C59—- Day 59


The change came too quickly.


In an instant, things had become a foregone conclusion.


–Shen Tong was hit, and the attacker, too, was hit by a guard in the shadows.


The two successive loud bangs caused an uproar among the crowd.


The garden in the air was in turmoil.


It hurt.


It was very painful.


Shen Tong’s body went limp and fell into Caesar’s arms, who picked him up almost immediately.


The guards abandoned their hiding places and quickly stepped forward, kicking the weapons out of the assailant’s hands. After they had the man under complete control, they all bowed their heads, and the man at the head of the group said with trepidation, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, it was just an accident, none of us expected ……”


In addition to the guards, the Blue Star politicians had all come back to their senses after the initial daze.


An attack!


The king was attacked in their Blue Star!


This matter, could be big or small.


If it was handled well, it could be put down gently, but if it wasn’t handled well, their Blue Star may come to an end!


Moreover, the young man, who was suspected to be the future queen, was wounded!


The Blue Star politicians turned pale.


This was big, some people quickly contacted the president Shen Jue, some people rushed to call the paramedics up, and some people gave orders to close the sky garden, one by one they checked whether there were still accomplices, it was chaos.



The remaining politicians, like the guards, didn’t dare to raise their heads as they apologized: “Your Majesty, we were careless, you ……”


“Get lost.”



The young man in his arms leaned on his shoulder, his slightly trembling body indicated how much pain he was in, Caesar’s cold gaze swept over these people.



The crowd immediately fell silent.


Caesar hugged Shen Tong and left with a big stride, but before stepping into the elevator, he took a step and dropped a few words without looking back, “For now, I don’t have time to settle accounts with you.”



“Why the attacker could mix in, you’d better find a convincing reason.”


Otherwise, Blue Star?


It was just a dispensable planet in the universe.


He sounded extremely cold.


After saying that, Caesar lifted his feet and left.


These words in the ears of the crowd, was like a death sentence.



The assailant could mix in, obviously their security system failed, how did an armed person enter such an occasion?


In any case, the oversight was on them.



With His Majesty’s style of action, if they didn’t solve this matter properly, it would really cause some unimaginable consequences.


After all, it wasn’t without precedent in the past.



In the past, he was attacked by rebels, who were identified as having close ties to the Zerg race, and joined forces to besiege the visiting Caesar to death on M-17, but failed to do so, and the entire planet was blown up and perished.


This attack was perhaps even more serious.


Because it hurt their queen-to-be!



Despite the short time together, from the many details, everyone could see the youth’s importance to their majesty!


Was this …… the end of Blue Star!?


The crowd was anxious.


In fact, with the strength and rich resources of the Blue Star, if the Empire really struck, it didn’t necessarily mean they could only wait for death, but it meant that the good old days were coming to an end, and they deliberately hid their strength, concealed the planet’s riches, just to be able to live in peace.


Who wanted to fight these days?


Everyone thought far away without paying attention, and when Shen Jue arrived, they were still sighing.


Once he came, everyone felt like they had a backbone, and after a while, someone asked, “President, what should we do?”


“Since we let someone mix in here and injure the Queen, haven’t we offended His Majesty?”


“I remember that’s how the M-17 star was lost.”




Shen Jue frowned, “Fight what? Won’t you quickly investigate thoroughly?”


“Or do you guys want to start a war?”


How was bit possible!?


If they had time to fight a war, they might as well farm!


They eagerly shook their heads.


After Shen Jue reminded them, the Blue Star politicians shifted their gazes to the attacker who was injured.


They unanimously exchanged a glance –



By whatever means, the truth must be pried out of his mouth as soon as possible!


War wasn’t possible, they just wanted to farm!



Above the airy garden, in addition to the open field, there was a towering building.


If Shen Tong didn’t need immediate treatment, Caesar only wanted to carry the man back to the starship, rather than stay here.


He could no longer trust Blue Star’s security system.


Caesar sent an order to his army –


Arrive immediately.


Medical personnel also arrived in a hurry.



Shen Tong was injured near the collarbone, Caesar put him on the bed, perhaps the pain made him extra sensitive, as the warmth he was accustomed to suddenly disappeared, Shen Tong subconsciously raised his hand to grab it, but he had little strength, his hand fluttered for a moment, then it rested helplessly on the side of the bed.


Caesar saw the situation and held his hand.


Unlike the previous times where Caesar always held his hand very tight, not allowing the youth to let go, this time he used very light force, as if the youth was made of glass.


In fact, Shen Tong’s current situation was similar to that.


He wasn’t hurt to the core, but this pain, was worse compared to the growth period.


It really hurt.


Shen Tong grew up with an extraordinarily keen sense of perception since he was afraid of pain, but in his last life there was no opportunity for him to feel pain, even in the car accident, his consciousness was also swallowed in an instant, Shen Tong was lucky not to suffer any torture. In this life, he first experienced a painful growth phase, and then this attack.


Cold sweat soaked the hair on his forehead and Shen Tong lightly trembled.


His eyelashes were stained with a few droplets of water.


Caesar was angry, and his outwardly dispersed mental energy also truthfully expressed his mood at the moment.



A powerful, very oppressive mental force spread out, the medical staff suppressed by this pressure, trying to suppress their fear of him, one stretched out a trembling hand, then after taking a deep breath, they finally began to treat Shen Tong’s wounds, and to test his data.



They didn’t dare breathe for a moment.


At this moment, Caesar’s hand, seemed to have become Shen Tong’s only reliance.


When it hurt, he gently clutched this hand, when it didn’t hurt, then he slowly released it, from beginning to end, Shen Tong didn’t cry out.



Caesar understood the youth’s intention.



He was doing it for him. He hadn’t even cried out, yet Caesar had been furious to the extreme, and even once wanted to destroy the planet, if he cried out, Caesar would only become more aggressive.


Besides, the youth was such a gentle person.


He didn’t want Caesar to blame himself too much.


But no matter what, it was his fault that Shen Tong got hurt.


The one who requested to come to Blue Star was him.


The attacker’s original target was him.


The youth was injured only because he pushed him away.


Thinking of this, Caesar’s gaze deepened abruptly.


He looked at the youth.


But obviously, this wasn’t the time to explore the reason, Caesar could only hold the youth’s hand and slow down his tone of voice to soothe his pain.



Twenty minutes later, the wound was treated, and under the effect of tranquilizers, Shen Tong finally fell asleep.


Caesar looked at their hands for a moment, then he slowly let go.

As if missing something, the sleeping youth subconsciously reached out.


His instinctive reaction, for some reason, made Caesar’s heart skip a beat.



His rage and tenderness, two contradictory emotions, were almost all related to the youth, and the youth could always easily soothe his irritation.



Shen Tong was asleep, Caesar also had things to deal with.



The attacker, and then, those Blue Star people.



Caesar raised his hand, his fingertips wiped away the teardrops on Shen Tong’s eyelashes, his movements were incredibly gentle, and the eyes that rested on the youth’s face, also subconsciously softened.



But when he withdrew his hand and turned around again, his eyes were cold.


At the same time, Shen Jue dragged the attacker to the door.


He was dressed in a suit, such rough behavior wasn’t in line with his appearance, but he seemed unaware of it, and the Blue Star politicians who were with him also seemed to have long been used to it, and didn’t even cast an extra look at him.



Shen Jue was from the military camp, he was in the special forces and also participated in the war with the Zergs, sitting in the position of the President today, Shen Jue rarely got involved, but he wasn’t completely hands off.


Especially such a big mistake, he, the president of the Blue Star, must express good faith.



Bl00d flowed on the ground.



They waited quietly.


Not long after, Caesar pushed the door open.



He wasn’t surprised by the arrival of the Blue Star president.



“Your Majesty, he refuses to give up his accomplices or tell who organized the attack.” More important than apologizing, Shen Jue was clear that it was more important to find out the cause, “If there is no mistake, this attack should be the handiwork of the Zerg race again.”


Caesar’s eyes lightly lifted, seemingly sarcastic.


“You guessed that this is the Zerg race’s doing?”



Shen Jue tugged the attacker’s hair so that his face was visible, “This person’s name is Arthur, he’s from Blue Star, he grew up, studied, graduated and worked here, before your visit to Blue Star, he had been in the Sky Garden as a waiter for three years, there is nothing unusual about him.”


Shen Jue paused, “But no abnormality, is the biggest abnormality.”



Caesar lowered his eyes and glanced at Arthur.


This Blue Star President, his hand was vicious.



Not to death, but enough to torture people worse than death.


He withdrew his gaze in disgust.


“I had someone do a full body checkup on him.” Shen Jue continued, “Worm eggs were found in his body.”



“Zerg eggs?” Caesar paused for a moment, then he raised his eyebrows and said in a loose tone, “More than ten years ago, I was on planet M-17, I also encountered an attack, when the people of that planet and the Zerg race, wanted to join hands to put me to death.”



Shen Jue understood the hidden meaning in his words, “We have nothing to do with this.”



Caesar smiled, “Nothing?”





Caesar lazily raised his eyes and stared at Shen Jue, his expression was inscrutable.


The atmosphere was inexplicably stagnant.



Also at this time, Caesar picked up a burst of mental fluctuations.



A mixture of many emotions, came very suddenly and strongly.


Filled with fear and bewilderment.


What was going on?


Caesar couldn’t care about anything else, he immediately turned back and pushed the door.



The paramedics were frozen in place, and the bed where the youth had been lying was empty.


The coldness that swept through Caesar’s body was frightening.


The medical staff seemed to sense that he had misunderstood something, and someone pointed him to the bottom of the bed, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, look ……”


Caesar was slightly stunned, and then he lowered his eyes.


The plaid hospital gown almost fell to the ground, there was a small tender white hand clutching a corner, the owner of the small hand timidly lifted it a little, and a small face from behind peeked out, with tearful eyes.


He was scared.




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