C12— Part Time Job In Progress

  He Yishu blinked and looked up at Adrian in surprise and confusion, “What? Are you saying …… I’m hired?”

“Yes, if you have no other questions, we can sign the contract now.” Adrian gave an affirmative answer.

Determined that he really didn’t hear wrong, He Yishu was in disbelief, he performed so badly, how could he be hired? Could it be that Adrian was a person who was mindful of old feelings? But it seemed that there were no feelings between the two of them that was worth thinking about.

Seeing He Yishu’s doubtful expression, Adrian explained: “I can see that you don’t know much about the duties of a Rune Card Assist, but in such a short time, you were able to think of spreading out your mental energy, which shows that you’re a calm and wise person who is also brave enough to try, and I think this quality is very important.”

The reason was a bit far-fetched, but it was a good thing for He Yishu, so he didn’t ask too many questions and replied almost impatiently, “Alright, I don’t have any other questions.”

“Let’s go sign the contract.” Adrian opened the mecha and thoughtfully maneuvered the mecha operator’s compartment down to the ground instead of dashing off like he had just done.

After leaving the mecha, the two signed the contract happily.

It was definitely an unexpected stroke of luck for He Yishu to get this job, so he took the initiative to extend his hand in a great mood: “Adrian, let’s have a good cooperation.”

Adrian stared at He Yishu’s hand for a moment, and then extended his hand to shake He Yishu’s: “Good cooperation, He Yishu.”

The two of them smiled at each other, their relationship drawing closer.

The day after he got the part-time job, Adrian didn’t give any tasks to He Yishu, but only helped him get familiar with the working environment, and the specific working hours and contents of the job.

Adrian would conduct mecha training every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:00 p.m. The training time was two hours, and He Yishu only needed to complete his duties as a Rune Card Assist during that time.

As for the remuneration for the part-time job, it was calculated at 100 credits per hour, which was considered extremely high among all the part-time jobs in the academy, He Yishu was satisfied with it.

But accordingly, this also meant that he had to perform his duties well, and he couldn’t take advantage of the benefits to do bad things.

“Adrian, I’ll try my best, if you have any dissatisfaction, you can always raise it, of course, you can also choose to dismiss me.” He Yishu was a person who loved and hated very clearly, when others  provoked him, he would naturally counterattack, and when others helped him, he would also definitely remember.

Adrian gave He Yishu a deep glance in response: “You can go back first, just come on time on Wednesday.”

“Okay, see you on Wednesday then.” He Yishu politely said goodbye, and as soon as he left, he immediately sent a text to He Xiaochen.

[Because of your blessing, I have successfully found a suitable part-time job, I really appreciate it! Please be sure to cheer for me! O(∩_∩)O~]

After sending this text, He Yishu turned his head and put all of his energy into his research on being a Rune Card Assist, after all, he had just gotten the job, so if he didn’t do well and got fired, wouldn’t he go from face-slapping someone to being slapped in the face?

By the time Wednesday came, He Yishu arrived at work on time, and Adrian brought He Yishu directly into the mecha as before, only this time he performed much slower than before.

Seeing He Yishu’s confusion, Adrian explained, “First familiarize yourself with the duties of a Rune Card Assist, recognize what Rune Card to use, and then slowly exercise your speed afterwards.”

His action made He Yishu’s heart feel warm, it didn’t feel like he was working for someone, but more like this person was accommodating him and helping him improve his strength.

In this regard, He Yishu could only take a deep breath and seriously thank him, then he put his attention on work.

After the speed reduced, the job was much easier for He Yishu, who had previously researched and only needed to integrate the theory into practice.

Therefore, without Adrian’s reminder, He Yishu could already use the defense and speed boosting runes when the enemy mechas launched frontal attacks, and immediately use the attack and speed boosting runes when he launched attacks.

  However, this method was only suitable for ordinary mecha battle practice, because in regular mecha battles, the number of rune cards that could be used in each mecha battle was clearly specified.

For example, if a mecha battle stipulated that only six cards could be used, he couldn’t use the cards whenever he was attacking or being attacked, right?

In this case, the timing of the use of the cards became particularly important.

This was the essence of the function of an Rune Card Assist: How to evaluate the best plan for the use of his rune cards through the battle environment, the situation, the damage of his and the enemy’s mechas, the number and type of remaining rune cards of the enemy, etc. This was probably the essence of the function of a Rune Card Assist.

He Yishu was just starting out in this area, and was still figuring it out, but when two hours passed, Adrian’s first words were, “You’ve made great progress.”

“Thank you, it’s mainly because you taught me well.” He Yishu responded politely, but in his heart he knew his skills weren’t good, but the other didn’t dislike him, Adrian was simply too kind.

In the following period of time, He Yishu studied hard every day, diligently studying how to become a qualified Rune Card Assist and seriously completing his part-time job, but without his complete knowledge, the fact that he had become Adrian’s Rune Card Assist had surprisingly spread throughout the academy.

Everyone in the Academy knew that Adrian, who was the most powerful man in the academy, had spent! Money! And Hired a Rune Card Assist! The person hired, had low mental energy! And! He! Was! A! First! Year! Student!

To those students who wanted to become Adrian’s Rune Card Assist, this was like a bolt from the sky, making them envious, chagrined, and heartbroken.

Why would Adrian prefer to spend money to hire an unqualified first-year student rather than partner with them? This was a blow to them and it hurt!

For the other majors, the incident was a source of entertainment.

Who was the first-year student who was favored by Adrian? What was his name? What did he look like? What were his specialties? How did he and Adrian meet?

  These questions were enough for them to discuss for a month, and it would be better if they could have some more explosive content.

Then, the explosive content came.

After a morning of classes, He Yishu turned off his light computer and was ready to leave, when he was stopped by an unfamiliar classmate of the same major who was aggressively standing at the door of the classroom.

Uncertain, He Yishu looked at the other: “May I ask what you want?”

  Len looked at He Yishu angrily and said skeptically, “I heard that you are now Senior Adrian’s Rune Card Assist, is it true?”

He Yishu was a bit surprised that this person asked about this matter, and he also disliked the other’s attitude, so even if he felt that this matter didn’t need to be hidden, he didn’t answer directly: “May I ask what this matter has to do with you?”

  ”Of course this matter has something to do with me!” He didn’t expect the other’s attitude to become even more arrogant, and his words were filled with obvious accusations, “My goal has always been to become the exclusive Rune Card Assist of Senior Adrian, and now that I’ve finally been accepted into the rune card program of the First Academy, I’m finally one step closer to my goal, but you became his Rune Card Assist. How can you easily become Adrian’s Rune Card Assist? It’s not fair!”

He seemed like he was very justified, but He Yishu wanted to laugh: “If you say so, then what is the unfairness in this matter? I received Adrian’s invitation to take the test, and after that I passed the test and became his Rune Card Assist, clearly point out the unfairness.”

  He Yishu’s tone was too serious and earnest, Len slightly flinched, his momentum also dissipated a lot: “This …… It’s certainly unfair, what else do I need to point out? You don’t need to use fancy words, in short, it’s because of you I lost such an important opportunity!”

This time He Yishu was really angry, who gave him the courage to say such illogical words in such a tone?

“First, when we reason, we often use objective arguments, not subjective ones. I hope you can understand this. Therefore, it’s not that you think it’s unfair, it’s just unfair, so we need objective evidence to support this conclusion, otherwise the conclusion itself is not valid, “He Yishu looked at Len with a serious expression as he spoke sternly. ” Just as I now think that your behavior has constituted libel against me personally and the college system, it’s not just that I think so subjectively, but because I can objectively determine that you think it’s unfair. However, your highly subjective remarks definitely point out the unfairness in this matter, which obviously constitutes as defamation.”

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  1. Libel is written, slander is oral

    1. Edited. Happy new year 🎉

  2. Not sure if the author used the wrong word or if the words are just the same in Chinese, but in English there are two different types of defamatory actions: libel and slander. Libel is written defamatory remarks while slander is spoken defamatory remarks. They’re often treated as roughly equivalent, because they pretty much are; but the legal system in the US, in particular, likes to be pedantic about which one you’re suing for and will happily throw out a case if you submit it with the wrong noun.
    Just wanted to share a weird bit of trivia that I happen to know as it seems like this character is going to be dealing with a lot of defamation suits and his character archetype definitely shouldn’t be conflating libel and slander.

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