C33—- Black Bear Claude

Old George not only gave Arabella half a plate of bacon, he also drank his coffee without sugar.



Cheng Hao couldn’t do what he did and couldn’t stand to put a dozen cubes of sugar for himself like Arabella did, he ended up putting three cubes of sugar.


After the three of them ate breakfast, old George turned to Cheng Hao: “From today, you will be training here, of course it’s still early, and you just ate breakfast, you can watch TV for a while.”



At this time, the TV was already something available to the public in the United States, and Beverly stayed at home to watch TV every day.



But since Cheng Hao transmigrated, the garage where he lived at the beginning, or now the attic, there was no TV, so he hadn’t watched anything.


Recently, there were too few entertainment activities. Cheng Hao looked forward to watching TV. However, after he was taken to the second floor by Old George, he found that the TV Old George showed him wasn’t the TV he imagined, but the videos of various boxers fighting.



Old George collected all kinds of videos, which he let Cheng Hao watch.


Cheng Hao had watched many videos of such fights in his life, but he had never seen the videos here.



The most famous boxers before the 1980s could leave video materials for later generations to learn, but most of them couldn’t even leave their names over time.


The more Cheng Hao looked, the more alarmed he got.


He saw many unknown but very powerful boxers in these images.


A boxing match could easily cause casualties, so the rules of the match had been changed many times, and some of the matches in the video data he saw now were more cruel than those he saw in later generations.


Without realizing it, Cheng Hao watched for more than two hours. Finally, Old George said, “OK… come and train with me.”



A boxer’s daily training was rope skipping, boxing, push ups and so on. Cheng Hao used to do a lot of training, while the old George here had more training equipments than he did.


For example, there were sandbags here.



Old George asked Cheng Hao to continue the same training. He stopped Cheng Hao until he couldn’t keep up. After Cheng Hao had a rest, he asked him to do another training.



This training lasted for several hours.


Cheng Hao was used to doing his best, so he never relaxed.


When it finally ended, old George’s face showed a little disappointment: “Your strength is too small, and the explosive power is not enough ……”



“I …… can continue training.” On the ground, Cheng Hao panted. Old George should want to see his limit, and also push him past his limit.



“Yes, you can continue to train.” Old George said, “You’re growing fast, I originally thought that you would have at most two or three fights in my bar.”



At the beginning, Old George didn’t pay any attention to Cheng Hao at all.


There were many people who wanted to fight, but not everyone could stand out in the ring.


Boxing depended on exercise, but it also depended on talent.



People without talent weren’t destined to go far.


When Des provoked Cheng Ho and Cheng Ho agreed to come down, he felt that Cheng Hao would probably not box in the future.


As a result, Cheng Hao won.



He rightfully paid more attention to Cheng Hao, and then found that Cheng Hao grew unexpectedly fast.



However, when Carpenter approached Chenghao, he hadn’t yet moved to be Cheng Hao’s boxing agent. Although Cheng Hao was outstanding at that time, he was only outstanding in a bar in a poor community, and outside, his strength was nothing.



But even so, he moved a bit when arranging opponents for Cheng Hao, and every time he arranged an opponent for Cheng Hao, it was slightly stronger than Cheng Ho’s last opponent, or about the same.



Then he saw that Cheng Hao had grown up at an amazing speed and hadn’t lost.


He finally made a move.


Old George nodded, “Your training today is over, go home and have a good rest at night.”


“Okay.” Cheng Hao said.



Old George put his hands behind his back and went out with Cheng Hao, who was also going to the bar.


However, after Cheng Hao went home, he didn’t rest properly as Old George asked him to.


This night, he once again went to the nearby school and redid all the training he had done at Old George’s place before he went home to sleep.



Although he had won the world championship in the boxing category, he was only a lightweight champion, not the most powerful boxer.


In addition, for athletes, skills were important, but what could make them survive, was still physical fitness.


If he didn’t have good physical condition, he wouldn’t be able to climb to the top even if his skills were good.



He was already sixteen years old, it was a bit late to start training now, so he had to put in more effort.



And for him today, the most rewarding thing was that he had a great recovery ability and could do more training than others.


On the way back, Cheng Hao felt that every breath of air he took hurt a little.


His body had been squeezed to the limit.



But when he slowly returned home, things were much better, and when he ate the night snack prepared by Lin Yuxun, it was even less uncomfortable.


For the next few days in a row, Cheng Hao trained at Old George’s, and in a flash, it was Tuesday again.


This morning, Cheng Hao ran to Old George’s place as usual.


He ran forward with all his strength, but when he arrived at Old George’s door, he was still not very tired.



After the intense training, running was nothing to him nowadays.


The iron gate of old George’s yard was still closed, but Cheng Hao knew that as long as he shouted softly outside, Arabella would come to open the door.



However, today, outside the iron gate, there were two people.


From a distance, Cheng Hao recognized one of them, it was Chester.



Although Chester tried to rob him last time, after all, he didn’t suffer a loss, so Cheng Hao didn’t hold grudges. Now he didn’t think much about Chester, but Chester always hid when he saw him.



… Cheng Hao suddenly realised that Chester’s face was bruised, and his eyes were red and swollen.


And the two people who always stayed by Chester’s side weren’t there, but there was another young black man.


Cheng Hao thought he looked a little familiar but he couldn’t name him…


They didn’t want to cause trouble in broad daylight, right?


Although Cheng Hao was confused, he wasn’t afraid of the two men. When he got to the door, he called out, “Arabella”.



Arabella immediately came out to open the door for Cheng Hao.


The door was opened, and when Cheng Hao entered, the black man who came with Chester suddenly squeezed in: “I… I want to find Mr. Connor.”



Old George’s family name was Connor. Many people called him Old George, but some people would call him Mr. Connor respectfully.


“What are you looking for him for?” Arabella looked at the man curiously.



“I want to learn boxing… I heard that you can learn boxing from him.”



“He doesn’t teach people to fight.”


Cheng Hao also knew that old George didn’t just teach people to fight.



He had been betrayed by his own boxer and had come over here to open a bar for seven years, and in those seven years, he hadn’t gotten a boxer or taught anyone to fight.


“Ma’am, I’ll try, please.” The man said.



He wasn’t as tall as Cheng Hao, but he was quite big, however, now, this big man covered his eyes with his hands and cried, “please ……”



Arabella was a little hesitant.


Cheng Hao looked at this person crying, and still felt that he looked familiar.



And at this time, old George came out.


“What happened?” Old George asked.



“George, someone wants to learn boxing from you!” Arabella pointed to the black man, “That’s the lad.”



Old George took one look at the tear-filled man, “I stopped teaching people to fight long ago.”


After he finished, he looked at Cheng Hao again, “Still not coming in?”


Cheng Hao was about to follow old George inside when Chester suddenly said, “If you can teach him, why can’t you teach my brother?”



Only then did Cheng Hao know that the man was Chester’s brother.



“I don’t need to explain to you, and he’s too old.”



“I can try very hard, really!” He said, looking seriously at Old George.



“In this world, there is never a shortage of people who try hard.” Old George said, he had seen many hardworking people, Cheng Hao’s hard work was beyond his imagination, but unfortunately, it wasn’t hard work that would lead to success.


“Please!” The man suddenly knelt down.


However, his actions made old George frown in dissatisfaction: “I told you to leave!”



“Claude ……” Chester called out.



It was as if a lightning bolt cut through the night sky and illuminated the earth …… Cheng Hao suddenly remembered who the person in front of him was.



Black Bear Claude!


Black Bear Claude, was a boxer who left his name in the United States in the eighties.


His body was extraordinarily strong, after his emergence, he defeated several very famous boxers, and even began to challenge the strongest boxers at the time.



At the time there were many who favored him and thought he could win, but he failed and was eventually paralyzed by his opponent and never got back up.



He was only a flash in the pan and left little behind, but some fighters, at the time, held him in high esteem and felt that he was a natural fit for boxing.



Some even said that if he had trained from a young age, instead of training as he approached adulthood, he might have been a boxing champion!



Now, Claude was in front of him, kneeling down to Old George.



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