Lu Yan was a well-known psychological counselor in Dragon City. His clinic was private, the medical staff were tight-lipped, and patients from the entertainment industry accounted for 90% of the patients.


Today’s first patient was an extremely beautiful young man who wanted to treat his fear of ghosts.


Dr. Lu talked to him for thirty minutes, did some simple tests, and at one point wanted to suggest that the patient be referred.


He immediately condemned himself harshly.


He couldn’t hold a grudge just because a patient could go face-to-face with Manson as a ghostly nun and find Annabelle, a doll of the underworld, mediocre, but was terrified by Joey Wong as Nieh Hsiao-Tsing.

[TN: Nieh Hsiao-Tsing, —- character in A Chinese Ghost Story film]


That wasn’t very professional.


Joey Wong was his goddess, and the patient was his responsibility.


The patient was only afraid of ghosts in the strictest sense of the word, so he wasn’t afraid of the ugly-looking Ghost Nun or Annabelle, who were, after all, demonic in terms of monster taxonomy.


He barely reacted to Jump Scare and wasn’t afraid of the dark. Despite his fear of ghosts, he considered them to be friendly, even fond of him. (Note 1)


This was a far cry from the normal manifestation of fear of ghosts.


If the patient wasn’t deliberately fabricating symptoms to amuse him, then he felt the need to recommend the patient for psychiatric referral.


The patient seemed to read his mind.


“Doctor, I went to take the Brief Psychiatric Inventory and I’m still some way from scoring in the patient group. I don’t have psychosis.”


Dr. Lu: “……”



Where would a normal person go to take the Psychosis Scale?



The cutoff for the patient group was 35 points, with higher scores signaling a potentially more severe condition. Normal people were certainly a distance away from 35 points, but there was also a distance between 100 points and 35 points ……


Dr. Lu tried, “What made you want to do the Psychosis Scale?”


Patient: “Oh, I went home one day and saw a toy on the side of the road, a very cute stuffed rabbit, and I picked it back up, and then one day I found the stuffed rabbit ……”


Dr. Lu: “The plush rabbit …… moved?”



Patient: “Hahahahaha, how can a stuffed rabbit move? Doctor, you’re so humorous. Anyway, I went for a psychiatric scale that day, I’m not sick, don’t worry.”



Dr. Lu: “……” He wasn’t relieved to hear that.


When the patient was leaving, he asked him if there was a haunted house nearby.


If he was afraid of ghosts, why did he want to go to a haunted house?


Sure enough, he was very sick.



Dr. Lu’s good friend in the treatment of schizophrenia was quite good, he gave the patient the name of his friend and the inaugural hospital, then softly said: “If you are afraid to go to the psychiatric department, I can accompany you to go there and find him in the afternoon.”



The patient looked at him silently for a few seconds, several times he looked like he wanted to speak, but finally didn’t speak, probably too touched to speak. After all, there were not many doctors who were as considerate and responsible as he was.



When he sent this patient, Qiong Ren, out the door, the next patient was already waiting outside.



The second patient was tall, with black hair tied behind his ears, extremely white skin, and surprisingly handsome.



The two patients’ eyes met in the air and lingered on each other for a few seconds, both seemingly surprised by the other’s looks.


The image of them staring at each other was so dazzling that Dr. Lu thought of an idiom – mutual radiance.


It was almost as if he wanted to pull out his cell phone and take eight or ten pictures.


He brought the second patient into the consultation room.


This patient’s name was Yanmo Lujia, he didn’t know which celebrity recommended him.


His name was so special, it was probably an ethnic minority.


Lu Yan: “Your main claim is to treat insomnia.”


The handsome man nodded quietly.


Lu Yan: “May I ask how long have you had this condition? Have you ever taken any medication?”


The man thought for a moment, “Two years and nine months. I took sleeping pills, but they had no effect.”


Doctor Lu: “Can you talk specifically about how you started having insomnia?”




The man thought for a moment and related what happened.


“I had a secretary who would unconsciously sing while working. He sang the same song all the time, it was very hard to hear.”


The man couldn’t help but press his temples, “Ever since I heard her sing that song, I haven’t fallen asleep. ”


Doctor Lu: “Why don’t you stop her from singing?”



“She has a heavy workload, singing can effectively maintain her conscious awareness and not blur her mind from working overtime. For the sake of work efficiency, I can’t stop her from singing.”


Dr. Lu was shocked.


Capitalists really lived up to their name, preferring to go without sleep for two years and nine months themselves rather than giving up on squeezing the residual value out of their battered workers.




After Dr. Lu finished feeling sorry for the secretary he had never met, he suddenly felt something was wrong, and he looked at the top of the man’s head, dark and thick, making people jealous.



Was this man here to amuse him?



If he hadn’t slept in two years and nine months, it wouldn’t be a question of losing his hair, one would have settled in the underworld long ago.



“Constantly recalling song melodies in your head is a compulsive behavior. I’d recommend a psychiatric referral, trying to treat OCD is seven parts medication and three parts detachment, and there’s only three parts I can do.”


The man sniffed, the expression on his face didn’t change in the slightest, and he looked at Dr. Lu quietly with his extremely black eyes, “The medication has no effect on me. Is there any other method?”


Being looked at by the man’s eyes like deep pools, Dr. Lu’s heart was inexplicably hairy, and a cold sweat noiselessly wet his back.


Obviously, the other had been behaving in a gentle and courteous manner, but he just couldn’t stop his fear from rising.



He warily suggested, “This …… or …… have you ever tried changing the environment in which you fall asleep? Choose to fall asleep in an environment that you feel comfortable in, and you can play some ambient sounds that relax you, such as the sound of rain, ocean waves, or white noise, it might work.”



Man: “Ah. Like that.”


He lowered his eyes in contemplation for a moment, stood up and asked, “Thank you very much for your suggestion. May I ask if there is a haunted house nearby?”



“Would you like to go for some fun?”


Mr Yan: “No, to sleep. The sound effects of haunted houses and the screams of tourists are always relaxing.”


Dr. Lu: “……?”


“The amusement park is closed for a big sale, haunted house tickets are as low as thirty dollars, handsome, buy a ticket.”


Qiong Ren surveyed the faded poster plastered on the counter for a few moments, lowered his hat thenooked up, “I’ll have one.”



The ticket agent’s formulaic smile suddenly froze and her face flushed red, she held out a waiver to him, “You’ll have to wait a little while after you sign, our haunted house rules state that at least two guests must be in at a time.”


He signed and the conductor brought him another bracelet.


“If you’re particularly scared, just press the red button on the bracelet and I’ll go in and pick you up when I get the signal.”


Qiong Ren fastened the bracelet to make sure it wouldn’t fall off.



The visitor’s guestbook for the haunted house said that the actors pretending to be ghosts in this haunted house were so good that they were just as good as real ghosts.



Perfect for his daredevil needs.


It was obvious that the business of the haunted house wasn’t good, Qiong Ren waited for half an hour for the second customer.


It was a familiar face, the two of them had just met at Dr. Lu’s place.


A man who even someone as insensitive to looks as Qiong Ren found stunning.


Qiong Ren nodded at him, “What a coincidence, meeting again.”


“Hello.” Sick man nodded back at him.


Sick man was dressed in a gray suit, his tie meticulously tied, complete with cufflinks and brooch. His face was stoic, with an air of calmness that couldn’t be moved even if the sky was falling.


Such a person appeared in the haunted house, it was like he was transported from a dinner party, appearing out of place with the surroundings.


The ticket taker suddenly shivered, like she had stepped barefoot on a leaking wire.


“What brings you here?”


The patient looked at the ticket agent for a few moments, “From the Resident Yang Office?”

[TN: Yang — the living world ]

The ticket agent nodded.


“So this haunted house was opened by you,” said the patient, “I want a ticket, can I use Alipay?”


The ticket taker kept trembling, “How can we take your money.”


The patient frowned and turned to Qiong Ren, “Hello, how much is the ticket?”


Qiong Ren: “Thirty.”


The sick friend thanked him, then scanned the code to pay the bill and asked, “Which way is the entrance?”



The ticket agent weakly pointed to the left.



The sick friend opened the door on the left and walked in. Qiong Ren hurriedly followed, he wanted to team up with his sick friend, in case he fainted, the sick friend could still call the staff for him.



The light in the haunted house was very dim, Qiong Ren just went in and couldn’t see anything, so he simply stopped and waited for his eyes to get used to it.



He was distracted by the fact that the man was tall, handsome, polite, and had money, so this kind of man should be very popular, so why was the conductor so scared?



What kind of organization was the Yang Office?


Eyes gradually adapt to the darkness, in front of a hidden security door, the sick man had disappeared.



The haunted house echoed with eerie music, the volume was very low, seemingly, but it was more scary. From time to time there would also be the sound of soft footsteps, as if he was being followed by someone.


The sound effects were extremely underworldly.


Behind the security door was a small living room, and Qiong Ren turned on his cell phone lighting to look around.



On the coffee table in the living room was a newspaper, with a huge UC body spanning the page, they were obviously afraid that tourists wouldn’t see it.



Shocker! What’s the reason for a star-chasing girl to jump off a building in the middle of the night?


The content of the report said a girl named Zou Rong, was in the process of chasing a star and jumped down from the nineteenth floor and fell to pieces. There was a picture of Zou Rong on the newspaper, the young girl’s eyes were dazed and there was a bloodstain on the left side of her face.


Qiong Ren finished reading the newspaper and put it back, the newspaper fell on the coffee table, making a soft “shhhh” sound.



“Ugh ……”


A ghostly sigh rang out, and the living room lights suddenly came on, flickering on and off.


Qiong Ren snapped his head up, a white-skirted young girl appeared across the coffee table, she had a bloodstain on the left side of her face, and her figure was translucent.


No matter how he looked at it, it was the ghost of Zou Rong.



Qiong Ren’s mind went blank and he pulled his legs and ran.


His stance was athletic, moving like a rabbit, and he quickly rushed out of the living room.



The young girl floated in place and froze for a few seconds before suddenly rejoicing wildly.



“Ah – it’s my star!!!”


She immediately pulled out her cell phone and said in the group:


[Qiong Ren has come to play in our haunted house, let the other tourists go first, come out and follow the star with me!]


[Crap, I heard he’s afraid of ghosts, don’t scare my husband out of anything.]




Qiong Ren panicked and crashed around the haunted house, forgetting that he could use his wristband to call for help.


He heard someone whispering and mentioning his name.


His heart rate spiked upwards like stepping on the gas, the lights in the dark corridor were brightly lit, and there came the stomping echoes of his footsteps, which, together with the zippy sound of the electric current, dramatized the terrifying atmosphere to the extreme.



As he ran, he suddenly felt wrong, was the haunted house this big? How come after running for a few minutes, he still hadn’t run to the exit, did he accidentally walk back?


[Shhh, don’t talk, use WeChat to communicate.]


[I said don’t scare him, why don’t you withdraw the ghostly wall?]


[My cub look so scared, heartbroken to death.]


[Why don’t I step in and take him out?]


[You still have an axe stuck in your head, you’ll only scare my husband to death.]


[I heard that the King of the underworld came to sleep in our haunted house, the director has gone to buy a mattress, he’s the only one who looks like a living person, what should we do?]



Qiong Ren was as fast as a gust of wind, scraping past a man lying on the ground.


He only glanced at him from the corner of his eyes while running at high speed, but he could also see that the man had excellent proportions, very tall, and super long legs.



Such a good figure wasn’t common, Qiong Ren was creeped out, it couldn’t be that the patient was stunned, right?


What could he do? Should he go back to save him?


If he went back, would he collide with the female ghost?


No, he couldn’t ignore it.



Qiong Ren gritted his teeth, wiped a handful of frightened tears, turned around and ran back.


He looked at the dim light, the person on the ground was really the sick man, Qiong Ren bent down and picked him up, then continued to run forward.



Yan Molu, who was barely feeling sleepy, “?”


What happened?


It was so hard for him to almost feel a little bit like falling asleep, why was he suddenly carried away?


The white-skirted girl who silently followed behind Qiong Ren immediately hid behind the corner, her fingers typing rapidly.


Everyone hide!


[Report! The king is being held in my cub’s arms, PS, it’s a princess hug.]


[I have a picture in my head.]


[Don’t tell me, it seems a bit….]


[Like what? The King of the underworld and his billionaire wife?]


Yan Molu was the King of the Underworld, and he’d seen countless living people and ghosts.



Yet it was the first time he had encountered such a situation.




King of the Underworld.


Was being held in someone’s arms, it was a princess hug.



He wanted Qiong Ren to put him down, but before the words could leave his mouth, he was knocked back.


The bump was slippery, soft, and bouncy.


The bump made him, like he’d been frozen in the Great Frozen Underworld for eight hundred years.



Qiong Ren ran to the door, holding the person in his hands wasn’t convenient to push the door, he could only turn sideways and use his shoulder to push against it.


Yan Molu’s face was pressed into Qiong Ren’s body by this action, and his nose was filled with the scent from the soft fabric.


For a moment, it was as if all his senses were wrapped in the scent of Qiong Ren’s body.


Lush and crisp.


It smelled so good.


His lips accidentally brushed against something that also touched his cheek.


Yan Molu’s eyes, which were as quiet as deep pools, suddenly widened.




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