C31 —- Still For Me

He Chengkun, who was in the He family house, didn’t expect that He Yishu would reject his communication request, after a moment of shock, He Chengkun angrily stood up: “This rebellious son, how dare he reject my communication request, how outrageous!”




Lu Na was sitting beside He Chenhkun, her eyes flashed slightly, but her face showed a worried expression, “Chengkun, don’t get angry, the reason why Xiao Shu rejected your communication request must be that he is still angry with us, why do you need to bother with a child like him?”




“You don’t have to speak for him, what kind of virtue he has, don’t I as a father know better than you!” He Chengkun was so angry that he fiercely slapped the low table in front of him several times and said roughly, “A child who can do something that threatens his own father? He now dares to bully Tingting in the academy, and even directly rejected my communication request, what else do you think he dares not do?




Lu Na sighed lightly and patted He Chengkun’s back a few times, “Then don’t be anxious, we have to contact Xiao Shu now and talk clearly, otherwise his misunderstanding of us will definitely get deeper.”




He Chengkun heaved a cold snort: “Anyway, he’s not a member of the He family anymore, and I can’t teach him! If he dares to bully Tingting next time, contact the administration of the First Academy directly, I don’t believe the First Academy will allow him to bully his classmates at will!”




“You can’t say that, he’s still a child after all,” Lu Na was satisfied with He Chengkun’s attitude, but because she had talked with her daughter before, she naturally knew what the situation was like, so she obviously didn’t dare to let He Chengkun contact the administration of the First Academy, “and when you did that, you wanted to teach Xiao Shu a lesson so that he could turn back early, and it’s not like you really just left him alone.”




He Chengkun coldly grunted again, but didn’t say anything more, Lu Na saw that his attitude softened, and quickly said, “You are still angry, even if you contact Xiao Shu, it will only make him angry and make things more and more stiff, should I call him?”





“You are just too soft-natured, so is Tingting, otherwise how could she be bullied by him in the academy?” Although the words of dissatisfaction were on his lips, He Chengkun didn’t oppose Lu Na’s decision.




Lu Na smiled and reassured him a few more times before dialing He Yishu’s communication number, however, in the next instant, the smile on her face froze, she heard a flat electronic voice: “Sorry, you have been blacklisted by the target user, you cannot dial the other’s communicator now, please try another contact.”




Lu Na & He Chengkun: “……”




“This ……” Lu Na closed her light computer with an embarrassed expression and glanced at He Chengkun.



“If that rebellious son dared to add me to the blacklist as well, I will definitely pick his skin!” He Chengkun spoke in an aggressive manner while tapping on his light computer and dialing He Yishu’s communication number once again.




The same electronic voice spoke again: “Sorry, you have been blacklisted by the target user, you cannot dial the other party’s communicator now, please try another contact.”




Lu Na & He Chengkun: “……” It suddenly became quiet.




After adding all the people in the He family to the blacklist, He Yishu didn’t put any extra thought on these people, nor did he think about how they would react after seeing their numbers blacklisted by him, he directly teamed up with Adrian in a refreshing manner and went to the virtual arena to play hard to earn money.




The virtual arena was still Adrian and He Yishu’s special field, all the opponents who encountered them, directly knelt or begged for mercy.




Even if they occasionally met a few opponents who had purchased their store’s rune cards, making the two sides’ rune card levels and effects similar, they could only helplessly lose to Adrian’s superb mecha operation ability.




As long as the two of them participated in the competition, there would be hundreds of thousands of spectators from the side, and this number was still rising higher and higher.




Now in the virtual arena, Adrian and He Yishu had apparently become popular figures, each of their matches, had people dedicated to data analysis, people also praised them in different posts.




The virtual arena also took advantage of the momentum and applied for a discussion area for them in the discussion forum, and at the same time signed a three-month contract with them for a very high pay, the platform had earned a lot of popularity because of them.




The content of the contract had two main parts.




First, during the contract period, the virtual arena can display the rune card data of each match between the two for everyone’s reference, as well as intercept clips from the battles for the virtual arena’s promotional purposes.



Secondly, the two would be required to participate in more than two competitive matches per day on average during the contract period.




These two requirements was easy for He Yishu, and from the point of view of profit, they were also absolutely beneficial, so he was naturally willing to agree.




But He Yishu obviously wouldn’t ignore the feelings of his companion because he could profit, now that he and Adrian had become friends and also partners, he naturally had to listen to the other’s opinions and advice.




The snap was that Adrian was even more decisive than He Yishu, he immediately nodded to finalize it.




He Yishu looked at Adrian with a slight sense of confusion: “The main thing this contract can bring is money and fame, but you don’t lack these two things, right?”




When they first met, He Yishu really didn’t know anything about Adrian, but later he had looked up some information with the prompting of the other and learned some information about Adrian’s background.



The Elvis family, as one of the top ten families in the Star Empire, was very powerful.




From the information He Yishu found out, the Elvis family had produced five military marshals, three council presidents, and countless imperial generals.




Now, Adrian’s father, Arman, was the sixth military marshal who came out of the Elvis family, while his mother was a member of the Imperial Council.




Surrounded by such glory, Adrian was born into the limelight, and everyone was silently watching to see what this generation of the Elvis family could do.




The more glamorous the glory, the heavier the burden on Adrian’s body. To exaggerate, even when Adrian first learnt to walk, whether he used his left foot or right foot, many people secretly placed bets.




If Adrian had any inferiority to others, it would also attract mockery, and even some people would deliberately tie his personal situation to the Elvis family’s interests, triggering all kinds of public opinion.




It was under such pressure that Adrian grew up, and he didn’t disappoint anyone who cared about him.




With his incredible talent of S-class mental energy and his own hard work, Adrian had excelled in his studies, his personal strength, and in his usual dealings with others, being the best among his peers and the object of envy and jealousy of countless children of his age.




Adrian had participated in countless authoritative mecha competitions since he was a child, but whenever he appeared in a competition, there was never a case of the champion falling to another family, which also allowed him to slowly leave the huge halo brought to him by his family and have his own light.




When others mentioned Adrian, many people’s first thought was no longer that of the eldest grandson of the Elvis family, but that of the strong, adult-like child.




When he saw the long row of competition awards listed on Adrian’s profile, He Yishu’s jaw dropped in shock.




He wasn’t deeply touched by the so-called top ten families of the interstellar empire, nor did he know much about the military marshals and the speaker of the parliament, instead, these authoritative competitions gave him a greater shock, this guy was simply a learning god of the interstellar era!




So He Yishu rightfully interpreted his meeting with Adrian as a karmic collision between the former and the current god of learning.




And excluding these information, He Yishu clearly remembered that Adrian had told him that he was now serving in the military department.




When other people of his age were still racking their brains to think of a way to enter the military, Adrian was already firmly inside the military, and if this news got out, Adrian would have another layer of halo.




Considering the information seen on the internet, combined with the situation at hand, He Yishu had reason to suspect that the only people who may really profit in this matter were himself and the virtual arena.




Although the virtual arena had always been very popular, generally the truly dignified people, even if they came here for training, usually wouldn’t expose their true identity.




It wasn’t that this was much of a loss of identity, it was just that generally speaking, the more famous the person was, the more it would cause a lively crowd and discussion, and it was easy to bring unnecessary furore and trouble.




Seeing He Yishu’s confusion, Adrian couldn’t help but smile, “Actually, after I entered the virtual arena for the first time to participate in the tournament, the virtual arena had contacted me and asked if I was willing to disclose my identity, but I refused.”




“It’s surprising that such a thing has happened, but it’s quite understandable.” He Yishu raised his eyebrows, a bit surprised, “Then why did you agree this time? It wouldn’t be …… “for me, right?




Although such a thought was very narcissistic, He Yishu seemed to be unable to think of other more reasonable reasons.



Hearing He Yishu’s words, Adrian’s gaze suddenly became somewhat odd: “You haven’t carefully studied that contract given to you by the virtual arena?”




“…… haven’t, I just took a cursory look at it and contacted you directly.” He Yishu was a little hurt, surprisingly, it was really not because of him.






Adrian coughed lightly, the oddity in his gaze was instantly replaced by a smile: “In this contract, the virtual arena clearly pointed out that it would not reveal my real information and would not use it for any promotion, so that’s why I agreed to it without hesitation.”





“So that’s how it is, that’s also quite good.” He Yishu nodded, but in his heart, he felt that the reason Adrian agreed to sign this contract should still be related to him.




It really wasn’t that he was narcissistic, although Adrian had explained that this contract wouldn’t have any negative impact on him in theory, it didn’t mean that it was necessary for Adrian to sign this contract.





Although the advantages and disadvantages were relative, there were definitely disadvantages. In addition to pursuing the advantages and avoiding the disadvantages, human nature often had inertia. For things that had neither benefits to take nor harm to avoid, the attitude would be more lax.





The matter before him was nothing bad or good, the fact that he chose to agree to this matter, did it really have nothing to do with him?





He Yishu’s small thoughts didn’t escape Adrian’s eyes, he couldn’t help but let out a low laugh, and generously admitted: “Since it is something that is not bad for me and can bring you benefits, why should I refuse it?”



“So it’s still for me?” He Yishu couldn’t help but reveal a smile with a little smugness.






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