C26—- Cooking


That broken roll-up door, was definitely the existence that Mr. Dampier pondered on the most these days!


Lin Yuxun followed Cheng Hao, when he heard Mr. Dampier talking about the roll-up door, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed.


Cheng Hao promised to repair the door, however, it simply couldn’t be repaired, it could only be replaced ……



Cheng Hao quickly spoke first: “Mr. Dampier, I have already thought about it, tomorrow I will go buy a second-hand roller shutter door and help you replace it.”



Hearing Cheng Hao’s words, Mr. Dampier became dissatisfied: “Why is it a second-hand roll-up door?”


Cheng Hao retorted, “Your door is also old.”



Mr. Dampier “grunted” a few times, and cursed the people who broke his door, but finally admitted to the matter.



At this time, Cheng Hao spoke again: “There is one thing, I don’t know whether to say ……”


“What is it?” Mr. Dampier asked.


“In fact, if you change the door of that room to a normal door, such as a wooden door, I believe this garage would rent for a higher price! You also know, winter is coming, and the roll-up door isn’t warm, it also gets destroyed easily …… “Cheng Hao said a lot of things about roll-up door weaknesses, it was also true.



Generally this kind of door was only used for a garage!



“Of course I know all this, but do you know how much it costs to replace the door?” Mr. Dampier asked rhetorically.


“It is true that it costs a lot of money to change the door, but after raising the rent, sooner or later you can earn it back, and more importantly, it is more economical for you to change the door now.” Cheng Hao said.



“Why?” The chubby Mr. Dampier didn’t understand.


Cheng Hao said, “We broke your door, if you don’t need us to fix it, then we can compensate you twenty dollars, look, this way, you can spend twenty dollars less to replace the door!”



Mr. Dampier thought it made sense, but …… “you have to pay me at least fifty dollars!”



After some bargaining, Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun paid thirty dollars in compensation and fifteen dollars for the rent of the upstairs loft, and then they got the key to the loft.



That’s right, the rent of the attic was fifteen yuan per week, which was nearly twice as expensive as the garage.



And the roll-up door ……


Cheng Hao was also concerned about the price of rolling doors some days ago, new ones cost about one hundred dollars, not including installation fees, which was very expensive for this place, and as for second-hand …… he hadn’t met someone selling second-hand rolling doors.



So …… he decided to find a way to get Mr. Dampier to change the door and install it!



So that he could spend less money!



So thinking, Cheng Hao spoke again, “Mr. Dampier, before you install the door, you can first build a wall with bricks, or even build a window, I think when the time comes, you can rent even ten dollars a week, you don’t have to rent only eight dollars.”



This garage had always been rented at eight dollars a week. When Lin Yuxun had no money on hand, Mr. Dampier’s co-habitant Beverly asked Mr. Dampier to rent the garage to Lin Yuxun for six dollars a week.



Mr. Dampier has always had a grudge against this, so after Cheng Hao appeared, he asked for a rent increase.



It was also because of this that Lin Yuxun gave Mr. Dampier two dollars as soon as he said so.



The more Mr. Dampier thought about it, the more he felt that Cheng Hao was right: “Kid, you’re smart!”



Cheng Hao also felt that he was very clever, he surprisingly compressed a hundred dollar compensation into thirty dollars.



Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun got the key of the attic from Mr. Dampier, thought about it, and immediately started moving.



The furniture in the house Lin Yuxun rented was all Mr. Dampier’s. He didn’t have many things, so moving would be quick and could be done tonight.



Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun moved with fervor, and in order to avoid people coming over and stealing things, they always left one person downstairs to watch.



As they moved, a black woman wearing floral pajamas, with many braids on her head came down from upstairs.



It was Mr. Dampier’s co-habitant Beverly.



Beverly’s features were quite good-looking, and she should be considered pretty. After she came downstairs, she stood at the door of the garage, and then said to Lin Yuxun, “I’ll stay here, you guys go move your things.”



“Thanks.” Lin Yuxun thanked her and moved their bits and pieces of household goods together with Cheng Hao.



Lin Yuxun didn’t have much stuff, but it needed to be organized and the room had to be cleaned, thus the two of them moved for almost two hours before they finally finished, during which Danny also followed behind and helped with the stuff.



At first when they took things out of the house, Danny was a little uneasy, then he found that they were moving upstairs, he happily ran up and down.



The house downstairs was very humid, it wasn’t so much in the attic, the floors weren’t high and there were slopes, thus each room was small, but there were three rooms in total!



In two of the small rooms, one had a one-meter-two bed, the other had a one-meter-five bed, and the remaining large room was a kitchen, with a very old wooden table, as well as wooden chairs.


Seeing this kitchen, Cheng Hao had a feeling of excitement.


This place was connected to gas! He could cook!



The gas stove in the United States was very different from the ones in China.



It was four square, floor placed, with four fire burners on the top, the bottom could also be opened, you could bake things in it, Cheng Hao was happy to see, but soon felt helpless.



He found that he simply couldn’t use this thing!



And it was very late, they had to sleep.


Cheng Hao spread the newly bought quilt on the one-and-a-half meter bed and let Lin Yuxun and Danny sleep on the two, while he himself slept on the floor.



He slept late last night, and today, although he didn’t exercise he also did a lot of things, he laid down and fell asleep, but in the next room, Lin Yuxun hadn’t slept.



He couldn’t sleep.



Without Cheng Hao around, he was suddenly uncomfortable, and even he didn’t know what was going on.



He even regretted telling Cheng Hao that he could rent the loft, if he hadn’t, could he have slept with Cheng Hao for a few more days?



And then there was the issue of Cheng Hao going out to fight ……



Many thoughts flashed through Lin Yuxun’s mind and he didn’t sleep until late again, but the next morning, his biological clock made him wake up early.



Having not slept well for two days in a row, underneath his eyes were green and black.



As soon as Cheng Hao saw Lin Yuxun, he noticed his condition: “You didn’t sleep well last night?”



“After changing places, I couldn’t sleep a bit at first.” Lin Yuxun said.



Cheng Hao didn’t suspect him: “Come on, let’s wake Danny up and go to school for breakfast. We’ll still eat at school this morning and noon, and in the evening we can buy some food to go home and cook for ourselves …… After that we’ll just cook and eat at our own home, it’ll be delicious.”



Lin Yuxun heard Cheng Hao’s words, imagined them cooking together, and his heart was also moved.



That day, Cheng Hao accompanied Lin Yuxun to work as usual, and when they finished working, they bought some more vegetables, as well as eggs and beef to go home.



When they came home, they saw Mr. Dampier was taking bricks and blocks and building the wall himself.



After Cheng Hao gave Mr. Dampier an idea, he thought that Mr. Dampier was afraid that he would have to spend a lot of money to get the door replaced, after all, it wasn’t cheap to hire someone to work over here, but to his surprise, Mr. Dampier went to build the wall and install the door himself .





He built half a wall on both sides of the garage door, fixed an old door frame in the middle, and then started to build the rest of the wall.



Cheng Hao was in awe: “Mr. Dampier …… is quite powerful.”



Lin Yuxun quickly responded, “Mr. Dampier knows a lot of things, fixing plumbing, fixing door locks and so on, he knows it all, but when you get him to fix it, he wants to charge money.”



“When you are a landlord, you do need more skills to be able to ……” Cheng Hao said, “Speaking of which, my wish is to have a building in the future and then be able to collect rent for a living.”



Lin Yuxun silently took this into his heart, and was a little worried.



To own a building, you need to buy a piece of land and build a house on it, so it must take a lot of money.



Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun both tried to cook after they went home.



Cheng Hao didn’t know how to cook, but he grew up in China, so he knew the steps of cooking, and dishes and so on.



Lin Yuxun could cook, he needed to cook for his own father when he was very young, but he couldn’t cook many things.


The two discussed for a while, and finally decided that Lin Yuxun would take the helm, with Cheng Hao giving advice from the side.



Then, they made three dishes: boiled broccoli, boiled peas and scrambled eggs, and as for the main dish, Lin Yuxun made noodle cakes.



When his father cooked, he usually mixed various things together and boiled them, but he had good skills in making noodle cakes and taught Lin Yuxun, but Lin Yuxun hadn’t done it for years ……



Some of the dishes were salty and some were light, and some were definitely not good, but at least they were edible.



The three of them weren’t people who would waste food, so they ate a lot.



After eating, Cheng Hao left the house, he had to go out to exercise.



After the fight on Tuesday night, he went shopping and moved on Wednesday, and today, Thursday, he had to practice well.



After another day, Friday came.



During the day on Tuesday, Cheng Hao didn’t train, but this Friday, Cheng Hao still did exercise.


He had now started to adapt to the high intensity training, and wouldn’t let his condition deteriorate, in such a situation, training naturally couldn’t stop for a day.



Cheng Hao was looking forward to the boxing match on Friday night, while Lin Yuxun, on the other hand, was restless.



Cheng Ho, would he be injured again?



This night, after Cheng Hao left for the bar, Lin Yuxun also left and headed for Old George’s bar.



He wanted to find out what was going on, he didn’t want Cheng Ho to get hurt.



When Cheng Hao arrived at Old George’s bar, many people came to say hello to him.



Some of them called him “Cheng” and some called him “Cutie” and asked him if he would fight.



Most of the people who compete here were amateurs, and many of them had competed once and may have to come back a month later to compete a second time.



“I will participate!” Cheng Hao gave an affirmative answer without hesitation.



Of course he would participate in the competition, after all, he could only get money if he participated.


Moreover, he liked boxing, he liked the feeling of fists and muscles colliding.



He just didn’t know who his opponent would be today.





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