C18— Virtual Arena

“No, I won’t agree to this matter, even if Elisa agreed to it, if you’ve really considered this issue comprehensively, I’m sure you’d be on my side,” Adrian’s attitude was firm and his voice became more serious, “As for the competition, I’ll consider it seriously, it isn’t necessary for me, if I can’t find a suitable companion, I will consider dropping out, yes, this is my attitude, let mother know.”




After another two minutes, Adrian finally ended the call and turned back to He Yishu, “Sorry for making you wait for a long time because of my personal matter.”




He Yishu smiled and shook his head, “It’s not yet eight o’clock, I’m the one who came early.”




“Then let’s start now,” Adrian smiled in response and turned towards his lounge, “Your performance keeps improving, I think we can consider entering the virtual arena and try to challenging real opponents. ”




After saying that, Adrian added thoughtfully, “The rune cards will be provided by me, you only need to act as my Rune Card Assist.”



He Yishu had previously learned about the virtual arena, which existed exclusively for mecha battles, where groups of mecha warriors and rune card masters and assists were formed to fight against other opponents.



This was a very realistic, but at the same time safe arena, almost all the mecha warriors throughout the Star Empire chose to go here to improve their mecha control level and their mecha combat strength.



The virtual arena was divided into a personal training area and a mecha battle area. In the personal training area, mecha warriors could train independently without a rune card master, and the rune card master could exercise his or her rune card ability alone without choosing a mecha warrior, but if they wanted to enter the mecha battle area, they had to have a companion.




The companion could be a long-term fixed combat partner or a temporary partner, the only requirement was that there had to be a mecha warrior and a rune card master, or a rune card assist in the combination.




He Yishu’s mental strength was there, Adrian was willing to take him to the virtual arena and they were already considered friends.



After all, with Adrian’s mecha combat ability, if he spoke, there would be countless rune card masters flocking to be his exclusive rune card master, and those at He Yishu’s level would definitely have to stand aside.



He Yishu tilted his head and thought carefully, then he suddenly realized that from the first time they met until now, whether it was the ride or this part-time job, it was always Adrian helping him, he had never given him anything.




In this way, he was indeed a very unqualified party in this relationship.


“Adrian, I’ve started learning to make intermediate rune cards now,” He Yishu said while taking out the two rune cards he made earlier from his bag, “These are the two rune cards I made today, I can’t use them now either, so if you need them, I’ll give them to you. ”



Adrian paused, then he politely took the rune cards: “Thank you, but since these are the rune cards you spent a lot of effort to make, I can’t just take them without paying, I want to pay for these two rune cards, can I?”



He Yishu raised his eyes to look at Adrian, who had a serious expression, he suddenly felt that this handsome, upright-looking guy in front of him, who was calm and strict but not unkind, was simply too good, so good that he couldn’t help but feel that he could accept it even if he helped this man make rune cards for free all the time, without him paying a cent.



“Adrian, do you think we are considered friends now?” Probably because the thought in his heart was too strong, He Yishu already considered Adrian his person.



Adrian nodded without hesitation, “Of course.”




As one of his people, He Yishu relaxed and became more blunt, “Then as a friend, is it an unusual thing for me to give you the rune card I made? I know your words just now were well-intentioned, but it would appear that the relationship between us is distant, do you understand what I mean?”




Adrian was silent for a moment, he held the two rune cards and nodded: “You’re right, since we’re friends, I should be more relaxed, thank you for the rune cards, I’ll definitely use them at the most appropriate time.”




“In that case, the person who’ll end up using these two rune cards will probably be me.” He Yishu teasingly responded.



“That seems to make sense, after all, you are my partner.” Adrian also smiled happily.



But this smile only lasted until he put the two rune cards into the card detector one after another, and looking at the data displayed on the rune card detector, Adrian’s expression became very serious.



These two rune cards were D-class rune cards, for the rune text completion degree, one was 57.58%, the other was only 72.14%, but the two rune cards effect level was beyond his expectations, one reached the C + level, the other reached C-.



For a while, even Adrian, who had seen countless rune cards, didn’t know what expression to have, this was the first time he had seen such a peculiar rune card.



Then, he began to seriously think about the reasons for the appearance of these two rune cards, from the perspective of the test results, the most abnormal data was the rune text completion degree and spiritual energy injection level of these two cards.



Adrian contemplated for a moment, and then dropped his gaze directly on the rune characters.



From the perspective of the pattern, the pattern of these runic characters seemed the same as the standard pattern, but when he looked carefully, he saw that there was still a necessary connection between the two, their overall connection hadn’t changed, but many specific patterns became different.



For example, some “S”-shaped lines were changed to “l”-shaped lines, and some surroundings were also stretched into simple lines.



After studying it for a while, Adrian asked, “How did you do the modification of these runes?”



Seeing that Adrian could actually pinpoint the changes, He Yishu gave him an approving glance, then gave a very nonchalant answer, “Guess.”



“…… “The corners of Adrian’s eyes twitched twice, but his gaze was amused as he looked at He Yishu, he couldn’t help reaching out and rubbing his head, “I shouldn’t have asked, but I still want to remind you that if the existence of these two rune cards aren’t coincidences, you have to act cautiously and think carefully before doing anything.”



Adrian’s action gave He Yishu the illusion that he was being lectured, but his words made He Yishu feel more cautious: “If this is my true level, will I incur any trouble because of it?”



Adrian gazed at He Yishu deeply, and after a moment, he carefully replied, “If this is indeed your true level, and at the same time the highest level, it shouldn’t bring you substantial trouble for the time being, but will only attract some people’s attention.”



He Yishu understood the deeper meaning of Adrian’s words, if the highest level of rune card he could produce was only B+, then even if his situation was special, it wouldn’t cause an uproar, after all, B-level rune cards were not that rare.



But if He Yishu could produce A-grade, or even S-grade rune cards, the situation would be very different.



“What about assuming I could do better?” He Yishu half-jokingly inquired.



The two looked at each other for half a second before Adrian responded in a deep voice: “Then you need a shelter, such as me.”



When he heard the first half of the sentence, He Yishu really started to think seriously about this, but when he heard the last words, his expression relaxed a little: “Okay, then I’ll join you from now on.”



Adrian patted He Yishu on the head twice: “I will protect you well.”



He Yishu thought Adrian was joking with him and quickly pushed his hand off his head: “Didn’t you just say we were going to the virtual arena today? It’s already after eight.”



“Let’s go.” Adrian obediently took He Yishu’s wrist and led him to his lounge.



Adrian’s lounge was simply furnished, with only a large bed for resting, a table for placing items, and the virtual pod.



Adrian asked, “I have some rune cards that can be used in the mecha battle later, do you need to pick them up?”



He Yishu waved his hand and refused with a smile, “No, I made some rune cards before, so I should be able to use them.”



“If you need more, you can always let me know,” Adrian nodded and helped He Yishu open the anthropomorphizer that came with the side of the virtual cabin, “Put the rune cards you need here, you can use them directly in the virtual arena later.”



The virtual arena had the function of anthropomorphism, and the rune cards made in reality could be used directly in the virtual arena by putting them into the anthropomorphizer, while the rune cards used in the virtual arena would also become waste cards in reality.



He Yishu thought about it and directly placed the thick pile of rune cards he had made into the anthropomorphizer.



“Now you can lie in.” Adrian didn’t say anything more, he just opened the virtual cabin, took off his jacket, laid on one side and stared at He Yishu.



He Yishu took a look at the only virtual pod in the lounge, although the space inside was large, the spaces inside were also completely connected, so He Yishu asked a little uncertainly: “Do we have to lie in together?”



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