C2– Who Is The White-Eyed Wolf

In this life, he had revenge to repay and grievances to repay. What was owed to him, he would regain one by one, and would definitely not repeat the same mistakes again.

However, at this moment, an unfamiliar mechanical voice suddenly sounded from Yun Zheng’s mind: “Meeting the binding conditions, the Talent Auction House System is open.Wealth value less than one thousand, about to be wiped out.”

What was this?

Yun Zheng was amazed, but concerned that Chen Jun was still around, his face remained motionless. It was only when he was alone that he quickly found a quiet place to carefully investigate and quickly figured out what was going on.

This thing that appeared in his head out of thin air was called the Talent Auction House, similar to the system often mentioned in online novels. According to the system, in this auction house, as long as one had enough wealth value, one could exchange everything. And Yun Zheng’s rebirth was the first golden finger that was unlocked in advance after the auction house chose him as its host.

Once reborn, everything was possible, but the system followed the principle of equivalent substitution, so Yun Zheng also needed to pay a price for it.

The auction house system had the condition that the base wealth value must exceed one thousand. In other words, in reality, the money in Yun Zheng’s hand must be more than a thousand.Otherwise, even if he was reborn, he would still die a week later.

A thousand ah….

Leaning on the railing at the side, Yun Zheng looked at the scenery in the distance without being able to stop himself.

In his impression, at this time in China, prices were in the middle of a rise, and in big cities like those in Yanjing, prices were already tens of thousands of Yuan a flat, a thousand yuan was really nothing. But for Xingcheng, a small city on the fourth or fifth tier, it was completely enough to pay the monthly rent of a two-bedroom apartment.

Therefore, a week’s time could be said to be very pressing.

But fortunately, the timing of Yun Zheng’s rebirth was also very coincidental. It happened to be the last day of the second semester of the second year, and starting tomorrow, the school would be closed. Yun Zheng could have a large chunk of time to do what he wanted to do.

“Have you heard? Lu Ran, who was led away by the Gu family, is back today.” Not far away, two students of a certain age were chatting.

“Of course! I just went to see it, and the Gu family seemed to take him seriously, not only did they have several cars out, but they also had a so-called butler open the door for him. It’s imposing.”

“Hey, Lu Ran has good fortune, but he’s still an orphan…”

The two of them said, their voices drifting away.Yun Zheng’s face, however, suddenly turned gloomy.

That was right, it was today, Lu Ran had returned.With his blatant malice, he brought a huge blow to Yun Zheng, who was not mature enough back then, and brought an indelible wound to the crumbling orphanage.
Lu Ran said that because Yun Zheng beat up Cao Ming and offended the principal of the SSchool, the Gu family was very unhappy and wanted to suspend their financial support to the orphanage.

Sending Lu Ran back to tell them was to save face, and if not for the fact that Lu Ran was obedient, they would have returned him. The Gu Family did not raise despicable, shameless, white-eyed wolves.

Heh, white-eyed wolf?

Thinking of the definition Lu Ran had given him in his last life at the orphanage, Yun Zheng’s lips curved sarcastically. Unfortunately, this time, it couldn’t be as Lu Ran wished.

Five o’clock, it was the most crowded time of the night. Yun Zheng was walking alone on his way back to the orphanage. He walked slowly and methodically, out of place with the pedestrians around him who were rushing home for dinner.

The orphanage was not far from the school, but it was only a short ten-minute walk.

As expected, the orphanage, which should have been bustling with activity at this point, was unusually quiet right now.When the janitor at the gatehouse saw him return, he couldn’t help but sigh and advised in a low voice, “Go back to your room and change your clothes first, don’t make the old director anxious.”

“Yes.” Yun Zheng nodded.

“Good boy.” The janitor sighed twice and pushed him in.

At this time, the atmosphere in the main hall was very gloomy, several teachers were all pale, and many children were even more red-eyed and about to cry.

“I don’t believe it! How could Brother Yun Zheng have such a temper and hit someone!”

“I didn’t believe it at first, but then… “Lu Ran paused, as if it was a bit hard to say, “Later in the afternoon, Cao Ming’s mother made a big scene at the Gu family, saying that Yun Zheng was using the Gu family’s power to frame Cao Ming for having no schooling and wanted the Gu family to give an account.”

After saying that, he seemed to think of something he was afraid of and trembled, “I heard it all with my own ears, and after Cao Ming’s mother left, Dad got angry, slapped me and told me to come back.”

“Dean, I really didn’t lie, believe me.”Lu Ran said, tugging at the old dean’s clothes and he couldn’t help but cry. The red and swollen side of his face and the bruises on his wrists were also clearly exposed to everyone at this moment.

Lu Ran originally looked exquisite, his years in the Gu family made him more bright. And seeing him cry, he looked more tender.The old dean sighed, pulled the person to his side and whispered comfort.

As for the few children who were originally in confrontation with him, they also didn’t speak out of turn, feeling very uncomfortable in their hearts.
The situation was better than the people, they were just a group of orphans, and they were just random things in front of the Gu family. Even if they were wronged, they were not qualified to plead.
To put it bluntly, it was sad to have no money and no power.

As Yun Zheng stood outside the window, looking at this familiar scene, his suppressed anger, once again, rose up.

In his last life, Yun Zheng was carrying out a punishment, so Lu Ran shrugged it off by saying that he had beaten up his classmate at school and gotten himself into trouble, making the Gu family unhappy. Many of the younger ones mistakenly thought that the Gu family had cut off their donations to the orphanage because of him, and for a while, their feelings towards Yun Zheng were very complicated.

And now, the punishment was not on Yun Zheng, but Lu Ran still planned to throw dirty water on Yun Zheng, which added another layer of mockery to Yun Zheng’s already cold heart.

Lu Ran had no half-hearted friendship for him, in the end.

Thinking about this, Yun Zheng took a deep breath, pushed the door straight in and said with a raised voice, “Don’t worry, the headmaster will most likely have to leave.”

“Yun Zheng, you’re back?” Seeing Yun Zheng, the old dean’s brow relaxed, and then she was distressed by his injuries, so she couldn’t care about anything else and called for someone to bring the medical kit with a loud voice. Turning over Yun Zheng’s sleeve himself, she carefully examined it.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Yun Zheng shook his head, avoiding the old dean’s hand, and then turned to reassure a few small ones, speaking warmly about the previous incident.

“According to the attitude of those leaders of the Education Bureau, the principal is in quite a bit of trouble this time. It’s basically impossible to keep his principal’s position, so I’m also considered a blessing due to misfortune.”

“Hey, I don’t want this kind of blessing either. I just want you all to be well.”Looking at Yun Zheng’s indifferent smile, the old dean’s heart became more and more unpleasant as she reached out and hugged Yun Zheng in her arms, her eyes also a bit red.

She was incapable of making the child suffer.

“So Lu Ran what do you mean!” Now there was no need for Yun Zheng to defend himself, and the other children who had been deceived before, questioned Lu Ran.

“It’s not what I meant, it’s the Gu family.” Lu Ran didn’t even think that Yun Zheng would come out at this time and completely mess up his plans. But he was used to Yun Zheng spoiling him, and brought out his previous statement to fool the old dean again.

Yet again, Yun Zheng’s reaction was out of Lu Ran’s expectation. Not only was he not nervous about Lu Ran’s injuries, but the way he looked at Lu Ran was extremely cold, and the words he said were even more sarcastic.

He said, “Lu Ran, since the Gu family is treating you so badly, how about moving back?”

“How is that possible?The Gu family is my home!”

“Your house? But they beat and scolded you at will and didn’t treat you like a human being.You move back, the Dean and I spoil you.”

“But… “Lu Ran directly choked, unable to find his voice for about half a minute.

Yun Zheng, however, didn’t give him time to react and directly said what was on his mind: “But how can you return to the orphanage to live a life of poverty when you can’t leave behind the Gu family’s power and influence?”

“Lu Ran, when you were five years old and brought back by the dean, I was the one who brought you in. Up until now, you’ve been wronged and I’ve stood up for you. Tell me the truth, are you really having such a hard time in the Gu family?”

Taking a step closer, Yun Zheng’s tone became more and more sinister and horrifying: “A hard time to the point where you even hate to destroy the orphanage where you got adopted from?”

“!!!”Lu Ran fiercely pushed Yun Zheng away, his eyes widening in horror.

Yun Zheng’s last words were almost close to his ear. That cold voice almost instantly froze his body and paralyzed his nerves.

In the past fifteen years of Lu Ran’s experience, Yun Zheng had always loved him as much as his own brother. It was the first time that he was coerced like this without false pretense.

“Oh, silly!” The boy who confronted Lu Ran before couldn’t help laughing: “The Gu family is angry because Yun Zheng treated someone badly? I think you don’t like the family, and you want to push the blame to Yun Zheng!”

“That’s right, the Gu family are such bastards, why don’t you just dump them and come back?”

“What white-eyed wolves? I think you’re the one with white eyes. Brother Yun Zheng used to love you the most, have your conscience been eaten by dogs when you tried to ruin his image like this?”

Most of the children in the orphanage were wise, so Yun Zheng only slightly nudged Lu Ran’s mind, and the other older children all saw through his plans.

You said one thing, and I said another, directly lifting Lu Ran’s lies and exposing his selfishness and viciousness in broad daylight.

“It’s not like that, you guys listen to my explanation, I didn’t lie against Brother Yun Zheng.” Lu Ran came back to his senses, so angry that he almost fainted, this feeling of being openly slapped in the face made him humiliated. Especially being scolded by the people he had despised the most in the past.

After taking several deep breaths, Lu Ran barely managed to find his composure.

“I didn’t believe it originally either, but the timing was too coincidental. Dad even told me to have less dealings with the orphanage in the future…”

“Cut the bullsh*t, I haven’t seen you back here many times when you were allowed. Don’t make excuses for your ingratitude!”

“You… “Lu Ran was at a loss for words, and in the end, he could only bury his head in the old dean’s arms and cry out. As for his pre-prepared words, he could only live with them in his stomach due to no one’s cooperation.

In his last life, Lu Ran pretended to be pitiful, making people misunderstand that the Gu family treated him badly. He was barely holding on for the sake of the orphanage and Yun Zheng. But in this life, Yun Zheng not only didn’t cooperate, but also cut off his way out, making Lu Ran’s entire plan come to nothing. Instead, he ate his own evil consequences and became the object of contempt for the entire orphanage children.

After all, compared to Yun Zheng’s blood-soaked wounds, Lu Ran’s little mess was nothing compared to Yun Zheng’s.

Yun Zheng didn’t move and took a look at Lu Ran, who was still trying to save his image, and the gloom in his heart grew heavier and heavier. He felt that he was blind in his last life to think that Lu Ran was a good one.

A somewhat timid girl beside him, seeing that he didn’t look right, hurriedly came over to hug Yun Zheng’s arm, “Brother Yun Zheng, the dean said that you should go and rest if you’re tired.”

“Mm, I know.” Yun Zheng touched her head, understanding in his heart what the old dean meant. It was because he was afraid that his wounds were uncomfortable and wanted him to lie down for a bit longer.

However, although Yun Zheng understood, he couldn’t go back to his room along with the old dean’s words.

The entire orphanage was shaken by what Lu Ran was doing. As for the teacher who was originally in charge of cooking, right now he was also entangled and couldn’t leave the hall.

Therefore, Yun Zheng couldn’t rest yet.

The few young ones in the institution couldn’t afford to be hungry, and the old director’s stomach wasn’t good either.It couldn’t be because of one Lu Ran that the entire orphanage wouldn’t eat dinner.

What was more, when he had just entered, he suddenly thought of a way to earn money. If it went well, not only would he be able to escape the crisis of being wiped out by the system, but also the bad news brought back by Lu Ran would be easily solved.

Yun Zheng used to work at an old man’s noodle stall every summer vacation. Later, when he got older and followed his son to retire abroad, he left the noodle stall where he sold noodles to him.

But since no one in the orphanage could do it, it had been kept in the backyard as well. But now, it was useful.

As a former sage of the Chinese culinary scene, what else could be easier to get rich than by good food?

Thinking so, Yun Zheng took the little girl’s hand and followed the direction of his memory to the kitchen.


For northerners, noodles were one of the most common foods on the table.Yun Zheng opened the refrigerator and looked at the remaining ingredients in the kitchen, wondering what was needed.

The orphanage was always frugal, a few carrots, eggs, a piece of pork that was less than a pound and half a basket of cauliflower left over from before were all the ingredients Yun Zheng could use right now. But even so, it was enough.

Because there were no barren ingredients, only poorly skilled cooks.

Food naturally had a compelling charm, and Yun Zheng’s relaxed posture was particularly pleasing to the eye.

The golden-yellow egg custard, spread out in a pan fried over low heat, turned into a light and inviting crust in the blink of an eye. A broad-backed knife held between slender fingers, with the force of the wrist, turned the pork into thin, even slices of meat.

The streaky meat had five layers, the fat was clear and the lean meat was firm.Yun Zheng’s exquisite knife work, however, brought out this feature even more. Just displaying it raw on the plate was enough to make people salivate.

The little girl beside him blinked, she felt that today’s Yun Zheng was smiling more gently and beautifully than ever before, and even these common foods had become dazzling.

“Why are you stunned?” Seeing that she was staring at him without saying a word, Yun Zheng helplessly shook his head and reached out to hold her farther away before returning to the cooking table and preparing to turn on the gas.

Stir-frying Sao Zi noodles with heavy oil, the most delicate thing, was the fire. And this, to Yun Zheng, was nothing more than a handful.

The scalding hot oil exploded with a sound, and the nose-piercing aroma followed.The thinly sliced pork, under the effect of the heat, became light and transparent. With the passage of time, the richness of the animal fats in the oil would invade the diced vegetables and transform them into another kind of sweetness.

Finally, a handful of prepared chilli, a few spoonfuls of aged vinegar, and soft, elastic noodles made this the most tempting home-cooked dish.

A bowl of Sao Zi noodles, with the most common ingredients, was transformed into a delicacy of varied tastes.

The little girl who was accompanying Yun Zheng was drooling from the nose-catching aroma and came to Yun Zheng’s side and kept asking after him, “Brother Yun Zheng, are we going to eat this tonight?”

“Yes!” Yun Zheng smiled and patted her head, telling her to go call the old dean and the other children to eat, while he continued to distribute the noodles with the spoon.

“Good, good!” The little girl ran out three steps at a time to call out for them.

In the blink of an eye, the kitchen became quiet again. However, not long after, light footsteps gradually approached outside the door.

Yun Zheng turned his head, right into Lu Ran’s complex looking eyes.

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