C37—– Resolve the knot!


“Ohhhh! I’ve got the result sheet for the third group of the preliminaries! Let’s take a look at the final results of this group of contestants!”


Ishida Kazuhira enthusiastically began to announce the players’ results, and when he reported Su Zhe’s name, his voice was full of admiration.


“And finally, Su Zhe from China! Our beautiful and powerful snow leopard boy! What was his final time? Very nice number, easily in 10:20 in the preliminaries, I’m really looking forward to his next performance!”


On the commentary stage, Ishida Kazuhira continued his praise, while Su Zhe, who was at the trackside, couldn’t help but frown after learning his result from the staff.



10 seconds 16 …… even worse than his performance in the preliminaries of the National Championships …… At that time his sprint skills were still in LV2, but he ran at 10 seconds 15, now even with the sprint skills at LV3 status, with a bonus, his speed was only at 10 seconds 16, this gap was enough to show there was a problem.



He didn’t feel any physical discomfort, but it was just difficult to enter the best competitive state. If it wasn’t for the sudden acceleration of the Indonesian runner in the sprint stage, which gave him a sense of crisis, thus tensing up his spirit, perhaps his performance would have been even worse.



Thinking about these problems, Su Zhe left the field in a state of disbelief and retired to the rest area specially prepared for the athletes, waiting for the rest of the Chinese team to finish the race.


Ye Jun finished the 110m hurdles preliminaries and came to the rest area when he saw Su Zhe who was in a daze, he took three or two steps to Su Zhe and greeted him.


“Ah Zhe, what’s wrong? You seem listless, you didn’t run well in the preliminaries?”



Su Zhe smiled bitterly and nodded, “Yes, my state isn’t good, only 10 seconds 16 ……”


Hearing Su Zhe’s answer, Ye Jun raised his eyebrows and patted his shoulder, “Wait …… Ah Zhe, this kid …… 10 seconds 16, isn’t good?”



After a pause, Ye Jun helplessly added: “Do you know how many domestic 100-meter runners have run into 10 seconds 20 this year? Counting the emergence of you, and the injured Chen Zhi, the remaining is only Wang Qin, Qiu Xinchu, Zhao Zhixuan and Meng Hao. 4 people! Among them, Wang Qin, Qiu Xinchu and Meng Hao’s personal pb hasn’t exceed 10 seconds 16.”



Ye Jun’s words made Su Zhe freeze, he was completely immersed in his poor athletic state of mind, now his anxious and paranoid thinking was suddenly interrupted and began to gradually return to normal thoughts.


He roughly understood the meaning of Ye Jun’s words, this was already a very excellent achievement, he didn’t need to be chagrined by this achievement.



But, Su Zhe was silent for a moment, he still continued, “But …… what if it’s just a comparison with my own past state?”



“Compared with your own state?” Ye Jun saw the hesitation in Su Zhe’s eyes and remained firm: “Is there a gap of more than 0.20 seconds between you and your best time? Your personal pb is 10 seconds 12, even if you can run into 10 seconds 10 in training, the performance float of less than 0.1 seconds is completely within the normal performance float range.”



“Ah Zhe, you have to know that we are human, and not a robot, you can’t do everything according to the planning.” Ye Jun said with a serious expression: “You need to clearly understand that your previous idea is very wrong. Athlete’s state ups and downs is not terrible, what is terrible is that you can’t accept your state ups and downs psychologically.”


“When you encounter a status fluctuation, find the cause and solve it. Only when you successfully overcome your psychological problems, can you grow into a qualified athlete.”



Ye Jun’s words made Su Zhe freeze in place, and only after a long time did he reveal a bitter smile – those words completely woke him up, and he finally understood where his knot was.



Since the appearance of the system, although he sensibly told himself not to rely too much on the system, but subconsciously, he thought that with the help of the status buff, his performance should always be in the best condition …… this was simply treating himself as a running machine that couldn’t miss.



How did he forget that before the appearance of the system, he was constantly working hard every day on various dance training, yet it was difficult to ensure that his stage performance state was 100% presented.



Ye Jun was right, since he was human, there would be state ups and downs, but with his strength, it had been enough to ensure that even if he was in a low state, the results could still be stable at a height that many people could hardly reach, and even, in the competition, he still had the state buff bonus of the system, so that he always didn’t fall to the worst state.



What he wanted to do was to really only use the system as a tool to improve his strength, not to make himself a system dependent.



After thinking about this, Su Zhe suddenly felt a burst of relief in his heart, and the slightly tense mood of this period of time was dispersed.


There was no mistake, if the state wasn’t good enough, then find the reason for the lack of state and try to improve his competitive state!


Seeing Su Zhe’s expression was obviously much more relaxed, Ye Jun also smiled at the side: “What? Finally figured it out?”


Su Zhe smiled, “Yes! Thank you, Brother Ye, I feel much more relaxed now!”



Ye Jun nodded with satisfaction, “That’s good, you’re one of the most talented athletes I’ve ever seen, and you have Coach Su on the side to help you. I think even if I don’t tell you this, Coach Su should be able to gradually help you solve your psychological problems.”



In the two people’s small talk, Su Zhe suddenly remembered his phone in his sports bag, he took out the phone to see, his father Su Yinsheng was calling.



Su Yinsheng’s words were brief, he was just telling Su Zhe that he had passed a copy of the latest training plan to his WeChat and asked him to complete the corresponding training one hour before the afternoon semi-finals.



Obviously, his father was also following his game and saw his current problems through his game results and status. He didn’t explain the reason directly, but chose another way to relieve him – too slow to enter the competition? Then let yourself warm up before the game! Even if you sacrifice a little bit of physical fitness before the game.



Just as Su Zhe untied his knot and returned to the hotel in a relaxed state with his father’s training schedule, posts from the surging girls who had watched today’s game appeared sporadically on the Japanese Twitter feed.


[You won’t believe it, I saw an angel at the Asian Championship Invitational today! Men’s 100m sprinter Su Zhe from China …… He must be the most perfect prince ever! Everyone in the room was submissive to his beauty, Mr. Ishida called him the beautiful Snow Leopard boy …… I think His Royal Highness the Prince from the Chinese Empire fits his image better! (The attached picture is a screenshot related to Su Zhe from the live broadcast)]



[I saw player Su too! He’s really super perfect! He has great strength and perfect appearance. …… Please make sure you watch the replay of the Fuji Channel webcast! You will be able to feel his charm!]


[Please be sure to check out Su’s game! I’ll be there again this afternoon to support him too!]



At the same time, the “philosopher” girls in Japan who had watched the morning match had also left for the time being and were gathering for lunch and waiting for the start of the afternoon semi-finals.


A few of the girls opened Twitter and Weibo, they also wanted to post some messages related to Su Zhe, someone first saw the content posted by the girls she had exchanged Twitter accounts with.



“Uh …… this.” The girl whose nickname was ‘I’m chasing cub in Japan’ looked at her companion with a sullen expression: “What should I do? It always feels like I’m losing ……”



Although they had been in Japan for a short time and generally understood the exaggerated language style of the Japanese girls, but even the sports commentator uncle could also spout out compliments, several “philosophers” had begun to reflect on themselves – this was too bad, they were too bad. -It was too bad that they couldn’t even compete with foreign fans who just became fans!



This wasn’t good!



“Come on, let’s go get permission! Let’s go translate their tweets and post them on Weibo so that we can all learn the essence of their compliments! Let’s try to say such professional things in the future too!”


With the mentality that a loyal fan couldn’t lose, a few young girls quickly translated the authorized tweets and the commentary uncle Ishida Kazuhira’s comments into Chinese in a single stream and posted it in Weibo Su Zhe’s fan page, and then, not surprisingly, they received a large number of hahaha and admiration for their complimenting skills.



On the track and field kingdom’s forum, many track and field fans were discussing Su Zhe’s status in the morning preliminaries. Everyone was a long-time track and field fan for many years, so naturally they could see Su Zhe’s poor athletic state.


His state was obviously not quite right, when Su Zhe was in good shape before, his reaction should be within 0.15.


[Maybe he is not suitable for the international arena… This is Boss Zhe’s first time to compete abroad, and there is also pressure to open 10 seconds in the competition. Maybe it is Psychological stress that leads to the ups and downs of the state.]


[To be honest, 10 seconds 16 for the preliminary round is very good. But obviously you can see, Boss Zhe’s start isn’t smooth, he was too slow to enter the state, in that live screen, during the rush to the finish line, Boss Zhe was still charging forward …… I hope that he gets better.]



[The previous poll post was right …… Boss Zhe had been in top form before, he shouldn’t fall into a slump at such a critical moment ……]



When everyone was discussing and worrying about Su Zhe’s status, someone transferred the series of tweets translated by the “philosopher” girls to the Athletic Kingdom’s forum, and immediately, the originally slightly tense atmosphere turned into a burst of laughter.



Someone quickly raised a soulful question under the post.


[Hahahahahahaha, you guys say, these comments, does Boss Zhe know?]



[Wondering about this +1, Japanese complimenting style is so wonderful, I’d like to see how Boss Zhe reacts when he receives them ……]



[Hahahaha, the big brother upstairs, I advise you to be kind.]


In this joyful atmosphere, the time soon entered the afternoon session.


Su – completely unaware of his compliments – Zhe, after completing the training program given by his own father, followed the Chinese team and once again entered the stadium.



Before the game was about to start, Su Zhe was slightly tired, but the happy feeling of completely unlocking his heart and the eagerness to try from the bottom of his heart already made him look forward to the next game!



Beside him, Ye Jun obviously sensed his mood and looked at him with a smile, “How’s that? Looks in good shape?”


Su Zhe smiled and nodded: “I can’t wait!”



After saying this, Su Zhe waved his hand to Ye Jun, and then followed the staff towards the preparation area for the 100m semi-final.


Soon, a new battle, would be fought!





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