Gu Sinian’s business focus over the years gradually began to shift back to the domestic industry, but he couldn’t get away from foreign matters for a while, so every once in a while he had to go back. This time he had been out of the country for nearly a month. Near the Qingming Festival, he received a message from his nephew, he sorted out the matter at hand, informed him he would be back the day after tomorrow and asked how the Ye family was.

The last time Ye Hansheng came back from the Ye family soon after, the news of Zhong Ling’s mistress was “mistakenly” revealed in front of Ye Qiurui.

The youngest son, Ye Qiuting, was spoiled long ago and wasn’t useful. The daughter inherited her mother’s intelligence and cunning, and the mother and daughter teamed up to coax Ye Maokai to death. But her weakness was also very obvious.

Ye Hansheng thought of the news that the Ye family had been making trouble recently.

Zhong Ling came from an ordinary family, he relied on his face to coax Ye Qiurui and married her. They looked harmonious in front of people, but they often fought. Ye Qiurui’s heart was higher than the sky, but she waa after all a daughter, she was behind her brother, although Ye Maokai spoiled her, he never thought of letting his daughter take over the company. Ye Qiurui wasn’t willing to spend her life as a financial director. He was determined to take down Ye Hansheng, and then take the position from her brother.

Unfortunately, she was smart, but her intelligence was limited. Every time the company didn’t go well, she would go home to vent her anger on Zhong Ling.

Zhong Ling relied on her support, he was openly obedient to her, but secretly he was fed up, he secretly took the money given by Ye Qiurui to raise a lover. He did it discreetly, Ye Qiurui was busy with company matters, so she hadn’t found out.

Ye Hansheng learnt of this, and then generously stabbed Ye Qiurui.

These days, Ye Qiurui focused on divorcing Zhong Ling.

According to people monitoring the Ye family’s house, Zhong Ling went to the house to kneel down and admit his mistake, and refused to divorce. Ye Qiurui was disgusted with him, and she would have thrown hin out. Later, it wasn’t known what Zhong Ling said. Ye Qiurui suddenly changed his attitude and forgave him. They went upstairs together.

No one knew what the couple said upstairs, but then Ye Qiurui was carried downstairs by Zhong Ling and taken to the hospital.

–After the two of them had a secret talk in the room, Ye Qiurui had a miscarriage.

Qiu Jihe went to the hospital to take care of her daughter, and Ye Maokai was so angry when he learnt the news that he beat up his son-in-law, but this time Ye Qiurui never mentioned the divorce again.

The change in attitude of Ye Qiurui was so fast that Ye Hansheng wondered if Zhong Ling had any leverage. After all, they had been married for four years, and Zhong Ling had been with her day and night, so it wasn’t surprising that he would know something.

He then asked people to keep a close eye on every move of the Ye family.

But he didn’t tell Gu Sinian so much, only that he continued to keep an eye on it.

The day before the Qingming Festival, Gu Sinian returned home. The next day, Ye Hansheng went to the nursing home to pick up his sister, pushed by the bodyguard, the niece, nephew and uncle went to the cemetery.

The gravesite of his mother and grandmother and grandfather were next to each other, and the black and white photo on the tombstone showed a pretty woman with a gentle smile.

Gu Sinian stood at the end, silently looking at the black-and-white photo, and let the siblings pay their respects first.

Ye Hansheng placed a bouquet of red roses in front of the tombstone. That was his mother’s favourite flower before she died.

“Mom, I’ve brought Jiajia to see you.” Gently holding his sister’s hand, Ye Hansheng’s eyes were tender, “Jiajia’s condition is very stable, I found a good doctor abroad, he has successfully cured three vegetative people, I am going to let Jiajia try. Maybe in a few years, it will be Jiajia’s turn to push me to see you.”

The only way to curb his hostility was to act like he did five years ago, when he was still the young master of the Ye family, who was still very spirited, gentle and elegant on the outside and a bit wilted on the inside.

The bodyguards and Gu Sinian were far away. At this time, only he and his sister were in front of the tomb, Ye Hansheng narrated the year’s happy events to his mother.

“I also met a very well-behaved kid. He is very nice and I liked him a lot. You always used to say that more good deeds can accumulate blessings. Although I never refuted it in front of you, I actually didn’t believe it in my heart, but after meeting him, I want to believe it. The charity foundation under Jiajia’s name has been restarted, and what you always wanted to do before, I will continue to do.”

Looking deeply at his mother’s tombstone, he whispered, “I have taken good care of myself, and I will take good care of Jiajia. You don’t have to worry about us this time ……”

The man’s low, deep ramblings drifted in the wind, and the woman in the black and white photo was smiling warmly as always. In the distance, the wind blew, the branches of the red roses trembled slightly, and in a place Ye Hansheng didn’t notice, the sleeping Ye Jia seemed to finally wake up from her dream, her thick black eyelashes gently trembled in the wind.

When the siblings finished worshipping their mother, Gu Sinian slowly came forward with the rose in his arms. His gaze was silent and repressed, just like the past many years, wanting to say but not able to. He wanted to ask but could not.

He was originally an orphan, but was adopted by the kind-hearted Gu family and grew up with a lot of good clothes and food. His sister Gu Siyu was the person he was determined to protect since he was a child, which was his parents’ wish and also his heart’s desire.

But he didn’t know when the restlessness of adolescence turned this guardianship into something else. His parents treated him as their own son, and his sister Gu Siyu treated him as her own brother, but he coveted the pearl of the Gu family.

He felt guilty and panicked. He only wanted to be a good brother, after she married, and after her parents’ death, he could also back her up, so that she had a family to rely on.

But he failed to hide his heart. He remembered the day his sister got married, he was drunk and in a daze what he said, he no longer remembered, but he always remembered her smiling and saying, “Sinian, you will always be my brother.”

His heart was spied on that day, and he was cut off by his own hands that day.

When he heard that she had given birth to a son and a daughter and was living happily, he stopped deliberately inquiring. He just thought she was doing well.

He thought she had met a good man, but didn’t expect to hear the news of her death. It was more than a year later when he returned home from a long journey, but he only saw the silent tombstone and the black and white photo.

He wanted to go to the Ye family to seek justice for his sister, but first he met his nephew, whose temperament had changed dramatically. This nephew he had seen not many times, he vaguely remembered that he was very much like Ye Maokai when he was a child. He didn’t like his brother-in-law, so he didn’t have good feelings towards his little nephew. But after many years. He found that his nephew was actually more like his sister.

He failed to protect his sister, but he could no longer let people bully the two siblings.

“Hansheng has changed a lot.” Gu Sian looked tenderly at the woman in the photo, he glanced back at the nephew waiting behind, with a little pleasant smile and softly said: “I was always worried that he was too radical and would do something irreversible. Now it seems that he has finally thought out of the box.”

“Sister, I will take good care of the two siblings.” Bitterness trailed under his eyes, but Gu Sinian still smiled gently, “Since you are no longer here, I will guard them for you.”


The siblings and uncle stayed at the cemetery for more than two hours, paying their respects to the Gu family, before slowly leaving.

At the Qingming Festival, it rained a lot. It didn’t rain when they came, but when they went back, it rained. Ye Hansheng first sent Ye Jia back to the sanatorium, and then had a meal with Gu Sinian, it was already evening.

The rain didn’t stop, the bodyguard sent him downstairs, Ye Hansheng waved him away, then took the elevator upstairs.

The wheels of the wheelchair rolled over the carpet without making a single sound. Ye Hansheng opened the door and went in. He turned on the lights, before he had time to change shoes and enter the house, he heard the doorbell ring.

Surprise flashed through his eyes, Ye Hansheng opened the door and saw Wen Run, wearing a light yellow hooded sweater, standing at the door. Wen Run was carrying a beautiful and exquisite box in his hand, and his eyes shined as he stared at him, “Mr. Ye, I made green dumplings, I heard you come back, so I came to give you a box.”

Ye Hansheng raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes fell on the small box he handed over. The light green box was tied with a beige ribbon, with a fresh colour scheme, just like him.

As Wen Run was being stared at, his eyes drifted around, he didn’t dare look at him. In fact, he lied, he simply did not happen to hear the movements of Ye Hansheng. He stayed at home all day today, made green dough in the morning, went to ring the doorbell, but found no one there. He then spent the afternoon at home on guard, waiting for him to return.

They were close to each other, Ye Hansheng came back and turned on the lights, he could see the light coming out of the balcony vaguely, which was how he knew he was back.

Today was the Qingming Festival, he expected that his mood was probably not too good, so he tried to comfort him in every way possible. He wanted to go, the he remembered that Ye Hansheng never told him about his family affairs, and if he rashly mentioned it, he might offend him, so he thought about making a green ball with red bean paste stuffing for him.
It was said that when one was in a bad mood, they could get better after eating sweets.

“Thank you.” Ye Hansheng took the delicate little box and put it on his lap, his eyes slightly warm as he looked at him, “Want to come in and sit down?”

Wen Run immediately shook his head, Ye Hansheng gaze slightly sunk, Wen Run’s ears were red ears, as he stuttered out an invitation, “I, I’m fine at home, I’m cooking a little more, you just came back, you still haven’t eaten, right? Do you mind if …… You can come to my home to eat ……”

The more he said the more red his face bacame red, as if such an invitation was embarrassing. Ye Hansheng was immediately in a better mood, even his voice was milder by a few degrees, “Then I’ll accept it.”

Wen Run’s eyes lit up like a rewarded puppy, if he had ears on his head, maybe they would have been straight up by now.

“I’ll put the things in the house first.” The corners of Ye Hansheng’s mouth curved up into a soft arc, he put the green dough that Wen Run sent over into the house before going next door with him.


Ching Ming Festival, or Qingming, is a special Chinese day for the remembrance of ancestors.

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