Zhou Yuhe walked somberly in the corridor full of sunshine, but the warm sunshine sprinkled on him without making him feel warm, only a wisp of chill radiated from his face.

In his mind, Ceng Ang’s face was fierce a few minutes ago, and he dropped a few words before he left, “Don’t regret it if you dare!”, his red eyes looked like a lone wolf angry because of injury.

Of course, it was just “image”.

If he really had a little wolf in him, he wouldn’t have been enjoying the resources that didn’t belong to him for so long.

Zhou Yuhe smiled coldly. He was angry that he didn’t beat Ceng Ang with one punch on the spot. Instead, he let him seize his time to make a speech, twist his head and walk away, looking like a fierce, sophisticated player.

He was also angry that he was young and ignorant and had a crush on such a thing.

Other things were also miscalculated, being accused of having a mistress also wronged him?

If he hadn’t been reborn, he was afraid he would have been shaken by his appearance.

In his previous life, after Ceng Ang used Zhou Yuhe to become popular, he kicked him out-

If it was only such ingratitude, it wouldn’t hurt Zhou Yuhe so much.

He could never forget the man, from his increasingly perfunctory attitude, to the phone calls that couldn’t get through, the night he was drinking mulled wine in a pub, but accidentally saw the other man on the TV in and out of the hotel with some actress known as the Sweetheart Goddess, laughing and talking, which was not half as busy with work and growing haggard as he said he was?

 Confrontation, quarrel, retention, and then breaking up in the most tragic way. Zhou Yuhe, who had been passive in the relationship, suffered an unprecedented blow; he didn’t fall in love for two whole years and put all his energy into his career.

 Pearl dusted? He got the hang of it?

He no longer remembered what kind of headline the magazine used to describe Ceng Ang when he won the Golden Dragon Award for Best Newcomer.

 All he knew was that the resources that Ceng Ang got, the fame and fortune that Ceng Ang got, were the wounds in his heart that could never be erased, and every night when he couldn’t sleep because of stress, it would break out of his chest on time, as if there were countless voices around him to and fro mocking his humble, worthless efforts to this person.

 The ones that tore at his heart, the ones that ached and tormented him so much that he didn’t dare to slack off, and could only try, and run forward as hard as he could.

 As if the only way to run ahead of him was to prove how blind the guy was to abandon him in the first place, and how exalted and victorious he could reappear….

That over-excited and insane reluctance was palpable in retrospect after Zhou Yuhe’s success and fame.

Perhaps, what really made it hard for him to let go was not Ceng Ang’s wolf heart and lungs, nor his own eyesight, but the Zhou Yuhe, twenty years ago, after being betrayed and hurt like that, had no ability to fight back and still made excuses for the other….

  The foolish, cowardly him.


“Hey, if Brother Can gets chosen as Xu Chang, they’ll have to raise our salaries, right?”

  ”It’s better not to say it like that, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, I don’t expect a pay rise either, just as long as that brat Zhou Yuhe doesn’t make any more moths and cause me to be scolded.”

  ”Look at your bad expression, Brother Ceng that has done a lot of hard work, if he can’t act, can a guy like Zhou Yuhe act?”


Zhou Yuhe pulled open the door of the nanny van, and the three chattering assistants inside went quiet for a moment.

  Zhou Yuhe looked at the three and didn’t say anything, just silently got into the car and took out his phone to fiddle with it.

 The atmosphere in the car became a bit subtle.

  Zhou Yuhe’s silent appearance, the assistants had long been used to it, to put it normally, even in front of Zhou Yuhe, they were also outspoken.But today, the three of them had a god-like intuition, all of them shut their mouths, three pairs of eyes uncontrollably sweeping back and forth on Zhou Yuhe’s exquisite and indifferent face.

 The kid seemed a little different from usual today, his silence somehow made people feel pressured, this kind of aura that they had only seen on the bodies of big stars or big predecessors in the entertainment industry….

 Huh? Aura…?

The assistants don’t know why they would use the term “Aura” on Zhou Yuhe, a term that was not even remotely related to him, but they simply felt that it didn’t seem like a good time to speak.

  Zhou Yuhe had just gone on Weibo, and after just two clicks, his phone switched off due to a dead battery.

 He somewhat irritably picked up the corner of the phone and tapped it twice on his overlapping long legs, waiting for himself to calm down before handing it over to the side with a gentle tone: “Su Su, help me charge it.”

  The girl called Su Su saw the long white fingers stretched out and fiercely froze, forgetting to react for a moment.

  It wasn’t for no reason that Zhou Yuhe wasn’t likeable, he would be silent and unhappy to interact with people when he first debuted.

People who didn’t know his family situation usually couldn’t understand this kind of self-protective approach, and would only think that the young man was very duplicitous and fake.Such a temperament, not to mention in the entertainment industry, was easily offensive even in normal social interactions.

 Especially still being under the hand of an agent with the pleasant Ceng Ang, the closeness of several assistants was immediately apparent.

 If she remembered correctly, it seemed like this was the first time in such a long time that he had spoken to her in such a gentle tone in private?

  ”Su Su?”Zhou Yuhe raised his eyebrows, and as he pondered if he remembered the wrong name, Su Su took the phone quickly and took the charger out of her bag, plugging it in.

  ”Thanks.” Zhou Yuhe smiled.

  Su Su felt like she was dreaming.It had to be said that Zhou Yuhe’s face was extremely lethal when he smiled, especially since he was used to being cold-faced, suddenly smiling so springily….

 Su Su immediately covered her thumping heart, busy saying “you’re welcome”, causing the other two assistants to look at them like ghosts.

  ”What are you waiting for?Not going?”Zhou Yuhe saw that the car had been parked for so long and did not intend to drive, so he asked.

“That, Brother Ceng hasn’t come up yet.”Faced with such an abnormal Zhou Yuhe, even the other assistant, Da Wei, who was normally used to being venomous to him, was momentarily confused by the situation, actually broke the rules and spoke to him politely.

  ”Don’t wait for him, let’s go first.”As Zhou Yuhe spoke, his body sunk into the comfortable leather seat and he slightly closed his eyes, like a graceful and noble cat, his body exuded an inexplicable mixture of elegance and detachment, making people subconsciously want to promise him, no matter what he said.

 Da Wei held back the strange feeling within him and said with a hard face, “That isn’t good…”

“There is nothing wrong with it. If he doesn’t come now, we will wait for him in the afternoon. If he doesn’t come for a long time. Shall we wait for him until the early morning?” After many years, Zhou Yuhe still remembered Ceng Ang’s superb performance, so it was time for him to turn off his phone and lose his temper.

Da Wei replied, “I’d better ask”, then he took out his cellular phone to call Ceng Ang.

Zhou Yuhe opened his eyes and looked at Da Wei’s embarrassed expression, knowing that he didn’t guess wrong.

He hooked his lips and smiled, then closed his eyes and went on to rest.

After all, it was only a few hours since he was reborn, and he had experienced such an important audition in his life. He still needed time to sort out his thoughts.

The three assistants looked at the teenager who was still unclear in his sleep. They couldn’t help but look at each other.

Just when they thought Zhou Yuhe was completely asleep and ready to communicate privately for a while, the youth’s lazy voice suddenly rang again.

“Remember to do your homework for me on some of the clothes that high school kids like to wear nowadays, and what they’re into these days.”

  ”This is…?”Sooooo vague.

  ”Preparing for the next shoot.”

  ”You got picked?!”Su Su said in surprise, and after seeing the teenager’s slightly knitted brows, she couldn’t help but soften her voice, “Congratulations, little Zhou.”

 Zhou Yuhe and Ceng Ang, one trying for Zhang Qi and the other trying for Xu Chang, was something that they all knew, and when they learned that Zhou Yuhe had been selected, they naturally thought that the role he had been chosen for was Zhang Qi, and didn’t think about Xu Chang.

He thought that this guy had taken some wrong medicine today, but it turned out that he had gotten the role of Zhang Qi!

Da Wei finally understood and was in a good mood.

Although from Ceng Ang’s actions of not answering the phone, he was most likely unsuccessful, but Zhou Yuhe was able to be chosen as Zhang Qi, that was also a happy event ah, after all, Xu Chang was a popular role, not being selected was very normal.

  The three assistants took Zhou Yuhe to dinner in a good mood, and then sent him back to his apartment.

  The first thing Zhou Yuhe did when he got back to the apartment was to scrape out all the things about Ceng Ang in the house and stuff them into a bag, until it was filled with two big bags, the traces of the guy in his house was completely clean.

  He and Ceng Ang were living together.

 But rather than “living together”, they were just living under the same roof.

Even though Ceng Ang was his boyfriend and he had given his heart to him, their relationship was limited to holding hands and hugging, and their intimacy was not even comparable to his interaction with some actresses in the drama.

That was also a sure-fire way to win a fight with Ceng Ang, who at that time felt guilty every time he couldn’t meet his demands for intimacy, and now that he thought about it, the other guy probably would have preferred him to be sexually cold for the rest of his life….

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