C16—- This Isn’t Scientific

He wasn’t bothered about the other people’s reactions, He Yishu let out a long sigh of relief, it took forty minutes to complete just a few completely distorted Chinese characters, he looked to the side anxiously: “Have you finally finished? Can we go test the data of the rune card?”


Du Fangping glanced at He Yishu with surprise, did this person want to lose so badly? Or was there something wrong with his head that made him act so calm and collected from the beginning to the end?


But no matter what the reason was, Du Fangping was very pleased with He Yishu’s behavior of actively seeking death: “Yes, let’s go there now.”


Since it was a practical class, there was obviously everything used to test rune card data, so the two walked together to the rune card detector after obtaining the consent of their professor.


Du Fangping, who thought that victory was already in hand, looked at He Yishu and pretended to be polite, “He Yishu, it’s better for you to test your rune card first.”


He Yishu also glanced at him, “It’s better for you to go first.”


“Alright then.” Du Fangping nodded in a pretentious manner and put the rune card he had drawn into the rune card detector.


Soon, the test data of the rune card was displayed.


Rune card grade: D grade


Rune card function: Intermediate defense


Rune card production difficulty: D level


Rune paper grade: Intermediate rune paper


Rune pen type: ordinary rune pen


Rune completion degree: 94.3%


Spiritual power injection level: C+ level

Rune effect level: C-grade


Rune card quality: Excellent


As a first year student in the Rune Card Major, to be able to raise the effect of a D grade rune card to C-grade was already an excellent performance.


Immediately afterwards, they turned their sympathetic eyes to He Yishu in a surprisingly unanimous manner, it seemed that he would definitely lose very badly today.


The reactions of the surrounding students were all taken in by Du Fangping, which made him feel very proud, but when he turned his gaze to He Yishu, Du Fangping found that even at this point, there was still no panic or embarrassment on the other’s face, as if these figures were nothing at all.


This person’s head was really out of order, right? Du Fangping retrieved his talisman card while thinking indignantly, “He Yishu, it’s your turn.”


“Oh.” He Yishu replied flatly and put his rune card into the rune card detector.


In the few minutes of waiting for the test results, all kinds of chatter had already resounded around, but when He Yishu’s rune card test results came out, all the voices completely disappeared.


Rune card grade: D grade


Rune card function: Intermediate defense


Rune card production difficulty: D level


Rune paper grade: Intermediate rune paper


Rune pen type: ordinary rune pen


Rune completion degree: 57.6%


Spiritual power injection level: F-grade


Rune effect level: C+ level

Rune card quality: Fine


Everyone’s eyes instantly went round, and their mouths could definitely hold a standard-sized egg, they stared at the data displayed on the rune card tester as if they had seen a ghost.


It wasn’t until a full three minutes later that the classroom suddenly erupted into a fierce chatter.


“Crap! This D-grade rune card has actually reached C+ grade! I shouldn’t be blind, right?!”


“It’s not just the rune card effect level that’s scary, okay? The quality of this rune card is even fine! It’s the best! This is the first rune card I’ve ever seen with a quality of ‘fine’!”


“Why isn’t anyone focusing on the completion level of the rune text? A rune card with a rune text completion of only 57.6% has a C+ grade rune card effect, and the quality is even fine, I’m definitely dreaming!”


“And this rune card’s spirit power infusion level is only F- ah, someone pinch me, I feel like …… ow! Who pinched me so hard?!”





All kinds of exclamations rang out, but it was completely inaudible to Du Fangping, he stared at the lines of red letters, his head had gone blank, these data must be fake, right? It had to be fake!


With He Yishu’s level of spiritual energy, how could he have drawn such a talisman card? This was simply not scientific!


After a while, Du Fangping finally came back to his senses amidst the noise and spoke angrily: “This is impossible! There must be something wrong with this instrument, otherwise there is no way such data could appear!”


The surrounding chatter gradually died down, and everyone’s eyes fell on Du Fangping.


“Don’t you guys think that the test result of this talisman card is very problematic?” Du Fangping’s voice was loud and rapid, as if he was eager to prove something, “As you can see, this rune card’s spirit power injection grade is only F-, and the rune text completion is only 57.6%, so how can its effect grade be C+? Not to mention the fine quality, that is simply impossible!”


None of them spoke up, but the thoughts in their hearts were probably similar to Du Fangping’s, especially since the person who made the rune card was He Yishu, whose spiritual energy level was negligible.


Just when everyone was looking at each other, a middle-aged man’s voice with hidden excitement rang out: “Since you suspect that there is something wrong with this rune card detector, then we will replace it with a new one and retest it, you two, take your rune card and follow me.”


He Yishu followed the voice and looked over, only to find that the commotion had drawn Professor Barton who was teaching, over, but it was normal, after all, these people had just been very noisy.


“Okay, professor.” He Yishu nodded politely and took out his rune card to follow behind Professor Barton.


Du Fangping clenched his fist and also followed, he kept thinking silently, it was the instrument, there had to be something wrong with the instrument!


As for the other students, although they wanted to know whether there was something wrong with the results, Professor Barton’s severity had been shown very comprehensively through the previous week’s course, they really didn’t have the courage to put aside the practical content in front of them and follow them to watch the fun.


After Professor Barton took He Yishu and Du Fangping out of the classroom, he didn’t just find a random rune card tester, instead he took them to his personal lab.


Professor Barton’s lab had the most sophisticated rune card detector in First Academy.


“Give me your rune card.” Professor Barton looked at He Yishu with a deep expression.


He Yishu politely shook his head, “It’s better to test Du Fangping’s rune card first, I’m not in a hurry.”


Barton was actually very anxious in his heart, but hearing He Yishu’s response, he turned his gaze to Du Fangping, “Your rune card.”


Du Fangping gritted his teeth and handed his rune card to Barton, but a strong sense of foreboding inexplicably emerged in his heart. He recalled He Yishu’s calm attitude from the beginning to the end, and then thought of the test data that had just shocked him to the point of his head going blank, his expression became darker.


The rune card detector in Barton’s lab was worthy of being the most advanced one, the test data had already come out just after the rune card was placed in it.


It was exactly the same as the test data just now, except that the rune text completion was accurate to two decimal places.


Barton took out Du Fangping’s rune card and returned it to him with little interest, and continued to stare at He Yishu.


“I’ll trouble the professor.” He Yishu smiled and handed over the rune card.


Barton immediately put the rune card into the detector, and the next moment, the test results popped out.

Rune card grade: D grade

Rune card function: Intermediate defense


Rune card production difficulty: D level


Rune paper grade: Intermediate rune paper


Rune pen type: ordinary rune pen


Rune completion: 57.58%


Spiritual power injection level: F-grade

Rune effect level: C+ level


Rune card quality: Fine


This time, except for the completion level of the rune text, which was 0.02% lower than the previous one, there was no difference in the other data. “This rune card is too incredible, He Yishu, how did you draw it?”


He Yishu blinked innocently, “I’m not really sure, I didn’t seem to use any special method when I drew the rune card.”


“You really don’t know what’s going on?” Barton looked at He Yishu suspiciously.


He Yishu stared back frankly, he thought for a moment, and proposed, “I remember that when I was drawing this rune card just now, there were many students watching on the sidelines, perhaps Professor can ask them if they noticed anything different when they were watching?”


“You are right, I will go ……” halfway through Barton’s words, his gaze fell on the rune card again, he gave He Yishu a somewhat torn look, but in the end, he didn’t make a request to get this rune card. “You must keep this rune card well, it is extremely precious.”


“Professor please don’t worry, I will definitely keep it well.” He Yishu smiled and nodded.


Barton and He Yishu walked out of the lab talking, completely forgetting about the third person in the lab, Du Fangping stared closely at He Yishu’s back, his eyes were dark, he really couldn’t figure out why things had turned out like this!


It was obvious that he was far better than He Yishu in every way, but he never expected that he would lose this competition, and he lost so badly!


As if sensing Du Fangping’s gaze, He Yishu, who had already reached the entrance of the laboratory, suddenly stopped and turned his head to Barton, “By the way, I remember that just now Du Fangping seemed to have doubted the results of the rune card test, has it been proven that the result of the rune card test is fine?”





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