C30 —- I’ve Made You Laugh

“Of course!” He Tingting lifted her chin even higher.




“But this is just your current thoughts, can you guarantee that ten years, or even twenty years from now, your thoughts will still be the same as they are now and nothing will change?” He Yishu opened his mouth to confirm again and again, “Maybe at that time, even if the person who apologized to you kneels in front of you and pleads for your forgiveness, you won’t forgive him?”



“That’s impossible!” He Tingting frowned angrily, she felt that He Yishu was deliberately asking her over and over again so that she’d change her statement, but this was obviously impossible, “Even if fifty years or a hundred years have passed, my opinion on this matter will definitely not change!”




He Yishu finally stopped asking further questions and instead sighed softly, “Well, seeing as you’re serious and you guaranteed that your thoughts will definitely not change, I think I might consider accepting your apology.”




Hearing these words, He Tingting froze for a moment, and even her voice was strangely distorted: “Will you …… really accept my apology and forgive me?”




“Of course,” He Yishu nodded graciously, with a faint smile on his face, but the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, “At the same time, I also made a very interesting decision, in the next ten years, I will do my best to bully you, humiliate you, hurt you, and ten years later, I will sincerely go to you to apologize and repent for all the harm I have caused you in these ten years, I believe that at that time, you will be very forgiving and choose to forgive me, right?”




He Tingting hadn’t even had time to be smug before she was caught off guard by the second half of He Yishu’s words. She looked at He Yishu, who said these words in a calm and smiling tone, and was so shocked that she didn’t know what to say in response.




How thick was this man’s skin to say such ridiculous words with such an attitude!




He Tingting was so angry that her chest rose and fell, and it was only after a while that she replied in a sharp voice: “He Yishu, you’re deliberately bullying me! If you refuse to forgive me, just say it directly, who are you to humiliate me in such a way?”




“Wait, did you misunderstand something?” He Yishu raised his eyebrows in surprise, but his tone remained calm and collected, “I just borrowed your logic in these words, and used your logic to deal with matters related to you, what’s wrong with that? Moreover, even if there are really problems in my words, you can point them out calmly, why must you make such a fuss? Are you trying to slander me again?”




He Tingting was on the verge of tears: “You’re talking nonsense! This isn’t my logic at all!”




He Yishu looked at He Tingting with a puzzled expression, “But didn’t you just say that even if a person bullied you for a whole ten years, as long as he was willing to sincerely apologize to you after ten years, you would forgive him?”




He Tingting’s face instantly turned pig liver colored, she had indeed just answered certain questions under He Yishu’s deliberate questioning, but how could those words be used in such a way? This was simply a deliberate misinterpretation of her words! When she just said those words, she didn’t think that He Yishu would do this!




Wait a minute! Could it be that the reason why He Yishu asked her those questions just now was actually premeditated, in order to humiliate her with such a tactic?




The more He Tingting thought about it, the more she felt that this must be the case. When she thought about how she had come to apologize to He Yishu in a low voice, but instead of forgiving her, the other even used such a scheme to deliberately humiliate her, He Tingting became so angry that her body trembled, and she could barely suppress the anger in her heart.




“He Tingting, I am recording, so what you just said has been recorded in full,” as if he could see He Tingting’s mind, He Yishu smilingly nodded to his light computer, “and your next actions, will also be recorded in full. ”





This kind of explicit threat was like a pot of ice water poured on He Tingting’s burning heart of anger, instantly suppressing her strong desire to hit someone, but at the same time the resentment in her heart became more intense, why did He Yishu scheme against her like this again and again?




He Yishu was just a waste with low qualifications, he was kicked out of his father’s house, if he wasn’t lucky enough to be hired by Adrian as a temporary rune card assist master, maybe he couldn’t even get his normal living expenses now, what qualifications did such a waste have to humiliate her?!




“Classmate He Tingting, have you already forgotten what you just said?” He Yishu kindly helped He Tingting recall what she had just said, “You just said that even if someone hurt you for a whole decade, as long as he apologized to you sincerely enough on the surface, you would believe that he really knew what was wrong and choose to forgive him, and that even if fifty or a hundred years had passed, this idea of yours will definitely not change, my summary should not have any problems, right?”




Although He Tingting was so angry with He Yishu that her body was shaking, her chest was tight, and her brain was burning with thick anger, she hadn’t forget what she had just said so quickly.



Even though she didn’t want to admit it, what He Yishu said was indeed what she had just said, and He Tingting had no way to argue even if she wanted to refute it.




“Since you also acquiesced, what exactly is wrong with my logic? Treating you the way you like to be treated, isn’t that the optimal solution when getting along with others?” He Yishu spread his hands incomprehensibly, his eyes full of innocence, “In fact, I admire you very much, to be able to completely disregard whatever kind of suffering and torture you have gone through before, and regardless of whether the person who has hurt you is seriously admitting his mistakes to you or not, you’d unconditionally choose to believe in the other and forgive them, this is really the necessary good quality of a saint. ”




“Shut up! Stop talking!” He Tingting covered her ears in annoyance and roared, she originally thought her reply was hitting He Yishu’s face, but it turned out to be her own face, how could she not feel angry and annoyed?




Even if she felt ashamed and angry, there was nothing she could say now, because the words just came out of her own mouth, and under the monitoring of the light computer, she couldn’t beat up He Yishu or use force to vent her anger, so at this moment He Tingting was simply suffocating!




This feeling of being obviously set up, but having a hard time saying anything, much less being able to vent the complicated emotions in her heart through any effective means was too bad!




If she had known that she would face such a terrible situation, even if He Tingting was beaten to death, she would never have come to apologize to He Yishu!




However, it was she who took the initiative to come over and do such a humiliating thing and was caught by He Yishu, such self-inflicted behavior made He Tingting’s face hot and painful, and also made the bitterness and suffocation in her heart become more intense.




“Are you angry? If you think I’ve said something wrong, you can just point it out, as long as it’s something I’ve said myself and there are any problems, I won’t deny it, but it’s a very rude behavior for you to directly shut me up like this.” He Yishu was satisfied with He Tingting’s reaction, and the smile in his eyes became a few points thicker.




He Tingting heard the sarcasm in He Yishu’s words, which was like slapping He Tingting’s face again, making her feel extremely ashamed and indignant, plus with the different gazes from people around her, He Tingting felt that if she continued to stay here, she would definitely go crazy!




The next moment, she covered her face and ran out of the classroom without a care, and it was a desperate, wild run.




He Yishu sat in his seat and looked at He Tingting’s back with regret, and could only silently turn off the light computer’s monitoring system, seriously, he still had some more things to say, he didn’t expect He Tingting to be so fragile.




Then He Yishu noticed the strange gazes cast around him, he looked the students with a smile on his face and nodded politely: “I’ve made you laugh.”




However, no one could react, because at the moment their brains were filled with the same phrase: D*mn! This person looks so scary ah ah ah ah!




Then they immediately came up with a second and third …… thought.



I don’t think I’ve offended him before Σ( °△°||||).



Is it too late to apologize? _(:зゝ∠)_




Suddenly I want to fall under his suit pants! (*/ω\*)



I want to quit school!



I think I hear the sound of flowers blooming. (*^ワ^*)





After leaving the classroom, He Tingting didn’t come back that day and He Yishu wasn’t interested in where she went, after all, he really didn’t have the extra heart to care about the scum he had abused.



However, he was quickly forced to learn what He Tingting actually went to do during that time, because that night, He Yishu actually received a communication request from He Chengkun.




Looking at the name flashing on his light computer, He Yishu pursed his lips, directly rejected the communication request, and then added this communication account to the blacklist.




After thinking about it, He Yishu decided to blacklist all the other communication accounts of the He family, so he wouldn’t be harassed again later.




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  1. Yes, the best way to deal with an irredeemable family is to go no contact. It’s just a shame that his sister still goes to that school, so he can’t fully eliminate that contact vector. Admittedly, though, if he wanted to, he could contact the school to request that she be transferred to a different class, since it was always she who initiated the harassment. Even if she ended up losing every exchange, it was still an annoyance to interact with her and should reasonably constitute harassment.

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