Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe were nestled on the sofa at home watching the premiere of the Battle of the Peaks.

Zhou Yuhe was lying across the five-seater leather sofa, his head rested on a soft and comfortable pillow, his feet lazily rested on Xie Yifeng’s lap, covered with a wool blanket, he was extremely comfortable.

“Coffee.” His white fingertips leaned out of the blanket eagerly, and a mug of the same color was handed to him.

He was just about to take the cup, but he was gently held by his other hand, Xie Yifeng stroked the smooth and tender back of his hand, but he couldn’t push him away.

Zhou Yuhe’s smiled then removed his other hand from the blanket, the big hand then grabbed his hand like a treasure, they held hands, while his other hand held the mug.

During the whole process, Zhou Yuhe’s eyes didn’t turn a bit, as if glued to the TV.

The TV happened to be playing the second half of the summit battle. After Zhou Yuhe was kidnapped, everyone was in the lodge trying to decipher the plot. Xie Yifeng was too busy looking for clues to play with the other guests, and was the least filmed.

“Hahahahahahaha ……” Zhou Yuhe broke out into a burst of laughter.

Xie Yi Feng helplessly and affectionately pinched the tip of his lover’s nose, he was so heartless, if he hadn’t arrive in time, he may have been ……

Thinking about this, the hand holding Zhou Yuhe’s hand unconsciously tightened by three points.

“I’ve finally finished watching it,” Zhou Yuhe stretched out. “I can guarantee that after this episode is broadcast, the reputation of the whole variety show will be countered.”

Xie Yifeng raised his eyebrows. “So confident?”

Zhou Yuhe smiled with a hint of certainty in his always calm eyes. “Of course.”

Unlike the other episodes in The Liar, the variety show with a script always enhanced the audience’s sense of immersion and allowed for better understanding. The original brain-burning rules of the game, the program team, after many losses, moved the complexity from the rules to the process of the game, the reversal of the plot immediately captivated the audience’s mind, while the content of the game was simple and well understood –

Such changes may have seemed minor, but for most things, it was indeed the details that made the difference between success and failure.

Once the summit battle was broadcast, coupled with the heat of the pre-production Zhou Yuhe’s injury, it instantly took over the headlines of the hot search, for three weeks in a row, with one issue more than another. Some viewers whose appetite was whetted by the summit battle went back to watch the previous episodes.

Miraculously, they were able to understand the episodes!

Many of the details and reversals gave the fans a “so it’s like that” feeling!

The Liar’s hot searches dominated the internet by the time the final episode of the Battle of the Peaks was released, and the anti fans who ridiculed the variety show and ridiculed Zhou Yuhe for his “ability to pick scripts but not variety shows” were all dumbfounded.

When everything was going in the best direction, the Chinese entertainment industry ushered in a new year of awards season.


If two or three years ago the awards season was dominated by Xie Yifeng’s “Emperor Xuan Tong”, then this year, history repeats itself again – “Cat and An Xue”.

Everyone had high hopes for it.

And it was good enough to win.

The international nominations alone had been no less than 70, including “Best Picture”, “Best Director”, “Best Newcomer”, “Best Editing” and many other popular awards, not to mention the domestic industry.

As if this year’s nominations without “Cats and An Xue” was inconsequential, the invitations like snowflakes flew to the mailboxes of the members of the creators.

However, the coldest thing happened –

At first, there were many voices on the Internet that were positive about “Cats and An Xue”, which not only broke the box office record of literary films in the history of Chinese cinema, but also attracted phenomenal attention to social issues such as “stray people” and “stray pets”, with such precious social significance, many audiences hoped that it could break the award record set by “Emperor Xuan Tong”.

However, after half a month.

Award ceremonies were held one after another, and the team of “Cats and An Xue” attended them again and again – and again and again the awards fell through.

At first, director Meng Chuan’s face had an awkward but polite smile, but after he went a few more times, his pride couldn’t be suppressed, and he had a dull expression several times, and even missed some award ceremonies, which made people on the internet mock him.

People originally thought the box office and reviews would make the awards fly in, who knew that the development of things would be so dramatic. The award ceremonies were almost halfway through the schedule, except for a few awards for editing, lighting, music, others like “best director”, “best film”, “best actor” etc didn’t get any awards.”

After the Parkfield International Film Festival, Meng Chuan locked himself in his hotel room and drank wine.

His assistant Xiao Wang looked at him worriedly and kept trying to talk to him.

In theory, it was common in the entertainment industry to not win any awards sometimes. But Director Meng was different, he hadn’t made a literary film since he joined the industry, if his artistic quality wasn’t recognized by the awards this time, he didn’t know if he could participate in a literary film next time. Plus Meng Chuan was a talented director, with “Cat and An Xue”, from the box office and the reviews, its quality was evident to all, but it couldn’t even win an award, it made him feel depressed.

Xiao Wang’s good intentions, in Meng Chuan’s ears became a buzzing noise, he gruffly told him to leave.

Zhou Yuhe, who came with him, pressed the code and walked into the hotel room.

“Mr. Zhou.” Xiao Wang’s eyes glowed as if he had seen a savior.

Zhou Yuhe waved his hand to indicate him to step aside, and he sat down opposite Meng Chuan.

“You didn’t even call me to join you?” Zhou Yuhe revealed a gentle and elegant smile.

“I see who it is! So it’s …… Mr. Zhang! Hahahahaha come on let’s have a drink together.”

Xiao Wang was embarrassed to death for his boss, but Zhou Yuhe’s expression didn’t show that anything was wrong, he was still smiling.

Zhou Yuhe quietly watched Meng Chuan’s actions, he suddenly laughed and scolded him: “If you aren’t convinced, then you aren’t convinced, what does hiding and pretending do? Meng Chuan, you sore loser!”

Xiao Wang’s eyes were about to pop out, it was the first time he was seeing the cold and polite Zhou Yuhe use this tone of voice on someone, the point was, he actually dared to say this to Director Meng?

He had advised him nicely, yet Meng Chuan told him to get lost, he wouldn’t directly hit Zhou Yuhe on the head with a wine bottle, right?

Miraculously, Meng Chuan stared at Zhou Yuhe with bull-like eyes for a while, and then deflated and slumped into his chair.

“Yuhe ah Yuhe, sometimes your eyes are poisonous, why is your mouth also so poisonous? You don’t know anything about the courtesy of ‘see through, don’t say’.”

Zhou Yuhe shook his head, “I don’t understand, but I understand what bothers you.”

“The box office.” The two of them said at the same time.

After saying that, they both smiled bitterly.

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