C11—- The First Part Time Job

 But even if He Yishu had guessed, moment he couldn’t ask, nor could he report directly, because He Xiaochen’s words were very subtle, and he didn’t leave any handle, and since he dared to mention it, he obviously thoroughly considered it, that was why he wasn’t afraid of being reported.

He Xiaochen was most likely deliberately saying this so that he would submit a report and be punished for it. This person obviously wanted to use the  method he used for He Tingting’s revenge.

  Thinking about this, He Yishu’s expression didn’t change, but his gaze had sunk completely: “There is some difficulty, but the reason why difficulties exist is to overcome them, don’t you think?”

  ”Then I hope you can overcome the difficulties you are facing,” Not getting the reaction he wanted, He Xiaochen was reluctant, but he couldn’t make his words too clear, getting into trouble would be bad, he could only sarcastically retort, “I think that you got lucky gaining admission into the First Academy, I hope you can keep this good luck.”

  He Yishu could hear the deeper meaning in He Xiaochen’s words, but he didn’t get angry, instead, he laughed in a low voice: “You’re right, I am indeed very lucky recently, first I was admitted to the First Academy, and then I  successfully separated from the He family, maybe I will have an even greater luck next?”

  Although he didn’t want to admit it, He Xiaochen did have a feeling that he was completely no match for He Yishu in terms of words, but he didn’t want to do anything impulsive out of anger, so he secretly took a deep breath and said with a smile, “Then, good luck.”

  ”Thank you for your blessing, I will keep this good luck going.” He Yishu also smiled faintly and walked around He Xiaochen in a big step forward.

  He Xiaochen stood in the same place for a while, before he coldly snorted and turned around to leave.

  After he left, a tall figure slowly walked out from behind a tree not far away, his deep dark green eyes stared at the direction He Yishu went towards, after a moment, the corners of his lips suddenly curved briefly.

This light smile came too suddenly and was too brief, but in that instant, his sharp handsome face softened, as if the spring breeze turned into rain.

Adrian seemed like he was also surprised by this smile, he frowned slightly, why did he think that the Oriental teenager’s behaviour was …… cute?

  Immediately after recalling certain conversations he had just heard, Adrian’s brow furrowed even more, which implied displeasure, perhaps he should indeed do something to keep that teenager’s good fortune going?

Although He Yishu said something like that, it was only for He Xiaochen to hear. For He Yishu, something like luck was far less important and reliable than hard work and diligence.

Therefore, when he suddenly received a part-time job examination invitation, he thought he had met a scammer, because this part-time job examination invitation was obviously from an individual, not the college’s part-time job official.

  But He Yishu didn’t just slap it to death, he had to seize every opportunity that might exist.

Therefore, He Yishu searched the internet seriously and was surprised to find that part-time job information posted by individuals did exist in the First Academy, and these part-time job information could be posted to members in the academy as long as they passed the audit of the academy’s part-time job platform.

  However, the part-time jobs posted by individuals were very different from the official part-time jobs provided by the college.

In addition, part-time jobs posted by individuals could be applied for, and part-time job publishers could also choose the target or target group for employment and send out invitations actively.

  Then He Yishu used the information he had, and after ascertaining that the part-time job invitation he received was actually real, he was a bit surprised that someone would invite him to take part in a part-time job assessment invitation, and the position was a Rune Card Assist Master.

 Rune Card Assist Master was different from a Rune Card Master. The latter’s focus was on being able to make rune cards, while the former’s focus was on using rune cards.

  If a person was judged as an excellent rune card master by his ability to produce a fine rune card, then a person was judged as a rune card assist master by his ability to seize the best time to use various types of rune cards in mecha battles to maximize and enhance the combat power of mecha warriors.

After determining the job content of the Rune Card Assistants, He Yishu began to seriously think about the reason he received this part-time job offer, and then he quickly concluded that the publisher of this part-time job should have invited all the students of the Rune Card Major with one click, and that was why he was lucky enough to receive this part-time job offer.

  Although he felt that with his current situation, the probability of being able to pass this part-time job assessment was unimaginably low, He Yishu still decided to give it a try, he wouldn’t voluntarily give up any chance, although this opportunity might not be prepared for him.

  The time set for the interview was three days later, and in the next three days, He Yishu gave full play to his talent and experience in learning, and viciously studied about Rune Card Assist Masters.

  In the process of mecha combat, when should speed be increased, when should defense be increased, and when was it appropriate to increase attack …… Although there was no semblance of actual combat experience, at least He Yishu had become a giant in theoretical knowledge.

  When it came to the day of the part-time job assessment, He Yishu came to the assessment site ten minutes early, and then he was surprised to find that he was the only one who came to take part in this part-time job assessment?

  Could it be that the other’s part-time job test was divided into batches and he happened to be the last one?

  With such doubts, He Yishu walked into a separate mecha training room with a steady expression, and then he successfully encountered the first mecha he saw after arriving here, as well as the owner of the …… mecha.

  The man who wore a black combat suit and jumped off the mecha with dashing movements didn’t look very old, but had a pair of dark green deep eyes that would give you the illusion of being under strict scrutiny when those eyes looked at you.

  The man’s features was very handsome together, and even after just one glance, he left a deep impression. His facial expression wasn’t taut, but he had a serious and stern aura.

  At the same time, the black combat suit showed off his perfectly proportioned figure well, and the posture of his long legs striding was absolutely perfect. When he walked up to him, He Yishu realized that the man, who had gotten off the mecha, was much taller than him, and looked tall and reliable.

Most importantly, he had met this person before, it seemed that this was the kind classmate who sent him to the hotel?

Adrian was also staring closely at He Yishu, and after a moment, he took the lead and spoke, “We meet again.”

Amazed at them meeting again, He Yishu politely replied: “Hello, my name is He Yishu, nice to see you again, thank you for your help. I came over to participate in the part-time test, this is what I received …… ”

  ”Follow me.” Adrian didn’t wait for He Yishu to finish his sentence and took him directly to the mecha.

  Then while He Yishu was still slightly confused, he handed him ten rune cards, “These are today’s test rune cards, use them all when fighting later.”

  He Yishu secretly took a deep breath, took the rune cards and looked at them carefully, then couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, all of the rune cards for the test were D grade, this person was too rich, right?

  But looking at this man’s attitude, he didn’t seem to like being approached, He Yishu’s heart was clear, he pinched the rune card in his hand trying to appear calm and collected: “Okay.”

  Soon, a virtual white mecha appeared on the other side of the mecha training room, a black and a white mecha soon battled together, He Yishu no longer dared to think about anything else, and focused all his energy on this mecha battle.

  But soon He Yishu discovered a cruel fact, the speed of these two mechas were too fast, even if he concentrated, he still couldn’t see anything!

So was it really impossible for him to  seize this opportunity?

  Just when He Yishu was about to accept this cruel fact, a cold voice suddenly came from his side: “Close your eyes and use your mental energy to see.”

  He Yishu’s heart trembled and he immediately closed his eyes as if he was grasping his last hope.

At first, He Yishu’s eyes were dark, he couldn’t see anything, and he didn’t even know where the so-called mental energy was, slowly he noticed that the surrounding area was lit with a faint light, and began to emerge as it was originally.

  But this light was too weak, and not enough to completely illuminate everything, it was impossible for He Yishu to fully see the two mechas fighting back and forth.

He Yishu desperately looked and looked, but his “vision” was even more blurred than before. If this continued, he was afraid that he would miss this rare opportunity.

But what could he come up with now?

  He Yishu forced himself to remain calm as he first found the source of the light, and only after discovering that the light was actually emanating from his head did He Yishu finally slowly make contact with the magical light in his brain.

  So this was the mental energy ah, He Yishu had a subtle feeling.

But now was obviously not a good time to think about this, He Yishu tried to control the mental energy, and then began to think about what he should do now.

  Perhaps his mind was really slow, or maybe his subjective consciousness was at work, he felt that the battle between the two mechas had been going on for a long time, but Adrian had no intention of ending the battle directly, so he still had a chance?

He Yishu concentrated on meditation, and after a few seconds, he made a very bold attempt. Since the “line of sight” of the mental energy originated from the mental energy itself, he could just spread out his mental energy, and then he would have his line of sight in every corner of the surrounding area.

  He Yishu didn’t know if the people here used their mental energy like this, but he couldn’t think of any other better way right now, so he had to try.

Then he sent out all of his pitiful mental energy, but the result wasn’t satisfactory. Spreading out the light source of a lamp didn’t make the space bright, but rather cut its brightness.

This was really a failed attempt, He Yishu sighed in his heart.

At this time, Adrian also stopped the mecha combat and put away the virtual one, a move that was like announcing He Yishu’s failure.

He Yishu felt lost and guilty, he lowered his head and said apologetically, “I’m really sorry, I really didn’t know much about the work of a Rune Card Assist before, I’m really sorry for delaying your time.”

  Almost at the same time He Yishu opened his mouth, a completely unexpected response rang out, “You’re hired.”

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