C17—- Self Inflicted

“Of course, there was no problem with that rune card detector in the classroom in the first place.” Professor Barton replied.


“That’s great, I really feel embarrassed to have alerted you because of a sparring match between classmates,” He Yishu smiled slightly, glancing back at Du Fangping, “But there is one more thing, I would like to ask the professor to help comment on it.”


This glance seemed plain, but to Du Fangping, it was full of naked ridicule and mockery, making his rage bubble up all of a sudden, but he couldn’t get angry, so he was provoked to the point that his red face turned purple.


The most frightening thing was that his heart seemed to feel an ominous premonition.


Because of this incredible rune card, Peofessor Barton’s impression of He Yishu was more than a little bit better, he snorted coldly: “Do you really think this is an ordinary sparring match? Don’t you know that with the difference in your two mental powers, this is simply a one-sided crush?”


He Yishu didn’t say anything, he just looked sad and lowered his head, but the corners of his mouth had slowly hooked up, this was indeed a one-sided crush, but it was impossible to say who was crushing who.


Professor Barton sighed and asked, “What are you asking me to comment on?”



“It’s like this, when my rune card data was first tested just now, I remember that Du Fangping excitedly said that my rune card effect couldn’t be true,” He Yishu thought for a moment and said seriously, “I was thinking that if you hadn’t come forward to help in time at that time, Du Fangping would still continue to think so, after all, he sounded so sure at that time. Obviously the test results were already there, yet his first reaction was to say that there was something wrong with my rune card test data, it made me very sad.”


Barton’s gaze flickered slightly, obviously having understood He Yishu’s intention.


When Du Fangping behind him heard these words, he couldn’t care less about the anger in his heart and hurriedly spoke up, “Professor, please don’t believe his words! I was just too surprised by the data of that rune card, I didn’t mean anything else!”



“I heard what you said at that moment,” Professor Barton glanced back coldly at Du Fangping, and spoke seriously, “to doubt your classmate without any proof, and to use such a certain tone and wording, this isn’t expressing surprise.”


“But I really ……” Du Fangping tried to argue, but was interrupted by Professor Barton’s raised hand.


“Don’t worry, any issue related to academics should be dealt with in the fairest way possible.” Professor Barton turned his head to He Yishu regardless of Du Fangping’s agitated and twisted expression.


He Yishu immediately responded emotionally, “Thank you, Professor.”


After returning to the classroom, Professor Barton announced the results of the second test under the gaze of all the students: “There is no problem with the testing instruments in the classroom, the effect grade of the rune card made by He Yishu has indeed reached C+, and the quality of the rune card is ‘Fine’.”



All eyes fell on He Yishu standing next to Professor Barton, although they didn’t act as exaggerated as they did before, their faces were still full of shock and strong doubts.

Then Professor Barton said something that surprised them: “In addition, I would like to announce the result of a disciplinary action, Du Fangping denied He Yishu’s rune card test results for no reason, for his bad behavior, 0.5 credits will be deducted. At the same time, if you all encounter such problems in the future, I support you to raise doubts from an academic point of view, but without any evidence, I don’t want to see anyone use the word ‘impossible’ again, because even if you are students, you must be responsible for your words and actions.”


These words brought a subtle change to everyone’s faces, but they were surprisingly not surprised by the outcome? It was lucky that they didn’t open their mouths just now to conform to Du Fangping’s words, or else they might be included in the people who were deducted credits now.


Du Fangping stood behind the crowd and gritted his teeth in anger, but couldn’t come forward to question the professor’s disciplinary results, he could only gnash his teeth and suppress his anger, he was deducted credits twice in a row because He Yishu, it was really too abominable!


But Professor Barton didn’t bother to look at Du Fangping’s expression, instead he asked a question: “Just now, when He Yishu was making the rune card, you were all watching from the side, right?”


After all, it was still a practical class, so it was inappropriate for them to just watch and not complete their classroom tasks.


Especially when the person who asked this question was also the professor of the practical class.

Professor Barton immediately looked up: “The classroom is well monitored, are you sure you want to remain silent?”


This time, someone finally raised their hand slowly, did the strict Professor Barton want to take this opportunity to punish the students who didn’t complete their classroom tasks seriously? They had managed to circumvent the abyss of points deducted from He Yishu, they didn’t want to be docked credits for this kind of thing!


“Since you were all next to He Yishu just now, did you notice that he behaved differently when he was making this rune card? Or any different steps?” Barton spoke with a little eagerness, a person with mental energy level of only F could actually refine a C+ grade rune card, this matter itself could already be called a miracle.



The students who raised their hands were relieved, but no one could answer his question, because they didn’t know which action had allowed He Yishu to successfully refine that magical rune card just now!


Seeing that everyone was at a loss, Professor Barton had already received the answer, which made him feel a little regretful, while the excitement inside him became even stronger, the more mysterious something was, the more it could arouse one’s curiosity and desire to find out the truth.


As He Yishu’s practical class professor, Professor Barton felt that he would have many opportunities to find out the answers later, so he didn’t pursue the question further, he quickly pulled He Yishu aside: “You haven’t finished today’s practical assignment, right?”



“……” So even if he just slightly did well, he was already starting to be visited like a rare animal? Then if these people were to see the strong power that came from standard kanji, wouldn’t they just be scared and cry?



“Professor Barton, I will definitely finish today’s practice assignment on time,” He Yishu looked at Professor Barton with a bit of difficulty, and then glanced towards Du Fangping who was standing outside the crowd with his head lowered, “but before that, I want to finish the competition with Du Fangping, is that okay? ”



Hearing his name, Du Fangping quickly glanced at He Yishu, and immediately lowered his head, it seemed like he didn’t react much, but his hands clenched into fists, his credits had been deducted, yet He Yishu still refused to let him go, he must want him to lose face again!


Professor Barton was puzzled for a moment, after reacting, he directly announced to the public, “Since the test results of the rune cards are fine, then the result of this cut is already obvious, the one who produced the higher quality rune cards is He Yishu, Du Fangping, you shouldn’t have any objection to this result, right?”


In an instant, everyone’s eyes fell on Du Fangping, this guy was really pitiful, he jumped out and took the initiative to provoke others, but not only did he lose so badly, he was also deducted credits, but why did they somehow feel that this wave of face slapping was so cool!



Even if Du Fangping was resentful, he still forced himself to speak: “He Yishu’s ability to make rune cards is indeed excellent, I deeply …… admire him.”



“Thank you for the compliment, but you don’t have to feel discouraged, if you hadn’t challenged me, with your current level, it’s still very possible to win.” He Yishu responded with a smile, his attitude remained calm.


However, Du Fangping was half-exasperated by He Yishu’s words, didn’t he just win by a fluke? Who was he to taunt him like that? But Du Fangping probably forgot that he had started the sparring match on his own initiative, and now that he had lost and had his credits deducted, he could only say that he had brought this on himself and couldn’t blame anyone else.


During the class time afterwards, He Yishu was under Barton’s close monitoring. After keeping an eye on He Yishu as he completed the practical tasks in class, Barton also tried to fool He Yishu into making a few more rune cards, but this additional part was directly avoided by He Yishu’s flexibility.


After finishing the day’s lesson, He Yishu ate dinner and saw that it was about time, so he went directly to Adrian’s mecha training room, only to hear him talking when he walked in.



Adrian’s voice sounded serious: “Father, I will seriously consider this matter, but please don’t just consider mother’s opinion and ignore my will, can you?”


He Yishu hesitated whether he should leave first, then he saw Adrian turn his head to him and nod, then he turned back to continue talking to the person on the other side of the communication, He Yishu stood in place and waited.



“I know Eliza’s rune card making ability is strong, but she really isn’t for me,” Adrian raised his hand and rubbed his brow, sighing helplessly, “You’re asking me why? Do you still don’t know what mother thinks? I’ve already explicitly rejected her before, and I also hope you won’t make things difficult for Eliza anymore.”


He Yishu touched his nose a little awkwardly, as if he had overheard a remarkable gossip.




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