C36— Easy Advance

Because of the crowd outside, several of Su Zhe’s fans entered the venue slightly late, when they entered the venue with hand banners, Su Zhe had arrived at the checkpoint with the staff and began to prepare.


A few little girls were slightly excited as they chatted about Su Zhe, they even brought their homemade Su Zhe postcards, one of the girls was actually a painter, she made a commonly used banner for “philosophers”, the Q version of Su Zhe’s image.


When the girls were exchanging information about Su Zhe, one of the Japanese girls finally got the courage to go up to them.


“Hello, are you fans of that Chinese player?”




The little girls froze for a moment, then saw the girl pointing to the homemade postcards in their hands.


Wow, was this a sports fan?


After getting the affirmative answer from the “philosopher” girls, the girls immediately beckoned to her companions and began to ask the “philosophers” about Su Zhe’s name and the competitions he participated in, and asked the “philosophers” to lend them the postcards and other materials.


“Ah, of course, it’s no problem!”


After handing over various postcards of Su Zhe to the girls, several of them were looking at them while giving out awe-inspiring praises, and a scream rang out from time to time.


After looking at a few of Su Zhe’s portraits, finally some of the Japanese girls noticed something.


“Eh? Isn’t Su the men’s 100m champion of China? Why is there a stage photo?”



This comment caught the attention of the other Japanese girls, who also saw that the postcards in their hands also had photos that were obviously taken on a stage.


After learning that Su Zhe used to be an entertainment industry idol, the Japanese girls felt a whole new wave of awe.


“Player Su is really excellent and awesome, even if he changed from an idol to athlete, he also did it to the most excellent level!”


Uh ……


In response to their understanding, the “philosophers” looked at each other and explained that Su Zhe’s popularity was extremely ordinary when he was an idol – just as close to saying ‘our cub was a big paste curry’.


However, the Japanese girls didn’t believe them.


“? With contestant Su’s beauty, is there anyone who will see him and not like him?”



As the girls’ eyes filled with doubt, the “philosopher” girls also found it difficult to explain, it was obvious that these girls had been completely captured by Su Zhe.


Su Zhe’s delicate appearance, fair skin and slightly aloof temperament, and his identity as a strong track and field athlete produced a sense of conflict, that was the reason he attracted the Japanese girls.


“China is really the place where beauty comes from, but the beauty that pierces into my heart like Player Su, it’ll really be hard to find again ……”


“I didn’t have a contestant I wanted to cheer for, but seeing Su …… makes me want to learn Chinese! I want to see more news about Su!”


During the exchange between the “philosophers” and the Japanese girls, time flew by.



Soon, 6 groups of the 100 meters preliminaries was about to officially start.


The waiting area for the runners was divided according to the group of the runners, and the only one who knew Su Zhe, Shota Shiraishi, wasn’t in the area he was currently in. Moreover, with the language difference, even if Shota Shiraishi was on his side, the two couldn’t have an effective conversation.


Before it started, Su Zhe turned his attention to the athletes present – in the rest area where he was, there were 16 runners gathered, these were theoretically the 100m champions of Asian countries, but Su Zhe saw some athletes who were obviously supposed to be of African origin among them.


This reminded him of the large amount of data his father, Su Yinsheng, had prepared for him before he left, which mentioned the naturalized athlete program that was prevalent in Asian countries, especially in West Asian countries.



For athletes of Asian origin, the average explosive power of Asian people in sprint was much weaker than that of black runners, which made asian athletes fall behind black and white athletes.



In the face of their bl*od disadvantage, in order to quickly pull up their sports performance, some Asian countries attracted a large number of excellent and talented naturalized athletes from sprinting powers such as Jamaica in order to rapidly improve their sports performance, thus realizing the rapid improvement of sports performance in a short time.


From the presence of these naturalized athletes, he could see how serious this trend was today.


Even the traditional powerhouses of Asian athletics like Japan had tried to start pulling up sprinting results even further by developing mixed black and Japanese athletes.

This choice, in terms of national interest, was unarguable, but if one wanted to truly improve their country’s sporting prowess, relying solely on naturalized athletes was never an option.



As the preliminaries unfolded, the atmosphere in the waiting area became noticeably tense.


The runners present were all strong 100m runners from various countries, but apart from the prevalent naturalized runners from countries like Qatar, the rest of the countries had different levels of 100m standards, and a number of countries were waiting in the hope that their runners would be able to run well in this Asian Championships Invitational and get a spot in the World Championships for their country.


The smell of war became thicker and thicker in the waiting area when everyone had a similar purpose in mind ……


When the staff came in to invite the 3rd group of players to compete, Su Zhe organized his number plate and followed the staff to the front of the track.


His position was track 3.


Although it was still only the men’s 100m preliminaries, Fuji TV arranged a live webcast of the race as well, while Kazuhira Ishida, a well-known Japanese track and field commentator, took up the track series commentary for the race.


Ishida Kazuhira: “Oh, the new runners have come on board! Next up are the sprint champions from the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Malaysia …… and other countries! Now the runners are preparing ……”


Being in an unfamiliar country and an unfamiliar playing field, Su Zhe obviously felt that his state wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t the physical state of discomfort, but it was mentally difficult to achieve the ideal state of excitement.


In past races, during the pre-race preparation stage, his spirit had been very tense, but this time, he originally planned to try to let go during the preliminaries, trying to make good use of the three opportunities in the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals, and try to run into 10 seconds 10, although his mind hadn’t changed, it was difficult for him to fully immersed himself in the race as in the past.


Su Zhe roughly knew that this may be caused by his lack of competition experience – he was confident that he already had the strength to run into 10 and 10 seconds, but this confidence made it difficult for him to mobilize his competitive state.


He had never encountered this situation, so Su Zhe felt a trace of anxiety, he took a deep breath, forcing himself into a more focused state.


The short preparation time passed quickly, the referee stood at the designated starting point and began to shout out the order to prepare.



“All in position – stand by!”






The sound of the electronic starting g*n was the signal for the start.


After the sound of the g*un, the eight athletes on the track moved in response to the sound, and the race was instantly ignited!



The moment Su Zhe started the race, his anxious mental state and overly calm physical state improved slightly under the influence of the sprint buff, but he still failed to reach his peak state.


Compared to his usual starting reaction speed which had long been reduced and stabilized at 0.15 seconds, this time Su Zhe’s starting reaction speed increased to 0.18 seconds.


Just 0.03 seconds difference, enough to affect the probability of Su Zhe running into 10 seconds 10.


Although he understood that his starting reaction speed was slightly slow, Su Zhe still didn’t give up, he quickly completed the starting action to the acceleration of running action articulation. After several months of training, this group of movements had formed a perfect conditioned reflex on his body, which made him have no defects in the technical connection of starting and accelerating.


Perhaps the live cameraman was attracted by Su Zhe’s appearance, the camera intentionally or unintentionally focused more on Su Zhe from the time he appeared on the track.



This moment was no exception.


From Su Zhe’s third place at the start to his acceleration to overtake two players in a row, all these images were faithfully recorded by the live camera.



Many Japanese people watching the race on Fuji Live Network felt the blast from the beauty in an instant, and even some people who were watching the live broadcast sent puzzled comments – “What we are watching is indeed the live broadcast of the 100m preliminaries of the Asian Championships Invitational, right?”


After quickly overtaking the two front-runners, Su Zhe clearly felt the gap between the strength of the other players and him, and the group he was in was mostly filled with countrirs whose track and field players’ strength wasn’t outstanding, and also didn’t introduce naturalized players.


One of the strongest was the player from Indonesia – Indonesia’s national record for men’s 100 meters was set by the player who usually competed with Su Zhe, but he obviously didn’t run his personal pb10:13 today with the same vigor.


When he entered the en route stage, Su Zhe finally realised he was observing the runners around him, but this state of affairs was quickly curtailed and he forced himself to continue, he had to maintain his pace and stride to the finish line with all his might!


In the last 30 meters of the sprint stage, perhaps because of his personal technical characteristics, the strong champion from Indonesia finally improved his state and began to quickly catch up with Su Zhe, who was located in front.



After feeling the pressure of the chaser behind, Su Zhe’s nerves tightened and his condition finally picked up. In the final sprint stage, his strong technical characteristics of the back-end acceleration and his warmed-up athletic state finally let him run out of his usual performance.


Unfortunately, the short 30-meter sprint passed in a flash.


After running to the finish line, Su Zhe still had an urge to continue sprinting, and the rebounded state allowed his body to run through 100 meters before he completely stopped.



Although he wasn’t satisfied with his form, Su Zhe’s gesture of taking first place effortless was already very amazing for the audience and the Japanese people who were watching the live broadcast!


Commentator Kazuhira Ishida said admiringly, “This is the first time I’ve seen Chinese player Su, his strength is as amazing as his beauty! What does his athletic and charming body …… look like? Oh! He looks like a charming snow leopard, both bewitchingly beautiful and exceedingly strong!”


Exaggerated commentary and admiration had always been the style of Japanese commentators, and Ishida Kazuhira’s praise didn’t end there.


“In the past, it has been Chen who represented China, and his fierce and fast pace has been a fierce weapon in tearing apart the confidence of the Japanese players, but today …… the Chinese has sent an even more formidable secret weapon! With such a beautiful appearance, is it to make everyone ignore Player Su’s strength and finally deliver a fatal blow to us?”



This grandiose rhetoric stunned the “philosopher” girls who were watching the track and field competition live for the first time-they thought they were already a qualified “Su fan”, but unexpectedly, they seemed to have been defeated by a commentator? ? ?


The Japanese girls and fans around them all agreed with the commentary, excitedly shouting the last name of Su Zhe that they had just learned.


The enthusiastic shouting from the stands finally caught Su Zhe’s attention, and he was a little surprised to see the girls with banners, but he still smiled and waved at them.


As the happy screams of the “Philosophers” and Japanese girls rang out, the results of the third preliminary round to which Su Zhe belonged were passed to Ishida Kazuhira …




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