C76 – Individual Mixed Match Begins

Suddenly hearing such a sound when it was still the very beginning of the match, everyone couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, and then came to a sudden realization.


Whether it was the participants who were taking part in the match or the spectators watching on the virtual network, they had obviously all studied a certain group that had shone in the previous match and dazzled everyone, namely He Yishu and Adrian’s group.


Therefore, after being stunned for a few seconds, they quickly reacted to the fact that the only person who could complete an A-rank effect or above talisman card in such a short period of time was probably He Yishu.


After a slight pause, He Yishu continued to speak with a smile, “In this Individual Mixed Match, I don’t want to eliminate too many participants, but there are a few people that I must eliminate with my own hands.”


Next, He Yishu began to name them one by one: “Elisa Brandt, Alan Frank, Du Fangping, and Brooke Derrick, of course, if they last until this round. And the favor I’d like to ask from the others is that if you come across any of these people in the tournament, please be sure to leave them for me so that I can take care of them myself. In return, I can protect the contestant who finds them to stay safe until the end of the individual team competition and advance smoothly.”



After saying this, He Yishu once again emphasized, “My competition number is 1687532, I welcome everyone to provide me with coordinate information, my speaking time is limited, so I’ll stop here for now.”


Next, He Yishu’s voice disappeared and the entire world fell silent.



Then again, the world in the match did quiet down, but Starnet exploded directly.



Onlooker #1: Crap! In just ten seconds, he created a S- effect card, which is simply too heavenly! What’s even scarier is that I’m not surprised at all!



Onlookers #2: No surprise at all +1, no matter how the rune card big brother pretends to be a bully, I’m not going to be surprised now, because my nerves have already been completely numbed by the big brother’s heavenly strength. _(:”∠)_



Onlooker #3: Didn’t anyone notice the names of the people Rune card big brother mentioned? Elisa Brandt is the successor of the first family of the Rune Card world, and Alan Frank’s father is in a key position in the military, although both of these people are still just students in the first academy, their future is definitely immeasurable! Big Brother even said that he would eliminate them right away, while feeling the domineering spirit of Big Brother, I feel that there are a lot of stories in it, ah. However, I haven’t heard much about the two people in the back that Big Brother mentioned.



Onlooker #4: I’m the opposite of upstairs, I don’t know much about the first two, but I’m afraid there’s no student in the Rune Card program who doesn’t know about the last two. These two people, one of them is the former boyfriend of Rune card big brother, and the other one is his close friend, but in the end, the two of them actually got together behind the back of Rune card big brother, which is simply too disgusting!


Onlooker #5: When you put it this way, I can understand why Big Brother must eliminate them himself. But what’s going on with the first two? Why does he have to eliminate them himself?




Compared to these onlookers who were discussing heatedly on the virtual network, the various contestants who were in the competition were also quietly pondering this request.



In particular, as mecha warriors and rune card masters, they obviously had a deeper understanding of the power of the two families, the Brandt Family and the Frank Family, and thus felt even more shocked and intrigued by He Yishu’s actions.



Since He Yishu would say such clear words on such an occasion, it was obvious that something had happened behind the scenes to prompt him to make such a move, but what exactly had happened?


These people were scratching their heads as they began to consider whether or not they wanted to do this favor for He Yishu, the vast majority of them were unwilling to offend these two great families so easily, but the conditions that He Yishu offered were very tempting, and He Yishu’s reputation in the entire rune card world was very high right now, which left them in a conflicting struggle.



At the same time, they were still guessing what kind of mood the other parties involved, who were also in the match, was in at the moment.


The four people that He Yishu had just mentioned were all in the arena right now, and they had all heard what He Yishu had just said, so what were they doing at this moment?


Elisa was first shocked when she heard He Yishu mention her name and make that kind of request, then she was so angry that her face turned green.


That punk He Yishu had successfully entered the competition and even said such words to humiliate her, he was really too hateful!


Such thoughts made Elisa want to rush straight to He Yishu and eliminate him from the competition, but the situation at hand was that she had yet to create a talisman card, so she was unable to speak on the full channel and had no way of knowing He Yishu’s coordinates.


After being severely humiliated like this, but being unable to refute it at all, she could only swallow all her anger in her stomach, it was really a terrible feeling, it was so bad that it had even reached the point of making Elisa not have the heart to continue crafting Rune Cards at all.


As for Alan, although he was also infuriated, thankfully, he existed as a mecha warrior in the participating group, so he at least didn’t need to worry about making rune cards.



But the thought of that seemingly good-for-nothing turd daring to humiliate him like that, Alan was also so infuriated that his chest heaved and he almost fainted outright.


After shifting the camera to Brooke and Du Fangping, who, as partners, were staying in the same mechq at the moment, the atmosphere within the mech instantly became awkward and dull after hearing He Yishu’s words.


However, in such a dull atmosphere, both of them didn’t open their mouths to speak, of course, this wasn’t because they didn’t feel angry and resentful because of He Yishu’s words, they no longer had the means to pour out their emotions to each other.



As a matter of fact, before participating in this round of the Individual Mixed Tournament, Brooke had already formally broken up with Du Fangping, and the two of them had a big fight over it, but the outcome of the breakup hadn’t changed.


After learning about He Yishu’s strength and the relationship between Adrian and He Yishu, Brooke had been completely unable to endure continuing to stay with Du Fangping.



The oriental teenager that he once found so flavorful had now become useless, and had even become the starting point of all his disasters, which made it completely intolerable for Brooke to continue to stay with him.


As for Du Fangping, of course he didn’t want to break up with Brooke, however Brooke’s attitude was so resolute that even if Du Fangping tried to make a fuss, it was no longer possible to change his decision.


The most subtle thing was that the two people who had already decided to go their separate ways, yet they still had to continue to appear in the Mecha Competition as partners, topping up the embarrassment of having a full mecha and continuing to fight together.



Back to He Yishu, after finishing his speech just now, He Yishu continued to make rune cards, firstly, so that he would have enough rune cards to use in the competition, and secondly, so that he could gain the right to speak on the full channel.


Right now, He Yishu and Adrian weren’t in a hurry to eliminate their opponents, because if the individual mixed match ended too soon, He Yishu probably wouldn’t have the means to finish off the people he wanted to eliminate in one go in this match.



To put it another way, for He Yishu, the outcome of this Individual Mixed Match had already been determined, and all he wanted to do now was to utilize this match to implement the abuse of scum.


In this regard, Adrian was of course unconditionally supportive, as he observed the surrounding terrain on one side and said to He Yishu on the other, “Xiao Yishu, before we meet those guys, I want to move to the north first to check out the terrain.”


“Okay.” He Yishu nodded.


In the process of moving north, He Yishu spoke a few more times on the whole channel for the sake of the slag abuse, every time he was the only one who spoke, all the other members of the competition listened quietly, it really wasn’t that they didn’t want to talk back or communicate with the rune card guru, it was really that they hadn’t created a rune card with an effect of grade A or above yet, so they couldn’t open their mouths at all!


Obviously, the distance between them and the rune card big brother was only one grade A rune card, but they just couldn’t produce it, thinking about it, it was so abusive!



What was even more abusive was that, probably because he’d finished talking about all the important things, when Rune Card Big Brother was bored, he would even tell them a story through the full channel, going so far as to take the full channel that everyone was begging for to tell them! Story! A story! What a heartless operation this was!


Just as all the contestants were feeling grief and anger over this, a different voice was finally heard on the full channel: “He Yishu, don’t you think that what you just said is too much?”



The voice came from Elisa, probably because she had been holding her tongue for too long, her voice was slightly trembling.


After hearing Elisa’s voice, He Yishu didn’t respond directly, but instead counted the time and waited for a minute before slowly speaking, “Huh, did someone just speak?”


Everyone’s expression instantly changed from nervously listening to the gossip to rolling their eyes in tears and laughter, big brother, do you dare to be a little more badass?


But why did they feel that such a deliberately bad Big Brother was very adorable?



Elisa had never expected that she had managed to create a Rune Card that met the requirements, and that she would be able to open her mouth and question He Yishu on the whole channel in front of everyone, but what she got in the end was this!


This time, she was truly about to be infuriated by He Yishu!



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