Qiong Ren remembered a few months ago when he came home from practicing and saw the lavender plush rabbit sitting on the side of the road.


He thought at that time that he had picked up something someone else didn’t want and turned it into his treasure, yet it was ……


He lifted the rabbit up, “You were waiting for me specifically on my way home?”


The plush rabbit nodded.



“But I forgot about you ……” Qiong Ren hugged it and rubbed it gently, his voice low, “I’m sorry.”



The plush rabbit patted softly on his arm.



It’s okay. The rabbit knew its master loved it. Master didn’t forget about it voluntarily.



“Who threw you away? Lian Qingquan?”



The rabbit shook its head, it couldn’t speak and waved its little short hand a little anxiously, Yan Mo held up his cell phone and signaled, “Write here.”



The rabbit’s furry hand blocked half the screen with a single press.



Qiong Ren felt amazing every time he saw this sight, how on earth could it type accurately on a touch screen ……



The fluffy rabbit wrote:


[I wasn’t a little spirit then, so I couldn’t remember the face.]



[On the train, owner was sick, Lian Qingquan walked away, and a stranger threw away the rabbit.]



Yan Mo mused, “The reason why I had to go on a business trip ten years ago was because the state city god of Spirit State made a big mistake and walked away from a batch of yin souls, which had a very bad impact. The state city god was removed from their position and is still working as a jailer in the Great Icd Cold Hell.”



“You got sick on the train and forgot about this little rabbit, maybe it has something to do with this.”



Yan Mo suddenly remembered something: “When did you start being afraid of ghosts?”



With Qiong Ren’s character, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he wasn’t afraid of the sky or the earth, how could he be one who was afraid of ghosts, and be so afraid that he could pass out.



Qiong Ren tried to recall: “It seems to be after being picked up by Lian Qingquan …… on the train, my memory is very fuzzy, could it be true that I bumped into a ghost on the train, leaving a deep psychological shadow, so I have PTSD on ghosts.”



Yan Mo: “It is possible.”



The dean called out, “You two, don’t just chat there quietly, it’s rare for you to come back, shouldn’t you accompany me more?”



Qiong Ren held the rabbit and went over with Yan Mo.



The dean held up a glass of coconut juice, “We don’t have any drinkers in our family, so let’s all have a drink together. I wish everyone good health, daily progress, and a hundred years of happiness.”



The adults and children drank their drinks together and started to make noise, asking Qiong Ren to perform.


Qiong Ren planned to sing an old song from eighty-three years ago, “Wish for a Long Life,” and he gave his cell phone to Yan Mo to help record a video.



His agent was sour: “I used to record it all.”



Yan Mo didn’t say anything. Anyway, he would be the one to record it from now on.






The WeChat alerts of Emperor Song and Secretary Jin, who were partying with the Eight Kings, rang together, Qiong Ren sent a video in the group.



In the video, Qiong Ren sat in the courtyard under the moon and leisurely sang : “When will the bright moon come, ask the blue sky with wine.”



Secretary Jin’s eyes appeared nostalgic, this was a song that belonged to his era.



When they got to the last line of the song, “Wishing for a long life, a thousand miles together”, the two of them couldn’t help but look at each other, Secretary Jin looked away first.



“Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you guys.” Qiong Ren smiled sweetly over the video.



Both of their cell phones rang again, Qiong Ren had transferred 999 to each of them.



Secretary Jin immediately sighed exaggeratedly, “Ai, the child is too understanding, he’s so poor yet he still sent us red packets, in fact, we have no use for earthly money. There are actually as many as nine hundred and ninety-nine yuan, it’s too wasteful!”



Emperor Song also frowned tightly, intentionally or unintentionally swinging the collection interface towards the others, “That’s right, he even recorded a song specially for us to listen to, why is it so troublesome. And as an idol, he should be sending this kind of video business to his fans, but he’s only sending it to Secretary Jin and I. He doesn’t know how to fight for his fans’ hearts. Right?”



Secretary Jin and Emperor Song looked at the other eight underworld Kings in unison.



At this time, the only thing that could represent the mood of the Kings was the ellipsis, they were showing off, yet they had to say it in such a convoluted way.



King Qinguang came over, “Transfer a copy of the video to me.”



It was already past twelve o’clock when they returned.



Yan Mo parked the car and the two of them bathed in the moonlight as they slowly walked towards the house.


Qiong Ren hugged the stuffed rabbit tightly and said to Yan Mo, “Thank you for giving me the reward. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known about the rabbit’s story.”



Yan Mo smiled, “You’re welcome.”


Qiong Ren stopped, a little nervous, “I’m going to reward you too, what do you want?”



He purposely emphasized, “Anything.”



It always seemed that with his neighbor’s character, he would make a very insignificant request, because that was how he was, he never took credit for his good deeds and didn’t want to be rewarded.



But he wanted to repay.



Yan Mo thought for a moment, “Sing ‘Light Chaser’ for me.”



Qiong Ren: “Huh?”



Wasn’t this song criticized by you in the haunted house, why did he suddenly want to listen to ……



Neighbor wake up, how can a song that makes you lose sleep be a reward?



Qiong Ren glared helplessly at Yan Mo, “Do you know what reward means or not?”



Yan Mo suddenly came a little closer, he bent down so that he could look into Qiong Ren’s beautiful eyes, “Ah Ren, sing to me.”



His voice was low and deep with an annoying magnetism, Qiong Ren’s breathing stuttered and he decisively stepped back, “What if the insomnia becomes more serious?”



Yan Mo looked at him, “Even after another three thousand years of insomnia, I’d still like to hear it.”


Qiong Ren couldn’t say anything.



There was simply no way to refuse.



Yan Mo suggested, “Go sit in the pavilion and sing.”


Qiong Ren and he went to the pavilion on the lotus pond, being urged by Yan Mo, he could only sing very carefully, singing and carefully observing Yan Mo’s face, as long as there was the slightest hint of something wrong, Qiong Ren would immediately stop.



When he finished singing the last part of the da da da da, and Yan Mo didn’t show a broken expression, Qiong Ren pursed his lips and pinched the rabbit’s arm: “How, how is it? Nothing happened in the underworld, right? The Three Way River didn’t blow up, right?”



Yan Mo shook his head, his eyes staring blankly into the void in confusion, saying in a low voice, “Why exactly was I afraid to listen to it for so long ……”



Qiong Ren glimpsed something in his bewilderment and guessed, “Does Secretary Nan sing out of tune? Do you have any recordings of her, I’d like to hear them.”



Yan Mo’s eyes were dull, and he shook his head again, took his cell phone out of his pocket, and said solemnly, “Listening to it could have serious consequences.”


But Qiong Ren’s curiosity had risen, and he covered the ears of the stuffed rabbit and said bravely, “Come on.”



Yan Mo pressed the play button, and Secretary Nan’s voice came out.



After hearing just one line, Qiong Ren’s face turned green. How could there be such an evil song …… Secretary Nan. Could it be that she was a Hungry Ghost? How else could she sing something like this that made people want to scratch their brains out.



The scariest thing was that she actually sang well and had a nice voice, even singing with a tone that was somehow similar to Qiong Ren’s.



She wasn’t out of tune either, and the pitch of certain notes lacked accuracy, but that was normal, real singers relied on post-production to get all their pitches calibrated as well.



The song that Secretary Nan sang was clearly “Light Chaser” to anyone, but it made people’s sanity value drop.



Qiong Ren heard the fourth line and was already about to throw up before he even lasted through the chorus, he just snatched the phone and turned off the music.


Every sentence sung by Secretary Nan made people feel like they were on pins and needles, he felt uncomfortable all over. It felt like lifting someone up from the middle with a string, they were neither sitting nor standing, but it was hard to say what was wrong.



Anyway ……



To say that what she sang was a song was really a great devaluation of the lethality contained in it.



No wonder it was described by Yan Mo as a “taboo that cannot be touched”.



Qiong Ren set the rabbit aside and held onto Yan Mo’s hands tightly, saying earnestly, “You worked hard.”



“You actually managed to work for three years with this kind of thing on top of you. I swear, from now on, you are the person and god I admire the most. There is no one.”



Now Qiong Ren felt that even if one day the planet perished and civilization disappeared, King Yan would still be that absolute hero who could save the building from falling and rebuild the course of the planet’s civilization with his own strength.



“You listen to this kind of stuff every day at work, and you actually just have insomnia and not schizophrenic like King Qinguang, wow-”



Qiong Ren didn’t even know what to say, “Worthy of being the King of the Underworld.”



This thing could totally be given to the Underworld and the Special Affairs Division, it was simply the ultimate sonic weapon. He and the King of the underworld couldn’t be the only ones to be tortured, those evil spirits should also be severely punished by Secretary Nan’s song.



Yan Mo was really pitiful, how could there be such a miserable King Yan.



He pitied both of them and said to Yan Mo, ”I’ll sing you to sleep tonight. It’s not necessarily effective, but if I can replace Secretary Nan’s singing in your head, it should be a lot better.”



Yan Mo, who was deep in confused and painful regret, looked up at once, sat upright and looked reserved, “Is that okay? Thanks.”


The anticipation in his eyes was already almost full.



Qiong Ren couldn’t help but smile and took the opportunity to make a condition: “I’m so good to you, can you not call me Ah Ren in the future?”


Yan Mo: “You don’t like me calling you Ah Ren?”



Qiong Ren looked at his handsome face with a lost expression, his heart momentarily numb.



The look of a good-looking person frowning in resignation was also too much, it was a foul ah, how else could he sternly affirm his request.



“Ah Ren,” Yan Mo leaned over, his voice low and sweet, “I can’t occasionally use it?”



Qiong Ren rubbed his ear and desperately shrank back, pressing himself as close to the railing as he could, “Don’t come over here! How is it occasional, how many times have you called out just tonight.”



“Oh,” Yan Mo looked at him with dark eyes, but his gaze was like substance enveloping Qiong Ren, “Then I’ll use it a few less times tomorrow, okay?”



Qiong Ren was looked at by him like this, and subconsciously nodded.


Yan Mo was satisfied, “Then it’s a deal.”


Qiong Ren: “……”


Wait! Why did it turn out like this!



Beauty was a mistake! His neighbor was getting better at deceiving people!



After the two of them washed up, Qiong Ren brought a chair and sat at the head of Yan Mo’s bed, looking at Yan Mo’s sleeping posture, he was speechless.


This sleeping posture was similar to being in a coffin, excessively peaceful.


“Close your eyes, I’m going to start singing.”



Yan Mo closed his eyes. He had no obsession with sleeping nowadays, and anyway, the room was filled with Qiong Ren’s scent, so he didn’t need to sleep to maintain a good mood.


But because Qiong Ren was in the room, the scent became more and more pronounced.



Qiong Ren’s voice was soft, and together with the scent of his body it drifted down in a leisurely manner, wrapping around Yan Mo’s body in wisps and strands, making him feel like he was completely submerged by Qiong Ren’s presence.



An unspeakable sense of relaxation roamed up, and it seemed that even the bones in his body became much lighter, and he lost his weight, melting into Qiong Ren’s soft singing voice.



After more than three years of insomnia, Yan Mo finally fell asleep again.




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