The space was large, and the man’s voice was tinged with a hint of indistinctness.



He looked at them from above, his intricate silk clothes were more gorgeous than the high priest of their tribe, giving a steep rise to the feeling that he was very large.



He said, “It is the gods, who have guided you to my tribe.”



Yu Lian was surprised, “You’re a sacrifice!?”



Only a priest could use heavenly hearing, that was the ability to connect heaven and earth, and theoretically, it was also like asking a god a question and getting an answer.



Lord god, however, denied it, “No, I am the incarnation of god on earth.”



He didn’t care about the dumbfounded Yu Lian, but turned the conversation to the main topic: “You said yesterday that you came to exchange supplies?”



“Right.” The Chief of Gongshan tribe was much calmer than his daughter: “We have many large measuring tools that are not good to carry because of the tribe’s long distance migration, and would like to exchange some dried meat and twisted seeds with you.”



Lord god smiled: “Our tribe migrates from time to time, and it isn’t suitable for carrying either.”



The Chief frowned: “But you have so many tents, felts, blankets ……”


“Hahahaha, that’s because I need it, but I don’t need your tools.”



Seeing that the deal couldn’t be negotiated, the chief of the Gongshan tribe wanted to leave, but he hadn’t finished.



“But you have one thing, I need it very much.”



“What?” The chief stopped in his tracks.



Lord god leisurely spat out a word: “…… people.”



The Chief quickly turned around, his dark and strong body abruptly exploded with a sense of oppression: “You want us to sell you sla-ves!?”



“Why not?”


The words were full of condensation, the Gongshan chief was a good natured person, for many years the chief was used to being held in high esteem, so he was now filled with anger: “Fu-ck you, you have so few people, we came to exchange things to give you face, how dare you want to buy people!



He roared, “Aren’t you afraid that we will trample your place!?”



Yu Lian shivered in fear, watching the man’s eyes curve up, “Not too afraid yet ……”



As they spoke, a group of strong men surrounded the tent.



They were all sturdy and had dark complexion, their faces were hidden by bone masks, it was extremely horrible.



They held spears in their hands, and their mouths made threatening sounds “woo-oo-oo-oo”.



The Chief’s face paled.



“My high priest will soon be here with warriors!” He tried to look fierce, but he didn’t expect the man to laugh out loud.



“Hahahaha …… This is too funny. It’s true that your Gongshan tribe has a lot of people, but useless people make up a large part of it. The remaining warriors are not necessarily worthy of us yet. After all, I am the incarnation of god, these people are given to me by god, how can I let you go?”



He finished slowly and methodically, and without waiting for the Gongshan chief to reply further, he waved his hand, “Bring the men down.”



The burly men stepped forward in unison, and dozens of feet stepped on the ground at the same time with a thud!



“Wait!” The Gongshan leader gritted his teeth.



“What, changed your mind?” The Lord god leaned back, his posture lazy.



“You, how many people do you want?”



Lord God laughed: “Not much, strong men and women, two hundred people. …… These can be exchanged for five carts of dried meat and two carts of twisted seeds. Enough for you to eat.”



Without waiting for the Gongshan chief to retort, he continued, “If you want to bargain with me, you won’t get so much in exchange ……”



The Gongshan chief was panting like a bull, and his eyes were bl-ood red.



Yu Lian didn’t dare to cry out, she silently shed tears.



High Priest Xue Qi leading the small group had arrived at the entrance of the Paradise Tribe, but was stopped by the guards.



She spoke loudly, “Our chief is inside, if you don’t want us to attack, then be good and let them out!”



The guards were unmoved and stopped them forcefully at the door, the sounds of confrontation drifted in the wind, and all that remained inside the tent was a wisp of anger.



The Gongshan chief was abruptly ignited: “No, no!”



His voice was hoarse: “If you hold me back, you won’t get any benefit, it’s just a lose-lose situation! Try it!”



Lord god pursed his lips, and as if receiving a signal, a strong man raised his spear and plunged it into the thigh of the Gongshan leader!



One thrust, one pull, and bl-ood splashed!





The roar of pain startled the birds, and Yu Lian tried to crawl to him: “Abba! Abba!!!”



The man stood up and walked over step by step, reached out and pulled up the crying and screaming Yu Lian, and said gently, “If you make one more noise, you will be chopped up.”


He waved his hand, “Take them all and lock them up.”




Rong Yue and his party hurriedly rushed.


Just into the night, they finally arrived near the area where the two parties confronted each other.



“Where’s Yang San?”



“Ooo …… over there?”



Xiao Ergou wasn’t quite sure: “Just now the smell was still fresh, but now it stinks ……”



“Very stinky?” Rong Yue frowned.



Yue Dong also shrugged: “Someone burned a lot of spices nearby, it’s very pungent.”



Rong Yue nodded and asked Yue Dong to wrap Xiao Ergou’s nose with a wet cloth so she wouldn’t get hurt.




Suddenly, the sound of fighting came from forest in front of him. Tian Yang’s eyes were awe-inspiring as he rushed forward.



Xue Qi was a mess.


Her pulled up hair bun was dragged loose, her clothes were scratched, and her body and face were covered with bruises.



She screamed, “Leave me! Don’t come any closer!”


There was a distance of about a hundred meters between the two encampments, and a large area was now empty, with fires raging all around.


The w-arriors of the Paradise Tribe layered up and stopped at the periphery of the camp, wearing bone masks on their heads and roaring with astonishing force.



On the other side, the differently dressed warriors were unled and scattered, some wanting to save the high priest at all costs, others hesitant to listen to the marching orders.



The contrast was stark, and it was clear which side could win.


A masked man snapped Xue Qi’s throat, and a young girl stepped out next to him, the very woman who held the cup for that god lord in the daytime – Shin.


“As you can see, our tribe is strong, and your priest and chief are no match for us.”


She smiled: “If there are warriors who want to join our tribe, they will be able to eat fresh meat and fruit every day, and they won’t have to worry about food in the winter. There are all sorts of other benefits that you will slowly learn later, smart people know how to choose.”



“After all,…… you guys are too weak now.”






A Gongshan tribe warrior couldn’t help but speak out, only to see a spear fly straight from afar and instantly pierce into the warrior’s chest.



There were screams, and there were angry warriors with swords and others who were so frightened that they turned and fled, and the scene was in chaos.



Xue Qi hissed: “Don’t move! Don’t come any closer! They have something in their hands! Don’t come any closer!”




Her voices was drowned out.



The young girl took a torch and sat on the shoulder of a masked warrior.


The height made the torch as conspicuous as a bright light, and the crowd couldn’t help but look away.


“Stand back, all of you! Take another step forward and I’ll kill your sacrifice!”



Her voice was crisp and carried far, and after a while, the Gongshan tribe people finally held back their anger and backed up to the edge of the clearing.



The corners of Shin’s mouth curled up and she gave a wink to the masked man who was holding Xue Qi’s throat.


The masked man’s hand tightened and looked about to snap Xue Qi’s neck–


There was a swish.



A bone knife shot straight out of the grass and nailed into the burly man’s side, stopping him with a line of bl-ood.



“Ah!” He let out a short shriek.



The strong man fell limply, and Xue Qi fell to the ground after him. She reacted sharply and crawled forward on her hands and knees, only to see a group of masked men behind her storming up at the same time and about to grab her ankles!



“Stop!” A clear youthful voice came from where the bone knives flew out from.



The man came out of the bushes step by step, with a staff in one hand and long hair flying in the wind. He had a clear face, fair skin, and a noble aura all over his body, more eye-catching than the young girl sitting on the shoulder of the masked man.



As his face gradually became distinct in the firelight, the eyes of the scattered Gangesan tribe widened ……





“Tian Yang!?”


“How come you guys didn’t die!?”





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