Zhu Qing’an recalled that at the beginning of the game, the game mentioned that “Qin Hengyi has lost his memory and had a manic temperament…”
He didn’t think it was a real manic temperament.

[Players, please proceed to the ‘Love’s Reassurance’ quest as soon as possible! Otherwise your lover’s life will be in danger!]
[The ‘Loving Comfort’ mission requires the player to wear a holographic helmet!]
[Before accepting the ‘Love’s Comfort’ mission, please check if you are 18 years old or older!]

Zhu Qing’an: “???”
Wasn’t this… a normal role-playing game?
Why were there quests that he had to be 18 years old to start? And what was the operation that required a holographic helmet?

[If you’re 18 or older! Please click on the screen and wear the holographic helmet to start the ‘Love Reassurance’ mission!

Of course, the new adult Zhu Qing’an wouldn’t lie, and tapped the screen cleanly.
This task called “Love’s Reassurance” looked strange, he didn’t know what the content was.

[Please connect your holographic helmet to the holo-port!]

Zhu Qing’an’s brows furrowed, put down his light brain, looked through his backpack, found a small game helmet and put it on.
Holographic games were already well developed in the empire, and for a game fanatic like Zhu Qing’an, of course he would carry around a small holographic helmet that could be enlarged and contracted.

He was sent to the game interface, surrounded by darkness, with large three-dimensional text boxes in front of him.

【Welcome to False Love Holographic Mode!]

[Manic Soothing Method: gently kiss your lover and give sweet words of affection to your lover].

Zhu Qing’an: “…Huh?”
What sort of operation was this?

[In three seconds, the player will arrive at the lover’s side! Performing ‘Love Reassurance’!]

The text box disappeared and Zhu Qing’an’s consciousness sank.
When he opened his eyes again, he was already in the dark space where Qin Hengyi was.
There was no window doorway, the floor and walls were all black, and it was also cold and damp.
There was also a faint smell of mildew in the air.

The only furniture was the iron bed in the corner, the bed was very small, so broken that it seemed to destroyed, it couldn’t accommodate the tall body of a man.
It was hard to imagine how Qin Hengyi lived here.

Zhu Qing’an found Qin Hengyi by the bed.
This time they were not separated by a cold screen that seemed like a world.
Both of them were facing each other so realistically.
  But the first second Zhu Qing’an stood in front of Qin Hengyi, he felt a very unpleasant breath.
It was oppressive and gloomy… like the breath emitted by the demons of hell. It was so deeply frightening and overwhelming that if it were a timid girl, she might have screamed.

It was not at all the same concept as the non-holographic gaming experience of being across a screen.

The tall, handsome man was half-kneeling on the dark floor, his hair hanging loose over his forehead, his shirt buttoned halfway down, half-exposing his strong muscles. His eyes also grew darker and darker. The only small metal bed by his side had been messed up, and a few parts had even shattered into iron powder.
This was simply not an act that a normal person could do, and this atmosphere was not something that a normal person could give out.

Zhu Qing’an was a little wimpy, standing in place and refusing to advance half a step, afraid that the man would draw a sudden change in style and eat him alive.

He didn’t believe that the game system, which could only send text messages, could really make him go to kiss and appease the man.

But… Zhu Qing’zn, when he had a chance to look at the other man, he felt a little sorry for him, like a large wolf dog.
This paper man, what had he been through before?


The man lifted his half-eyes and glanced at the dark-haired boy standing at his feet, he froze.
…How, could he be here?

–In the small dark space he was in, there was finally another living being.
A person who loved him dearly.
The young man’s face was fair and his eyes bright, standing in the darkness like a warm and bright light.

“An… “Qin Hengyi’s voice was low and dark as he stretched out his hand and fiercely clutched the teenager’s wrist, the other party’s soft and warm skin making him inexplicably at ease.

【Pacifying mission on!]

Zhu Qingan suddenly had an unstable center of gravity, his knees went weak, and his whole body slammed down.
The man sat on the ground, his upper body half leaning against the wall. And Zhu Qing’an fell on top of him.
Zhu Qingan sat with his legs straddling the man’s waist, and his buttocks were just able to stick to the man’s….

Everything was just right.
Like the system’s set up.

Zhu Qing’an: “……..”

Next he withdrew his neck, like a duckling, and he didn’t believe the game system would press his head and kiss the man hard.

Due to the natural and swift movement of Zhu Qing’an’s fall, the man could not see that the other man had fallen.
He subconsciously thought that the other party was trying to hug and reassure him.

Qin Hengyi looked at the teenager, whose eyes were hazy, but it was like there was starlight in them, very touching and beautiful, and was deeply looking at him.
  Due to the mania, Qin Hengyi’s head hurt, as if a sharp knife was cutting his brain marrow.
But he was somehow able to calm down and not scream.
People who had experienced this kind of pain countless times would only be so accustomed to it.

Zhu Qing’an’s heart trembled as he heard the man calling him.
At the same time, he caught a glimpse of the man’s lip that was bleeding from the pain as he carelessly bit it.

Zhu Qing’an’s cheeks reddened, his two fingers suddenly caressed the man’s bleeding lip, his voice trembled, “Mr. Qin, how… how could you hurt yourself like this?”

The teenager’s black eyes seemed to be on the verge of tears, and his other hand clasped the man’s shoulder, his soft voice wrapped in worry and he grumbled, one could feel the frustration and heartache in the words.
“I know you’re having a manic episode and it hurts… but you can’t cheapen yourself like that, not by hurting yourself physically to ease the pain, and certainly not with those metal bed rails! What if the metal bed rail pieces are sharp and cut your hand…? You also can’t sit on such a cold floor… you’ll catch a cold.”

The teenager wiped away the blood at the corner of Qin Hengyi’s bitten lip and continued.
“When you’re hurt, just hold me to draw warmth and bite me to let off steam, so I can soothe you.”
“I, I like you, I cherish you ah…”

Qin Hengyi couldn’t hear what the teenager was saying, his head hurt more and more, and his heart was filled with a poisonous, painful hollow.
Countless voices from the past that were unfamiliar to him boomed in his ears.

“He is the nightmare of all mankind! He’s the devil!”

  ”Let him die of pain! Quickly let him die!”
“He can’t have love, and he won’t understand what love is.”
“No one will ever feel sorry for him! No one will appease him! He’s a demon!”

These voices were like knives laced with poison, slicing open his heart one after another, exposing his bloody sinews.

— Until a soft, youthful voice, with its glorious glory, broke down the barriers of contempt and loathing and warmly illuminated his hollow heart through the long gray years.
— “I like you, I cherish you ah.”

Qin Hengy

i could feel the teenager’s hand against his mouth, probably to prevent himself from biting his lips to the point of blood again.
The other party’s hand was warm and soft.

His mind and body slowly calmed down, his eyebrows lowered, and his crimson eyes were more than a little complicated.

After Zhu Qing’an finished a series of meaty words of love, Qin Hengyi was stunned for a long time, the atmosphere fell into a long silence.
But Zhu Qing’an’s hand was still pressed on Qin Hengyi’s mouth, pretending to wipe off Qin Hengyi’s blood with affection.

He performed the above series of actions as well as words, for no other reason. Just for the sake of… being able to cover the paper man’s mouth! Let the system find no opportunity to press his head to kiss the man!
He was not going to give his first time to a paper man made out of a bunch of data!

“Your lover’s mania has been cured!
Mission over! Holographic mode off!

Zhu Qing’an reacted before he was kicked off the system with a snap.
He sat up abruptly in reality and his holographic helmet snapped to the floor.
It was nearing evening in reality time, and the gnome was still snoozing on the bed.

Zhu Qing’an looked at the light-brain, which was still parked on the game interface.
[The player’s interaction value with the lover has reached 10 points! The memory fragment 01 from your lover has been successfully obtained!]
[ You can learn about your lover’s past through memory fragments.]
  [Hint: Please interact with your lover on a regular basis, or the mania will flare up again].
Zhu Qing’an: “……..”
This time the game called for him to appease the man by kissing him, and he got away with it. But next time it would be…maybe something more ambiguous/flavorful.

What had this paper man…been through?

Zhu Qing’an subconsciously went to look for the memory album. But he heard rustling noises outside the door.
When he pushed the door open, it was a delivery robot delivering a package to him.

The variety event and animal base were not completely closed. The artists still had the freedom to order takeaways and send and receive deliveries….

He subconsciously tried to take a step towards the delivery robot not far away.

“Bang-” there was a loud noise.
A base worker who appeared out of nowhere collided with him unintentionally.

Zhu Qing’zn bumped right into the metal door he was holding.
He rubbed his red forehead door in pain and was the first to apologize, “I’m so sorry!”

The staff member glanced coldly at the little newcomer in front of him and nodded.
The little newcomer whispered his thanks, passed him by, and continued walking forward.

The staff saw a delivery robot not far away and stopped unknowingly, a little curious as to what kind of delivery the little newcomer would be taking.
The staff member was also a fan of <I Love Animals>.
But he didn’t like the most poor and powerless Zhu Qing’an who had been in it since the start of the “I Love Animals”.


Zhu Qingan received the package, this round package was not quite the same as the one he usually received.

The package was beautifully wrapped in expensive gold paper. On the surface of the package was printed a gold star logo, and at the bottom was written “Emperor Star Post” in different languages in gold lettering. All of them gave off an air of aristocratic money.

–The Emperor Star was the most technologically and economically advanced planet among the countless planets in the entire empire, encompassing various military bases, administrative departments, and the headquarters of state-owned enterprises…….
Ordinary people were unable to enter the Imperial Star.
Those who could enter and leave the Imperial Star were either rich or noble. Those who could live in the Imperial Star permanently were probably on the same level as the Emperor, Admiral, richest man, famous scientist…and so on.

The person who could receive a delivery from the Emperor Star…there was also a high probability that it was not an ordinary person.

The staff looked at the package in Zhu Qingan’s hands and looked startled.
The information clearly mentioned that Zhu Qingan was a poor man with no background and no power, how could he receive a package from the Emperor Star? Could it be that he has a close friend on the planet?
No way.
There were a lot of fabulous people there.

The staff quickly regained his composure. By default this package was delivered to the wrong place, he could imagine Zhu Qing’an was happy he received the Emperor Star package, but afterwards it was the package that wasn’t sent to him in a fallout funny manner.
The staff stood in place, waiting for a joke.

Zhu Qingan was curious about who delivered the package, and the delivery note clearly stated the sender and recipient, he looked down.

Recipient: Zhu Qing’an.
Sender: Qin Hengyi.


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