C35 —- Fighting Carpenter


In the previous days, old George would direct Cheng Hao how to train, but otherwise, there was no need to give Cheng Hao other instructions.


Cheng Hao had learned boxing before, his experience in boxing, wasn’t much less than old George’s.


Between boxing agents and boxers, most of the time was a cooperative relationship, and Cheng Hao for old George, was undoubtedly a very good partner.



But for Claude, it was the opposite.



Claude had no foundation and nothing but a lot of strength.


He had a mental defect.


Old George had just spoken to him, but in a flash, he forgot again, and looked at old George silently.


At the beginning, old George was able to speak well, but later he shouted… old George covered his chest and looked at Cheng Hao next to him: “This is the person you want to stay! Look! Look! at him!”



Cheng Hao also felt a little helpless.


What he thought was very simple, Claude just didn’t understand, even, even if he was asked to punch a hundred times, he would innocently say, “I can’t count.”


It was normal for Old George to be cranky.


Cheng Hao interjected: “Old George, I’ll teach him some simple training first, and then you can take your time.”


Old George hummed reluctantly.



As a very knowledgeable boxing manager, Claude’s talent, old George saw it in his eyes, if not, he would not have kept Claude.


Even, when he first left Claude, he expected more from Claude than he did from Cheng Hao.


After all, not everyone could have such strength.


The result ……


In one morning, old George couldn’t take it anymore.


Cheng Hao took over Claude’s teaching task and taught Claude to jump rope first.


Claude couldn’t even jump rope at first, but it was good that he had some talent in sports and learned it quickly.


Seeing this, Cheng Hao pointed to the clock next to him, “Look at that clock, once the longer hand goes through two frames, then you can stop.”


Claude was training for the first time. It was fine to just jump for ten minutes.



After Cheng Hao instructed him, he began to fight against the sandbag. After a while, he turned his head and found that the time had passed, but Claude was still skipping.



“OK… didn’t I ask you to stop after two blocks?” Cheng Hao said.



Claude looked down uneasily. “I don’t remember where it was…”


…… Cheng Hao said, “Next time I’ll show you how to read the time.”



“Okay!” Claude nodded: “Hey, what’s this one called? It’s funny!”


“It’s called jump rope.” Cheng Hao said, looked at the time, and moved Claude to eat.


Claude’s eyes immediately lit up.


Arabella prepared a sumptuous lunch, with a big pot of beef stew with potatoes and a big pot of boiled fava beans for everyone to take for themselves, and of course, bread and cheese were also indispensable.


He didn’t know what ingredients were put in the stewed beef with potatoes. It tasted a little sweet. Cheng Hao wasn’t used to it, but he could accept it. After all, it was meat.


Claude was even more receptive. He was very poor at eating. When eating, he chose the best food to eat first, and ate it in a mess on the table.


Although Cheng Hao ate a lot and his eating style couldn’t be called elegant, but at least it didn’t make people feel rude, but Claude ……



Old George couldn’t stand it: “Claude! How do you even eat? Can’t you eat properly?”


Claude stopped, a little confused.


Old George continued, “You can’t drop your food on the table! You can’t take the beef with your hands! You can’t take all the beef! Okay, Arabella, in the future, don’t bring the beef up in one pot, you can divide it up.”


It was the first time that Cheng Hao knew that old George could be so talkative.


Seeing Claude look overwhelmed, Cheng Hao said, “Old George, let’s eat first, he can take his time to learn.”


Cheng Hao didn’t know exactly what Old George had encountered before, but through his only words with Arabella, he probably knew his goal.


He wanted to train a powerful boxer.


Earlier Nick said that Old George had fallen apart after his defeat, which Cheng Hao didn’t feel at all, instead he felt that Old George was a bit ambitious.


Of course, old George would be like this, but it could also be because he met him and saw hope.


But no matter what, such an old George would certainly try to cultivate his fighters.


He was supposed to train Claude, but now he had taken the lead… When facing Claude, Cheng Hao felt embarrassed.


Because of this, Cheng Hao was very patient with Claude. In fact, it was much easier to treat Claude as a child.


He was willing to do the trouble of teaching deaf Danny to read. What was it to teach Claude?


There was a game this evening, so Cheng Hao’s training in the afternoon wasn’t heavy, anyway, he had time, so he simply took Claude to adapt to the life of Old George’s house.



After Chester left Claude behind, he ran away, but after Old George promised to let Claude stay, he arranged a room for Claude to live in, and if there were no accidents, Claude would have to live here in Old George in the future.



Cheng Hao let Claude, who was dirty and didn’t know how many days he hadn’t bathed, take a bath, and asked old George for old clothes for Claude to wear, and also taught Claude to use a toothbrush ……


All this was particularly troublesome, although Claude could take care of himself, but he used to have poor living habits and wasn’t happy to take a bath.


After a lot of tossing and turning, Cheng Hao was also a bit tired.



He had a relieved feeling when he came out of Claude’s room, and then he saw Old George.


Old George gave Cheng Hao a complicated look and finally said, “You’re quite skilled in taking care of people.”


“I’m experienced after all.” Cheng Hao said.



He had taken care of half-grown children who were sent to learn boxing before, and also took care of Danny, so he had a lot of experience.


Old George nodded, “Shout for him to come to dinner.”


Well, there was no need for Cheng Hao to shout, Claude who heard him already scurried out.


After eating dinner at Old George’s place, Cheng Hao and Old George went to the bar together.



In the past, Old George stayed in the bar during the day, but now he took Cheng Hao to train during the day, so the bar had to wait until five or six o’clock to open.



But this time was actually just right.



When they went to the bar this time, they took Claude with them.


Today, Claude was scolded by old George, but Cheng Hao was very gentle with him, so he followed behind Cheng Hao, following in his footsteps.


He was slightly hunchbacked, well, not hunchbacked, but the muscle mass at his shoulder was too big …… so his walking posture was really a bit like a bear.


Cheng Hao kind of knew why his nickname was black bear.


They ate dinner earlier, and got to the bar when it was about five o’clock, old George opened the door and began to clean up the bar.


Seeing this, Cheng Hao took a broom to help with the cleaning, and gave Claude a rag to follow.


Old George was obviously very satisfied with Cheng Hao’s behavior, and he didn’t work anymore, so he walked around the bar with his hands behind his back.


But he only walked around once.


Soon, he noticed that the tables wiped by Claude were all wet and had to be wiped again ……


“Claude! Can’t you even wipe a table?!” Old George yelled, and his voice actually formed an echo in the empty bar.


Claude held the rag, his face full of confusion: “I can ah ……”


Old George: “Huh!” He kind of understood Claude’s brother, why he left his brother and ran away!


The bar hired workers, these workers soon came, everyone cleaned up the bar, the customers came one after another, those fighters also came.


Nick liked to sell insurance in the bar and always came early, and when he arrived, he went straight to Cheng Hao.


“Cheng, I didn’t expect that old George would be willing to be your agent.” Nick looked at Cheng Hao enviously and added, “You shouldn’t be short of money now, right? Do you want to buy insurance?”


Cheng Hao: “No, I’m still short of money.”


Nick could only leave.


When Cheng Hao saw Nick left, he explained everything around Claude, and after he introduced them all, he went into Old George’s office, “Old George, who is my opponent today?”


Old George said, “Carpenter will come over today, and your opponent is him.”


“You’re kidding?” Cheng Hao froze.


Previously, his opponents were all people Old George had arranged who were equally strong or slightly stronger than him, thus he was able to win every time, and now …… Old George was asking him to fight Carpenter?


Carpenter was more powerful than any of the fighters he had fought before, and Cheng Hao knew very well that he would definitely lose.


The time he trained was too short.



Old George said, “You should meet a stronger opponent.”



Old George was serious, and when Cheng Hao met his gaze, he could only say, “Okay.”


Once the news of the fight between Cheng Ho and Carpenter was released, both the fighters and the spectators were abuzz with excitement.


Nick approached Cheng Hao once again, “Although Carpenter’s previous predictions about the outcome of your fights always predicted wrong, he is really powerful …… you, take care.”



“I will.” Cheng Hao said.


Nick sighed: “You should have bought insurance earlier …… Carpenter’s fist is so powerful that someone challenged him before and ended up with broken ribs, fortunately that person bought insurance.”


Cheng Hao: “……”


Nick’s mind was all about selling insurance so he was gentle with Cheng Hao, while the other fighters gloated a bit: “Cheng, you have to be careful.”


“If you can’t beat him, you can admit defeat.”


“If I were you, I wouldn’t fight today.”




Cheng Hao was a little helpless, but not competing wasn’t possible.



He knew he would lose, but he also wanted to see how good Carpenter was.


Cheng Hao drank a little water and sat in the rest room to rest, and at this time, Carpenter came.


As soon as he came in, he walked towards Cheng Hao: “Cheng, I didn’t expect that old George would look at you …… It seems that I have a good eye.”


“Thanks.” Cheng Hao said.


“But when it comes to fighting, I won’t hold back …… you’d better give up this fight.” Carpenter said.


“No, I won’t give up the fight.” Cheng Hao said, as a fighter, if he didn’t participate in the fight because he was afraid or because he thought he wouldn’t win …… then he really didn’t need to be a fighter.


“All right, then we’ll have a good fight.” Carpenter: “But, I think you’ll lose badly.”



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