C10— It Doesn’t Matter

  Although most of the students who could attend the First Academy of Capital Star were children from well-off families and didn’t need to earn their own money, the First Academy still provided many opportunities for students to work and study.

For example, helping the life assistants manage the student apartments, managing the order of the public spaceship, going to the cafeteria to help prepare meals, inspecting and maintaining the equipment and facilities of the mecha training ground, as well as helping to test the rune cards data.

He Yishu’s eyes landed on the last option and he decisively clicked on the application.

The reason why He Yishu chose this part-time job was to earn money and also to learn about the specific operation of testing rune card data to see if he could find an opportunity to confirm his previous suspicions.

Before the result of the application was released, He Yishu still attended classes normally, learning without distractions, as a former god of learning, He Yishu had long summed up his own set of learning methods, even if he entered this era, it was still effective.

Knowledge was mostly about summarizing and absorbing, and with reasonable extension, the learning progress would be far more than the professor’s lecture content, the knowledge points would even be more accurate and appropriate than the professor’s …… However, the current He Yishu didn’t dare to be too high-profile, at least in front of others, he wouldn’t show off his learning skills.

He looked at the schedule, it would take another month or so to start the practical course, He Yishu sighed helplessly, how did time pass so slowly?

As he sighed in boredom, He Yishu’s application result was finally released, and there were two big words on it, not approved.

[Although you are a student of rune card, it isn’t recommended for you participate in this work because you have just enrolled and do not know much about rune card testing yet.]

The feeling of being rejected as a layman was quite weird, although he was indeed a layman now.

He Yishu was already a bit depressed when his application was rejected, but he was stopped by an uninvited guest at the end of class.

“He Yishu, I think we need to have a talk.” He Xiaochen smiled as he stood in front of He Yishu.

This was the first time He Yishu met this former half-brother since he came here, because of his bad mood and some other reasons, He Yishu’s first impression of this person wasn’t very good, so his attitude was naturally not very good: “What do you want?”

He Xiaochen looked around and frowned slightly, “Shouldn’t we find a suitable place to talk properly?”

  Now the two were standing on the roadside, although it place was empty, this was after all a public place, it wasn’t suitable for private discussions.

He Yishu clearly didn’t want to change locations, he raised his eyebrows, “I think this place is very suitable, what do you have to say? I’m busy.”

He Xiaochen looked at He Yishu with an expression of “how can you be so insensitive”, and He Yishu responded with a frank look, “What is our relationship? Why should I care?”

After looking at him for a long time, it was He Xiaochen who finally withdrew his gaze helplessly, he raised his hand and rubbed his brow, then looked at He Yishu, “He Yishu, I apologize for Tingting’s thoughtless act, I hope you can stop bothering with her.”

He Yishu listened with a sneer in his heart and snorted, “Although it’s not quite appropriate, I still want to ask one question, when you graduated from your previous primary school, did you really pass the language subject?”

This question was completely out of He Xiaochen’s expectation and came so inexplicably that he was unable to react for a moment: “What did you say?”

“It’s true that I shouldn’t say this so bluntly, but there’s really a big problem with your ability to express yourself,” He Yishu analyzed it in an organized manner with the attitude of discussing an academic issue, “First, you obviously have a deep understanding of the word ‘thoughtless ‘ This word has a deep misunderstanding. Previously, He Tingting loudly slandered me in front of the entire professional classmates, saying that I cheated during the entrance examination, and even filed a report for this. This matter cannot be thoughtless, no matter what angle you consider. Of course, if you can prove that she has certain mental or psychological problems and sometimes can’t sort out her thoughts and can’t control her behavior, this is something we can discuss again.”

Here, He Yishu paused slightly and smiled at He Xiaochen before continuing: “Second, since the person who made the mistake is He Tingting, and she is now adult enough to be responsible for her own words and actions, she shouldn’t act like a coward and beg her brother to take the blame for her mistake, such behavior is not only meaningless, but also makes others think that He Tingting can only do bad things, but doesn’t dare to take the consequences. Of course, you can also say that He Tingting didn’t ask you to come, and if that is the case, I should criticize you properly. Since you are He Tingting’s elder brother, you should be older than her, so you’re already an adult, right? As an adult, you actually jumped out and admitted your sister’s mistake for her without her permission, isn’t this the same as telling everyone that your sister made a mistake but didn’t take any responsibility? Even if you hate her, you don’t have to set her up in such a way, right? And if you didn’t set her up on purpose, then it only shows that you are completely ignorant of the truth, isn’t this strong evidence that you didn’t learn the language subject well?”

He Xiaochen didn’t expect that his simple sentence could be mercilessly torn apart by He Yishu, his expression darkened: “I didn’t think so, I just ……”

“Look, you even interrupted me directly without waiting for me to finish speaking, this impolite behavior of yours has hung one more evidence against you,” He Yishu unceremoniously interrupted He Xiaochen’s explanation and accused him in a serious manner, “And the last point, you said you hope that I don’t pursue it, if I understand correctly, your words have clearly constituted a slander against me. Now that the matter is over and He Tingting has been duly punished, why should I bother with her? By saying this, you seem certain that I will definitely go after He Tingting because of this matter, which is deliberately slandering me for being calculating and holding grudges, I can report you for this.”

After saying that, He Yishu glanced at He Xiaochen, who was so angry that it looked like smoke was on the verge of smoke coming out of his head, and added: “However, this point doesn’t prove that you didn’t learn the language subject well.”

  He Xiaochen’s eyes were on fire as he stared at He Yishu, but he was so angry that he couldn’t say anything to refute. When did his tongue become so powerful?

He Xiaochen was so angry that he could be misinterpreted to such an extent even though he had only said something politely!

What was even more frightening was that he was now afraid that if he opened his mouth again, he would be judged word by word by the other, so he didn’t even dare speak!

He Yishu waited for three seconds, and when he saw that He Xiaochen was only glaring at him with a dark expression, he politely smiled slightly and said, “Since you have nothing more to say, goodbye.”

After saying that, He Yishu was about to walk around He Xiaochen, but he was stopped by the other raising his arm, He Yishu raised his eyebrow, “Do you have anything else to say?”

He Xiaochen stared at He Yishu with gritted teeth: “He Yishu, we are half-brothers, why do you have to talk to me like this?”

“Student He Xiaochen, if I remember correctly, I no longer have any relationship with the He family now, right?” He Yishu’s voice, however, remained calm and collected, “Considering from the legal perspective, I have severed my relationship with everyone in the He family and will never be associated with you again; and considering from the moral perspective, how the people of the He family treated me before, you shouldn’t have forgotten so quickly, right? Under such circumstances, you can still say such words, I can only say that besides not learning the language subject well, you are also exceptionally thick-skinned.”

  ”You!” He Xiaochen was so angry that his eyes turned black, he had never seen such a brazen person, “He Yishu, don’t go too far! Do you really think that after stealing 5,000 credits from Tingtiing, you are qualified to completely break away from the He family? That is simply not possible!”

He Yishu didn’t take his words seriously, it was true that he didn’t have many credits now, but it was only for now: “If you are worried that I will continue to pester the He family, then you can be rest assured that since both sides have signed an agreement to break off their relationship, then even if I really do, you have the right to just kick me out. Of course, the opposite is also true.”

  ”Obviously you don’t have any money, but you can still talk so confidently, have you already figured out how to make money?” He Xiaochen stared straight at He Yishu and said with a hint of pleasure in his voice, “I know what you think, but do you think you can really succeed?”

He Xiaochen’s tone didn’t sound like he was joking, which made He Yishu frown slightly, he hadn’t done anything yet, the other shouldn’t be able to know his plan, right?

This thought had just risen when He Xiaochen’s next words dispelled He Yishu’s doubts and at the same time made him a little unhappy.

“I know you’re trying to find a part-time job in college, it’s a good idea, but it might be a little difficult, right? What do you think?” He Xiaochen lowered his voice, while the expression on his face gradually became gloating.

In an instant, a thought popped into He Yishu’s mind, he thought of the part-time job application that he had been rejected from, although He Xiaochen didn’t say anything positive related to this, He Yishu still guessed the subtext under his words.

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