C87—- Kill The Half-blood 16

Xiang Wen went out to ask the housekeeper for a few hours’ leave, but after some time, the housekeeper found that Xiang Wen hadn’t come back yet. This surprised him a little, because Xiang Wen was a very punctual person, and he usually rushed back to the manor early.

        It was almost time for Shen Jue to go to sleep, but Xiang Wen hadn’t returned. Shen Jue noticed Xiang Wen’s disappearance and asked the housekeeper, “Is Xiang Wen sick?”

        The housekeeper hurriedly replied, “Xiang Wen took leave to go out earlier, but I don’t know why he hasn’t returned yet.”

        Shen Jue pondered for a moment, then said to the housekeeper, “Tell some people to go out and look for Xiang Wen.”

        The housekeeper nodded, and went out.

        Yu Qing prepared Shen Jue’s bath water and came out of the bathroom, seeing Shen Jue sitting on the sofa with a slight frown and a dark look in his eyes. He walked gingerly over to Shen Jue, “Duke, the water is ready.”

        Shen Jue hummed, stood up but didn’t look at Yu Qing, but turned and walked out. Yu Qing saw him leave and froze, “Duke, where are you going?”

        “I’m a little worried about Xiang Wen, go to bed first, don’t worry about me.” Shen Jue said without looking back, his footsteps even more hurried.

        Yu Qing’s face quickly turned gloomy as he stared at Shen Jue’s back as he left, the corner of his lips revealed an icy smile, but he quickly changed back to his usual appearance and hurriedly caught up with Shen Jue, “Duke, I’ll go with you.”

        They had just reached the stairway on the second floor when they heard the butler’s startled cry.

        “Xiang Wen, you’re finally back, what happened to you?”

        Hearing the butler’s voice, Shen Jue quickened his pace, and as he walked to the first floor, Shen Jue saw Xiang Wen, who was a mess. Xiang Wen’s face had scrapes, his clothes had even mud marks on them, and he had even lost a shoe.

        When Xiang Wen saw Shen Jue, he opened his mouth to say something, but when the words came to his lips, he held them back. He didn’t know why the group knew who he was and even found his missing diamond brooch from his shoe.

        The broken diamond brooch had actually been stuffed into the bottom of his shoe, and the men had been able to dig it out of it with precision.

        He wanted to tell Shen Jue that he had been robbed, but he didn’t dare to when he thought of the broken diamond brooch. The broken diamond brooch had clearly been lost, and somehow it had ended up in his shoe. If Shen Jue knew the brooch wasn’t lost, would he think he’d lied about losing it so he could take advantage of it and ask for another brooch?

Xiang Wen listened to the butler’s words, but didn’t know how to answer, and at that moment, he suddenly glanced at Yu Qing, who was standing behind Shen Jue.

        Yu Qing looked at him with some surprise, but something flashed through Xiang Wen’s mind. A few days ago, he had deliberately made trouble with Yu Qing and asked him to brush all of his shoes, including the thick-soled Martin boots he was wearing today.

        No one touched his shoes except Yu Qing.

        The broken diamond brooch must have been taken by Yu Qing and stuffed into the bottom of his shoe, and then he told the punks outside to snatch his brooch.

        “It’s you!” Xiang Wen suddenly stretched out his finger and pointed at Yu Qing, “It’s you who did it!”

        Looking somewhat overwhelmed Yu Qing froze and looked at Xiang Wen, “Brother Xiang Wen, what are you …… you talking about? I don’t understand.”

        Xiang Wen looked at Yu Qing, obviously Yu Qing wasn’t like this at all, but once he was in front of a crowd, he pretended to be a little white flower, as if he was bullying him.

        “Don’t pretend, it was you who told someone to snatch my ……” Xiang Wen stopped halfway.

        Yu Qing still looked at him in confusion, “Brother Xiang Wen, what did I do?”

        Because of the anger, Xiang Wen’s body was slightly shaking, he was angry but he couldn’t say anything. He just glared hatefully at Yu Qing.

        Shen Jue frowned, “Xiang Wen, what happened to you outside? Why did you come back like this? Did someone beat you up?”

        Xiang Wen knew that if he told Shen Jue, he could probably find those punks soon, but he wouldn’t be able to hide the brooch either, in case Shen Jue suspected that he had been the one who had supervised the theft last time, he might be sent to the judge.

        He gritted his teeth and finally lowered his head, “I fell outside and dropped the money on me, that’s why I came back so late, it’s my fault for making the Duke worry.”

        “Dropped the money?” Shen Jue asked, “Was it stolen?”

        “No!” Xiang Wen immediately retorted, “It was dropped, probably because I didn’t pay attention when I was emptying my pockets.”

        Shen Jue was silent for a moment before he said slowly, “Okay, then go back to your room early and rest.”

        Xiang Wen sullenly replied, then turned and left, his leg limping as he walked, his shoeless foot was still seemingly bleeding. When Shen Jue saw it, his brows knitted slightly, but he still didn’t say anything.

    That night, Yu Qing and Shen Jue slept together, they now sometimes slept in the same bed, Yu Qing usually fell asleep quickly, but today he couldn’t slept, at ten o’clock, he finally heard the sound of the person next to him getting up in a frenzy.

        Shen Jue was up, at the crack of dawn.

        Yu Qing didn’t open his eyes, waiting for him to close the door before he sat up and looked out the door, his eyes gloomy. After a moment, he too got out of bed and followed him out. He could no longer see Shen Jue, but he had a guessed destination–

        Xiang Wen’s room.

        When Yu Qing reached the door to Xiang Wen’s room, he saw the light coming through the crack in the door.

        Inside the room.

        Shen Jue was sitting on the bed, with Xiang Wen’s feet in his lap, and was putting medicine on them with his head down, while Xiang Wen, with a face so red, didn’t even hear the footsteps outside from far and near. But Shen Jue heard it.

        When he got up, he found that Yu Qing wasn’t asleep, the other was smart, his movement couldn’t be considered too light, but Yu Qing didn’t even move a little, it didn’t seem like he was asleep.

        So when he heard the sound of footsteps outside, he wasn’t surprised.

        Yu Qing would probably catch up, and Shen Jue had deliberately gone to Xiang Wen’s room because of Yu Qing.

        During this period of time, how could he not know the disputes between Xiang Wen and Yu Qing, it was because of this that he was more deliberately biased towards Xiang Wen, because in doing so, he was able to dig out the real character under the mask of Yu Qing.

        The previous Yu Qing was more like a delicate doll, pliant, obedient, at the mercy of others, but now it seemed that this beautiful doll had a mind of its own, and would even take the initiative to attack people.

        Shen Jue hardly had to think much about it, Xiang Wen must have suffered a loss earlier when he went out, only for some reason Xiang Wen couldn’t talk about it yet. If the person who had made Xiang Wen suffer this loss was Yu Qing, he would have been smug after it was done, but that smugness would instantly turned into resentment when he found out that Shen Jue had come to comfort Xiang Wen.

        Shen Jue looked up at Xiang Wen, who was still blushing. Xiang Wen, with his flamboyant personality, wouldn’t be a match for Yu Qing in any way.

Xiang Wen didn’t understand what Shen Jue was thinking, and when he saw Shen Jue looking at him, he tried to hide the smile at the corners of his lips, but he couldn’t, and with his swollen eyelids from crying earlier, he looked funny. He also knew that he didn’t look good now, so he blushed a little and twisted his face away, “Duke, you’ve been too kind to me, I really don’t know how to repay you.”

        Shen Jue finished applying the medicine, then moved Xiang Wen’s feet to the bed, “You should pay more attention to your feet these days, rest for the next few days, I will inform the housekeeper.”

        Xiang Wen nodded with a red face and turned his eyes to stare at Shen Jue again, revealing a smile.
Seeing that the person outside hadn’t left, Shen Jue simply sat for a while longer, only he couldn’t find anything to say to Xiang Wen. The real Shen Jue was a very uninteresting person who could only cultivate, and he could pretend to be anything else, thanks to the thousand years he had spent in the Realm of Reincarnation. Only when faced with Xiang Wen at this moment, Shen Jue suddenly became his heavenly self again.

        Cold and silent, but he didn’t know that he looked more attractive now.

        Xiang Wen stared at Shen Jue, and the more he looked at him, the more he thought that Shen Jue was good-looking in every way and treated him so well. He knew that he wasn’t just any cat or dog in the Duke’s mind, and that the humble half-blood Yu Qing had only won the Duke’s favor by climbing into his bed.

        That was, the Duke did not have a lover, if the Duke had other lovers, Yu Qing would be thrown out.

        But when such thoughts flashed in Xiang Wen’s brain, he suddenly thought of himself.

        In terms of origin, his origin was much better than Yu Qing, in terms of time, he had served the Duke longer, he understood the Duke more, if the Duke needed a bed partner to relieve boredom, why couldn’t it be him?

        Xiang Wen felt that this idea was dangerous, but once the idea had moved, he couldn’t stop. He stared at the gaping hole in Shen Jue’s pale neck. He had never tasted the Duke’s blood, but that humble half-blood had, and even sucked it daily. He had seen it with his own eyes, in the study, when Yu Qing had sat on Shen Jue’s lap and greedily pressed his lips to his neck.

        Shen Jue was only slightly frowning at the time, but his hand was still holding on to Yu Qing’s waist, as if he was afraid that the person would fall.

        He was standing in the doorway watching, watching as Yu Qing drew enough blood and kissed Shen Jue’s lips again. Those lips that he didn’t even dare to look at more than once, were tasted with abandon by a humble half-blood.

        Xiang Wen’s eyes moved slightly, and the knot in his throat rolled up and down involuntarily. He stared blankly at the man in front of him and slowly crawled over.

Shen Jue’s mind was fully focused on the person outside the door, and he didn’t care about Xiang Wen’s approach, though he noticed it, and only when the person suddenly touched his shoulder did he turn his head in surprise to look.
As soon as he turned around, Shen Jue was actually pounced on.
Xiang Wen was pressed against Shen Jue’s body, so nervous that his body was shaking and his mouth was dry, and he looked dazedly at the face before him and whispered, “Duke, I …… I ……”
I what?
Xiang Wen didn’t know how to be able to say it.
Everything was difficult to say, he envied Yu Qing’s boldness.
They were alone, but he actually couldn’t make a complete sentence, but Yu Qing could even hug the Duke in front of people.

        “Xiang Wen?” Shen Jue wrinkled his brow, “What are you doing?”

        Xiang Wen pursed his lips, feeling a sudden surge of lonely courage, he sat up, with shaking hands he firmly undressed  himself.

        Shen Jue’s expression visibly stiffened, and immediately, he pushed the man on top of him away, but Xiang Wen moved faster than Shen Jue, and as soon as he had his shirt off, he leaned down and forcibly hugged Shen Jue.

        “Duke, please …… love me.” Xiang Wen pressed his face at Shen Jue’s chest, his voice trembling.


***sighhhhh*** I just remembered this arc also has a Bad Ending, I think this novel has 200+ chapters till I get a happy ending, will my tears stop at some point 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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