C6— Steal Food

Although Qin Shen had always been a shallow sleeper, he was not woken up by the movements made by Xu Jian and then came to check. He just woke up and didn’t see his baby cat, so he got up and looked for it.

Then he harvested a sprawling cat in the sink.

Smiling and carrying Xu Jian out of the slippery sink, Qin Shen felt amused and distressed:

“I added water next to the cat food. When you are thirsty, you don’t have to come to the bathroom to find water to drink. The water inside isn’t clean.”

Qin Shen didn’t know that Xu Jian came to the bathroom to solve a cat problem. When he saw that his hair was wet on the washstand, he thought he was thirsty.

Xu Jian was held away from the bathroom by Qin Shen, and after listening to his words he was anxious and angry.

Who was hiding in the toilet to drink water!

He knew that some pets would drink the water in the toilet when they were thirsty, but even if he died of thirst, he would not drink the water in the toilet instead he would jump from the balcony!

And it definitely didn’t smell good!

Even if he had become a cat, he was also a particular cat!

Thinking of it, Xu Jian slapped Qin Shen’s through his pajamas and thought-

If you hadn’t suddenly appeared and scared me, I wouldn’t have fallen!

Qin Shen didn’t put Xu Jian down, he carried him to the corner where cat food and water were, put him down and pointed to the two cat pots:

“Milk, come here when you’re thirsty later, okay?”

Qin Shen’s tone was gentle, but Xu Jian was ungrateful. When his head twisted, he didn’t even look at the water and food.

It could be said that it was very disrespectful.

Xu Jian turned and looked at Qin Shen: “Meow ~”

Won’t eat or drink, I’m going back to sleep. Bye!

Seeing Xu Jian ignore the cat food, Qin Shen glanced at the cat food bag beside him and secretly wrote down the brand name.

It seemed that Milk didn’t like this brand of cat food, so he wouldn’t buy it next time.

Qin Shen followed Xu Jian into the master bedroom, then bent down and stretched out his hand to intercept the cat ready to climb into the cat’s nest. Then at a turn of footsteps, he held the cat and walked to the bed.

Qin Shen touched the cat’s back and said to himself: “It’s still early, Milk you’ll sleep with me.”

When the suddenly suspended Xu Jian reacted, he was already held in Qin Shen’s arms and tucked into his bed.

Qin Shen had just left a short while ago, and there was still his residual warmth on the bed.

Xu Jian subconsciously wanted to struggle with his head resting in Qin Shen’s arms. Qin Shen, who was half squinting, suddenly leaned in and kissed his nose. His voice was lazy and almost sensual:

“Milk, sleep with daddy for a while.”

After saying that Qin Shen tucked the corner of the blanket beside Xu Jian with his hand and covered him tightly in his arms, just exposing the cat head for air.

Xu Jian, who was caught off guard with one more father, opened his mouth to Qin Shen: “Meow-Meow!”

Don’t take advantage of the cat, who is your son? !

For Xu Jian’s resistance, Qin Shen was unmoved, and he contentedly hugged the cat and slept with his eyes closed. Xu Jian meowed for a while and didn’t get a response.

Actually, Xu Jian’s four legs were on Qin Shen, and there were sharp claws hidden under his meat pad. If he wanted, he could scratch his two claws on Qin Shen’s chest at any time, and Qin Shen would definitely let him go when he felt pain.

But …

Xu Jian narrowed his eyes and stared at Qin Shen’s sleeping face close at hand. He didn’t have to claw.

Not saying now, even before he changed into cat, Xu Jian rarely met someone who was really good to him like Qin Shen.

After he signed with the company, he left his hometown for so many years, and the only good friend who treated him was Chen Doudou.

Although Xu Jian knew Qin Shen was good to him, it was only because he was a cat now, and he just poked the cute spot of this man in a fluffy way.

 But Qin Shen gave him a cup of hot milk and a temporary home when he was in a state of food insecurity and panic, so that he wouldn’t have to escape the mouths of wild dogs and snatch food from the mouths of wild cats in the future.

So although Xu Jian had a lot to say about Qin Shen’s collapsing manhood, he was still very grateful to him in his heart.

If it weren’t for him, he would still be hungry …

Plus Qin Shen’s arms were really comfortable, and the quilt was warmer than the cat’s nest, so Xu Jian’s voice of protest became smaller and smaller, and finally he successfully put himself and Qin Shen to sleep.


When Qin Shen woke up again, he opened his eyes and saw the cat sleeping with his eyes closed.

This scene was too cute, and Qin Shen’s heart was soft, he held his breath to reach his phone beside him, ready to take pictures.

After turning off the flash and taking a few photos of Xu Jian’s sleep like a thief, Qin Shen was still not satisfied. He carefully put his face close and wanted to take a warm photo with his Milk.

However, after changing into a cat, Xu Jian’s hearing was extraordinary. After hearing the friction of Qin Shen’s moving clothes, his ears moved sharply and he opened his ice blue eyes.

Then when Xu Jian opened his eyes, he saw Qin Shen’s handsome face getting closer and closer. He thought Qin Shen wanted to steal and kiss him, and quickly pushed out two meat pads out of the bed and put them on Qin Shen’s lips.

The way forward was blocked. When Qin Shen looked down at the camera, he saw that two meat pads of Milk overlapped and pressed his face.

One man and one cat looked at each other, and Xu Jian said, “Meow, Meow!”

Want to eat my tofu again, no way!

Upon hearing this, Qin Shen took Xu Jian’s two meat pads and kissed them on his lips, smiling:

“Little cutie, you are awake.”

Hearing this name, Xu Jian almost exploded, he was disgruntled and meowed twice at Qin Shen, that meant-


Qin Shen, who had no practical experience with a cat after many years of watching from a distance, he regarded Xu Jian’s protest as coquetry, and rubbed his hair with a smile before getting up to shower, leaving Xu Jian to step on Qin Shen’s pillow.

Breakfast was porridge cooked by Qin Shen himself, with shredded chicken and green vegetables, accompanied by fried egg and several bought side dishes, which was balanced and healthy in nutrition.

Qin Shen only filled a bowl of porridge, but as soon as he sat down, he saw that the Milk that was wandering on the ground jump on the chair. He was agile and went to the table and sat down in front of him. Then:

Stared at-

Xu Jian stared at the bowl of colorful, fragrant porridge in front of Qin Shen, drooling with the desire to eat it.

The big cat food Qin Shen bought was very expensive and fragrant, but he had no appetite for cat food and wanted to drink delicious chicken porridge …

Qin Shen turned the bowl from side to side. He turned his head wherever he moved. After he repeated it several times, he finally decided that Milk wanted porridge.

Enduring a smile and pushing his bowl in front of Xu Jian, Qin Shen said:

“If you want to eat, meow for me to hear.”

Food at present, Xu Jian meowed without hesitation, making Qin Shen raised his eyebrow:

“So human?”

Xu Jian bowed his head to drink porridge, but also being careful not to dirty his fur. After listening to Qin Shen’s words, he meowed again-

You may not believe me when I say it, I’m not only humane, I used to be a human.

It was not surprising that animals were familiar with human nature. If they were well trained, pets could help you buy things and get express delivery. So Qin Shen just sighed, and didn’t feel anything strange. He got up and went to the kitchen to fill a bowl of porridge for himself.

While Qin Shen went to the kitchen, Xu Jian ran to the side dish carefully and quickly poked a green vegetable with sharp claws, then pulled it to the edge of the bowl, and finally leaned his head over:

Suck it ~

After all, he was a cat now. Xu Jian was afraid of what germs he carried that could make Qin Shen sick, so he was very careful when he pulled the vegetables in the bowl. His claws only touch the one he ate, and his mouth didn’t touch the dish when he ate.

After stealing a green vegetable, Xu Jian said in his heart,’ Qin Shen won’t notice,’ and he ran back to his place to lick porridge.

When Qin Shen came out with the bowl, Xu Jian, who was burying his head in porridge, glanced at him guiltily, and breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that he found nothing unusual.

Qin Shen took out his mobile phone and took a photo of Xu Jian eating. He felt that such a lovely photo could not be seen by only him. He had to find someone to show off to, so he sent it to his friend Tang Li, with words:

Isn’t my Milk lovely?

A few seconds after the message was sent successfully, Qin Shen received a video request from Tang Li.

After the video was connected, Tang Li’s surprised voice came from the screen:

“You really have a cat.”

Hearing Tang Li’s loud voice, Qin Shen quickly frowned, glanced at Xu Jian nervously, and then looked at Tang Li:

“Keep your voice down, don’t scare Milk.”

While Xu Jian heard Qin Shen’s words, he only looked at him idly and continued to lick his porridge.

A cat’s paw was not the same as a human hand. Although Xu Jian had thoughts now, he could only lick his porridge by fate, and he hadn’t seen porridge in a bowl in a long time.

Xu Jian was in a hurry, and the tail behind him swept around the dining table, wishing the soul out-of-body experience gave birth to a hand to hold a spoon and gulp porridge.

Tang Li on the other end of the screen listened to Qin Shen’s words and tsked twice.

“It’s over, you’re hopeless.”

Qin Shen took a mobile phone in one hand and drank porridge slowly with a spoon in the other:

“You just envy me for having a cat.”

After that, Qin Shen deliberately turned the camera to Xu Jian to let Tang Li watch his cat.

Tang Li carefully looked at the white cat after a few seconds, and replied doubtfully:

“Are you sure this is a stray cat?”

Qin Shen answered, but Tang Li continued to ask:

“Qin Shen, did you see steal someone’s cats?”

Qin Shen pursed his lips: “Am I the kind of person who steals cats?”

Thinking of Qin Shen’s heavy plush addiction tendencies, Tang Li nodded without hesitation:

“You are!”

Hearing Tang Li’s words, Xu Jian, who drank porridge, nodded silently in his heart: Qin Shen might really do such a thing.

Qin Shen: “…”

Seeing that Qin Shen didn’t answer, Tang Li felt like he had guessed it and began to persuade him:

“No, elder brother, even if it’s rare to meet a cat that is not afraid of you, you can’t steal it. You are a big star. If you let others know how bad it is that you have to steal a cat, listen to me, and send it back quickly. It’ll be over if you pay some money and apologize …”

Qin Shen’s temples jumped, so he quietly looked at Tang Li with the same eyes he used to look at a stupid child.

Tang Li magnificently said a lot, but Qin Shen remained unmoved, he paused and asked:

“Did you really pick up this cat?”

Qin Shen didn’t even bother to nod his head. Tang Li smiled and in the end he felt strange again:

“No. I thought stray cats were feral and defensive towards humans? You and Milk only met yesterday, and it’s only been a day since, why is he so good and obedient?”

Qin Shen looked up and looked at Xu Jian, who was still drinking porridge. He answered without thinking:

“Is that even a thought? Of course it’s because Milk likes me.”

Tang Li choked and suddenly became silent: “…”

Brother, it’s good that you are happy …

Even Xu Jian licking porridge became frozen, he glanced at Qin Shen with eyes full of complexities-

Emperor Shen, look down. Is it your face that fell on the ground?


The author has something to say:

Jian Jian: Aren’t you too narcissistic?

Qin Shen: Huh? Really? Am I not telling the truth?

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