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Su Zhe’s fans, most of them were teenage girls or in their twenties, they often had a lot of limitations in their understanding of sports. Most of the “philosophers” followed the focus on the 100-meter dash project, their understanding was very limited.

But even so, they saw this schedule and also couldn’t help but have questions: 100 meters race and 110 meters hurdles. Can the same athlete be part of two events?

Soon, some “philosophers” raised this question at the bottom of Weibo: Why was Su Zhe participating in both the 100m and 110m hurdles at the same time? Wasn’t he a 100m sprinter?

The administrator of the official site didn’t hesitate and quickly forwarded the question and answered it in the forward – sorry, due to the mistake of the staff of the sports team, the 100m and 110m hurdles qualifiers were submitted for Su Zhe at the same time, and after communicating with Su Zhe and his coach, Su Zhe decided to participate in both events. The staff involved in this incident has been criticized and educated in the team and punished accordingly.

The official site’s handler’s attitude was very frank, and although the young girls felt that the staff’s mistake was not quite deserved, since their family’s beloved had agreed to participate in both games, they thought that it might not be a big deal among them, and then proceeded to happily organize the support for the qualifiers.

When they saw the news, it was the sports crowd that really got up in arms.

[Aha? What do I see? The strongest part-time event in history? 100m and 110m hurdles?]

[The (dog-headed) wonders of the world ……! I’ve seen a 100-meter, 200-meter, and 100-meter, long-jump, but this is the first time I’ve seen a 100-meter, 110-meter hurdles, and I’ll kneel down to Mr. Su if this works out!]

[I think this Su Zhe is overwhelmed by his own 100m performance and thinks he can easily jump over the 110m hurdles.]

[The staff’s mistake, I’m afraid it’s that he wanted to sign up for the limelight, and now he’s afraid of being insulted, so he’s putting the blame on the staff, right?]

[The upstairs brother is too much, if Su Zhe’s brain isn’t good, is coach Su’s brain also not good? I see the official microblogging reply said with the coach’s communication]

[I’m not saying, using a 177 height to run 110 meters hurdles, there is really no fluctuation in your heart?]

The sports industry in China wasn’t big, especially when narrowed down to the athletics circle that was even smaller.

S provincial sports team’s Su Zhe registered 100 meters and 110 meters hurdles, this matter quickly spread in the whole of the athletics circle, to be honest, registration errors, many people had more or less encountered, just a few people would be like Su Zhe who decided to participate in two at the same time.

It didn’t take long for the famous sports commentator Mr. Tao Sheng to quickly publish a new tweet: @S provincial sports team, I was shocked to hear that the sports team had enrolled Su Zhe in the 100m and 110m hurdles at the same time, and after communicating with the athlete, made the decision to let the athlete compete? Isn’t this decision too irrational? I think your team has the obligation and responsibility to protect the best athletes so that athletes can specialize in their own projects, not because of some mistakes and exceptions, forcing them to participate in projects they’re not good at!]

Under Tao Sheng’s Weibo post, many sports fans from S province gathered there to discuss the matter.

[The sports team is too unreliable. I think the forum of the track and field industry is full of ridicule. They said that this time, Su Zhe overreached and signed up, and then pushed the blame to the staff …]

[I also saw the post, it said he was brought back from the entertainment industry in a pompous style and they wanted to engage in a wave of big news hype …… what the hell is this? Doing this to their own province athlete, don’t they feel pain?!]

  Since Su Zhe ran 10:18, he had made a name for himself in the domestic track and field industry, and many people were concerned about his next follow-up results to see if the rookie from the entertainment to sports industry would win again.

Therefore, the topic related to Su Zhe, recently the sports industry was also quite concerned. Not to mention the event that could be described as shocking to people’s eyes this time.

Some people also asked Tao Sheng questions.

[Mr. Tao, do you think this could be something that Su Zhe himself signed up for on purpose?]

Tao Sheng quickly replied to this comment.

[I know Su Yinsheng, so this is not possible. Su Yinsheng is stubborn and tough, and very principled. Last time I thought he was being soft on his own son, so he gave Su Zhe the entry spot, but it turns out that Tiger Su is still the same Tiger Su. So I think, Su Zhe in the 110m hurdles may also have some strength, but whether this strength is enough to participate in the National Championships qualifiers, that is another issue.]

There was no shortage of people in the sports industry wanting to see what was going on, and although this incident did not cause a full network discussion, it was also a recent hot event in the sports industry. The reason why things had not yet become a big mockery was that they were still waiting for Su Zhe’s 110m hurdles results, as long as Su Zhe dared to run a 110m hurdles countdown in the qualifiers, this incident would follow him throughout his athletic career.

When the 100m training was over, Su Zhe was about to head to the hurdles training hall for follow-up practice when he received an unexpected phone call.

“Uh, Big Brother Shao?” Su Zhe picked up the phone while walking towards the hurdles hall.

Shao Xingchen on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment and asked, “You decided to participate in both the 100m and 110m hurdles in the All Championships qualifiers?”


Su Zhe was stunned, it was completely unexpected that this matter had even alarmed Shao Xingchen.

“Ah, yes.” Su Zhe scratched his head, “there was a little accident, so it was decided to simply participate.”

“…… you are afraid that withdrawing from the race will cause a bad reputation? But participating in this race, are you sure? If not, withdrawing from the race is the best stop-gap solution. I have a professional team here that can help you minimize the impact of the topic.”

Hearing Big Brother Shao’s slightly nervous voice, Su Zhe smiled: “Thank you big brother! But for the time being, I still have a little bit of certainty in this qualifier, so be prepared to see me in the ring with a bang!”

The other end of the phone seemed to hear Su Zhe’s confident voice, and then also followed by a slight laugh: “Good, then I’ll wait to see your performance.” After a pause, he continued, “You can call me by my name …… Now we are people in two industries, I’m not really a big brother for you anymore.”

After saying this, big brother Shao took the lead in saying goodbye and hung up the phone.

Listening to the voice coming from the phone, Su Zhe was happy, big brother Shao’s concern made him a little surprised and very happy, when he was still in the entertainment industry, he buried himself in training, and had a stubborn character, he only had Jiang Hanning as a good friend. He didn’t expect that after retiring from the industry, he could still make a friend like Brother Shao.

Su Zhe’s good mood lasted until the completion of all training programs.

The days of training passed in a flash, and the time soon came to August.

The cycle training that Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe had developed for Su Zhe had ended, and the two days had been dedicated from the original training volume and intensive cycle training to the conditioning training before the race, aiming to maintain Su Zhe’s athletic condition while also avoiding making him too stressed.

“Next, once the qualifier on the 3rd is passed, it’s the main event of the National Championships. Especially Su Zhe, for you, the next is likely to be a series of devil matches, which is a severe test for you. Without further ado, grasp your own rhythm on the field. Control the rhythm, think clearly about the priorities of each stage of the competition, don’t recklessly go forward without a brain!”
  This time, along with Su Zhe, Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan went to G City, but they went to participate directly in the National Championships instead of the qualifiers.

Before Su Zhe came back, they were the excellent players that Su Yinsheng was trying to cultivate, their age was similar to Su Zhe, their potential was quite good, they had already participated in many competitions and had certain fame.

After giving his lecture, Su Yinsheng concluded by saying loudly, “Remember, bring your brains to the race.”

After Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe left, Su Zhe and the other two looked at each other with a smile, and Jian Zheng made a point to follow Su Yinsheng’s example and said with a pinch, “Remember, bring your brains to the tournament!”

Su Zhe laughed and slapped off Zheng Jian’s waist-pinching hand: “All right, listen to the coach, did you forget that he’s still my dad.”

On August 1, Su Zhe and his group arrived in G city. The next day, Su Zhe had a simple adaptation training in the gymnasium arranged by the tournament organizing committee, and then began to wait for the start of the two National Championships qualifiers the next day with a relaxed mindset.

This time, the National Championships qualifiers were not sold to the public as they were only for some rookie players, and only official tickets to the National Championships were required to allow entry to watch the games.

The National Championships was the highest level of track and field events in China and was also the field that domestic track and field athletes aspired to be on. The organizing committee had relaxed the original 16 seats to 21 for the main event and even left 3 seats for rookies who had not been able to play all 4 games this year, which could be considered a surprising move.

Many people had read from it that the Athletics Center wanted to vigorously promote the track and field program to attract and screen out outstanding talent.

On the day of August 3, before the official start of the preliminaries, there were a dozen or so girls with Su Zhe cheering banners and cute hand banners in the audience by the track, who were excitedly discussing the upcoming competition.

Many players in the preparation area saw these girls and the banners they were holding, and most of them looked at each other before turning their attention to Su Zhe, who was also in the preparation area.

In the crowd of bronzed athletes, Su Zhe, whose skin was still fair and translucent, looked less like a contestant who had come to compete and more like he was on the set of an idol drama.

“Tch, a guy like that can run 10 seconds and 18 seconds? Is it really not superwind speed?”

He was a familiar player, with a tone of jealousy and disdain, he laughed with the others, his voice was loud and somewhat reckless.

For these discussions, Su Zhe was indifferent, after all, respect was won by strength, not by these words.

So, when the other party looked at him, he indifferently showed a smile that he thought was friendly.

But unexpectedly, boom, the originally calm atmosphere in the preparation area, began to surge with an intense atmosphere before the competition.

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