotten together with Adrian and achieved happiness now? Isn’t all that enough!”



“Of course it’s not enough, and it’s far from enough,” He Yishu’s expression became even more cold as he said word by word, “All that you’re suffering now is what you deserve, but what about me? At the beginning, I single-mindedly took you as my most trusted friend, took Brooke as my most dependent lover, how good I was to you, how much I trusted you, you should know better than anyone else, did I do anything wrong at that time?”



“I obviously didn’t do anything wrong, but I was betrayed by the two people I trusted the most together, my whole world completely collapsed because of your betrayal, the most important hope in my life was completely extinguished because of you guys, and at the time when I was disheartened and lost everything, what did the two of you who caused all this do to me?”



Speaking here, He Yishu took a deep breath before letting his emotions barely remain calm.



Although He Yishu wasn’t the original owner, he possessed the original owner’s memories and knew what the original owner had experienced and felt, that bone-chilling cold and despair, even if he hadn’t personally experienced it, it had been deeply imprinted in He Yishu’s heart, making it hard for him to forget.



The reason why the original owner lost the courage to continue living, and these two people who betrayed him couldn’t be separated, it could even be said that the original owner’s death was directly caused by them.



Under these circumstances, how could He Yishu forgive these two scums? Even if he abused them any more, it was far from enough.



Sensing He Yishu’s emotions, Adrian reached out and held his hand, softly soothing, “Xiao Yishu, I’m here.”



He Yishu smiled at him: “I’m fine, I just thought of certain unpleasant things, so my emotions fluctuated a bit, but they can’t affect me anymore.”



After saying this, He Yishu took another deep breath before continuing his story, “I certainly won’t forget how you treated me after you betrayed me. You flaunted yourselves in front of me, mocking me for not even being able to keep my own boyfriend, Du Fangping, didn’t you also mock me for being too lowly qualified to be your friend at that time? Have you forgotten all these things? Or is it that even now, you still feel that you don’t deserve to be punished for your actions?”



Du Fangping was so blocked by He Yishu’s words that he had no way to say anything back, he could only sit in the mecha with a pale face and trembling lips, he was already feeling remorseful, he should have been able to think of it just now, no matter what he opened his mouth to say, what would be returned would only be He Yishu’s relentless condemnation and humiliation, and there couldn’t possibly be any words of forgiveness.




He Yishu sighed softly and said sarcastically, “For someone who I saw as my best friend, but stabbed me so many times in a row, as long as I’m not a fool, it’s impossible for me to ever forgive you because you’re not qualified to receive my forgiveness.”




Brooke coldly looked at Du Fangping who was sitting beside him and spoke again, “Xiao Yishu, you are right, we really don’t deserve your forgiveness, if my self-elimination can make you feel better in your heart, I am willing to accept self-elimination.”



Compared to Du Fangping, Brooke’s attitude was obviously much better, however, He Yishu also had no intention of forgiving this scum, after all, these two people betrayed the original owner together, the two of them got together behind He Yishu’s back, it was obvious that it couldn’t just be Du Fangping’s responsibility alone.




“Brooke, you don’t need to show your repentance in such a way, because you are equally not qualified to get my forgiveness,” He Yishu sneered, accusing without any mercy, “After being with you in the first place, all I thought about every day was how to be better to you, what I could do to make you happier. But what about you? How dare you get involved with Du Fangping when you knew that I regarded him as my best friend, and even later when Du Fangping intentionally humiliated me, there were many times that you were present, but you never defended me, but rather allowed him to humiliate and hurt me, in the end, how much better are you?”



Brooke’s face darkened at He Yishu’s words, but he didn’t retort, instead he continued to bow his head and admit his mistake, “I know that I was an asshole, and did a lot of things to hurt you, but now I really already know that I’m wrong. I don’t ask for your forgiveness, I only hope that I can do something to alleviate the harm I’ve done to you.”



He Yishu was very disgusted with Brooke’s hypocritical attitude of admitting his fault, and immediately sneered, “If you really want to alleviate the harm you did to me, then I hope that you can stay together with Du Fangping all the time, and preferably get engaged immediately after the match is over, can you do that?”



This sentence was out of everyone’s expectation, no one thought that He Yishu would say this kind of words at this time, even Adrian couldn’t help but turn his head to look at He Yishu with surprise at this moment.



Brook and Du Fangping were also surprised by this, especially Du Fangping, his eyes flashed fiercely, he froze at once, he also didn’t expect He Yishu to say this.



Brook’s face, however, became even darker because of He Yishu’s words, but he still endured the anger in his heart: ”If you really blame me, you can just come and scold me, but I hope that you won’t intentionally say angry words like this anymore. It is precisely because I already know that I am wrong that I chose to separate from Du Fangping, and for you to make such a request now is obviously a deliberate attempt to throw a tantrum, it is just that there is really no meaning in such words.”




“You can say that I am deliberately throwing a tantrum, you can say that I am deliberately joking, and you can even find other excuses to reject my request, but this is indeed my request,” He Yishu didn’t listen to Brooke’s words at all, and just emphasized, “Only if you keep on being with Du Fangping together, only then can you alleviate my resentment towards you and make my heart feel better.”



“Xiao Yishu ……,” Brooke wanted to speak, but was directly interrupted by He Yishu.



“Brooke, I’ll say it again, the only answers I want are willing, or unwilling,” He Yishu interrupted Brooke’s explanation, and emphasized again and again, “Being willing means that you recognize your own mistakes, and as you said before are willing to take responsibility for your previous faults, and at the same time you hope to obtain my forgiveness; unwillingness means that you don’t really realize your mistakes at all, and don’t really want to make it up to me or anything, but rather want to improve other people’s opinion of you through this opportunity. Of course, you can also choose to say other nonsense to excuse yourself, but this is no different from the second option in my eyes, so now you can make your choice.”




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