C1— Day 1

“Mint, you need to grow up fast.”

“They all say you can’t sprout, but I think you can.”

“Hurry up and burrow out, scare them.”


In the darkness, a voice rang out, soft and gentle.

Then there was a pop, and a water droplet fell.

Following that, more droplets of water came in, dousing Shen Tong with a cool, refreshing shower, but he didn’t find it annoying.



It was watering time again.

This meant that another day had passed.


Shen Tong thought to himself.


That was right, watering.


Shen Tong was a seed.


In his last life, Shen Tong was still a salty college student, graduation was imminent, he chose to go to graduate school, but he got into a car accident, resulting in an inexplicable awakening in the interstellar age and he became a seed.


Or a catnip seed.


God knew that in his last life, Shen Tong was human yet attracted cats.


In order to study for the exam, he almost stayed in the library from morning to night, a few stray cats that often wandered near the library, would always guard Shen Tong’s spot and suddenly jump out, they gave mice and cat food to Shen Tong, obviously stray cats didn’t like humans, only when they saw Shen Tong, they would put away their claws, meowing.


The way small animals expressed their affection was simple and straightforward, Shen Tong told them that he didn’t need those, the cats meowed and ran away, and the next day, they still took the good things in their eyes to Shen Tong.


Sometimes it was sausage, sometimes it was bread, and even small biscuits.


These foods could fill up the stomach, but it wasn’t good for cats to eat too much, and after Shen Tong received a piece of chocolate from a cat, he decided to find owners for these stray cats.


Unexpectedly, when he sent a picture of one of the orange cats to the campus forum, the comments gradually veered off topic.


[Before I clicked on this post, I had an orange loverboy in my head.]


[I’m not even surprised to see it, how many times has this happened?]


[Back upstairs, for the sixth time, depending on whether there are any honest people. Blind guess the owner must not be following the school public’s forum.]


[@Where’s my orange cat @You’re damn sweet @Don’t want to be human @Can a few handfuls pull it down @Let’s learn to cat-call together Control your cat, it’s pretending to be a stray cat again to cheat with food and drink!]


Out of curiosity, Shen Tong found the public number and flipped through it.


This orange cat, surprisingly, was a little netizen.

Because it was so scummy.


At first, one student posted a search for the cat through the campus wall, and when the cat was not found, the remaining four owners came to the door, and they had sworn sovereignty over the orange cat, which almost became a large issue, and they argued until one of them posted a few photos, and several people compared-…


Damn, it was the same cat.


That was to say, they had this orange cat, it ate five meals a day, filled its belly and ran away, there was the next family waiting for it to come to visit, they couldn’t see it until dinner time, business was very busy.


It was plainly a slag.


The story made the owner write a long essay and publish it on the Internet, which was forwarded by various bloggers, and the orange cat became popular in R University.


The only thing that was given to him was a bag of cat food, which was thrown to him in his mouth, and then he skilfully turned over to reveal his belly and meowed to Shen Tong.


So, he was being kept by an orange cat?


Shen Tong contacted the owner of the orange cat with a guilty conscience, it just so happened that the owner wanted to take the cat for a medical checkup.

He was on his way to deliver the cat when he had a car accident.


He didn’t know if that orange cat had an accident.


Shen Tong sighed.

It had been two months so far since he came to this world, and he was almost used to his current life.


Watering three times a day, he would be carried out to sunbathe in the afternoon, followed by listening to the interns gossip.


From these chats, Shen Tong gained a lot of information.


The felines had evolved rapidly in the interstellar world, leaping to dominance and becoming interstellar hegemons.


Another example, catnip was long extinct in this day and age, and Shen Tong was the last seed.


Unfortunately, after two years of nurturing the seed, it never germinated and was almost abandoned.


No, Ji Mei, the intern taking care of Shen Tong, finished watering it and updated a development on her personal terminal.


[You can spend the whole day with Mint again.]


Soon she was receiving many responses: [Why haven’t you applied for a different program yet?]


[It’s a waste of time to guard this seed. I’m short of people for this project. Do you want to come help?]


[I’ve long said to just throw this seed away, when it was nurtured for so long, and given to simulate the atmosphere of the ancient earth, and artificial rain and snowfall, it didn’t grow at all, and now when I see it, I get angry.]


These replies, Ji Mei looked helpless as well.


She politely declined the suggestion that she be allowed to change her project, and the intern who had come to the Academy of Sciences with her in the same group arrived belatedly at this point.


“Ji Mei, good afternoon.”

“Good afternoon.”


“I saw your update.” The intern said, “You’re the only one who still thinks of it as a baby.”


Someone echoed, “That’s right, it takes up so many resources of the Academy of Sciences, and as a result, it can’t even sprout.”


Ji Mei opened her mouth, wanting to argue, but was unable to explain.


Their group of interns, all from Star Top 1 University, were sent to the Academy of Sciences for internship because of their excellent grades. Due to their lack of work experience, the five of them were sent to take care of the catnip, which if it was placed on someone else, they might be secretly happy for the leisure of this job, but since they chose to come to the Academy of Sciences for internship, it was naturally for the sake of learning, and it would be best for them to enter the Academy of Sciences in the future, so of course they were not willing to waste their time here.


The five interns, one after another left, leaving Ji Mei alone.


They had tried hard to convince Ji Mei, but she wouldn’t.

She hadn’t told any of them that she had a premonition in her heart, and it had grown stronger lately.

— catnip was about to sprout.


Because she knew that no one would believe it, Ji Mei had to keep the seed quietly by herself.

Besides, Ji Mei’s fondness for catnip came from the bottom of her heart.


Before coming to the Academy of Sciences for internship, Ji Mei had an elective class on identifying ancient earth plants, and when the teacher talked about catnip, she released an extremely beautiful scent, which was said to be a synthetic catnip scent that the Academy of Sciences had recorded, and all the students present were fascinated by it, but the teacher told them that the real catnip smelled a hundred times more wonderful than that!


The smell alone was already mesmerizing, and Ji Mei couldn’t imagine how wonderful the scent from a real catnip would be.


She wanted so badly to watch the seeds sprout!


Ji Mei didn’t engage in the catnip conversation, and a couple of interns drifted off talking about, “Whose idea was it to cultivate catnip?”


“Of course it’s the Dean, who else would dare to throw so much money into it?”


“I heard from Mr. Song that it was supposed to be dedicated as a gift from the Academy of Sciences in time for the anniversary of His Majesty’s succession.”


“That tyrant?”


The last two words were said in a low voice.


“How dare you say it when you know he’s a tyrant, do you want to die?” The intern who answered also lowered his voice, “Who knew that this seed was rotten, the star coins spent could have created a new star, but it didn’t raise anything at all, and it floated away for nothing.”

“I wonder if the dean has any regrets.”


“That’s right, which project is so good to spend so many star coins?”


The interns tacitly changed to a new topic, not daring to talk about anything else.

After all, His Majesty was a tyrant with cruel means and cold, fierce indifference, and just thinking about it made people break out in a cold sweat, not to mention discussing him privately.


Ji Mei looked at the weather outside and picked up the flower pot, “I’m taking the catnip out in the sun.”


The intern looked at the flower pot in her arms, “You’re really not giving up.”

The other hesitantly said, “Miss Song’s project is pretty short on people, Ji Mei, why don’t I go say something for you and you can come along for the ride later?”

Ji Mei shook her head, “No.”


She walked out of the lab.

The few who were left out looked at each other, “How many people have grabbed their heads to come to the Academy of Sciences for an internship, and as a result, she’s letting such a great opportunity go to waste on a seed that won’t sprout.”


“Saying so much and she’s still not happy.”


“Alas, forget it, leave her alone, the internship isn’t long anyway, and I’ve heard that there seems to be a possibility that this internship will end early, by then she’ll probably know that she’ll regret it when she hasn’t learned anything herself.”




It was a beautiful day.

The sky was high and the wind was light.


Ji Mei picked a well-lit spot and gently put down the catnip as she whispered, “Mint, I’m not going to another lab, I want to watch you sprout.”


She was indeed the one who stayed with Shen Tong the longest.


For the two months after Shen Tong woke up from the car accident, it was this girl named Ji Mei who stayed with him most of the time.


The girl was bored to be alone, so she spoke to Shen Tong, and even if she did not get a reply, she did not care, she only tried to release her goodwill to Shen Tong. Shen Tong’s nature was very calm, even a little gentle, but no matter how easy it was to adapt to a situation, coming to a completely unfamiliar era, there would inevitably be some discomfort.

Ji Mei’s kindness dispelled these for him.


In these two months, Shen Tong accepted his new identity, and from Ji Mei’s mouth, he gradually understood the world.


“Actually, what they say is true, Mint, you were supposed to be offered to His Majesty.” Ji Mei didn’t talk to anyone else, but alone with Shen Tong, she talked about everything, “He really is a tyrant, isn’t he.”


There were countless rumors about this tyrant in the stars.


It was said that he was bloodthirsty and tyrannical in nature, and that he had already shown the first signs of it at a young age, and that he had bloodied his cabinet and beheaded a number of ministers in order to control military and political power.


This was already horrifying enough, but they never thought that thirteen years ago, he would personally conquer the Star Realm and order the execution of tens of thousands of captives!


Blood had been shed at his hands, and the name of the tyrant was growing in popularity as a result.


Ji Mei shuddered.

Regardless, Little Mint had escaped that tyrant, and Ji Mei said to herself, “Little Mint, if they don’t believe you can sprout, sooner or later you’ll sprout anyway, and then they’ll be shocked!”


Shen Tong quietly basked in the sun.

No one but him knew that the seeds buried deep in the soil had quietly sprouted last night.


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