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It could be said that the response was quite straightforward, through the entire netizen circle, probably not many dared to dislike people like Yun Zheng did. As for the photo he used, it was very ironic.

Still, Yun Zheng was better at food carving, this time, he carved a plate of brined pig’s head on an apple. The following line was deliberately engraved: “Eat some pig brain, later when gossiping, remember to wake up a little.”

Such a sentence, the original chaos on Weibo suddenly became quiet. It took five or six minutes before someone responded.

“Cr*p! Hahahahahahaha, even Yun Zheng’s swearing is really different. ”

“That’s right, eat some pig brains, replenish your brain. This sentence is too on-topic. But I’m afraid eating pig brains won’t help, after all, it’s hopeless.”

As soon as the real owner appeared, the suppressed fans of Yun Zheng returned. And Yun Zheng’s unrelentingly direct sarcasm also gave them a shot in the arm. Those who didn’t believe in the news became more determined and felt that those who scolded Yun Zheng were fools.

However, their excitement compared to the keyboard warriors was far from enough. Before, Yun Zheng was silent, these keyboard warriors were singing a one-man show, now that he came out, they dared to talk back.

“Oh, really have the face to come out. The good orphanage can let you live as a broth*l.”

Yun Zheng glanced at him, took a screenshot of his avatar, and commented backhandedly: “Your head seems to have been hit by lightning. If people don’t want to make sense, I still want to. If you don’t accept it, I will convince you.”

Coincidentally, this person was Ming Qiao’s fans, the avatar used was also Ming Qiao’s photo. It was still popular this time, Ming Qiao prided himself on being fashionable, and of course he also went to get one. It wasn’t a big deal at first, but when Yun Zheng said that, it gave people a sense of that.

Wasn’t it just a seam of lightning strike on the background? It looked like a snow-white scalp was exposed in the middle and it could be seen at a glance from far away.

“Cr*p, hahahahaha, this sentence, my God ah!”

“I can’t, I’m going to die laughing.”

“It’s too damaging, without a single dirty word, he scolded these anti-fans till they couldn’t find their homes.” Before being chased by keyboard warriors, most of Yun Zheng’s fans had been scolded, seeing him so sharp, made them feel much lighter.

However, what Yun Zheng had to say on this end was far from over. Seeing that the opposite side couldn’t reply after a long time, he simply sent out another post. This post was even more bizarre than the last apple, with a picture of the most common pencil box.

Yun Zheng: Advise those friends who take advantage of the Internet to vent, hold on to the Chinese pencil in your hands, the words on it.

“What do you mean?” This sentence was a bit incomprehensible, Chen Jun couldn’t help but open his mouth to ask questions.

Yun Zheng raised his eyebrows, opened the stationery box, took out the pencils inside and threw one to him.

Chen Jun saw it and immediately laughed-it was 2b. And just after a while, those people on the Internet followed suit.

[TN: 2B=傻逼 It means fool or idiot in Chinese.]

“Six six six six, Yun Zheng really got them.” [TN: 6666– cool/awesome]

“No more, it’s quite an image.”

“Hahahahahahaha, at eleven o’clock at night, mama asked me why I was kneeling by the computer to use Weibo.”

Yun Zheng’s series of counterattacks, each sentence was sharper than the former, the keyboard warriors that used dirty words to scold him, simply weren’t his rivals. The point was, nothing could stop people from forwarding it.

Even Yun Zheng himself didn’t expect it, he cursed with these words, but it directly became known throughout the network and instantly became a new generation of Internet buzzwords. Even the emoticons that went with these words came out. Coincidentally, in each of the emoji packs, the face used was Ming Qiao. And so he became the best rookie in the emoji pack world.

Yun Zheng flipped through the comments for a while, and followed with another post: “In a sense, Mr. Ming Qiao is quite worthy of my admiration. Sitting in the arms of thousands of dumb people, it is surprising that even now he hasn’t been struck by the sky.”

This was how Yun Zheng tore his face off and disliked Ming Qiao. The term “dumb” referred to the Ming Qiao fans who came to his Weibo comment section to cause trouble under Ming Qiao’s incitement.

The next few minutes was equivalent to Yun Zheng’s personal performance time. He picked out Ming Qiao and those who provoked him and his fans, one by one, and scolded them in different ways for a full hour. Not a single word was repeated, and the more he posted the sharper it got.

Few dared to do so. After all, he was also a public figure, he had to speak calmly. But Yun Zheng wasn’t the same, Yun Zheng was young, and taking such abuse, it was normal for him scold them. Not did he appear to be annoyed, but it also aptly reflected his teenage spirit.

Still a child, yet he suffered so much aggravation, how could he take it.

Gradually, the wind on the network began to shift, and the views of onlookers, also began to change.

“In fact, I think that Yun Zheng looks like he was wrongly accused. That comment section, their decoding was too fast. I am a die-hard fan of Yun Zheng, and I didn’t even recognise that photo when it was first shown.”

“I also think that Yun Zheng’s reaction is true. This child, his character is stable. If he wasn’t aggravated hard, he wouldn’t have blown up like this at all.”

“Definitely blew up! It was so hard for him to get by before, and now that it’s finally better, he saw this. If you want me to say, that gossip blog owner doesn’t have a conscience.”

With the temporary retreat of the keyboard warriors, the intellectually normal onlookers, followed by the return of the crowd. Yun Zheng, who was almost stepped into the bottom by Ming Qiao, unexpectedly relied on a few curse words and regained the initiative.

“F*ck!” In front of the computer, Ming Qiao was so angry that he directly dropped the mouse, wanting to curse back, but he was concerned about the issue of manners, so he had to hold back. However, Yun Zheng did not give him time to breathe.

Yun Zheng released part of the information that Gu Yan gave him before. For example, the so-called bed photo that had traces of photo-shop, and that edited audio.

Nine pictures, on each one, was the truth. Among them, the three pictures in the middle, all which led to the scolding of the Weibo users had been posted with special description: Whoever is affiliated with which marketing company, whoever is affiliated with which water army war team.

The most ironic thing was the last picture used as a statistic.

Who would have thought that the weibo users that deliberately led the trouble to Yun Zheng’s head in the beginning would all come from a water army marketing company. In other words, this was a conspiracy. A conspiracy that was deliberately arranged by people without a heart, in order to frame Yun Zheng.

“Brains are a good thing, I hope you all have them. If you keep your tongues, you will only follow the clouds, then you should go to the temple more often in the future to learn about our Buddha’s mercy!”

Ruthlessly hitting their faces, Yun Zheng’s post simply couldn’t be doubted. The more they compared the two, the more they saw the inconsistencies. And the more these weird posts were pointed out, the more it highlighted the retardation of those keyboard warriors who previously scolded Yun Zheng.

“I’m just asking, does your face hurt!”

The keyboard warriors who were chasing after Yun Zheng, even through the Internet, felt their faces swell with pain, and wanted to swallow all the words they had said before.

Who would have thought that Yun Zheng, a second-year child with no one to rely on, would have such great ability. Even the matter of the water army, he was able to find out. But if it was so easy to admit defeat, then they wouldn’t have become the so-called keyboard warriors. A group of fools who didn’t even have the basic three views, how could they be expected to calm down because of one punch in the face?

They wouldn’t easily give up, even if they added more lies, they couldn’t let Yun Zheng feel better.

“Oh, this is the real evidence that exposes that someone is behind you! Without power, you could find out so many details in such a short period of time?”

“Even a celebrity’s PR, is not even so fast!”

However, before they could type these words out, they found a private message alert. When they clicked on it, they all turned pale with fear.

A lawsuit letter.

Not those celebrity PR stunts on the Internet to fool people, but the real legal letter. It had the official seal of the court case, and even their real names and ID number were marked clearly. As for the charge, it was also written very clearly, slander. The evidence, was their previous online scolding of Yun Zheng.

These keyboard warriors, ninety percent only dared to pretend on the network. Once they were revealed, their cowardice and weakness would be exposed. Especially the weibo user that sent them the letter, or the most famous law firm on that end of Yanjing. It straightforwardly stated for them to wait for the court summons.

Now, all of them were dumbfounded.

“Sorry, it’s all my fault, I apologize.”

“I’ll apologize to the kid, if the law suit letter goes through ah, we will lose our jobs.”

“I just followed the wind in passing, and didn’t intentionally scold him. Later I became angry …… after all, he didn’t speak well, did he?”

However, these explanations and apologies in their private emails had all sunk into the sea, and they didn’t receive any effective response.

If it was really because of this that they were summoned to court ……

A sense of crisis overshadowed the hearts of these keyboard warriors, followed by great remorse. Why did they have to scold a small netizen? Now, they had kicked a iron plate, getting insulted was a small thing, getting the lawsuit was the most troublesome!

“I’m sorry, what I said just now was my mistake. Please forgive me.” No one knew who took the lead and apologized to Yun Zheng. Immediately after, more and more people, also reacted. They apologized, deleted the weibo comments and apologized for the apology. One by one, all of them showed two hundred percent sincerity.

“What is the situation? The keyboard warriors have conceded?” The fans of Yun Zheng all looked at each other, completely confused about this new direction. In the end, it could only be attributed to these people’s discovery of conscience.

After all, their Yun Zheng was so cute, who would be able to bear hurting him!

However, Yun Zheng knew in his heart that it was mostly Gu Yan who had struck again there.

“Really, thank you so much.” Yun Zheng opened the private chat with Gu Yan, he thought for a long time, but didn’t know what to say. He could only use these simple words to convey his gratitude. Right now, Yun Zheng had already concluded that Gu Yan was an old man who loved public welfare, had a great sense of justice, and was highly respected. That was why he repeatedly took the initiative to help an orphan who was alone.

“This tycoon, people are really too good!” Next to him, Chen Jun also couldn’t help but follow the sigh.

“Hmm.” Yun Zheng nodded approvingly and secretly decided in his heart that he would definitely repay him well when he had the chance in the future.

However, Gu Yan on the other side became a little cranky because of this thank you from him.

So, why the salutation again? Yun Zheng couldn’t take him for some 60 or 70 year old man!

It was rare that he didn’t reply to Yun Zheng’s message first, Gu Yan held his phone and went through all the conversations between him and Yun Zheng several times, but in the end he couldn’t figure out where the problem came from.


Gu Yan’s mind was still on Yun Zheng’s salutation. However, at the other end of Weibo, it exploded once again. The matter of Yun Zheng, surprisingly once again reversed. And this time, it was the culprit, Ming Qiao, who had taken the blame himself.

A fan of an over-the-top web star suddenly came forward and posted a long message. The title of the post was also very intriguing.

#Why does something happen to every up-and-coming netizen who goes up against Ming Qiao? #Why is it that every new internet celebrity who goes up against Ming Qiao gets into trouble?

This wasn’t too long, but it summed up the three netizens and two raccoon live anchors who had dealt with Ming Qiao. They all, without exception, started well, but inexplicably, bad news about them got exposed, followed by them reaching yhe bottom, and finally the news couldn’t be cleared and they had to give up. But the most coincidental, including the now maliciously designed Yun Zheng, every one of the people in trouble, more or less were linked to Ming Qiao.

Just like the first one who got exposed for opening a store to cheat money. But Ming Qiao cared about public welfare, and also helped the elderly. As for the second one that was taking advantage of his fans, the comparison was that Ming Qiao personally paid to fund his fans that had leukemia. There was a third, a fourth …… all the way to Yun Zheng, whenever a person’s bad deeds got exposed, news about Ming Qiao’s advantages were brought up to contrast with it.

Therefore, the Weibo user who sent the long post ended it with a straightforward rhetorical question, “Is there really such a coincidence in the world, is there?”

This long post was just sent, but it immediately became the focus of the fans. In fact, what Ming Qiao did wasn’t considered a profound tactic. It was just that the previous ones were choked to death, and he actually gained fans, so he didn’t get noticed. And now, once the the veil was lifted, naturally, it couldn’t be hidden anymore.

“Evil has its retribution!” Chen Jun’s belly hurt from laughing, he poked Yun Zheng, who had his eyes closed, with a finger: “Yun Zheng, when will the actual truth of Ming Qiao’s scheme against you all be revealed? They’ve pretty much guessed it anyway.”

“There is no rush.” Yun Zheng shook his head, “There are three days til my raccoon live debut, it can be used as a topic.”

However, Yun Zheng’s mood was stabilized, but Weibo had become chaotic. The previous keyboard warriors who were against Yun Zheng found a way to vent their frustration.

Gradually, more and more people began to suspect Ming Qiao. And Ming Qiao suddenly began to lose his followers. This time, he was really anxious and couldn’t help but send a Weibo clarification post.

“Why should I act against a junior high school kid who has no skills?”

Ming Qiao was annoyed and angry. Yun Zheng’s strength was beyond his expectation, and the point was that his reaction was too fast. He didn’t even have time to pave the way, and the whole public opinion was turned around. Moreover, Ming Qiao was also a bit scared. Yun Zheng’s reaction was too hard, so hard that if he went further, he could be hit along with it.

If all of his black material aas really exposed, then his net popularity career would come to an end.

However, Yun Zheng did not intend to let him off, Ming Qiao said he wasn’t capable, Yun Zheng directly put the recent two video data comparison: “Yes, of course you don’t need to act against me, after all, you are over the hill!”

A naked slap in the face.

Whether it was fhe number of video retweets, or clicks, and comments, if if it was compared, Yun Zheng had reached a higher level than Ming Qiao.

“Hahahaha, begging for a hammer, this wave operation six!” Many people couldn’t help but laugh out loud when they saw this scene. And thought, this kid Yun Zheng was too interesting. Steady character, but not arrogant. The point wass, it was too painful to watch him hit faces. Before the keyboard warriors scolded him crazily, but then they turned around and apologized to Yun Zheng.

As for Ming Qiao, he was even more impressive. He directly turned Ming Qiao, who was a handsome internet celebrity into a rookie in the emoji world. As far as his skill was concerned, most people really didn’t have it.

“Don’t be too arrogant!” Ming Qiao was so angry that he was suffocated. He couldn’t hold back and replied: “I’ll see you live on the raccoon platform in three days! Call Daddy Game, and the less popular ones will kneel down to the other and call them Daddy.”

Yun Zheng: “I’ll give you a word. There are some thing you don’t have to insist on, after all, if you insist on it, you won’t succeed. In addition, you will look ugly, I don’t want you to be so ugly! ”

Ming Qiao immediately stood up from his chair, his eyes were filled with anger, it looked like it was about to materialise. He was staring at Yun Zheng’s avatar, as he cursed. However, what he didn’t expect was that his few words with Yun Zheng would invite some passersby, who had nothing to do with him, to follow suit and scold him.

“Such a shameless adult. His conscience must have been eaten by dogs for him to bully a child.”

“What’s the meaning of the daddy game, really too shameful.

“If all the male creatures in the universe that can breathe are counted, it is estimated that there is no rubbish existence like him.”

What the hell did this have to do with them all!

The tactics he had used on others in the past had all rebounded on him. Ming Qiao was so angry that he dropped his cup. He couldn’t go through the net and sew these people’s mouths shut. He walked around the room several times in annoyance and poured two more cans of beer before he really calmed down.

He hadn’t lost yet, there was still the live broadcast to prove himself!

Thinking of this, Ming Qiao calmed down a little and opened the raccoon platform and went to his group.

“Guys! I’ve been bullied by a kid.”

“What’s going on? Which kid is so bold? Go! Let’s go for a round and just attack his live stream!”

“Hey, thanks, guys, three days later! Lend a hand.”

In a few words, Ming Qiao described himself as an innocent victim, who was bullied by Yun Zheng to the point of tears. And as soon as he opened the live stream, the tycoon group started sending gifts. The Raccoon platform had a ranking of up-and-coming anchors, and Ming Qiao was still within the deadline, so if enough gifts were sent, there was hope for it to go up.

The Raccoon platform and Weibo were two worlds, Yun Zheng ate well on Weibo, but the Raccoon platform was Ming Qiao’s main battlefield. No matter how strong Yun Zheng was, a newcomer who was new to the world would never be able to compete with him, who had a fixed group of tycoons!

This time, he had to make Yun Zheng suffer and go on his knees and call him father.

Three days later, in such an atmosphere, the live broadcast finally began.

Ming Qiao was scolded by Yun Zheng before, and he was the one who proposed the bet first. So this time, he was all out to trample down Yun Zheng.

Matsutake mushrooms, truffles, filet mignon, caviar …… various top ingredients were moved to the cooking table by Ming Qiao one after another. At the same time, his words were many.

“Today, I’m going to present a most special Western main dish. The name of this dish won’t be mentioned, but my next move, you must watch carefully! Because this will be a, top visual and taste after the collision of the perfect feast.”

Ming Qiao, in the end still had some real skill, plus he had carefully prepared, with series of movements, it was enough to make people dazzled.

“Ho! Ming Qiao is going to make a big deal this time!” Many of Ming Qiao’s fans couldn’t help but speak in awe. At the same time, some of them opened another page to see Yun Zheng’s end.

On Weibo, Yun Zheng’s strength could be said to be the most powerful. The previous weibo sparring brought him a lot of popularity, and the raccoon platform side also gave him a strong push. Therefore, excluding the point that he didn’t have a tycoon group to sending him gifts for him to go up the list, Yun Zheng’s remaining aspects, were more advantageous than Ming Qiao.

Therefore, many people were very curious to know how Yun Zheng was going to deal with the scene in front of them.

However, surprisingly, it was not like Ming Qiao, who had made a lot of complicated and advanced materials. Yun Zheng’s materials were massively simple, so simple that people couldn’t believe it.

God Nima’s basket of eggs.


This chap kicked me on the head, lots of slangs, lot of double-meanings and it only gets worst from here, but it gets better soon for me 🤞

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