C7—– Two Hares

Tang Li felt that he couldn’t take Qin Shen’s words and decided to change the subject:

“By the way, how many days do you have left on your vacation? Mr Du is flying back from Moscow tomorrow and named you as the big star that would serve him.”

Du Zezhou, the boss of a well-known domestic game company, was also a friend outside Qin Shen’s circle. It had been almost half a month since he went to Moscow on business.

Now Du Zezhou was finally coming back after doing things. After listening to Tang Li, he mentioned that Qin Shen, a busy man, had been idle recently, so he was ready to get together for a drink sometime.

Hearing Tang Li’s words, Qin Shen was surprised:

“I didn’t know he was coming back.”

Tang Li: “Maybe it’s because you are addicted to cats now.”

Qin Shen laughed: “Who dares not to give face to Mr. Du even if you’re not free ah, tell him I’ll be home for the next few days and won’t go anywhere . I’ll wait at home.”

Hearing this, Tang Li silently lit a candle for Du Zezhou in his heart, with Qin Shen’s posture, it was impossible to out drink him.

On the other side, Xu Jian didn’t know that Tang Li’s “sleeping” was just a joke between good friends, which scared him enough for him to forget drinking the porridge-

What did he, he, he hear?

Mr Du? Serving? ? ?

Xu Jian looked up at Qin Shen, who was still chatting with Tang Li, and thought of the rumors ‘Qin Shen has a deep and hard background’.

After thinking about the rumors and the conversation he just heard, Xu Jian felt that he knew a great big secret …

It turned out that the man behind the winner Qin Shen was Boss Du?

Although Xu Jian didn’t know who Mr Du was, the powerful people that the popular movie emperor could come into contact with were not what he could see as a little actor who stuck to the center of the earth. It wasn’t surprising that he didn’t know Mr Du.

Xu Jian had a big brain hole since he changed into a cat. In an instant, he made up the hidden rules of Qin Shen’s mysterious and rich Mr Du.

Thinking of it, he looked at Qin Shen and thought- it’s a pity.

With Qin Shen’s looks and acting skills, even if he didn’t take the road of hidden rules, fame was only a matter of time.

Although hidden rules were a shortcut, they were also a dark road.

But this was Qin Shen’s own life, and Xu Jian only lamented for him for a while in his heart, and then he thought to himself:

You know Qin Shen’s big secret. You must not let him know your true identity.

Xu Jian, who had a big secret, was afraid that Qin Shen would kill the cat to kill him.


After breakfast, Qin Shen found a traction rope from the pile of cat products he bought yesterday. While he was looking for a traction rope, Xu Jian ran to the paper box and hooked a paper towel with his claws.

The claws were so sharp that Xu Jian scratched the napkins.

Qin Shen, who came out with a traction rope, saw Xu Jian playing with a paper towel on the dining table, constantly biting the paper towel with his mouth.

Qin Shen thought he was going to eat paper towels, and quickly stepped forward to remove the paper towels from its paws, and lowered his head at Xu Jian:

“This can’t be played with, and paper scraps will be uncomfortable in the stomach.”

Xu Jian, who wiped his mouth hard with a paper towel after dinner: “…”

  Xu Jian felt that it was suitable for pretending to be crazy at this time, so he looked up at Qin Shen, “Meow ~”

Qin Shen’s serious teaching face lasted less than five seconds because of Xu Jian’s silky “meow”.

Qin Shen couldn’t help but touch Xu Jian’s head and praised him with a smile.

“Milk is really good.”

Saying that, Qin Shen waved the traction rope in his hand and said:

“After eating and drinking, Daddy will take you downstairs for a stroll.”

Xu Jian looked at the rope with a bad heart and started trying to escape, but he didn’t run away. He struggled a few times without any effect, and then he was put on the traction rope by Qin Shen.

Qin Shen softly comforted him:

“Don’t be afraid Milk. This is painless. It is good for you to go out after dinner.”

Having some understanding of Qin Shen, Xu Jian listened to his words and scoffed:

“meow, meow …”

What’s good for your health? I think you just want to go out and let everyone see me so that you can show off that you have a cat!

Through the reflective floor, Xu Jian looked at his own traction rope on the floor and couldn’t help but vomit in his heart-

Others walk dogs, Qin Shen walked a cat, plush addiction was hopeless, really.

However, on second thought, it didn’t hurt to go out for a walk, so he reluctantly followed Qin Shen downstairs, but he wasn’t used to things tied to his body, so he couldn’t help pulling with his claws.

Xu Jian had no intention of breaking into Qin Shen’s community yesterday, and it was evening, so he didn’t notice the community at all.

And now it was daytime, he looked at the environment of this community, silently thinking to himself-

Poverty limited imagination. This was where the most popular movie emperor lived.

The community was built like a wetland park, and every flower and grass revealed the presence of money.

Qin Shen didn’t know Xu Jian’s inner envy at all, and took Xu Jian along the artificial lake in the community.

The environment and security of the community were quite good, and the people in the community were rich. There were five stars who had lived in this community for a long time, so people weren’t really surprised when he went out without wearing a mask.

Every time the security guard at the security booth at the gate saw his car, he greeted him cheerfully: “Mr. Qin, you are off work.”

The people in this community were used to meeting big stars when they went out, so they wouldn’t be surprised. Therefore, when they saw Qin Shen walking the cat, they said hello with a smile at most, and then praised the cat for being white and lovely.

However, Xu Jian, who was praised for his cuteness, looked back and found that many people were not surprised when they met head-on, but after passing by a certain distance, they would stop and turn around and secretly snap Qin Shen’s back.

Seeing a young girl in the back, she took pictures while covering her mouth and stamping her feet. Xu Jian shook his head and thought-

Sure enough, in the face of the charm of handsome guys, not everyone could calm down.

The community environment was good, the air was fresh, and the mood of going out for a walk in the morning was much better. Xu Jian even thought that it would be good to go out for breakfast every day.

However, Xu Jian’s good mood didn’t last long, and the change suddenly occurred:

When a dog barked, Xu Jian heard it and turned to look. In his eyes, Husky, who was extremely large in size, dragged a long hauling rope and spit out his tongue, and rushed towards them from far, and about ten meters away from the dog, was the master who was panting after him.

Xu Jian, who was chased by three wild dogs, was surprised in his heart. He looked closer and closer. He was stunned:

Oh, sh*t, a dog!

After jumping in place, Xu Jian took the initiative. After “meowing”, he directly stepped on Qin Shen’s instep and held his leg all the way up, and climbed on his shoulder.

Xu Jian moved fast like someone had tied a string of lighted firecrackers on his tail. Qin Shen only felt something, but before he could react, Xu Jian’s two front legs had already hugged his neck.

The dog moved quickly towards Qin Shen’s side like a firecracker, and then circling around him while flapping on his legs.

Listening to the heavy breathing of the dog, Xu Jian, who fled to Qin Shen’s shoulder, was afraid, and took advantage of his height to meow at it.

Hearing Xu Jian’s meow, Husky became more excited, jumping higher and barking louder.

One cat and one dog couldn’t speak well, but they barked and meowed happily.

However, Xu Jian, the cat involved, said afterwards that they were cursing passionately.

Qin Shen grew so big and had never had the dog pouncing experience, after all, pets hated him, so he subconsciously protect Xu Jian to prevent him from falling down, there was no next move.

  After the owner of the dog ran forward tiredly, he immediately picked up the hauling rope dragged on the ground, and then said’ I’m sorry’ and dragged the enthusiastic dog away from Qin Shen.

Xu Jian breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the dog being held by his owner. As a result, when he turned his face, he saw that Qin Shen was smiling!

Xu Jian in hindsight of Qin Shen plush addiction became flustered and frustratedly put a paw on his neck:


I’m scared to death, and you still laughed!

Although the hair on that dog is more than mine, it is not as long as mine! !

Indulging in the joy of ‘I had a dog coming to me on its own initiative’, Qin Shen was patted by Xu Jian, and hurriedly took him from his shoulder into his arms, then patted the cat’s back and said:

“Milk is fine. It’s fine. Dad is here.”

Xu Jian became even angrier after hearing this, and shouted at Qin Shen: “Meow-“

Dad, you big-headed ghost!

On the other side, the dog’s owner also recognized Qin Shen, and dragged the dog, who was still being honest, to apologize:

“I’m really sorry to scare you. I don’t know why Pudding suddenly got excited. He ran away. I’m really sorry.”

Pudding was the name of the dog.

Qin Shen brought his own affection and filter to cats and dogs, and smiled and looked at the pudding with long tongue:

“It doesn’t matter, the dog is very cute and not scary.”

After listening to Qin Shen’s words, the dog’s master didn’t speak, but Xu Jian in his arms gave him a hand first, and he meowed twice discontentedly.

Xu Jian: Of course you’re not scared. It’s me who’s scared!

What kind of dog is cute? I think you think hairy movements all over the world are cute.

Qin Shen, who was shackled by cat’s paw, seemed to know what Xu Jian was thinking, and added:

“But my Milk seems to be scared.”

Pudding’s master wiped the sweat from chasing his dog. Just now, he also saw the scene of a cat and a dog barking passionately, which was both angry and funny.

Under the apology of Pudding’s master, Qin Shen held the cat separately from them, and Xu Jian, who could hear well, also listened to him quietly reprimanding his dog:

“You see what good things you have done. If it weren’t for you, I might have even asked Qin Shen for a photo and signature today!”

Xu Jian: “…”

And taking a few steps forward, Qin Shen held Xu Jian and sat down in the lake seat.

Putting the cat on his leg, Qin Shen lifted Xu Jian’s cat leg and waved it, laughing:

“I didn’t expect Milk to be so timid.”

Qin Shen just now didn’t react. Now he thought about Xu Jian sticking tightly to his neck, and the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably and he thought happily-

Milk is really too dependent on me.

Xu Jian now didn’t want to talk to him, he vomitted in his mind:

If you had almost become a dog’s lunch two days ago, you wouldn’t be much bolder than me.

In view of this, Xu Jian didn’t feel scared to drill into Qin Shen’s arms.

Who let that dog rush over angrily?

He was not a coward!


Qin Shen and Xu Jian strolled downstairs for nearly an hour before going upstairs. After opening the door, while Qin Shen bent down to change shoes, Xu Jian also rubbed his four paws on the entrance carpet a few times, and then stepped on the floor after seeing that there was no ash on it.

The square blanket that entered the door was only passed by Xu Jian yesterday. Afterwards, it was unsuccessful to fold in half to hide the dirty place. Today, he rubbed so many paws again, and the beige blanket couldn’t be seen at all.

Xu Jian looked at the square blanket and felt a little guilty. After taking a look at Qin Shen, he slipped away.

Qin Shen changed his shoes and straightened up. After seeing the carpet entering the door, he was stunned for a moment-

Didn’t the cleaner change the blanket just two days ago? Why was it dirty so quickly?

Looked like it was time for a new one.

Xu Jian, who slipped away, hid behind the door and poked his head out. He breathed a sigh of relief after seeing what Qin Shen reaction towards the dirty square carpet.

Remembering to make cat food for Xu Jian. Qin Shen went to the kitchen and looked at the refrigerator. After finding no fresh shrimp, he made a phone call to order for it.

He looked it up on the Internet and was going to try chicken and shrimp cat rice at noon today, because he saw that it was an entry-level cat dish, which was not difficult.

Although Qin Shen occasionally made his own food when he was interested, most times he still called someone to deliver it or went out to eat directly. Shrimp cat rice was a big dish for him.

After the ingredients were delivered, Qin Shen went into the kitchen early to study cat food, while Xu Jian paced the room and began to think about cat life.

He wondered when he would have a chance to meet Qin Shen’s computer or tablet.

He wanted to know how he was now.

Qin Shen’s tablet and notebook were in the master bedroom, while the desktop was in the study next door. It was just around the corner, but Xu Jian had no chance to use it, which made him worry.

He just jumped onto the bed and tried to operate the tablet with a meat pad, but when he finally turned on the screen, he showed that he needed a password to unlock it.

Xu Jian patted his paw on the quilt: So angry!

A flat phone that couldn’t be unlocked was not as good as a brick for him.

Slab bricks could at least scare crazy wild dogs.

The tablet needed a password, and the computer and mobile phone also needed one. It must have been set by Qin Shen.

This kind of personal belongings, Qin Shen as a big star, not having a password was unscientific, but Xu Jian was still anxious and suddenly didn’t know what to do next.

Did he have to stare at Qin Shen all the time and peek when Qin Shen used his password?

Looking at the disgraceful password, Xu Jian felt …

He could …

Xu Jian excused himself in his heart-

It wasn’t a bad thing to peek at his password. Then he would just search for his car accident, and never look at Qin Shen’s privacy.


Thinking like this, Xu Jian felt pain in his conscience. After going to his cat house for a while, he felt comfortable in Qin Shen’s bed, so he ran to his bed.

After jumping into bed, Xu Jian pulled away quilt with his paws, then arched the unfolded quilt together with his head, and finally climbed onto the quilt and jumped a few times, making a small hole in the quilt.

Xu Jian made a new cat house for himself.

Xu Jian was tired after all that. After yawning, he laid comfortably in the quilt.

At eleven o’clock, Qin Shen finally made the cat meal, but he didn’t see the cat master when he went out of the kitchen.

When Qin Shen found Xu Jian, he was lying sprawled in the quilt.

Looking at his heroic sleeping position, Qin Shen laughed and took some photos, thinking-

It turned out that was how a male cat looked like there.


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