The second day of the “tidal wave”, spider-like cracks visible to the eye began to appear on Fang Ziming’s windows , the door in the hallway was also crowded by a bunch of shadow ghosts, Fang Ziming sat on the living room floor with earplugs, and his mind was full of the loud “thud” made by these guys when they smashed the door and window.




Hundreds of shadow ghosts ganged up and started bodily ramming the residential building.



Fang Ziming: “……”


He suddenly gave birth to a bizarre illusion that he was being “chassis” by a debt collection agency madly.



“This is not the way to go on.” The youth took a bite of the jerky in his hand and chewed slowly while fretting: “As it turns out, no matter how many monsters I take out, there will be countless replacements to fill in the gaps. If I keep getting them, I’m afraid this house won’t last until the end of the ‘tide’.”


As if in response to his words, the frames of the windows in the room began to fall again.


Fang Ziming: “… no, I think it is necessary to go to 102 again.” He tried to enter 102 before, but the door had never been opened to him, and he didn’t know whether he needed special keys or other props.


At present, there were still at least ten shadow ghosts at the door of 101. Fang Ziming pounded on the door for a while, then heard several bangs outside, and then the howling of shadow ghosts stopped.




Fang Ziming opened the door violently, on the corridor was a pile of bizarre figures briefly paralyzed by electric shock, the ceiling lights were blown apart, the youth kicked the shadow ghosts in front of him to the ground, and rushed to the opposite door in a few steps.


Fang Ziming raised his foot and kicked it hard: ” – open for me -”


The door of 102 was immediately kicked wide open.


Fang Ziming didn’t expect to succeed this time, he used a lot of force, so he moved forward uncontrollably, and fell in the entrance of 102 with a snap.


The six seconds were up, and the shadow ghosts in the corridor moved again.


Fang Ziming scrambled to get up from the ground: “Holy sh-it, close the door, close the door!”




[Fanny …… Fanny ……]


Fang Ziming: “I fan your grandpa–!”


With a bang, Fang Ziming kicked the door of 102 again. After that, he was afraid that the door lock would not be secure. He also blocked the door with all the shoe cabinets and hangers standing against the wall, which made him feel a little relieved.


After doing all this, he turned around and finally had time to look at the room 102, which had never been opened.


The youth didn’t dare to turn on the lights for fear of attracting the shadow ghosts outside the window to 102 again, he first carefully pulled all the curtains, and only then opened the phone screen to check the situation in the house by the faint bright light.


Room 102 was a two-room apartment, the second bedroom seemed to be used as a storage room, there was no bed, only a pile of messy miscellaneous items, Fang Ziming held up his phone and walked around the apartment twice, and then basically concluded that the owner of this room should be a mature male between 20 and 30 years old, mostly single, couldn’t cook, often exercised, his economic situation wasn’t ideal and he didn’t like cleaning. The last point was his conclusion after he found a basket full of unwashed clothes and socks in the clothes basket next to the master bedroom bed, and frowned.


” It’s too messy.” He thought with a dark expression.



The shadow ghosts outside the door banging the wall didn’t know there was no movement, Fang Ziming peeked through the cat’s eye and found that the group of brainiacs re-gathered at the door of 101.


Fang Ziming: “……” Luckily he remembered to lock his door when he rushed out!



He leaned over the cat’s eye for another half day to make sure he had managed to get out of trouble, before climbing back onto the living room sofa to lie down, incidentally fishing out another pair of obviously worn black socks from the sofa seam.


“Damn, no matter who you are, does washing a pair of socks really tire you out?” Fang Ziming morosely threw the socks to the floor and wiped his fingertips on the sofa cushion by the way: “No, I have to find water to wash my hands.”


“Bathroom, bathroom. Well ……”


The youth got up with a start and strangely touched his chest: “…… palpitations? What’s going on?” But the discomfort in his chest disappeared after a few seconds, Fang Ziming moved his body, but he no longer had that strange feeling: “Strange, is it my illusion?”


He hesitated for a moment, but still felt the need to go to the bathroom: “Forget it, anyway, I’ll go wash my hands first ……”


Then Fang Ziming found enough to dazzle him in the bathroom of this bachelor apartment.


In the dimly lit bathroom, a bust mirror hanging on the wall was glowing faintly, reflecting a different image.



–It was an adult male with thick eyebrows, a straight nose and a handsome face that said “I want to fuc-king sleep”, standing behind this mirror, he lazily lifted his black undershirt and threw his dirty clothes on the toilet lid.


The breath of testosterone was like a mad rush in all directions.


Fang Ziming: “?



He watched as the man unbuckled his belt, stomped off his slacks and underwear inside, and walked past the half-body mirror na-ked.


Fang Ziming even forgot to wash his hands, he stood in front of the mirror and tried to look up at the other side of the mirror.


The bathroom was only a small place in total, the youth barely bothered to peek at the other’s every move from the corners of the mirror.



He saw the handsome man unscrew the shower, the water in the nozzle instantly burst from his head, the water slid down the line of the man’s back bulging muscles, and gathered at his feet into a bubbling stream, and then went into the sink below the floor drain.


There was no steam coming up, this man was taking a cold shower.



Fang Ziming took a deep breath: “Holy ……” seems a little handsome ah.



–Real world, the ice blue stone that was thrown into the box, at this moment gently trembled.


Fang Ziming held his chest and plopped down on the mirror at once: “Again …… what’s going on ……”


Just then, the mirror in front of him distorted, the layer of smooth mirror supporting the youth abruptly disappeared.



Fang Ziming was caught off guard: “???? Huh?”


“W …… wait?!”




Fang Ziming stumbled and fell in, before he could react, he had fallen on the floor tiles covered with water stains.


The water soaked his clothes underneath and the cold wet air made the youth shiver involuntarily.


He propped himself up on the floor with his elbows and raised his head drowsily, just in time to see the handsome n-aked man next to him.


Fang Ziming: “……”


Tang Yu: “……”


A large live person suddenly dropped into the room, instantly making the already pathetically small bathroom seem even more crowded. Fang Ziming was lying on the floor for half a day, unable to find his way, the man standing under the nozzle moved, and the cold water splash immediately poured Fang Ziming’s head and face.


The youth finally came back to his senses: “…… Huh? Huh?!”


The man rolled his wet hair behind his head, and Fang Ziming looked up. Suddenly, he found that he had a weapon in his hand – – a stainless steel plunger.



He hurriedly sat up: “Ahem, wait, buddy, wait a minute! Wait!”


Tang Yu casually turned off the shower and took a step forward dripping with water, stopping right next to Fang Ziming. He put one foot on the youth’s chest and lowered his head, with some doubt in his eyes: “Where did you come from?”


Fang Ziming was lying at this angle, basically seeing everything he could see and could not see. He couldn’t break away. He had to turn his head to the other side as far as possible, and said with difficulty: “Er… what… otherwise, dude, you should wear a pair of pants first, and then we can talk after?”


This guy… is a little big… tut.



Tang Yu, of course, didn’t know what he was thinking. He just ran his foot over his chest, lowered his eyelids, and looked up and down at the uninvited guest: “You don’t look strong.”


He casually threw the weapon into the corner, “A thief? Did you break in?”


Fang Ziming shook his head vigorously, “No, I’m not a thief.”


“Oh.” Tang Yu: “So, perverted peeping tom?”



Fang Ziming: “…… peeping …… How perverted am I to peep at a big old man?”


“What’s wrong with men, men can’t be coveted? You’re being sexist.” Tang Yu looked at him, then at the dirty clothes he had thrown on the floor, and asked inquisitively, “So, you really didn’t come in here to steal my underwear?”


“……” Fang Ziming saw that he was still stepping on him, he couldn’t stand it any longer, he finally reached out and gripped his ankle with one hand, “You’re the pervert, right? Will normal people have such strange ideas? I wasn’t going to spy on you, and I didn’t want to steal the underwear you wore!”



Tang Yu let out an oh, and seemed a little disappointed, “Ugh, no fun.”



Fang Ziming: “……” So you’re the pervert, right!



“Well, I barely believe you don’t want to steal my underwear.” Tang Yu wiggled his foot and playfully said, “Although you’ve been touching my foot since just now and still can’t let go.”


Fang Ziming threw the foot that was clutched in his hand like it was a time bo-mb.


“It was you who kept kicking me in the chest!” He argued loudly.



“Oh, so you mean to blame me?” The man slowly and methodically moved his ankle bones, while not lightly kicked the youth on the ground: “Hey, still lying here for what, ready to watch me take a bath?”


“I’ll let it go this time, hurry up, go back to wherever you came from.” He took back his foot and snorted: “And, when you leave, if you dare steal my wallet and underwear, you’re dead.”


When Fang Ziming got up, he was sprayed with cold water all over his body. He was so embarrassed that he had no way to scold him. After all, in the current situation, it was really he who broke into the house privately. It was quite natural to be treated as a thief.



Fortunately, the owner of the house didn’t press. Fang Ziming was still dizzy. He didn’t know what was going on and why he suddenly fell back from the mirror.



Tang Yu didn’t know what he was thinking. The man shook his head and faced the water on Fang Ziming’s face: “Why, don’t you want to go, still want to stay here and watch me take a bath?”


Fang Ziming took a deep breath and patiently retorted, “… I’m leaving now!”



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