C56— Day 56

The door opened unannounced.


“Kitty …… Your Majesty?”


Shen Tong was stunned.


The person outside the door also unexpectedly lifted his eyes.


The two looked at each other, the man’s smoky gray eyes seemed bottomless, Shen Tong’s heart suddenly surged with an inexplicable idea, he looked sideways, there was no snow lion, but from the time he closed the door and opened it back, it had only been a few minutes.


Perhaps noticing his gaze, Caesar spoke lightly: “You’re looking for the lion?”


“It just went away.”


Shen Tong asked softly: “Do you know where it went?”


Caesar raised his eyebrows lightly and smiled: “You’re asking me about your lion?”


Shen Tong pursed his lips, but the doubts in his heart didn’t dispel.


“What happened to the lion?” Caesar asked carelessly, “When I came, you had shut it outside the door.”


“…… it pretended to be sick.”


“Pretended to be sick?” Caesar repeated, glancing at Shen Tong, his tone remained lazy, “Indeed, it should be disciplined.”


Shen Tong looked at him a few times, the man looked calm, no different from the usual.


Was he overthinking?



Shen Tong gently wrinkled his eyebrows and asked tentatively, “Your Majesty, Caesar, what is your original form?”


“Me?” Caesar raised his eyebrows, “You want to know?”


“May I?” Shen Tong said honestly, “I’m a little curious.”


“It’s a snow leopard.”


Snow Leopard?


Shen Tong blinked.


Caesar looked sideways, “You want to see?”


Shen Tong looked at him, and he couldn’t spy out the slightest emotion from his deep eyes. Caesar was too calm from beginning to end. It seemed that it was just Shen Tong’s imagination. After a long time, Shen Tong finally shook his head slowly. “I was just asking.”


Caesar nodded his head, but he seemed regretful, “If you want to see, it isn’t impossible.”


Shen Tong smiled a little.


“You came over, is there something wrong?”


“It’s nothing.”


Caesar: “It’s a nice day, I wanted to ask you out for a walk.”


Shen Tong: “……”


Caesar paused for a moment and slowly spoke again, “But it looks like you aren’t free, are you going to find your cat again?”


Shen Tong nodded hesitantly, “Yes, I need to find it. Just now I shut the door on it, it may be angry.”


Caesar didn’t say anything in response.


Why the youth shut him out, he naturally knew the reason.


Therefore, Caesar had a few thoughts of teasing him, so he said naturally, “Your body, it smells.”


He held Shen Tong’s shoulder with one hand, lowered his head slightly, and the tip of his nose almost brushed against Shen Tong’s neck.


Shen Tong subconsciously pushed him, “You ……”


“Is your cat in heat?”


Caesar’s posture hadn’t changed, so much so that as his breath sprayed on his snow-white neck, he didn’t know whether it was the words “in heat”, or his ambiguous posture, but Shen Tong’s shoulders and neck turned red.



Shen Tong was dazed.


Caesar lifted his eyes, the corners of his lips lightly curved, but he didn’t let Shen Tong off easily, “It’s all over you.”


Shen Tong: “……”


His long, thick eyelashes moved slightly a few times.


It must be said that the appearance of a beauty being frightened was very pleasing to the eye.



Caesar admired him for a moment and said in a deep voice: “Don’t be afraid. Besides being in heat, it’s probably just marking you so that other cats won’t dare to come near you.”


“You know, you’re catnip, cats like you.”


Shen Tong reluctantly accepted this explanation.


The word ‘heat’ really scared him.


Shen Tong nodded, yet they still maintain this ambiguous position, Shen Tong softly asked, “You can ……”


“Your Majesty!”


The arrival of the butler interrupted Shen Tong’s words.


The two of them looked over at the same time, one seemed amused, and the other was disoriented to the core.


The butler froze, and only when he got closer did he see clearly what was going on right now.


Hi majesty… Did he get him?


No, no, no, it shouldn’t be that easy, right?



This wasn’t in line with their majesty’s persona.


The butler only dared to think these words in his heart, but his expression was slightly apologetic: “Sorry to disturb you. Your Majesty, there is an invitation from the Blue Star, inviting you to visit the ancient Earth restoration project and to re-sign the trade agreement.”


The Blue Star?


The youth’s home star?


In fact, Blue Star wasn’t worthy of Caesar’s personal appearance, but he thought about it for a few seconds and answered, “Understood, arrange a time.”


After responding, Caesar glanced at Shen Tong again, as if he was just mentioning it in passing, “Do you want to come along?”


“It’s your home star.”


Shen Tong had learned about the Blue Star.


Most of the humans of ancient Earth migrated to this Star, but after so many years, the human gene pool was no longer pure, the residents of Bluestar had feline recessive genes in their bodies, but even so, they were still called “New humans” by the interstellar residents.


Blue Star may not exactly be considered Shen Tong’s home Star, and there were some differences with Earth, but Shen Tong read about this planet and still wanted to visit.


After all, Bluestar, like Earth, was also located in the Milky Way galaxy.


And it was also the only planet in the interstellar so far that had retained spring, summer, autumn and winter, as well as many Earth customs.


Shen Tong hesitantly asked, “Is it convenient?”


Caesar’s voice was low, “No inconvenience.”




The trip was scheduled for two days later.


Before the trip, there was a hiccup.


Early this morning, Shen Tong couldn’t find the big cat.


Because of Caesar’s trip, the army sent many people to accompany them, before dawn many soldiers gathered outside the palace, and because the big cat was lost, some higher ranked palace officers were looking for the lion for Shen Tong, the rest of the people were waiting for him.



Shen Tong looked at the crowd of people and frowned, “Or I won’t go.”


Letting so many people wait for him made Shen Tong very apologetic.


Where the snow lion went, the butler knew, but he could only play dumb, after all, he was sent by Caesar to keep him steady. The butler comforted Shen Tong: “It’s okay, there is no hurry, don’t hurry, take your time to find it.”


The weight of the Blue Star among the stars wasn’t enough to make Caesar, the monarch, personally visit, who he was going for was clear, while dispelling Shen Tong’s idea, the butler tried to convince him, “You should have talked to it a few days ago about this matter, right? Since it ran away early in the morning, does it not want to go to the Blue Star?”


Shen Tong nodded, “I talked to it, and last night I also mentioned it again.”


The housekeeper said smilingly, “Then it should be that it doesn’t want to go.”


Shen Tong: “But ……”


The butler proposed: “So many people are waiting, if we find it, and then coax it to get on the starship, we don’t know how long it will take, or you can go alone, we’ll take care of the snow lion for you.”


“It is familiar with the palace, it can take a walk by itself every day.”



Shen Tong thought about it, the big cat always pestered him, yet it deliberately hid from him, maybe he really didn’t want to go to the Blue Star.


He was a bit chagrined that he had promised too early, he should have asked the big cat first. But now, it was indeed not good to have so many people waiting for him, so Shen Tong said apologetically, “Then I’ll trouble you.”


The butler quickly waved his hand, “No trouble, no trouble.”


He sent Shen Tong out.


Caesar was waiting for him outside the palace.


His platinum blonde hair was combed back, meticulous to the point of showing his stern aura, the black military uniform on his body and his upright posture seemed oppressive.


Seeing him coming, Caesar lifted his eyes, there was no hint of impatience in his expression, “Coming?”


Shen Tong nodded and smiled, “Yes.”


This scene stunned many soldiers accompanying them.


Everyone knew how impatient their young monarch was.



Just now, as he waited here, many people held their breath in fear, they were afraid that their breathing was too heavy, and it’d make his Majesty even more annoyed.



Their heart went out for the youth.


As a result –


Everyone froze in silence for a long time, looking at the youth who was at peace, and Caesar who opened the door of the hover car for him.


Was this really their Majesty?


This was a stand-in, right!


9:01 AM.




“Lord President, the King has departed.” As soon as the secretary received the news, he hurriedly came to inform their president.



Shen Jue leaned back in his chair nonchalantly, but his gaze was fixed on his terminal.


The secretary waited for a response for a long time and couldn’t help but look up.


On the screen of the terminal, a recording was being played.


The anchor was a young man.


His skin was white, he smiled with lightly curved eyebrows, it was easy to make people feel good.



“Do you think he looks familiar?”


Shen Jue asked slowly.



The secretary didn’t notice, but when he said so, the secretary looked over again, the youth’s eyebrows did seem a bit familiar, the secretary tried to think, “A little, at first he didn’t seem familiar. But now that you asked, he does, but I can’t remember who he looks like.”


Shen Jue: “Me.”


Secretary: “?”


He subconsciously looked over, and looked at him again, the secretary was astonished.


It was too similar.


But the two people’s temperaments were very different.



The youth on the screen had a gentle and pure temperament, unlike their power-playing president, who had been in politics for years and was full of the profoundness of a politician.


Shen Jue asked again, “What do you think is the possibility that the two people are exactly alike?”


The secretary thought seriously for a moment, he thought Shen Jue was talking about the youth and him, so he answered, “Actually, it’s still quite big.”


Whether it was plastic surgery, or artificial skin, this could be done.


Shen Ju stared at the youth on the screen who tapped his fingers on the keys a few times after playing the piano, adding, “What about the possibility that the looks, temperament and many behavioral habits, are also identical?”


“This ……”


The secretary’s face was frozen, “You mean someone is imitating you?”


Shen Jue looked at him, not bothering to explain too much, “Just now you said, that the King has moved?”


He changed the topic so quickly that the secretary froze before he responded, “Yes.”


“He shouldn’t have answered the invitation.”


The status of Blue Star among the stars, whether it was Shen Jue or the secretary, they all knew very well that it wasn’t worthy of a personal visit from His Majesty, so much so that their invitation was just a routine matter.


No one expected the King to accept the invitation.


Shen Jue muttered, “What is this all about?”


The secretary lowered his voice: “Could it be that His Majesty found out?”


Shen Jue said calmly, “Impossible.”


The Blue Star was just like the ancient Earth, containing many precious mineral resources, and the Blue Star people also inherited the ancient Earth people’s concept of “not revealing their wealth”.



So far, they had never disclosed these mineral resources to the outside world, and the interstellar world only knew that the Blue Star lived on tourism, not knowing that in their eyes extremely rare minerals could actually be found everywhere here.


Blue Star people didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of ancient Earth.


And didn’t want to attract disputes.


So they remained hidden until now.


And now, that King was coming.


Shen Jue rubbed his face.


Strange things happened every year, but this year was especially shocking.


He lowered his head again and looked thoughtfully at the youth on the screen.


They were really too similar.




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