C34—- Take Him



Old George didn’t want to keep Claude at all.


Cheng Hao could understand his behavior. In the past, Old George must have met many people who came to his door wanting to learn boxing from him or wanting him to be his manager, and with more people like that, he didn’t care, especially when Claude looked so ordinary.


Claude looked like an adult and he wore dirty clothes, old George couldn’t look at him differently.


Especially, now all of old George’s thoughts, were on him.


But Claude ……


The information left by Claude was very little, but Cheng Hao heard him mentioned when he was watching some interviews with other fighters of this period, and vaguely remembered that he was dug up from the slums by his boxing agent.


Cheng Hao didn’t know the name of the boxing agent, but there was a high probability that the person was old George.


“You are not welcome here, so leave!” Old George said again.


At this time, Cheng Hao suddenly said: “Old George, why don’t you let him try?”


Old George frowned at Cheng Hao. Claude and Chester, however, looked at Cheng Hao in surprise.


Cheng Hao said again, “Maybe he is very good.”


Cheng Hao and Old George had actually spent a lot of time together these days. But probably because of the time they had known each other wasn’t long, they weren’t close, and the two of them didn’t talk much.


But old George was quite good to him, every day he would invite him to breakfast and lunch, he felt that old George’s temper was a bit eccentric, but he was a good person.


He didn’t want his appearance to stop old George and Claude from having the opportunity to cooperate.

As for Claude, he may be paralyzed in the future… So he’d stop Claude from playing that match.


An excellent boxer paralyzed… It was really a pity.



“I don’t have time to waste on irrelevant people, if you are interested in him, go try yourself!” Old George turned around and went back to his house.


Chester stood in place, a little uneasy, as for Claude, he was still on his knees, a little confused.


Cheng Hao stretched out his hand toward Claude and pulled him up: “Come in.”


Cheng Hao took the somewhat terrified Claude into Old George’s house.


There was a boxing ring in the middle of Old George’s house. As soon as Claude entered, his eyes were attracted by the ring, and his eyes were full of light.


But Cheng Hao didn’t take him up there, instead he took him to a hanging, huge sandbag: “Try a punch.”


Claude stood in front of that sandbag, he took a deep breath and punched out ……


The huge sandbag, just like that, was hit by him and flew out, and then flew back and smashed towards him head-on.


Claude was hit by it and fell to the ground on his back, his forehead was red.


Cheng Hao: “……”


Cheng Hao turned his head and looked at Old George, who was not far away: “Old George, his strength …… is really big.”


This hanging sandbag was very, very heavy, about two hundred kilograms, he usually used the sandbag to practice boxing, there was no way to smash the sandbag that far.


Seeing that Claude’s tactless punch smashed the sandbag that far, Cheng Hao kind of knew why he obviously started practicing boxing as an adult, but he was able to become a dark horse and make it to the world tournament.


Although Old George said he didn’t care and let Cheng Hao handle the Claude thing, he had actually been watching from the side and was shocked.


Old George suddenly said, “Cheng Hao, fight with him.”


Cheng Hao looked at Claude: “Come, let’s fight.”


Saying that, Cheng Hao took the lead and came to the ring.


This ring was surrounded by ropes, and as soon as Cheng Hao pulled the ropes, he got into the ring with a very dashing movement, but not so for Claude, who took some effort to pull the ropes and climb into the ring.


After coming to the ring, Claude still looked at Cheng Hao with restraint: “I don’t know how to box ……”


“Relax, feel free to fight.” Cheng Hao laughed.


Then Claude made a direct move ……


“Shit!” old George said discontentedly, he hadn’t even shouted to start yet Claude made his move, which made him unhappy.



Cheng Hao was also a bit caught off guard.


And what made Cheng Hao most helpless was the fact that Claude fought without any rules.



In his previous life, Cheng Hao had always strictly adhered to the rules and regulations of the various rules and regulations, and when he fought in Old George’s bar before, he was a bit uncomfortable at first.


Now fighting with Claude, it was even more uncomfortable.


Claude didn’t even swing, he headbutted, slapped and kicked ……


Cheng Hao could only be glad that he ran fast enough.


“Shit!” old George cursed again.


Chester also helplessly covered his face – he didn’t know that his brother would fight like this ……


Compared to Cheng Hao, his brother’s performance was really too bad …… Chester felt that his brother, for sure, could not stay and fight.


With such a thought, his expression tangled up.

Chester felt that his brother was fighting in a messy way and was completely inferior to Cheng Hao, but he didn’t know that Cheng Hao was made to have his hands full by his brother’s fighting style like this.



Of course, the main reason why Cheng Hao would be made to fumble was because Claude’s strength was too great.


He hadn’t experienced training, but his strength was a little more than the fighters in Old George’s bar who fought against Cheng Hao!


Strength was already Cheng Hao’s shortcoming, and after taking on Claude, his shortcoming was even more obvious.


Thankfully, Claude’s underhandedness was unstable and inexperienced.

Cheng Hao stayed by the fence and waited for Claude to rush towards him, he darted out of the way and then Claude crashed into the fence …… Cheng Hao took this opportunity to punch him in the last rib on his side.


Claude fell down.


As he fell down, Claude froze and then actually cried: “Let me try again, I will fight well ……”


“Shit!” old George cursed for the third time, with a stunned expression.


Seeing Old George’s expression like this, Chester’s face became even more ugly, and as for Claude, he cried even more after looking at Chester.


Cheng Hao said, “He has a lot of strength, he is naturally fit for boxing.”


Cheng Hao knew that seeing all that just now, old George must have been moved.


As for why old George cursed ……


He saw a genius suitable for boxing, that was older than recommended and was also crying.


This was the second time Cheng Hao helped Claude speak, Claude gratefully looked at Cheng Hao: “You are really a good man!”



Old George also looked at Cheng Hao in surprise, then looked at Claude again, “You can stay and train with him.”


Claude was overjoyed: “Okay!”


At this time, Chester, however, asked, “Excuse me, can my brother fight in your bar?”



Old George said, “He doesn’t even know what boxing is, and he still wants to go boxing?”


Hearing Old George’s words, Chester’s expression was a bit torn, but after thinking about it, he added, “Then can he stay at your place?”


“Yes.” Old George said.


Only then did Chester show a reassured expression.



Old George suddenly gave him a suspicious look, then took out a book: “I need you to tell me about your situation, and I will write it down.”



Chester spoke up: “We have always lived here, but not long ago, our mother was kil-led ……”



Hearing Chester’s words, Cheng Hao was shocked and suddenly thought of what he heard the other day about a woman and her two children being murdered.


In the poor community, such things weren’t uncommon. On the day he transmigrated, two groups of people fought to death. Later, another man entered the house and robbed the house and was shot in the head by the owner of the house. The first opponent he fought in Old George’s bar, was also ki-lled after his leg was broken by a ga,ng.



So after hearing about that case, Cheng Hao didn’t think much about it, but only firmly resolved to take Lin Yuxun and Danny out of here in the future.


As a result, now, he suddenly learned that the person who died turned out to be Chester’s mother ……


Cheng Hao learned more.


The person who killed Chester’s mother was his mother’s lover, the two quarreled over something, and then his mother’s lover, in a fit of rage, k-illed his mother, and his two younger siblings, were also kil-led.


Now, the lover had been arrested, the remaining seven siblings, they had their own arrangements.


The older three girls had long since moved out to live with others, the oldest brother had a job as a hotel waiter and lived in a motel and didn’t need to worry, leaving a younger child who was sent to a foster home, and finally only Chester and Claude were left.



Claude didn’t have a job, so Chester brought him to George Sr. and wanted him to learn to fight here.



“In the future, my brother, he can live here, don’t worry, he will be very obedient.” Chester said.


Old George said, “Yes, then let him stay here for a while.”


“Thanks!” Chester said, and ran away in a flash.



Seeing Chester leave, Cheng Hao had a vague feeling that something wasn’t quite right.



Old George didn’t think much about it, but instead said to Cheng Hao: “You let me take him in, you’ll have one more competitor, you know?”


“With a rival, I can become even stronger!” Cheng Hao said.


Old George nodded, “You are very good.”



Cheng Hao smiled, “Isn’t it time for breakfast?” Old George’s meal here was especially hearty and high in calories, he really liked it!



“Go ahead!” Old George said, calling Claude on as well, and seeing this, Arabella immediately said, “One more person …… I’ll fry another bag of bacon!”


Arabella said, then took out a bag of 500 grams of bacon ……



Cheng Hao and Claude swept away the sumptuous food prepared by Arabella.



Arabella was very satisfied with this and praised Cheng Hao and Claude, while the corners of old George’s mouth twitched: “You two! You’ll eat me poor!”


“Don’t worry, I will help you make money in the future!” At the beginning, Old George said that he could give him all the money he earned in the future, but he didn’t agree, and later when they talked in detail, the two finally decided to split the money 50-50.


Cheng Hao graciously answered old George, but Claude was very uneasy, he was very strong-looking, but his face showed a pitiful expression, which made people feel strange, and Cheng Hao once again didn’t feel right.


And what happened next, let Cheng Hao know why.



Claude didn’t know anything, so old George decided to teach him some boxing rules first, and the result ……


“God! I said it five times! Five times!”


“Did you listen carefully?”


“God, I’ve never met anyone as stupid as you!”




Old George, who had always had a good temper, got cranky.


Cheng Hao suddenly remembered that in the records he had read, Black Bear Claude had some intellectual problems ……




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