C1– To Be Obliterated

Severe pain, hunger, and mental depression to the extreme sense of collapse constantly tormented Yun Zheng. Despair beyond words, implicating the heart, penetrating the bone marrow and even breathing were all burdens that aggravated suffering.


Ah, it was said that it was more difficult to get to him than to live when the lights go out. Maybe it was because he was too stupid in the past that he had to be given extra punishment after his death?


How sad and ridiculous!


Thinking, Yun Zheng made a determined effort to open his eyes, then, he froze as he stared at the scene.


Empty stairwells, scattered piles of a shabby mop and broom in the corner, even the top of the head of the light bulb was dark.


What a familiar childhood scene!


He incredulously pinched his thin immature arm, Yun Zheng’s heart fell into chaos.


He hurriedly looked up and looked at the window, the glass showed his reflection, he was stunned and the child reflected in the window mirrored his expression , his hand that hung uselessly, suddenly clenched.


-He, Yun Zheng, was back?  !


If this was a dream, it was best never to wake up.


Yun Zheng died a fool in his last life. A good hand was broken, falling from the clouds to the bottom, humiliated and tortured to death.


He was originally a talented person, and even his temper was surprisingly calm. Although he was orphan was born in an extremely poor condition, he was the best child in the school since childhood. Even after junior high school, he dropped out of the provincial key school because of poverty, and he was able to make a fortune in the culinary industry with effort. Then he naturally became the small boss of the top private restaurant.


But who could have expected that Lu Ran, his best friend who Yun Zheng never guarded against, gave him a sharp stab in the back, leaving him beyond redemption.


“Why?” In prison, Yun Zheng’s red eyes were fixed on Lu Ran, who was blocked by glass and was smiling.


In China, ten grams of heroin was already able to be sentenced, and one kilogram of heroin was the way to death. However, Lu Ran, who he regarded as his younger brother, could send him to his death without even blinking an eye! Framing him for drug possession.


Looking at Lu Ran’s still innocent face, the hatred raging and churning in Yun Zheng’s heart made his eyes even more red.


“Lu Ran, I treated you not badly. When I was seven years old, I let you have the opportunity to adopted by the Gu family. At fifteen, you were sent back to the orphanage by the Lu family for some unknown reason, crying to continue your studies, and I dropped out of school to pay for you. I dropped out of school to support you. You went to college and I saved up for your living expenses and tuition for four years. When you graduated from school and didn’t have a job, I took you into my private restaurant, I couldn’t even talk as well as you.”


“So many years…and so much for my own brother.” …Where is your conscience?


Yun Zheng and Lu Ran knew each other very well when they were young. They were both children in the orphanage. Yun Zheng had many lively ideas. He was king of the children, while Lu Ran was quiet and shy, but he was more beautiful than a girl. He was often bullied by ignorant little boys, so that he would cry.


Yun Zheng would protect him, spoil him, lest he be wronged, spoiled him for more than 20 years.


However, he never expected that when he was sincere, what he got was a thoroughly white wolf.


At the moment of the shooting, Yun Zheng thought that in his life, that was it. But when he opened his eyes, he unexpectedly returned to the day when the final exam results came out 12 years ago.


“Yun Zheng, I’ve found you!” A familiar voice interrupted Yun Zheng’s memory.


“Jun Chen?” Yun Zheng hesitated to call his name. Then, Chen Jun pulled him up from the ground.


“The gang is too much!  I have to endure what I say, and the headmaster’s nephew is the reason.  Isn’t the head of the education bureau coming soon?  We can complain. ”


Yun Zheng lifted his head laboriously, and the clean-cut teenager with the sun shining on his back stood in front of him. The eyes filled with worry were very warm. And the pain from around his body also gave Yun Zheng an extra hint of the reality of being alive. The memories of junior high school jumped out like ripples.


The day when the final results were announced was the biggest turning point in Yun Zheng’s life.


Yun Zheng’s performance had always been one of the best in the school. In the first day of the junior high school, he also won the national mathematics competition award and was qualified to attend to the provincial key high school. Originally, he could leave the small town and go to the province to get a higher starting point as long as he spent the third year safely. However, all these bright prospects for the future were abruptly cut off by campus violence.


It was today that the head of the education department would put all the fault on him alone to favor the principal’s nephew, and at the same time, with a strong attitude, ordered him to do a review in front of the whole school or else he would be ordered to withdraw from school. However, the head of the city’s education bureau came over to examine him, and after hearing Yun Zheng’s review, he mistakenly thought that Yun Zheng’s moral character was corrupt, and simply cancelled his recommendation qualification.


If it was only because of this, Yun Zheng would never compromise. But it was also today that Lu Ran came back. With scars all over his body, he cried like a baby, yet later when the Gu family came to pick him up, he picked himself up very neatly, his face full of smiles, not daring to show any bad emotions.


It was useless to be a scholar.


The principal had the right, he could press down his head at school. If they had money from their family, they could abuse Lu Ran arbitrarily, and didn’t even treat him as a human being. Therefore, Yun Zheng’s cognition at that time was biased, and he mistakenly thought that only when he became a master could he get rid of the bitter water completely.


Then, two months later, Lu Ran was sent back by his family. The orphanage director admitted frankly that he could only provide one person to attend high school. Yun Zheng voluntarily gave up his studies and decided to go out to earn money. It was this decision that almost ruined his life.


A 15 or 16-year-old teenager, who had no possessions and no skills to stand on, how could he stand out? If it weren’t for Yun Zheng’s tenacity, intelligence and diligence, he would have starved to death before he could get out of it.


However, Lu Ran arranged all this. The purpose was to cut off his future.


“Yun Zheng, Yun Zheng!  Did you listen to me? ”  Seeing Yun Zheng’s absent-mindedness, Chen Jun patted him on the shoulder: “Listen to my advice. Lu Ran climbed a high branch and won’t come down.  There are some things that you should not take too seriously. ”


“I have heard about it, or is it because of Lu Ran’s fight?”


“Well, I see.” Looking at Chen Jun’s immature face full of worries, Yun Zheng nodded, his eyes almost red.


Chen Jun was one of the few friends in his previous life.


The first bucket of gold he earned was from Chen Jun’s family. It was not until a long time later that he realized that Chen Jun had mortgaged his family’s house before he got the loan. Later, however, when he had an accident, the private restaurant was sealed up, and Chen Jun also suffered trouble. His punishment was even earlier than his sentence.


Recalling the previous life, Chen Jun suffered in prison, but he still strongly supported his family to take a message to him, asking him to hold on, and when he went out, they would look after Lu Ran together. Yun Zheng kept his breath in his chest, and his heart was full of clenched pain. But on the surface, he still pretended to ask Chen Jun easily: “How was my exam this time?”


“What else, of course, you’re number one!” Speaking of this, Chen Jun’s frowning brows also loosened a lot: “I don’t care, this time you have to mean everything you say.”


“Okay.” Yun Zheng nodded, and his mood finally settled down. But at this moment, a nasty figure walking towards him directly stopped him and Chen Jun.


“Yo!  Are you still alive when you have such a miserable life? ”


Cao Ming.


Yun Zheng froze, he immediately recognized him. At the same time, he also recalled the origin of his bad situation.


In the final analysis, it was Lu Ran.


Lu Ran envied Yun Zheng and even wished him to die. As for Yun Zheng’s concessions, in Lu Ran’s eyes, it was just a handout that humiliated him to the extreme.


Therefore, since Lu Ran was picked up by his family, his heart had been filled with the idea of making Yun Zheng’s life difficult. And Cao Ming was his running dog.


Yun Zheng grew well and studied well. Cao Ming didn’t like him. In addition, Lu Ran paid for it. He brought people to Yun Zheng every day. At present, the injury on Yun Zheng was caused by Cao Ming under the direction of Lu Ran.


Rise to the moon and fight against the moon. He, Yun Zheng had a clear conscience for more than 20 years. In the end, he was defeated by the people.


Recalling the last torture he suffered. The heavy shackles that bound his freedom, the harsh metallic sound that rubbed against the ground when one foot moved forward, the dull sound of police and stick hitting between his shoulder blades …


The most desperate hell, he climbed out alive, how could he care about Cao Ming. As for Lu Ran hiding behind him, in Yun Zheng’s eyes now, he was just a buffoon.


Through the window behind him, several people who entered the building one after another caught Yun Zheng’s attention. He thought about it quickly and had an idea in his heart.


Hit the snake. In his last life, he didn’t guard against Lu Ran and suffered a great loss in his hands. But this life, he would definitely not let go. Cao Ming was an important pawn Lu Ran painstakingly raised, who made it difficult for him. Then he would break Lu Ran’s arm and give him some lessons.


With a low laugh, Yun Zheng raised his head and asked indifferently: “How can I die if a big secret is not clear?”




“Cao Ming, whose bed did you say your mother was in last night?” Yun Zheng’s tone was very light, only he and Cao Ming could hear. But the words were clear and every word was full of disdain and sarcasm.


The most taboo subject for Cao Ming at ordinary times was when others mentioned this mother.  When Cao Ming’s mother was young, she was a famous beauty in Xingcheng. After giving birth to Cao Ming, she kicked her husband with her children. Over the years, she had been looking for rich foreigners, and she was said to have touched the beds of high-level officials in Xingcheng, and had been promoted step by step. Her family relatives relied on nepotism and their development was good, Cao Ming’s uncle was the school principal. Therefore, he was very flattering to Cao Ming and let him run amok in Xingcheng No.2 high School.


As for Lu Ran and Cao Ming, they were connected through the dinner of a wealthy businessman.  Naturally, adopted children, were not highly regarded, and children who depended on mistresses with open legs stayed in the same section.


And this was also the most inferiority complex in Cao Ming’s heart. Therefore, at the moment when Yun Zheng’s words fell, he pulled up Yun Zheng’s collar and severely knocked him down on the wall.  His eyes were wide and he couldn’t wait to tear him apart.


“What did you say?”


“Cao Ming, you’re crazy!” Chen Jun on the edge rushed forward and tried to stop him. However, Yun Zheng motioned with his hand not to come over. His words became more sharp and unforgiving.


“Oh, don’t be silly, you always say I am a bastard without parents, do you know who your father is?  Yeah, the most beautiful socialite in Xingcheng … ”


“F**k you!” Cao Ming completely lost his mind, and the faint scent of blood on Yun Zheng also aroused his violent emotions completely. With no discretion, he became desperate to drag Yun Zheng to the stairs and push him down.


As long as this was done, Yun Zheng would lie in bed for at least three months.


“Stop it! What are you doing? ” Unexpected voices prevented Cao Ming from moving. Cao Ming followed the voice and turned back. He happened to see the teaching director and the headmaster coming along with several teachers he had not seen before.


“Good luck!”  Letting go of Yun Zheng, Cao Ming’s tone was full of hostility.


However, the teaching director at the back also trotted over in a hurry, denouncing Yun Zheng loudly and saying: “Yun Zheng, you were originally exempted from admission and did not study hard to repay the school. What are you doing?”


He was trying to cover up for Cao Ming.


These ugly teachers were none other than the leaders of the Education Bureau who came to visit. Once something went wrong here with Cao Ming, the principal couldn’t cover it right there. Therefore, as the principal’s confidant, the guidance director decided to let Yun Zheng take the fall.


“It’s not Yun Zheng’s fault, it’s Cao Ming …” Seeing that he was going to bring disaster to the east, Chen Jun spoke anxiously to explain, but was interrupted by Yun Zheng.


“Teacher, this fight is my fault. The review you asked me to write before has been written. Please don’t let me drop out of school. ” And just to stimulate the response to Cao Ming’s contempt, Yun Zheng lowered his head, voice full of fear as he trembling. He held his self-criticism in both hands and gave it to the guidance director.


His touch was very awkward, his whole body was covered with dust from falling down, his head seemed to have wounds, and his deep red blood flowed down his forehead, which made him look extremely poor. As for the arm under the wide cuff, it was scarred.


Without asking, one could tell what the child had experienced.


The eyes of the leaders from several cities had obviously changed, and they set their sights on Cao Ming, who had already stayed away: “Your name is Cao Ming?”


“Yes.” Cao Ming was used to being domineering in school, now seeing his uncle, he became more unscrupulous, completely unaware of the subtle situation. He leaned close to the headmaster and pointed at Yun Zheng to scold him: “Uncle, this bastard nobody wants to scolds me, you’re going to expel him!”


Bastard, uncle?  All the people present were human beings. These two key words were enough to make the whole story clear. The look in the headmaster’s eyes also became pronounced.


“Your school students have good qualities.”


“What nonsense, quickly apologize to Yun Zheng. Who taught you how to bully your classmates at school? Is there any rule? ” The headmaster immediately turned white and pushed Cao Ming away. Then he hurriedly said to Yun Zheng, “Go to the hospital for such a serious injury. It’s all Cao Ming’s fault, and the school will punish him afterwards. ”


With that, the headmaster glared at the guidance teacher severely and ordered: “Handle it!”


Then he quickly opened the topic and led several leaders to the other side.


As for the remaining teacher, he also felt a freezing chill. Today was the most important part of the performance appraisal. If something went wrong, let alone him, even the principal himself, couldn’t keep his position. But now this happened, at the headmaster’s side, there was a reliable sister, but he was eighty percent at risk.


Holding the self-criticism book in his hand, the teacher felt like he was holding a mass of red charcoal, which was scorching and almost scalded his fingertips. And Yun Zheng, whose eyes seemed to be on the side, also made him speechless for a long time.


This was originally the best student in the school, but now it had unexpectedly turned itself into a deadly drama and poison to cut off his future.


As for Cao Ming, he finally realized the situation. His eyes staring at Yun Zheng were full of fear, as if he saw a poisonous snake.


However, Yun Zheng seemed to have no feeling. Instead, he looked at him and Cao Ming with a smile: “What’s the matter? Ask for benevolence and get benevolence, and you should smile happily. ”


With that, he pulled Chen Jun, who was not sure about it, and turned to leave. Only when he passed Cao Ming, he whispered in his ear: “Please take care of yourself and remember to send my regards to Lu Ran.”

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